some fun

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some funINTRODUCTION. THE BEGINNING Bill, one of the area’s best electrical engineers, was rapidlyapproaching his breaking point. For over six years he had givenhis company all he had to give, only to find that they had no realappreciation for his dedication. At the close of a long MemorialDay weekend, Bill decided to use his accumulated vacation time andtake off of work until September. A few weeks later, Bill went out with Frank, his longtimebuddy. Frank owned a successful landscaping and maintenance companythat catered to the more affluent sections of society. After oneof their many rounds of drinks, in their third bar, Bill mentionedhow bored he was beginning to get with all the time on his hands.Frank responded, “Why not come work with me for the rest of thesummer? I have more work than I can handle and could really useanother supervisor whom I can trust.”While intrigued by the idea, Bill added, “Well, I don’t wantto lock myself into anything right now. After all, that’s why Itook the time off from work, to relax.” “Aw! Come on Bill! You know I wouldn’t do that to you. If youfelt like walking at any time, I wouldn’t stop you. I really doneed another supervisor and you’d be doing me a favor. All you haveto do is watch over the crews and handle the clients. It’s easywork, you get a good tan, and there are plenty of attractive womento keep your mind occupied.”. “Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to try it for a few weeksanyway. When do you want me to start?””How about the day after tomorrow? It’ll take that long forthe two of us to sober up after tonight.” “Okay, Frank! You’ve got yourself a deal! Bartender! Anotherround here, and make ’em doubles!” I. WASH AND DRYIt had been over a month since Bill agreed to work for Frank.He still vividly remembered the phone call at 4 am reminding himhe was to be at the office by sunrise. It took him all of tenminutes to remember why he was supposed to be there, but he was.In fact, he liked the work so much that he’s been there every daysince. It was only a short time before he realized he enjoyedworking on the land, under the sun, and raising up a good sweat.Sure, his muscles ached, but in a way that made him feel healthyand good about himself. The crew that Bill supervised turned out to be a great bunchof people who all knew their jobs well. Bill never had to worryabout any of the six men and two women slacking off or makingmistakes. They were professional in every respect. After all, sincethey were working the grounds of the richest people in the state,they had to be the best. Word travels fast amongst the elite andthe egos that lived in these mansions didn’t forgive easily, nordid they tolerate mishaps. Of course, they also rewarded good workin many varied ways. It was at the Hamilton home that Bill discovered just how veryinteresting some of these families really were. A light, misty rainhad been falling since early morning. Bill informed Mrs. Hamiltonthat they would return the next day, weather permitting, andcomplete the work. She agreed that was the best course of actionand mentioned that she was also on her way to the country club, butfor a bridge tournament. This sat well with Bill as he preferredto have the owner present when his crew was working. This helpedto eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings and the like. After he had dispatched the crew to the various tasks at thecountry club, Bill realized that they had left their small tractormower at the Hamilton’s. He told John, his assistant, he would getit and return shortly. Finding Mrs. Hamilton in the lobby area,Bill explained the oversight and she happily loaned him the key tothe gate across the driveway. She explained that it was a spareand he could just leave in the pool’s bungalow when he wasfinished. A half-hour later, Bill was loading the tractor onto thetrailer in what was now a heavy storm. Totally drenched, he enteredthe poolside bungalow to leave the gate key. Once inside, he wastaken with the luxury of what was, basically, just a changing room.The place was outfitted with plush furniture, a wet-bar, a bedroom,a small kitchen and complete bath facilities. “If this is just forchanging clothes, I’m not sure I want to see the house itself!”,he said aloud to himself. “And why not?” a voice responded. Bill nearly jumped out of his skin. Quickly turning he wastaken with what now in his vision. She was about 20 and had a bodythat Hugh Hefner would have killed to have appear in Playboy. Whatreally caught his attention, though, was her face. It was kıbrıs escort the mostinnocent and angelic face he had ever seen. After his initial shockwore off, he said. “And who are you?”. “I’m Theresa Hamilton, Terri to my friends. Now, who are YOUand what are you doing here?” “I’m Bill Powers, the landscaping supervisor. We heft atractor behind this morning and your mother loaned me the gate keyso that I could come and get it. She told me to leave it in herewhen I was through. Had I known someone was home, though, Iwouldn’t have troubled her for the key.” “I just got back from Hawaii this morning, apparently aftereveryone had gone.” “Well, Miss Hamilton, I am sorry to have bothered you. If youwill excuse me, I have to be on my way now.” The vixen smiled coyly and offered; “You can’t go out in thatstorm. Besides you’ll catch cold in all those wet clothes. Whydon’t you just wait until the rain lets up a bit. Anyway, I coulduse the company.” “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Miss Hamilton.”, said Bill,hoping she would argue the point. She passed another coy smile and said; “Please, my friendscall me Terri.” “Okay, Terri. I have a crew working at the country club andthey’re expecting me back. We have work to do whether it’s rainingor not. In fact, some of our work is easier in the rain.” “Well, I see your point, but I was just getting ready to startlunch. Won’t you at least stay and eat with me? We can throw yourclothes in the dryer while we eat.” “I have to confess that sounds too good to pass up.” “Well, Bill, you can take your clothes off in the bedroom.There are several robes in the closet there. I hope you like pasta,that’s what I’m making for lunch.” “Sounds good! I’ll be right back.”, Bill entered the bedroomand closed the door. While undressing, he considered the situationand thought that mixing business with pleasure could be a mistake.It could be that Terri is just a friendly person and if he made amove he could jeopardize himself and Frank’s business. He decidedto be on his best behavior. Terri took his soaked clothing and started the dryer. Then shereturned to the kitchen and finished preparing the meal. Bill felta little self-conscious sitting across from such a beautiful womanwhile he was wearing only a robe. Lunch was superb and the wine was excellent. Maybe just alittle too excellent, he thought. He was beginning to fantasizemore and more about the parts of Terri’s body hidden by her sparseoutfit. After the meal, they checked on Bill’s clothes, only to findthem still very wet. “Another 30 minutes or so should do it.”, shesaid as they returned to the sofa to relax. Terri sat close to him,at least closer than necessary. This only made Bill’s resolve alittle less strong than during lunch. She talked of her upbringingand of the many places she had visited. Then it was Bill’s turn.He started to explain how he ended up working for Frank when sheedged a little closer and turned towards him under the pretext ofhearing better. Bill continued his story, though a littlenervously. As she moved closer, he could feel the heat from her body,smell the scent of her cologne, and detect the strong gaze of hereyes. He was becoming aroused and was a bit embarrassed by it. Heshifted to try and hide the growing bulge in the robe. That was amistake. His slight movement, and his arousal, only caused the robeto part and expose every inch of his hardened manhood. Terrigasped, but not in shock, “My god! That is beautiful!”. Before hecould apologize or cover himself, she had her hand on it,encircling the warm shaft. As she did so, she pressed her lipsagainst his. Bill’s resistance was gone. He responded avidly beembracing her and began exploring her lips with his tongue. He thenmoved his lips to her neck and that ran his tongue to her ears andnibbled on her lobes. Meanwhile, Terri opened his robe further andbegan slowly stroking his cock. Bill worked his hands to her buttons and, after a littlefumbling, managed to release her magnificent breasts. As he movedhis mouth to encircle her right nipple, he thought that he hadnever seen breasts more perfectly formed than these. He then turnedhis attention to the other nipple as Terri, still stroking hiscock, moaned in delight. Slowly and deliberately, Bill worked his way down her body.As he removed her shorts he was pleasantly surprised to find thatshe wore no panties. He swirled his tongue across her belly andslowly down to the top of her pubic hair. He massaged her thighsand then resumed his tonguing behind her thighs. escort kıbrıs When he reachedthe sensitive are behind her knees, he used a light touch thatseemed to drive her wild wit passion. She begged him to stopteasing her and tried to draw his head to her vagina. Billcontinued down the one leg and up the other. When he reached thetop of her thighs, he began to light blow across her entire pubicarea. She moaned louder in response and again begged him to stophis teasing. Bill moved his lips to her inner thigh and imparted lightcaresses on his way up. When he finally reached her pussy, hereached out with his tongue and slightly tickled her. She moanedeven more. He then began his assault in earnest. First penetratingher vaginal lips with his tongue, and then moving slightly upwardto the clitoris. When he finally reached it, Terri had her firstorgasm. It was followed by two more in the few moments thatfollowed. Bill kept up the stimulation until, two more orgasmslater, she motioned for him to stop. He kissed his way up, acrossher breasts, until he was again nuzzling he neck. “God! You smellsoooo good!”, he whispered. Terri slowly rolled them over until she was atop Bill andsaid, “Now, it’s your turn to be teased!”. She started much as hedid, by kissing his ears and nibbling on his neck. She paidparticular attention to his nipples. Though his women usuallyignored this area, it aroused him greatly. She slowly worked herway down and moved to his balls and gently took each one in hermouth and caressed it with her tongue, all the while avoiding hishardened member. As her lips continued their menstruations on hisballs, her hands found their way to his chest. She massaged himsensuously. Then she raised her head, and with only her lips,slowly engulfed the head of his cock. Terri used a slight suctionand moved down its full length, until the head was nestled deeplyin her throat. She held that position for a moment, letting herthroat muscles relax around the oral intruder. Bill let out a loudmoan as her head started to bob up and down on his tool. Terriwould withdraw until just the tip remained between her lips, thenshe drew it in slowly and caressed it with swirling motions of hertongue until the head was once again in her throat. This continued until she sensed Bill was ready to come. Whenhis balls tightened, she slowed down to a complete stop and wouldmove her attention elsewhere, until his cock lost it’s iron-rodrigidity. Then, she would start again. This went on for what seemedto be hours. Finally, Terri removed herself and sat astride Billstorso on her knees. She reached back and used her left hand toguide his cock between her pussy lips. Once there, she rotated herass and inched that hard rod into her pussy until she felt that shecould take no more. Once inside, she knew that there was still agood inch or two to go, but just couldn’t get it in. They began arhythmic motion and were soon lost in a sexual rhapsody. After atime, Bill sat up and they rolled over, without missing a stroke.As Bill moved his cock into her, they moaned and kissed. Terri hadjust had her sixth orgasm of the day when Bill pulled out andflipped her onto her stomach. She knew what he wanted and raisedherself to he could enter her from behind. As his member againentered her vagina, she concentrated and tried to take it all.However, Bill was just too large for her. While she was feeling hisinternal massage, his fingers played her clitoris like a harp. Shewas going wild and soon had another orgasm and felt herself risingto yet another when Bill again pulled out, leaving her with anempty sort of feeling there. He kissed his way down her back andacross her buttocks until his tongue found her vagina from therear. Bill’s tongue brought her to orgasm again and still hecontinued. When he finally stopped, he again laid her on her backand positioned himself between her legs. He raised her knees andthen her ankles until both feet were over her shoulder. She reacheddown and guided his cock to her pussy. He said “Let’s see if youcan really take it all.”. His cockhead parted her vaginal lips and continued on untilshe had taken all but an inch of his cock. She whimpered “Please!I want it all!”. Bill started pumping in and out and Terri foundherself traveling down that now familiar road to orgasm. As shefelt it build and build, she became obsessed with taking all ofBill’s penis. Then, just as she started to come, she grabbed hisbuttocks and pulled with all her might. Bill plunged the fulllength of his kıbrıs escort bayan cock into her. Her eyes went wide with both shock anddelight as she had the most intense orgasm ever. “Don’t stop! Giveme all of it! I want to feel all of you inside me.”, was all shecould say. Bill, not being one to disappoint a woman, continued topiston his cock into her. He would pull out until just the tip wasbetween the lips and then plunge in until his pubic hairs pressedagainst hers.Bill started to sense that feeling growing in his loins andincreased his speed, tying to get even deeper into this lovely andsensual creature that lay writhing beneath him. His cock moved inand out rapidly. Then, he felt it coming and pushed against her.Terri screamed, “I feel so full. Come on Bill fill me up. I wannafeel your sperm shoot inside of me. Do it now!”. That was all heneeded to set him off. He felt as though all of his internal organswere trying to escape through his penis at one time. As he spurteddeep inside her, she gasped, “Oh, yes! I feel it. More! Give memore!”. When he was drained, he lowered her legs and pumped alittle more. They relaxed and soon fell asleep, Bills penis stillburied in Terri’s snatch. Bill was awakened by a strange feeling. Upon opening his eyes,he found his cock buried to the hilt in Terri’s mouth. “Iremembered that I hadn’t had dessert yet.”, said Terri. Sheattacked his now hard member with great fervor. He watched her headbob and felt her lips tighten each time the head passed betweenthem. Her hands play with his balls. Then, she suddenly stopped andlaid back. He arose and tried to mount her for another good screwwhen she told him that she was too sore and wanted only to pleasehim. She lay on her back in a position that let her head hang overthe arm of the sofa and instructed Bill to stand behind her. As shedropped her head back, it was perfectly aligned with his penis. Shereached for his cock and guided it between her waiting lips. Billlet her orchestrate the movements for fear of hurting her. Itwasn’t long before he found himself humping her warm mouth. It wasincredible! He could feel his cock enter her throat each time andit was heavenly. Terri seemed to be getting as excited as he was.Her hands were wrapped around his ass pulling him in deep eachtime. It was only a short while before his cock again gushed. Territried to swallow it all, but a few drops ran out the sides of hermouth. She kept on sucking and had soon milked Bill dry. To his surprise and her delight, his cock stayed hard and shecontinued sucking until it was again as hard as iron. Terri thenturned around and presented her ass to him saying, “Well, my mouthis tired and my pussy is sore, but we can try.”, she said coyly.”Well, what are we waiting for?”, said Bill. Looking aroundthe room, he spied a bottle of hand lotion on the counter andgrabbed it. He open the bottle and first poured some on his hands.He then spread some across her back and ass and rubbed it in.Meanwhile she was stroking his penis with her lotion filled hands.Soon, they were both glistening and covered with the oil. As Bill readied his cock to enter her, Terri slid back and hiscock slid all the way into her pussy on the one stroke. “Ooooooh!Deeper Bill, Deeper!” moaned Terri. Bill started pumping wildly asTerri, despite her soreness, had another orgasm. She loved gettingit this way, doggy style. As Bill pushed his cock in, she shovedher ass back to meet him. At one point, Bill pulled out and raisedhis cock a little higher. Terri had just started back when hepushed forward. Her eyes suddenly went wide and before she knewexactly what had happened, his penis was buried halfway into hervirgin ass. Tears ran down her face, but she was not about to makehim stop his assault. At first, it was a little painful for Terri. Then, as Bill’sfingers played with her pussy and he plunged his cock deeper into her ass, she started to enjoy it. Bill pushed deeper and deeperuntil she had again taken all of him. The tempo increased as hisballs slapped against her pussy and she moaned in response. Sheorgasmed again and again as his finger matched his tempo. Then, hecame. She could feel his juices shoot deep inside her ass and itgave her a warm, sexy feeling. After extracting themselves, they took a shower. After which,Terri sat Bill down and gave him a soft sensuous blow job to endthe day. Bill dressed and asked if they could see each other again.”Are you k**ding? My parents would disown me if they knew I wasdating a man that worked for them! But, if you ever have time, stopby again and I am sure we can find a mutually satisfying way topass the time.” Bill was dumbfounded, but not totally surprised. He startedthe truck and slowly drove to the country club to rejoin his crew.