Something to Remember

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Rita was horny. Her boyfriend Bob was leaving for a two week training session and the anticipated absence was driving Rita to distraction. What was she going to do without him for two weeks? They had just started going steady a month ago after she let him fuck her for the first time. She had known that was the last barrier that lay between their constant dating and the exclusive and even closer commitment to each other. She already loved him and knew that his love for her was growing. Rita could tell by the way he looked at her and touched her. All that he needed to do was to say some words without any prompting from her; she expected to hear those words soon.

Unfortunately, Bob was leaving the next day. Rita just could not keep her hands off him. She wanted to fill herself up with him and wear him out at the same time. He would spend the next two weeks thinking about her and what they had done during their last hours together.

“Rita honey, I need to pack,” Bob managed to say as she rubbed her soft breasts against his face. She had come to his apartment an hour before, claiming that she would help him get ready for the trip. That plan lasted all of fifteen minutes. After that they were entwined nakedly on his bed. Now they were cooling off with his thick semen imbedded deep inside her wet pussy. This was how she wanted to get him ready for the trip.

Rita moved her soft, curvy body against Bob. Rita was endowed with wide hips and a narrow waist that emphasized both her hips and her breasts. “Are you telling me you don’t want to do it again?” she asked innocently as she lightly rested her hand on his semi-soft cock, still moist from their love juices.

“We can’t,” Bob protested, fighting the urge to begin all over as Rita lifted her shapely leg on top of him, allowing her knee to slide up to his groin. “I need to get some packing done, or I’ll be up until two in the morning. I have a seven am flight to Milwaukee. Remember?” He slipped away from her and reached for his briefs, but she was faster and snatched them away. He looked down at her grinning up at him, a naked expanse of treasures. He wondered how he merited such a fine, sexy woman.

“Why bother getting dressed,” Rita suggested, as she rose. “We can pack your things and then entertain each other again.” She had already planned to spend the night and did not care how long it took to pack. She had her own plan for him at two am also. She turned away, picked up a tee shirt from his fresh laundry, and began to fold it neatly.

Bob looked at her her firm round ass and the curves of her legs down to her slim ankles. He was going to have a hard time leaving her for two weeks. He started to pick through his closet, deciding what to take. He laid some clothes on the bed next to the growing stacks of folded laundry from Rita’s efforts. As they worked, they looked at the other’s naked flesh. Slowly Bob’s two suitcases filled. Now and then he would recall some new item that needed to be packed, sometimes with Rita’s prompting. She really was helping him.

She had moved aroung behind him and pressed herself against him. He could feel her soft breasts on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his back and looked down at her delicate fingers moving across his chest. He could feel her warm breath against him and then felt her lips kissing his bare flesh. His cock was swelling again. He put his arms behind him and stroked her sides. Apparently, it was time for a break.

Bob twisted around and looked down at her pretty face as she smiled up at him. She was such a beauty. He leaned over and slid his hands down and grabbed her ass. He lightly raked her back with his nails and kneaded those places he had learned needed extra attention. “God, Rita, you are such a beautiful lady,” He murmured as he pressed his lips against hers. “You are making it so difficult for me to leave you; I can’t stand it.”

“We need to make the best of these hours,” she answered. Her hands were on his hard ass, admiring the strength of the muscles that always pounded his cock into her eager pussy.

“You are so perfect,” he sighed as he cupped a breast in his hand.

“Oh, Bob, you’re big today!” Rita answered, attempting to wrap her soft hand around his thick, firm penis. She slid her other hand down and weighed his balls. She massaged them gently by rubbing them together. Bob’s fingers were slipping into her wet cunt as he leaned to kiss her nipples. “Yes, Bob, yes,” she urged, “just like that; rub my pussy.”

He fingered her wet twat and felt her hips moving against him. Her own hands were beginning to pump his cock. The bed was still covered with clothing and suitcases. Bob pulled Rita with him as he settled to the rug. He slowly reclined and allowed her to straddle his hips. Rita lowered herself down until her moist labia were against the big purple head of his cock. She fed it into her wet slit and guided it to the mouth of her vagina. Bob remained still and let Rita position herself; he felt her thrusting down more to push him inside. She lowered herself gradually as she eased the full length of his penis inside her.

“Oh, Bob, that feels sooooo good.” she purred as she felt herself filled to satiation with his thickness. She began to rock back and forth, forcing his cock to slide in and out. Bob reached up and began to fondle and cup her soft breasts. He pushed one hand down her stomach and began massaging her clitoral hood, feeling her clitoris expand under her fingers.

Rita leaned herself toward him so that her nipples were near his mouth. He understood her need and began tonguing them. Rita moaned and pushed a breast into his mouth. He sucked her areola completely inside his mouth as he rubbed her nipple with his tongue. Her body began to quiver as her climax began. She moaned and fell forward onto him; her breast pulled out of his mouth and pressed with its twin onto his chest. He eased her along with upward thrusts of his own hips.

Rita lay on him as she moaned. Bob used this moment to roll Rita onto her back so that he was on top. He began his pistoning in and out of her with long strokes that pulled his cock almost completely from its wet sheath, before again thrusting deep into her belly. Bob pounded güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri against her mons as he probed her depth. Rita’s gasps became louder. “Fuck me, Bobby!” she demanded, “Fuck me hard, darling. Oh god! I’m coming again, ohhhh.” Rita exploded. The sensation of Bob’s deep plunging, as well the feel of his naked flesh between her legs brought her to ecstacy. “OH, BOB, OH, BOB, OH…” she chanted softly as she felt her orgasm flood over her.

Bob was getting close himself; he could feel this semen boiling up inside his groin. He heard Rita breathing deeply and felt her hips begin to assist his thrusting. She slipped a hand down and fingered his balls. “Oh, Rita, ohhh…” he moaned and began to spurt his hot cum into her. He pushed as deeply as he could with each spasm, allowing his semen to flood into the depths of her vagina. Bob slowly moved against her, draining the totality of his liquid from himself. He eased himself down on top of her, her soft breasts against his chest.

Rita opened her eyes, and regarded Bob with a loving smile.

“Was that ok, my little honey bunch?” he asked her softly.

“Oh yes, sweetheart,” she laughed, reaching up to kiss him. “That was more than ok; that was the best yet.” He lifted himself off her and they lay next to each other on the rug. She got up at last. “I want to take a shower and make us a little supper. I’ll use up some of the food in the fridge.”

Bob heard the water running as he gathered some personal care items. He pulled out each bureau drawer to remind himself of any other item for the trip. He saw his briefs on the bed and slipped them on. Rita came out of this bathroom with an old tee shirt on her upper body. It only came down to to her mound so he could see her dark fur and lips sticking out below the hem. Rita turned away toward his kitchen. The bottoms of her ass cheeks rotated under her shirt as she walked. Bob knew he had to have her again, and soon.

Rita prepared a light supper and mixed some sangria with fruit slices and ice. While she was working, Bob freshened himself under the shower and put on some clean briefs. She placed the food on the coffee table, and they sat on the couch nibbling and sipping, looking only casually at a news program, but mostly at each other. There was a way her mouth moved as she ate. It was so cute. There were so many ways she moved and posed that fascinated him, the way her fingers touched her food, how she held her glass. Rita caught him staring at her.

“What?” she asked. Her face was so pretty!

“I love you,” he said. The words emerged from him spontaneously.

Rita put out her soft hand and Bob took it in his own. “And I love you, my sweetheart,” she replied, smiling at him.

Somehow they managed to eat and drink some more without spilling it on themselves because their eyes rarely left each other. They moved closer together sipping their drinks and staring. Bob examined the face he was now seeing for the first time, and Rita watched his eyes move over her.

They cleaned up and then looked over the status of his packing. The few items left were laid güvenilir bahis şirketleri out on his bureau along with his tickets, keys, and wallet. Bob lifted the suitcases off the bed and placed them out of the way on the floor. Rita straightened out the bed.

“Maybe we need to get to bed early,” she suggested. She lifted the shirt over her head. Bob admired the way her breasts moved with that action. Rita lay down on the bed.

“Yes,” he agreed. “We should try to rest.” They both knew that there would be little rest that night. He slid his briefs off and sat on the edge of the bed looking down at her. Her long dark hair fanned out on the pillow. He put his hand on her stomach and let it slide about as he felt her skin. He fingered her mons and its soft hair. His fingers slipped down between her legs. She edged her thighs apart so he could probe deeper.

Bob had been seeing it all night; now he had to have it. He lowered his face down and could savor its fine aroma. He moved and pushed her legs apart. Rita knew what he wanted and spread herself wide. He began kissing at her ankle and worked along her leg toward his goal. Finally his lips were pressed against her labia and his tongue was slipping between them. Rita wanted to be orally pleasured too; her hands reached down and stroked his hair as he ate her sweet pussy. Bob stroked her inner lips and clitoral hood. She gyrated her pelvis against his mouth as he stimulated her more. Bob probed her vagina with his tongue and then moved up to her clitoris again. He slipped two fingers inside her and felt for her G-spot. Rita pressed his face into her pussy with her hands as she came and groaned with a shudder.

Bob rose to push his cock into her again, but Rita pulled him down and moved between his legs. “Don’t you want me to fuck you again?” he asked.

“I want to do this,” Rita replied, and engulfed his throbbing erection inside her mouth. She relaxed her throat and took the entire length inside her. She let it slide out slowly and licked its length. She kissed her way down to his balls and sucked each into her mouth. Her tongue ran up the underside and she sucked him into her warm mouth, rubbing her tongue against the big head. She bobbed her head as she sucked, up and down.

Bob propped his head up with a pillow so he could watch her lips sliding up and down his penis. Rita adjusted her rhythm, holding him back from his climax and torturing him. Bob began to thrust into her mouth, hands gripping the bed. Rita felt him getting closer and closer until his body shivered with excitement. She gently squeezed his balls and stroked his cock with her fingers. Bob exploded into her mouth with a loud moan. He felt her swallowing as he spurted his semen into her mouth. Rita’s lips were pressed around his cock.

Rita made sure she had taken all of his cum before removing her mouth.

“It was almost too much to bear!” Bob gasped. He trembled, recovering from his orgasm as he reached for her. She moved up and they kissed deeply, tasting the other’s juices.

“Was that good, sweetheart?” Rita whispered. “Did you really like that?”

“Honey, I have never had such a good blowjob,” he answered frankly.

“I liked doing that to you, Bobby,” she admitted. She noticed how he had wanted to eat her out and did so with enthusiasm.

Bob and Rita snuggled with arms about one another and kissed tenderly. The caresses slowed as their eyes closed and they fell asleep.