Sometimes, mistakes do happen but they can be real

8 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

Sometimes, mistakes do happen but they can be realA few weeks ago I was wandering round some of the nice tv/gay sites for this area of France when I got a message from a guy asking me if I would like to meet. Well, I was very horny at the time, so nothing new there, was aching to do something to somebody or have them do something to me, you know the feeling, when you ache to feel something nice and long in your mouth or being slipped in your pussy.I thought to myself why ever not, he seemed like a nice guy, he wanted to meet on his way home from work so we arranged to meet in a quite well known gay rest area between his destination and the village I live in, it’s around half an hour’s drive for both of us.On the grounds that it was our first date and I had a few hours to get ready, I really made an effort. My new striped stockings, the black patent with red trim 5” heels, best lingerie, perfume, finger and toe nails bahis siteleri painted the same shade as my lipstick, girly top to toe, you get the idea. But what outdoor clothes to wear, arriving in my lingerie isn’t quite the thing to do, especially as it was a private public place? Always the same for me, I couldn’t make up my mind so I tried on two or three outfits but I finally settled on my favourite long red silk lined dress, which has a very convenient slit in the side up to the panty line so my date had easier access and could see my stocking tops.I left the village via the little lane which is the long way around, I don’t need my rather old-fashioned neighbours discovering my little secret and then a very easy trip out through a couple of small towns, feeling very sexy with my stockings rubbing on my dress, my boy thing rubbing against my dress through my panties and me getting more excited as I drove.I güvenilir bahis siteleri stopped a little way short of the rest area, just to check everything was in place, to change to my girly glasses, put on my lace gloves, rings and jewellery and then headed to the place where we were to meet, arriving there about 10 minutes early.And there he was, sitting in his car, so I pulled in behind him – it’s a lovely, secluded and very sheltered spot – got out of my car and walked up to the passenger side of the car but it was locked, something of a surprise but he was sitting back in his seat with his pants open, his cock in his hand, gently wanking himself. I went to his door and he opened the window, we chatted for a few seconds so I leant inside to rub him, just to show I was interested in the rather splendid stiff boy thing he had on display.He opened his door, got out rather awkwardly as he was trying to canlı bahis keep his pants up and leant on the back of his SUV, I just knelt down, played with him for a few seconds and then gave him a mind blowing bj, he was really groaning to the point of shouting when he finally sprayed his cream over my mouth and face and he didn’t stop cumming especially when he realised I was doing my best to swallow everything he was giving me.So, he was satisfied, he didn’t even hand me a tissue, got into his car and drove off. Well, I was rather surprised but then I realised that another car had arrived, parked a short way back and that somebody had been watching what we were doing. I cleaned myself up, the guy opened his window and asked me if I were Antonia – oh dear, HE was my date.I excused myself for a few moments, went back into my car and fixed my makeup, cleaned off some of the cream from the first guy and then returned to my date’s car. He was SO turned on by what he had seen he hadn’t wanted to interupt, he just left me to blow the first guy and then blow his cock in the back seat of his car.The only problem I have is …………I wonder who the first guy was ………………….