Son You Know We Shouldn’t – Part Three

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Son You Know We Shouldn’t – Part ThreeSon You Know We Shouldn’t – Part 3By Michele NylonsIt was early evening and David Cashmore lay on his back on his mother’s queen-sized bed; his mother, still fully clothed, straddled his naked body. She was performing fellatio on her son, slowly sliding her tongue along his shaft and then lapping at his pink glans, sucking the drops of pre-seminal fluid as they seeped from the eye of his cock.She was in no hurry to bring her son to orgasm and she was enjoying teasing him this way; making him plead for release. She hadn’t decided yet if she was going to fuck him or bring him off in her mouth; she was enjoying being astride her sixteen-year-old boy, head-to-toe, his head buried under her skirt, his tongue lazily flicking over her soaking wet panties, tracing the outline of her labia through the translucent nylon. Neither of them was in rush; they had all night to explore each other. David had lain in wait for his mother to come home from work, nursing a painful erection but resisting the temptation to masturbate. As soon as his mother entered her bedroom David had thrown her on the bed and began to kiss and fondle her. She laughed and pretended to fight him off but she had been half-expecting him to do something like this. They hadn’t had sex for a couple of days at her insistence because Michele Cashmore’s sister had come to visit and she didn’t want her sister to get even the slightest hint of what she and her son were up to.A couple of times during the visit David had openly flirted with his mother when his Aunt wasn’t in the same room; one time he had even slid his hand under her skirt and pawed at her sex.“David! Stop it! You want me to go to jail and you to go into a boy’s home?” Michele hissed at her son.“I told you when we started this thing David; it would only work if we maintain total secrecy! No one must ever suspect!”Subdued and a little dejected, David had behaved himself for the rest of his Auntie’s visit. He had spent a lot of time locked in his bedroom masturbating into his mother’s panties whilst looking at the secret videos he had taken of them having sex together. If his mother found out she would kill him; but he was intelligent enough to know that he could never show the videos to anyone else. Besides; he would never do that. Ever since he and his mom began fucking each other three months ago he had become very jealous of her.He hated watching other men ogle his mother and he hated it even more when they tried to chat her up. At forty-eight Michele Cashmore was still an attractive woman with a buxom figure, great legs, and nice breasts. And so the afternoon his Aunty left David had stripped and hid in his mother’s wardrobe waiting for her to come home from work and he leapt on her as soon as she came through the door. Michele struggled with her son but she knew that he would want to take her while she was fully clothed. Her son loved to fuck her in her business suits and even when they slept together he insisted that she wear a bustiere or a corset or at least a garter belt and stockings. Her lingerie bills had gone through the roof since she started fucking her son!She had managed to take off her suit coat but that is as far as she had been able to get undressed before her son had forced his head under her skirt and begun to slaver at her cunt. She was as sexually frustrated as he was and as soon as his wet tongue slid across her moist sex she had melted and stopped fighting him.Michele had rolled her son over and straddled him in the classic sixty-nine position.“If you rip my skirt or ladder my stockings David you’ll get a good hiding!” she whined, exasperated by her son’s impatience.“Oh yes please Mommy,” David chuckled, his muffled voice came from under her skirt.“Of shut up and lick me,” Michele sighed, and lowered her face to her son’s throbbing cock.Michele gently ran her fingertips along David’s shaft admiring the contrast her ruby-red fingernails made against the pale skin of her son’s penis; blue veins throbbed under the translucent flesh of his shaft. She loved David’s cock! It was long, thick and proud. It was almost arrogant when erect and delicate and demure when flaccid. Which she had to say was not very often; at sixteen her son was at the peak of virility. Michele had never thought of penises as having personalities before; not that she had seen that many, but ever since she had started shagging David she had come to the conclusion that her son’s dick had a certain quality and character.That was another thing. She had never used words like cock, dick, cunt, tits, fuck, or shag before she started her i****tuous tryst with her son. Now, when she was randy, which she seemed to be all the time recently, she liked to use those naughty words.“Ooooooohhhhh!”David had pulled aside the gusset of his mother’s panties and his tongue was now lapping at her engorged clitoris. Michele lowered her mouth over David’s trembling phallus and began to suck.She would bring him to climax in her mouth; they could fuck later!“Mom are you home? Are you upstairs?” a voice called from the stairway preceding the sound of heels climbing the treads.“Fuck!!!” Michele spat out her son’s cock just as he started to climax.His semen spattered against her face and neck and gobs of it clung to her dark blue satin blouse.Michele scrambled off her son and got to her feet in a panic; David was completing the job his mother had started using his hand.“Get up you fucking lunatic! That’s your fucking sister!” Michele hissed, scampering for the door.“Jennifer! I’m just taking a shower! Make yourself a cup of tea and I’ll be down in a minute!” Michele called out through the bedroom door.As soon as she heard her daughter’s footfalls descending the staircase she turned to her son.“David; go to your room quickly! Don’t come down for about half an hour or so ok?” “What the fuck does she want?” David whined.“David! Go to your room now!”Michele didn’t have time to deal with a petulant schoolboy. She had nearly been caught flagrante delicto with her son and her heart was racing. She pulled off her high-heels and kicked them towards the closet and hastily began to strip. David sat on the bed amused at his mother’s turmoil; when she shucked out of her knickers David grabbed them off the bed.“Souvenir!” he laughed.“Get the fuck out of here you silly boy before we get caught!” Michele hissed and slapped David on the buttocks.It was a little bit more than a playful slap and David realised that his mother was really angry. He went over to the door and opened it slightly and, seeing the coast was clear, silently padded down the hall to his bedroom. He put his mother’s knickers in the drawer with the others he had commandeered and selected the crustiest pair out of his collection and took them with him to the bathroom. He tossed them into the laundry basket and climbed into the shower.David kept a small collection of his mother’s knickers in the drawer as masturbatory aids. When he collected a new pair he would return the oldest pair to the laundry basket so that his mother could have them back. His mother knew of this arrangement and did not object; she also gave him her laddered pantyhose and stockings; often spraying them with her perfume and hiding them under his pillow as a special treat. Michele lathered herself in the shower and wondered how Jennifer had come so close to catching her with David and then she remembered that Jennifer had still had a key to the front canlı bahis door. “Who keeps a fucking key that long?” she said to herself.Her fingers found the folds of her sex and she quickly finished the task her son had started; an orgasm wracked her body and she fell gasping against the glass wall of the shower.Fifteen minutes later Michele threw her soiled blouse and skirt into the laundry basket and went downstairs. She was dressed in a beige skirt, white satin blouse, tan low-heels and taupe pantyhose. Although she wore a brassiere she had forgone panties because her pantyhose had a control-top. She had thrown on a little makeup and lipstick; her hair was still wet and she was flushed.Michele’s thirty-two year old daughter Jennifer sat sobbing on the couch; a cup of tea, untouched and cooling on the coffee table in front of her.Michele sat beside her daughter and put her arm around her.“I’ve finally left the bastard mom! I can’t stand him any more!” she sobbed.Michele was well aware of her daughter’s marital problems but when she had tried to offer her daughter advice Jennifer told her in no uncertain terms to butt out. She had watched her daughter’s descent into misery unable to help. These last few months Michele felt even guiltier because she and her son were so happy together.“I’ve come home Mom,” Jennifer announced, wiping her tears and forcing a smile.“I’ve come back to live with someone who loves me,” she smiled wanly at her mother.“Well Jennifer………………..I don’t know………………there’s me and David and the house isn’t that big…….” Michele stuttered, astonished at her daughter’s proposal.“It’s ok Mom! I’ve got it all worked out!” her daughter was now positively beaming, smiling through her tears.“I’ve already got a job temping in the city; it pays well and I only want to stay here long enough to save enough money to get my own flat ok?”“Well I guess so; but what happened to the money you and Paul had saved?” Michele responded.Jennifer started sobbing again; her mascara ran down her cheeks in rivulets.“The bastard gambled away the lot! What he didn’t gamble he spent on booze and d**gs!”“You know the arsehole even wanted me to go on the game!”“He said I did nothing but sit around the house; that I couldn’t even give him c***dren; that I might as well put my fanny to good use!” Jennifer began to sob uncontrollably and Michele took her daughter in her arms to comfort her.“Shh………Shh…….everything will be alright,” she said soothingly stroking her Jennifer’s hair.But it wouldn’t be alright would it? Michele couldn’t believe that even as she consoled her daughter she was thinking about how her staying here would ruin her sex life.Jennifer eventually stopped sobbing and Michele bought her some tissues and went into the kitchen to make them a fresh cup of tea. Jennifer wiped her face and pulled out her cosmetics case. Like daughter; like mother, Jennifer had her mother’s dress sense and style. She fixed her mascara and eyeliner and applied a coat of plum-red lipstick; she brushed her hair and sprayed fresh perfume on her neck.David padded down the stairs and came into the lounge; his older sister sat on couch and his mom called out from the kitchen.“Do you want a cup of tea David; I made a fresh pot?”“Yes please! Hi Jen” David said to his sister.“Hello David,” she replied closing her legs and pulling at the hem of her skirt.She was wearing a red leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and white high-heels and she could see her legs had attracted her brother’s attention. She had been sitting quite unladylike with her legs open and her skirt hiked up while she talked with her mother.Jennifer; sixteen years older than her brother, felt she was more like his aunt than his sister because of the age gap. They didn’t see each other that often but as her brother had grown up she had noticed his fascination with older women. She was aware that David had a penchant for mature women and particularly liked to look at their legs and up their skirts if he could. One time she had taken him down to the shopping centre; she left him on his own while she went to the loo and when she returned she found him staring through the pane-glass window of a shoe store where a mature woman was trying on different pairs of high-heels. Whenever the woman bent down to try on a new pair her skirt opened up and revealed her pantyhosed thighs and her white nylon panties. Jennifer was about to say something when she noticed that David’s hand was surreptitiously stroking the bulge in the front of his jeans.A curious feeling flushed through her body and she turned away and called his out name when she was far enough away for him not to be suspicious that she had seen him. Later that day she had found him waiting at bottom of the escalator; when the lady from the shoe shop stepped onto it he got on behind her and spent the ride looking up her skirt all the way to the top floor.Jennifer was going to say something when they got home but she decided against it, it wasn’t up to her to discipline her brother, and besides it was probably just teenage hormones. She did become very suspicious of him when she found semen stains in a pair of her soiled knickers after her mother had bought David around for a visit. Also she was sure that she had left a pair of her best sheers hanging up to dry in the bathroom and they were missing.She was going to confront her brother this time but she was too embarrassed, besides it could just as easy be her sleazy husband Paul. He had once insisted on shagging her on the deserted top deck of a double-decker bus. He was pissed of course and she had struggled vehemently with him but in the end he had bent her over the back of the seat in front of them and taken her from behind. He hadn’t even removed her knickers; just ripped open her tights, put his cock under the leg-hole of her panties, pushed himself inside her and spent himself after about three thrusts.She had felt used and degraded but she became enraged when they got home and he ripped off her knickers and shoved them in his pocket.“I’ll have to show the boys at work otherwise they won’t believe me will they?” he smirked.“Besides they’ll come in handy when I want a wank.”Jennifer hated her husband by this time but there was far worse to come.David looked appreciatively at his sister’s legs and then went into the kitchen.“What’s she doing here,” he mouthed wordlessly at his mother.“She’s come to stay,” Michele whispered back.“Tea’s nearly ready Jen!” Michele shouted through the kitchen door, and turned around reached up to get the sugar off the shelf.“What about us? What about this?” David replied and quickly strode over to his mother. He put his hand firmly around her waist and held her still while he thrust his other hand under her skirt and slid a finger inside her slit, pushing the silky nylon of her control-top pantyhose inside her. He jammed his thumb against her sphincter and ground it against her anal bud.“Oooohhhh!” Michele moaned.Michele couldn’t control her body’s response and she moistened immediately. But she was well aware of the danger David was putting them in with his sister in the next room. She drove her heel into his foot and David released his mother but stayed pressed against her. She spun around and put her lips next his ear.“You’ll get us fucking-well caught and then we’ll both be fucked,” Michele whispered into her son’s ear.Her breath! Her proximity! Her perfume! David was instantly erect. Michele patted the bulge at the bahis siteleri front of her son’s jeans and kissed the side of his mouth.“We’ll work something out,” she whispered and pushed him away.“Oh Jen! Sorry I didn’t notice you standing there,” Michele said, surprised to see her daughter standing in the doorway.David moved away from his mother and leaned on the back of a kitchen chair. Jennifer thought she caught sight of an erection in her brother’s jeans but she couldn’t be sure.“I thought I’d give you a hand to bring in the tea,” she said.Her brother and her mother were both blushing; what had they been doing? Were they talking about her! Were they discussing her failed marriage; saying “I told you so” behind her back? They had been standing very close to each other so maybe they had been saying things they didn’t want her to hear. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks! Her brother did have an erection and that looked like her mother’s lipstick on the side of his mouth. Oh God no! Surely Not! She must be imagining these awful things because she was so upset.“Now that’s a coincidence,” Jennifer said a little maliciously.“You both have wet hair. You were both having a shower when I arrived?” she said almost accusingly.“In the early evening; not before you go to bed like usual?” She went on.“David has been giving me hand working in the garden, we came in just as it got dark so of course we had a shower you silly girl.”“Now let’s see to this tea,” Michele said putting the matter to rest.“See what I mean,” Michele turned and mouthed silently to her son as she followed her daughter into the lounge.David helped Jennifer helped unload her little car and carry her meagre belongings up to the third bedroom. He was sulky; he didn’t want his sister staying here. He and his mother had a great thing going and now his older sister was going to fuck it up!Jennifer unpacked her belongings and went to use the toilet. She shucked down her hose and knickers and sat on the toilet and peed. She wiped herself and pulled up her underwear, smoothing her pantyhose over her knickers. She washed her hands and then something caught her attention. The laundry basket. Jennifer looked inside it and on the top was her mother’s dark-blue satin blouse and under it her skirt. She rummaged around but she couldn’t find any gardening clothes. Very suspicious.“Yuck!” she yanked her hand out of the basket.She had touched something slimy in there. She looked at her fingers and saw that they were covered with a clear sticky substance. She bought her fingers to her nose and sniffed.“Oh my god!” The unmistakeable smell of semen assaulted her nose. She wiped her hand and carefully pulled her mothers blouse out of the hamper. The front of the blouse had three distinct wet stains; one of which was undeniably a wad of semen. Had her brother been wanking into the laundry hamper? She wouldn’t put it past the little pervert. There was something strange going on in this house and she was going to get to the bottom of it!A month later the Cashmore house had settled into a routine. Michele went to work in the city and Jennifer phoned the temp agency every Monday to find out where she would be temping that week; usually as a secretary. When he wasn’t at school David moped around the house and made no effort to hide his dissatisfaction with the current arrangement. He and his mother were careful not give away any hint of their sexual relationship while Jennifer was around.As promised his mother had worked something out. Every Saturday she would take David ‘shopping’; in fact they checked into a motel and shagged each other senseless all afternoon. It was not the best of arrangements but it would have to do until Jennifer left. David was still horny all the time and having two attractive mature women in the house, both of whom were usually dressed in business suits or skirts, hose, and heels and who wore heavy makeup and perfume, made the situation even more frustrating. One evening Michele and her daughter were both sitting on the couch nattering; they had just come home from work and both of them were still dressed in their office attire. They had both kicked off their high-heels and Michele began to absentmindedly rub her feet against her daughters as they chatted. David noticed of course. He was getting very aroused watching these two fell-dressed mature women playing footsy with each other. The smell of their feet and perfume wafted up to his nose and the hiss and rustle of their nylons rubbing together sounded very sensual.Michele became aware of the effect that her absentminded foot play was having on her son and she deliberately began to stroke her daughter’s feet and calves with her toes. Jennifer found it quite comforting and she appreciated her mother’s diminutive display of motherly love. Michele briefly but deliberately looked at her son and gave him a sly wink and David nearly came in his pants. He raced upstairs and switched on his computer and masturbated while he watched a video of he and his mother fucking on her bed.And so it came to be one Saturday when Michele and David were out ‘shopping’ for the afternoon that Jennifer’s curiosity got the better of her.She tentatively entered her brother’s bedroom. It smelled of boy. Football socks, dirty underwear and a pair of dirty jeans were tossed on the unmade bed. The wardrobe door was half-open, as were the dresser drawers; the room was cluttered with magazines, empty soft drink cans and chip packets s**ttered on the desk. Posters were tacked here and there on the walls. Surprisingly given that her brother was only sixteen they were not the sort of posters one might have expected; girl groups and heavy metal rock bands. They were mainly pictures of older celebrities. There was Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Steffani and Christina Aguilera all showing a lot of leg in their short skirts and heels.Jennifer went over to David’s desk and sat down. She opened a drawer. Chewing gum, old magazines and brick-a-brack. She opened another drawer. Bingo! It was stuffed with knickers, nylon stockings and pantyhose. She could see the come stains on the underwear and the smell of stale semen was very strong. She giggled.“You naughty boy David.”She was not too surprised; she knew that teenage boys often developed panty fetishes and she was well aware that David had a fixation for women’s legs so the collection of panties and nylons made sense. She closed the drawer without disturbing anything. She hadn’t recognised any of the panties as hers so they were obviously her mother’s. She smiled wickedly. She speculated if her mother wondered where her knickers were disappearing?She turned on the computer; it was in hibernate mode and the screen came up straight away. Being a secretary Jennifer was pretty computer savvy and she searched the drives and folders looking for anything naughty. She found nothing; only boring school assignments and games. His internet browsing history had been deleted as were his recently used file lists for most of the programs; a sure sign that her brother had something on his PC that he didn’t want others to see. She opened his My Document folder and selected ‘show hidden files and folders’ on the tools menu.Bingo again! A shaded folder appeared on the screen labelled: MILF. She opened the folder and found a collection of video files. She played a few of them. They were all movies of attractive mature women having sex with young men. The women in bahis şirketleri the videos were in various states of undress; very few were naked and most of them were fully clothed or dressed in lingerie and heels.Jennifer didn’t really like pornography but there was something about the young men fucking these attractive, older, well-dressed women that made her a little hot. She guiltily looked over her shoulder and quickly slid a hand inside her panties; she parted her labia and was not surprised to find that she was moist down there. She gave herself a quick stroke; she shuddered and pulled her hand from under her skirt.“Not now Jennifer you naughty girl; we’ve got work to do,” she giggled to herself.There was another folder inside the MILF folder; it was labelled MOM. “Mmmm I wonder what this could be?” she sighed.When she bought up the first video stream she was shocked. Her mother lay naked on her bed; her back was arched and she lifted herself up on her ankles as she thrust a vibrator in and out of her vagina. Every few seconds she took the vibrator out of herself rubbed it on her clitoris. She watched her mother climax and then lie panting on the bed for a minute before she put the vibrator into the top drawer of her bedside table. Jennifer closed the file; her face pale, her hands trembling.“My God David; what have you done?” she whispered to the empty room.Was her brother secretly filming their mother? Surely her mother wasn’t aware that she was being filmed; at least it didn’t appear that way in the video. She double clicked another file and she was certain that her heart skipped a beat when she saw the contents. She couldn’t breathe; she nearly blacked out. Yet she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. It was fascinating.Her mother lay on the bed dressed in a red satin basque, fully-fashioned black silk stockings and black high-heeled pumps. She was wearing heavy makeup and gold jewellery. Her legs were spread wide, her back was arched and her face was contorted in ecstasy. She held David’s face in her hands while he performed cunnilingus on her.The video had been spliced and suddenly the scene changed; David was between his mother’s legs plowing into her with long slow strokes. Her mother’s legs were wrapped around her son’s back and her heels raked his flanks urging him on; they were kissing each other passionately. Although there was no sound Jennifer could tell when they climaxed; her mother drummed her heels on David’s back and her red fingernails ploughed red furrows in his flesh. David pounded in and out of his mother emptying his seed into her. The clip concluded with them kissing and petting each other like lovers.Jennifer was dumbfounded, but she had to admit she was also a little aroused; her panties clung to her sex.“Jesus! What are you two to doing? Are you both crazy?” she said to the empty room; her head spinning.She opened up the remaining files. They were a litany of lust and depravity: cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation and intercourse. She noticed that in most of the videos her mother was dressed in lingerie, hose and heels; in fact in some of them she hardly took off her clothes. David seemed to like fucking his mother in various states of undress but hardly ever naked. In one clip her mother masturbated him with her stockinged feet and he ejaculated over her soles and toes.Jennifer closed the files and removed any evidence that she had logged into the computer. She sat in the chair thinking and then it dawned on her. The camera! The camera had to hidden in her mother’s bedroom! She stood up and strode away form the desk.Jennifer stood in her mother’s bedroom and stared at the bed.“This is where he fucks her,” she said to herself.It took no time at all to find the camera David had hidden between the blankets stacked on the top of the wardrobe. She stood on a chair and removed it. It was about the same shape and size as a tube of lipstick and had a small wire aerial on the back. There was also a small LED on the back; it glowed a dull red indicating the camera was switched off. David must somehow activate it remotely she reasoned.She carefully replaced the camera and made her way over to her mother’s bed. She sat down on the bed, her head spinning. Just what the hell was going on this house? Her eyes suddenly locked on the drawer of the bedside table. She slowly opened the drawer and reached inside. Her hand explored the contents of the drawer, mainly lingerie and nylons and then her fingers closed on a cold hard plastic cylinder. Her mother’s vibrator.Jennifer examined the cylindrical object critically; she had never used one but she had heard about them and seen them advertised. It was silver, shiny and smooth with a tapered tip. She flicked the switch and was quite surprised at how intensely it vibrated in her hand. She bought it to her face and lightly ran it over her cheek. Could she smell a scintilla of her mother’s vaginal juices? She put it on her leg and rubbed it on her thigh; it was quite sensual.The images of her mother masturbating with this very object and of her fucking David on this very bed came flooding back. She slid the vibrator slowly up her thigh, under her skirt and in the crease at the top of her leg. She shivered and felt herself become wet again. She rubbed the vibrator up and down her legs; it hissed against her nylon pantyhose.Jennifer looked at her watch; mom and David wouldn’t back for at least an hour. She lay back on her mother’s bed and rubbed the vibrator up and down her thighs slowly building up her sexual fervour. When she could stand the suspense no longer she flicked up her dress fully exposing her lower body. She ran the vibrator lightly over her sex, still covered by her hose and panties. The vibrations were highly arousing and she couldn’t help but push the object hard against her labia; pressing the material of her panties and hose into her pubis.This was too frustrating. She put the vibrator down and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and pantyhose and yanked them down her thighs and then she snatched up the vibrator and jammed it against her cunt.“Ooooohhhh!”Now she knew why some of her girlfriends insisted that vibrators were better than men. She parted her labia and probed her vagina with the hard plastic tool, she put the tip against her clitoris and waves of sexual delight washed over her body.“Oooooh yessssss!” she hissed.She pushed the vibrator inside her and fucked herself with long slow strokes while she fingered her clitty with her free hand for a few minutes until she felt her orgasm approaching. Then she removed the vibrator from her vagina and pushed against her clitoris. She came. Her whole body shuddered and her feet drummed on the bed. She moaned and writhed as her clitty resonated with surges of intense pleasure. Her orgasm seemed to go forever and then it slowly subsided.“Oh my god that was intense!” she sighed, pulling up her pantyhose and panties. She stood up and adjusted her underwear and smoothed out her skirt. She was feeling guilty now and anxious to get out of her mother’s bedroom. She took the vibrator into the ensuite and carefully washed it, but she couldn’t help having a quick sniff before she did so. It reeked of her vaginal juices.She carefully replaced the vibrator in the drawer and straightened out the bedding on her mother’s bed. She looked around a final time to make sure that she left the room was exactly as she found it. She switched off the light and closed the door.In the dark deserted bedroom, between the blankets stacked on the top of Michele Cashmore’s wardrobe, the small lens of the camera was barely visible. The tiny LED on the back of camera glowed green.To be continued.