Son’s Visions

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It is incredible, how one Moment of a lifetime, one tiny fragment, one seemingly random happening, can change a life so completely, or give a meaning, a purpose, from that Moment on.

One of mine was when I was about six and a half years old. I happened to pass my parents’ bedroom door as I walked down the hall. As I passed, I looked up, and through a small crack, in the not completely closed door; I saw a vision that would be with me from then on.

We were supposed to be getting ready for some party, and my Mom was getting dressed after her bath. This was in the days, when nylons were two separate articles, with that erotic seam down the back. My Mom was sitting on the very edge of the bed, leaning over to pull up one of these stockings, reaching both hands down to her foot. She had not yet put on her bra, and her large beautiful breasts were hanging freely, in all their splendor. The sight was like a rare painting, mixing a plethora of feeling into one view. The pristine purity of “the Madonna” image, mixed with the eroticism a voyeuristic picture of natural sensuality was way beyond my years’ possibility of understanding.

I stood; glued to the spot, not really understanding all the feelings my body was going through. I knew I shouldn’t be peeking, but the sight had me mesmerized. I was awash in the beauty of the Moment; the sight of my beautiful Mother’s breasts in the natural, un fettered pose was overwhelming. I watched as she rolled the second stocking up her shapely leg, and stood to continue her dressing. As she stood, my heart fluttered as I saw her breasts’ movement. She turned to pick up her bra that she had placed on the bed, and in so doing, saw me standing there. She saw me staring at her, and she smiled. Her smile made that Moment even more special, until my father’s angry voice broke my spell, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Before he could reach me, I ran down the hall, into my room, and jumped face first onto my bed. I heard my Mom’s voice, “Please, leave him alone, it’s alright, he wasn’t bothering me, he is just curious.”

So, through the following years, I did everything I could, to try to recapture this Moment, through many intricate, and almost subversive plans. Every chance I got, I was affectionate to my Mother, and gloried in each and every contact, especially her wonderful hugs, where she would bring me into that wonderful promised land of her bosom.

One of my favorite things, was during my father’s frequent and lengthy business trips, was to feign nightmares, and crawl into my Mother’s bed. I reveled in her concerned snuggles to quell my “fear”. I loved pretending to sleep, to wait for her slow, rhythmic breathing to signify her slumber, and would turn to watch her breasts follow this pattern.

When I was sure she was asleep, I would do a practiced, pretend sleep turn, and place a hand on one of her breasts, loving the warm feel of it, through her skimpy nightgown. Sometimes, my sneakiness was rewarded with her nipples hardening in my caress. I loved the feel of them hardening against my touch. As I grew older, I grew bolder in these caresses, and was glad my Mom never awoke, or at least that is what I thought.

When I got too old for these nocturnal adventures in pubescent plundering, I had to find other ways to feed my now growing desires. By this time my parents had split, my Mother finally giving up the hope that my father would lighten up some, and become the lover her body and self had fallen in love with during the post war days of their early marriage. Neither she, nor I could understand his indifference to this beautiful creature, who wanted him to satisfy her maturing desires. But I had selfish joy in seeing his departure. Many nights, as I lay awake after masturbating with lustful thoughts of my Mother, I could hear her crying in her bedroom. With the tables turned, it was now me who went to her to console her with hugs. But she always gently pushed me away, when my “hugs” started turning a little too heated. She never said anything, but the look in her eyes, told me not to press, at least for now.

The night of my eighteenth birthday, after the party my Mom had thrown for our family (her parents, brother and sister) my Mom was astounded that I was not going out with friends. “Such a handsome and sexy young man, should be the goal of many young girls.”

“Aw, Mom,” I said, not wanting to tell her, there was no way any girl my own age could arouse my desires. My obsession with my fantasies concerning my Mother, had kept me quite shy with the girls throughout my school career, and to tell the truth, I really didn’t care.

Then, came the day of my high school graduation. Mom and I were getting ready, I had let her shower first, and as I left the bathroom after my shower (and another great cum, whacking off to those wondrous thoughts of Mom), I walked by Mom’s room, and low and behold, the door was slightly ajar. De ja Vu, all over again (I heard the Yog’s voice in my mind). There was Mom, her back to me, tying back her taboo heat porno freshly shampooed hair into that shoulder length ponytail I loved so much. Once again, I was afforded a wonderful view of my Mom’s pendulous breasts, hanging freely, in their opulent glory, for my eyes to feast upon. My arousal was instantaneous, my hardon growing to the point it undid the towel that I had loosely wrapped around me after my shower. So, there we were, my Mother, seemingly oblivious to what her unwitting “show” was doing to her own son.

With my eyes, once again glued to her breasts, and my hand furiously pumping my rock hard cock, I did not see the reflection of my Mom’s eyes in the mirror. Her eyes were staring at her beautiful son’s gorgeous cock, as it spurt its heady cream in her honor.

My lust Momentarily subsided, I opened my eyes and hurriedly picked up my towel, stopping only to quickly wipe off my spent lust from Mom’s door. I didn’t stop to look, as I hurried away from my Mom’s door, down the hall, and into my room, to dress for the ceremony.

As we left the house, I was so proud to be walking with my Mom. She took my arm, and let me lead her to the car. My elbow was nestled against the side of her breast, and I was in heaven. I was treated to the same honor upon reaching the school’s gym, and once again, the pride of escorting what I knew was the most beautiful woman there, was surpassed only by the hardness of my cock, at the feel of my elbow crushing into her breast as we walked.

During my speech at graduation, I knew that all the hard work I had done in my studies had paid off. To back in the glorious light of my Mom’s proud smile, made me feel quite special, and happy that I had listened to her long talks about the merits of working hard in school. Though it had been difficult for her, with it being just the two of us for so much of my life, I could see she had not one ounce of regret, and was overjoyed I could bring her such a gift.

After the long and way too tedious ceremony, and the obligatory pictures in the ill-fitting gowns, Mom asked me where I was going to go. I told her I had no plans, and would really just like to go home, and be with her. “Thomas” she said, her voice fraught with concern. “I worry about you, not having any friends, and social life.”

“It’s ok Mom, really, it is by my choice, I can’t think of anyone else I would rather be with.”

“Well, ok, if you wish” she said, still with that concern, but at least the frown had changed to a smile. “At least we can open that bottle of champagne, and do some celebrating here. Why don’t you get things ready hear, I want to change, and get out of all this dress and heels?”

That sounded like a wonderful idea to me, so as she went upstairs to change, I busied myself getting the champagne, glasses, and putting on some of the soft jazz Mom likes so much. I felt so much excitement, anticipation, building inside me. Now that I was 18, and graduated from school, my Mom was actually suggesting we have something to drink together. I struggled a bit with the cork, being my first attempt at such a task, and was glad I was alone, so Mom wouldn’t see my fumbling. Finally, the cork pulled out with that resounding “pop!” just as I heard Mom’s soft footsteps on the last stair.

I looked up and was greeted by such an alluring vision, there was Mom, in that beautiful black silk robe, loosely tied around her waist. She had taken out the tie in her hair, and her lovely auburn locks cascades freely onto her shoulders, giving her beautiful face a shimmering frame. She walked over to me, swaying in time to the soft strains of the sax in the song that was playing. I almost lost control of my glass, but was able to regain some composure in time to keep the light glass of bubbly in my hand. I kept it in my hand all right, but was shaking so much I was spilling little bits over the side of the fluted glass. Even so, I reached for Mom’s glass and handed it to her. She accepted this with another smile, clinked my glass softly in toast, and then dramatically intertwined our arms in that way I had seen people drink in the movies. We drank our champagne down in the manner, with our eyes locked upon the others.

“Now come hear, and let your proud Mother give a kiss to hear wonderful boy,” she said, with her arms open and beckoning. I needed no further invitation, and promptly let myself be wrapped up in her, as she kissed me on the forehead, and then dropped to my cheek. I could feel her arms loose a bit of the hug, as though she thought I would move away, but I stayed there, with my arms around her waist, and pulled her even more tightly to me. I know she must have felt my hardness, for at the mere sight of her in that silky robe my cock had been standing, straining.

“Oh my!” she gasped, “Let’s have another glass” as she pulled away from me and walked over to the couch. She sat down, and patted the cushion next to her as she looked up at me. At first I was a bit hurt by her retreat, teach that bitch porno but then, seeing her smile, and what I thought was a bit of shyness, I soon let that feeling pass, and went over to fill the glasses again and bring them over to Mom. I noticed my hands were now not shaking, although that hurricane was still in full force inside me.

Mom too, seemed to have found a way to calm down, for as we sat on the couch, we spoke of my plans concerning next fall’s entry into college. As we spoke, we sipped our champagne, our thighs touching. When I heard Mom’s favorite song come on, a slow, sensuous ballad, I stood, offered her my hand and said, “Would you honor me with this dance M’Lady.” Mom giggled, took my hand, and as she rose said, “I would love to M’Lord.”

The feeling of holding the woman of my desire, swaying in time to the beautiful music, mixed with the couple of glasses of champagne had me in such a state of euphoria, it was almost a dreamlike state. Holding my sexy mom in my arms, feeling the softness of her body through that silky robe, taking in all her scents- her shampoo, her perfume, her own musk- had me reeling. I strained to push my hardness against her, and this time, she returned my push. Overtaken by this, my hands became quite carefree, as I slipped them to her waist, to hold her closely to me. Her soft moan fed my new found forwardness, as I moved my hands to cover her silk encased buttocks, pulling her even tighter to me. Her head almost sagged at this, as she rested it in the crook of my neck and shoulder, turning occasionally to alternately kiss my neck, and breathe her hot breath on my neck.

We stood like this for a while, then I took a deep breath myself, worked up the courage, and move my hands to the front of her robe, until they found the tie. With one pull the tie fell free, and my hands eagerly entered the opening of her robe. At the touch of my hands to her soft skin, I could feel both mine and Mom’s legs buckle a bit. I gently nudged her over toward the couch, and while still holding her, I guided us back onto it. As we sat, turned to face each other, I gazed into Mom’s eyes while my hands slipped up to her shoulders, and then lifted up and out, to remove her robe.

My ensuing gasp, so long and deep, brought in so much air it compounded my already light headed state. In a flash, I was all over my Mom’s body, like a starving man, all of a sudden placed at a holiday dinner table.

“Thomas, Thomas, relax”, cooed Mom, “make love to me slowly, I have waited far too long for this moment, for it to be frantic. Here, first let me show you how a woman like to undress her man.”

With this, she took my hands, and laid me back onto the couch, and as she bent down to gently (at first) kiss my lips, she started undoing my shirt’s buttons one at a time. As each one was unbuttoned she would slid down against my body and kiss the area left naked by the button’s undoing. Then, she would slide back up my body, find my mouth with hers, and continue this process, until every button had been undone. With this, she placed her hand behind my head to lift me up, and removed my shirt slowly, taking time to feel and caress my shoulders and arms. With the shirt tossed aside, she pushed me back into the couch, straddled me, sitting on my pant-encased hardon, smiling at me as she ran her hands, palms down, slowly down my chest. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and almost stopped altogether when she bent down, let her magnificent breasts hang down over me, and then lightly caressed my chest and stomach with her arousal hardened nipples, in slow circular movements.

This was almost too much for me, for the sight of this, mixed with the feel of it, had me about ready to explode, and I didn’t even have my pants off yet! “Uh, Mom,” I started to say, but she had already sensed my “situation” and had lifted herself from me. She slowly slid down my legs until her hands reached my belt, which she undid slowly as I was entranced by looking at her face. I had never seen Mom in this state before, and the total erotic experience of having her on top of me in all her naked glory, undressing me, with her face simply glowing in lust and desire, with that wanton, knowing smile, was beyond any of my pubescent fantasies.

She now stood up, after undoing my pant button and zipper; she slid my pants from my legs. This seemed to take an excruciatingly long time, but I could tell she was having fun, exploiting my “discomfort”. Now with just my boxers remaining, tented with my aching cock, and now quite moist with pre (and almost during) cum, I felt myself arching my back from the couch in a pleading move for her to finish my undressing. Her hands moved to the elastic waist, and began sliding my boxers down, but they stuck on my hard cock, and Mom put on a playful frown as she pretended to keep tugging to no avail.

“Please!” I screamed, reaching my own hands down to finish the job for her. But her hands caught my wrists, team skeet porno and with amazing force, kept me from doing so. She then moved her head down, grabbed the band of my boxers in her teeth, lifted up and out, and mercifully, released my straining rock hard cock. Just as she slid my boxers down past my cock base, she let go of the elastic, and with a “snap”, they slapped at my aching, engorged balls. She laughed at my flinch, and then, staring at my erection, licked her lips and said, “My, is that all for me?”

With that, she stood from the couch, grabbed my cock, and led me, in this fashion, up the stairs and into her bedroom. I loved the sensation of her hand touching me, pulling me behind her, as I watched her languid movements as she walked. With a last and exaggerated tug on my cock, she literally threw me onto her bed. I rolled over onto my back to see her flying into the air above me, and landed with her body completely covering mine. The feel of her breasts crushed into my chest was wonderful, so wonderful in fact, I almost exploded with cum again. The feel of her naked body, totally against mine was fantasy come true, and I was overwhelmed by the fantasy, coming to fruition.

As I lay there, in my almost drunken pleasure overdose, I could feel Mom moving again. He body was lifting from mine, but before I could complain, I felt the light, wispy sensation, as she was “painting” my chest with her hair. Back and forth, then in a circular movement, whipping her head around to let her hair’s silky strands caress my chest. Then, as her head stopped the whipping movement, she place her hair in the middle of my chest, and then moved down, ever so slowly, dragging her hair over me. From my chest, to my stomach, and down further, until she had covered my pulsing penis, and throbbing balls. The sensation of her soft, cool, silky hair, as it touched my heated member was delicious. But just as I was, once again, starting to enjoy this a little too much, she picked up her head.

“Oh Mom, you are driving me wild,” I managed to say.

“My sweet baby, you have so much yet to learn.” She cooed with that wondrously evil grin. And with this, slid back up my body, and replaced her hair’s caress, with that of her hardened nipples. Now it is said, that you cant go back, but you certainly can go forward! Just the sight of my Mom’s beautiful breasts, hanging as they were in my long ago vision, but now, hanging over my own naked body, but now, caressing my on-fire skin with hardened nipples.

“God, Mom, I have wanted this forever.”

I reached up to feel those marvelous orbs, and held them lightly in each hand, just to touch, to feel, but let her create the movement as they ran along my body. Starting at my chest again, and then moving in that long, slow, deliciously agonizing journey. As she neared my penis, my arms could no longer reach them, and they flopped freely as I lost my grip, landing right against my cock. We both gasped, in unison, as this magical sensation occurred. Then she grasped her own breasts in her hands, put my hardness between them, squished them together, to surround me, and slowly began to fuck me with her breasts, in long, slow movements up and down my straining shaft. Each time she reached the lowest point of her strokes, and my hardened cock head appeared above her breasts, she flicked her tongue out to capture the pre-cum. With each touch of her tongue, my body pushed up to her, in a vain attempt to satisfy it’s overpowering yearning for release. Once again, Mom could sense this and would move just out of reach of each thrust, smiling.

“Now, I want to taste you, feel that hard cock in my mouth,” as she let go of her breasts, grabbed my cock base, and took me completely inside her hot, moist, mouth. Now considering my cock had felt no contact, save my own hands until this point, I think remaining conscious was quite a feat.

“Oh yes, Mom! Suck my hard cock,” I screamed in ecstasy. And suck she did, expertly using her lips, mouth, tongue and teeth, to alternately tease, surround, lick, and nip me to the brink.

“You’re making me cum!” I screamed, wanting to warn her. But her mouth did not stop, nor let my soon to be spurting cock loose. My hips pumped furiously, as I face fucked my Mom. I could clearly feel the sensation of my orgasm, all the way to my core, felt all the muscles tighten, as for a second my body froze in it’s last push, holding that arched position, sticking my cock as far into her mouth as it could. Then, came the waves of incredible, passionate pleasure, as spasm after spasm sent my hot cum, in jets, into Mom’s mouth. I could hear her moan as each jet hit the inside of her mouth, and she hungrily kept after for more. I felt her hand move to cup and then squeeze my balls, as if to create more, and then, she found that place between balls and anus, to push against, to aid in the last bit of cum’s release.

“I love you Mom,” I said, as my body fell back into the bed.

When I could finally open my eyes, I was treated to the most erotic vision of my life to that point. There I was, laying in the afterglow of the best orgasm of my life, and I could look down to see my Mom’s face, her eyes shinning in love as they stared back at me, with my now softening, spent cock, in her mouth, with tiny rivulets of my cum, escaping the corners of her mouth.