Sorority Blackmail Ch. 03

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Hey everyone I’d just like to apologize for the huge delay it took for me to get this chapter done. I’ve had the story done for a long time now but personal issues have been keeping me away from the computer. Thanks a lot for all of your patience I hope you all enjoy this chapter and as always feel free to send me any criticism, comments, questions, insults, whatever. I read all the feedback I receive and I’ll respond to anyone who has a question or anything. Enjoy! -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Sorority Blackmail Part 3: A Picture is Worth…

Waiting for Friday to come had been absolute torture. I had spent every waking hour thinking about Anna-Lisa. She was just so damn perfect that the thought of fucking her drove me up the wall. I ended up paying even less attention to my classes than usual. I couldn’t even pick up my guitar… everything I played ended up sounding like cheap porn music. I don’t think my waw pedal will ever forgive me.

Anyway that was all behind me; it was Friday. The day I had been waiting for had finally come and I was more than ready for it. I looked at my watch for the third time in as many minutes, 8:15pm I wasn’t expected in Anna-Lisa’s room until nine.

I headed into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I had gone in to get my hair cut for the first time in well over a month the other day. I wet my short red hair and added some glue so I could spike it up for the first time in a long while. I knew what I was going into was blackmail not a date, I had no illusions about what I was doing but I still wanted to look my best for her.

Finally pleased with my hair I grabbed a razor and shaved the stubble that was starting to build up on my face. I ended up checking that my sideburns were even for much longer than necessary and ended up getting an idea. “What the hell might as well give the little guy the porn star touch.” I said to myself before dropping my pants and trimming down my pubes.

“Might as well decorate the basement too.” I thought to myself as I finished my trimming job. I ended my hygiene duties by cleaning out my piercing, all seven of them, and giving my chest and pits a quick shot of Axe deodorant. I think the ads are stupid as hell but the stuff does smell damn good.

I considered spraying my crotch just to spice things up a bit but I’m a little too paranoid about that rather mysterious “Not for intimate use” warning on the bottle. I hardly feel like having my wang fall off right before I get to use it on a girl like Anna-Lisa.

It was 8:40 and I figured I should probably get dressed. After all it’s hard to be discreet wearing Sponge Bob boxers and fuzzy slippers. I tossed on an Atreyu band t-shirt and black collared button-up shirt, which I doubt to this day I’ve ever buttoned over it. I had my jeans half pulled on when I realized that Anna-Lisa might not appreciate the Sponge Bob boxers quite the way I do. I changed into a plain black pair and pulled on my pants.

I looked at my watch one last time, it was 8:50 and I figured it was time I headed out. I grabbed the envelope with the pictures I had taken of Anna-Lisa raping that girl and stuffed them in my back pocket. I put my shoes on and left my room trying to fight the smile from showing on my face.

On the walk there I ran what I had seen that night through my head again. Anna-Lisa slapping and shouting at that poor girl as she forced her fingers up into her unwilling cunt. I remembered that look of control on Anna-Lisa’s face as she brought that girl to a tear filled orgasm. Turning her own body against her will.

That look in her eyes, it was one of control, she knew the girl could do nothing to resist her and she used her body with no remorse or regret. The way she had shoved that girls still tear filled face between her own legs and forced her to eat her out brought a rather hypocritical anger to my head.

I started the climb up the emergency exit ladders heading towards Anna-Lisa’s room. I didn’t feel the least bit bad about what I was about to do to her. It was after all just a taste of her own medicine. She was the type of girl who was used to using anyone she wanted to and I swore that by the time this night was over she was going to know what it felt like to be used.

There she was sitting on her bed waiting for me. I peered in the window to get a look at Anna-Lisa for a while. She looked even better than I remembered in the dim light of her room. She was wearing a black dress with a short skirt that showed off her great cleavage and her perfectly shaped athletic legs which she had crossed in front of her. She was also wearing a sexy pair of heels that made her already long legs seem even more pronounced.

I knocked on the window and her eyes met mine immediately. I found myself lost in their cold blue stare again. She was more made-up than when I had last seen her in the library. Her shoulder length black hair still framed her face and her eyes were still lined with that sight grabbing black mascara erotik film izle but she had taken more time to highlight her other features as well. Her lips were coloured a soft glossy purple that really made me appreciate their fullness. She also had on a more pronounced foundation, not that her flawless skin needed any help to begin with.

She opened the window and I climbed in, both of us stayed completely silent for a while, I still found myself glued to her eyes and she made no attempt to break that stare. After what felt like an eternity in her eyes she finally spoke. “Do you have the pictures?” Snapping back to reality I nodded in affirmation. “Yeah, you’ll get them when we’re done just like we agreed.”

“Alright how are we going to start?” She asked me. I was amazed at how easy this had turned out to be. “I want to see you out of that dress, strip for me… slowly.” After saying that I went to take a seat on her large bed and tossed my shirt to my side, it was getting really hot all of a sudden.

“What the fuck are those!?” Anna-Lisa exclaimed in genuine shock. It took me more than a while to realize she was talking about my neck piercings. I have four very small one inch long spiked barbell piercings on the sides of my neck near the back, two on each side lined up horizontally on top of each other. They had been covered by my shirts collar and I always forget how much they freak some people out.

“Just some piercings calm down.” I responded at last. “You really are nuts aren’t you? Weren’t those holes in your ears enough?” Anna-Lisa said referencing my earlobes which I have stretched to a 0 gauge, I had steel tunnels in them at the moment.

“I didn’t come here to give a piercing lesson, get those fucking clothes off.” I said without much force in my voice. I thought I caught a glimpse of a smile spread across her gorgeous lips as she stepped in front of me and started to do just that.

She started by moving her hips from side to side, moving to music in her head. Every move was perfection, her body was so perfect and as I watched in framed by that tight black dress by dick started to grow in my pants immediately.

She pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled it down over her breasts revealing her black bra perfectly fitted to her gorgeous perfectly shaped tits. She turned her back to me showing off her perfectly sculpted ass still in her dress. She put a hand on her thigh and ran it down her leg until she was touching her toes. This let her short skirt rise up and reveal her black panties that let a good chunk of her beautiful ass free for me to see.

Still bent over she looked back at me and I stared deep into her light blue eyes as she pulled her dress down to her feet before standing back up. She stepped out of her skirt and turned to face me. Standing in front of me in just her bra and panties I could see that her body really was as flawless as it had seemed dressed.

“Get that bra off.” I said to her trying to hide some of the lust in my voice. She immediately reached behind her to unclasp her bra, never breaking eye contact with me. Her chest jutted forward as she worked to free her tits which made them even more pronounced.

Finally she got it undone and to my delight let it drop to the ground at her feet placing her hands on her hips. “Like what you see?” She asked letting the smile I had seen hinting at her lips earlier come forward. “Of course.” I said barely able to speak at all.

Her breasts were fantastic they were rather large and perfectly shaped. High and firm on her chest with delicious looking pink nipples topping them. My already stiff dick was becoming unbearable in my pants at the sight of the nicest pair of tits I had ever seen.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I undid my belt and fly and let my pants and boxers drop to the floor in front of me. Her smile seemed to widen just a little as she appreciated the size of my cock. “Suck.” I said to her barely able to think straight enough to get that one word out.

She wasted no time doing just that as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She ran her hot wet tongue around the head of my dick sending a thrill of excitement through my whole body. I couldn’t believe how good this already felt and she had barely even started.

She grabbed by dick by the base in her hand hard, just short of hurting me, and jerked it slowly. As she did this she started to run her tongue down the underside of my cock flicking it from left to right every few seconds.

She kept this going for a while before taking her mouth back up to my head and putting it in her mouth. I stared down and watched as her lips wrapped around the head of my dick and almost blew right away as I felt the suction start on me. See was moving her mouth on the head of my dick and sucking hard enough that her cheeks were being pulled into her mouth. All the while she was still squeezing the base of my cock and working her hand to the same rhythm as her mouth.

Suddenly she let film izle go of my dick and grabbed my balls with her hand as she forced more of my length into her mouth. I love having my balls played with and this coupled with feeling her slide more of my meat down her throat had me straining to keep from cumming for the second time in minutes.

Soon I felt my dick pressing against her throat and figured it was as far as it was going to get in. Was I ever surprised when I felt her slide my dick down her throat. I had never been deep throated before and it was an incredible feeling. She moved her head faster and faster on my cock now, gasping for air every time she pulled back from having me deep in her throat.

She released her hold on my balls and grabbed my dick in her hand again, even harder than before, as she broke her mouths embrace on my dick and stared up into my brown eyes with her cold blue ones. She never took her eyes from mine as she started jerking my cock furiously and sucked my balls in her mouth.

This was another oral first for me. Like I said I fucking love having my nuts played with and to feel her sucking hard on my balls while squeezing the life out my dick was incredible. She would pull back and let my balls drop out of her mouth with a satisfying pop before putting them back in. It seemed like she sucked harder every time she put them in her mouth, I was in heaven.

It was like she could tell I was going to blow because she put her mouth back on my dick and started sucking with all her might right as I felt myself losing control. She looked up at me and smiled with my dick still half in her mouth as she felt it harden and twitch.

Suddenly the first blast of cum hit the back of her throat. I could hear her choke a little as she started to swallow it down. It was followed by burst after burst of sticky cum filling her mouth. I couldn’t remember cumming this much or for this long ever before this. She kept milking my dick for as long as she could but it was too much for her mouth to handle.

She had to pull my cock away as she choked down as much of my cum as she could. That didn’t stop my dick though as a final shot covered her mouth and chin in sperm before the leftovers started to run down onto her tits from my fast shrinking dick.

Anna-Lisa licked her lips getting as much of the cum off her face and down her throat as she could before putting my dick back in her mouth to suck it clean. As she did this she looked up at me again. Her eyes looked satisfied with the job she had done.

I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I mean I did just have the greatest blowjob of my entire life but I had come over here with so much more in mind than just that and I felt like I had let myself down by cumming so soon.

“Well I guess I blew it.” I half mumbled expressing my disappointment with myself. I instantly regretted letting that slip as I readied myself for a taunt from Anna-Lisa. To my surprise however she just looked at me with a smile and said, “Oh don’t worry we’ll get you hard again.”

I couldn’t believe it but she was actually looking forward to getting fucked by me tonight. That realization in and of itself started the familiar stirring in my dick as I felt a second wind coming along. I watched as Anna-Lisa rose from her knees on the ground and pushed me back onto her large bed.

She wasted no time taking off the last article of clothing I had left, my t-shirt, her reaction to my nipple ring wasn’t the same as the disgust she had shown for my other body art. She twisted it slightly between her fingers as she kissed my chest and neck.

Her skin was so soft and wonderful on my body that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was ready again. Surely enough after a few more minutes of laying beneath her as she explored my body with her mouth and hands my dick was hard again and screaming to be inside her.

With an almost animalistic moan escaping my lips I rolled Anna-Lisa onto her back and stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her. I took one of her perfectly shaped breasts into my hand squeezing it hard while thumbing the nipple as I lowered my lips the nipple of her other breast. I sucked as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could surprising her, and even myself, with the sheer urgency of my lust.

I released my hold on her tit as switched my mouth from one breast to the other and trailed my hand down her flat smooth stomach to stop at her panties. Without any hesitation I pulled them down her legs as fast as I could exposing her moist pussy.

Finally breaking my mouths hold on her tits I positioned my rock hard cock at the entrance to her carefully cared for, freshly shaved pussy. My eyes again locked with Anna-Lisa’s and I could see them telling me to fill her with my dick.

Still standing as she lay back on her bed and spread her legs welcoming me into her I began to ease past her pussy lips. It was easy goings as she was already very wet and I was more than hard enough to force myself seks filmi izle into the tight confines of her pussy. The sensations were incredible, as I slowly slid my length into her I felt her tight pussy contracting around me as she moved her hips slowly and rhythmically on my cock.

Once I was fully inside her I paused to take in her warmth and tightness and looked down at her beautiful face as she closed her eyes taking in as much pleasure as me. Then I let loose with everything I had and started to fuck her as hard and fast as I could.

“Oh… my… fucking… God!” Anna-Lisa exclaimed between my rapid thrusts. The sudden onslaught had caught her completely off guard and she tried to get back into the rhythm her hips had been working on my cock earlier.

Eventually she gave up trying to match my pace and just lay there moaning and swearing in pleasure as the thrusts from my hips made her firm tits jiggle on her chest. I caught one of those perfect orbs in my hand and squeezed it hard.

I’m in fairly good shape but I knew I was nowhere near cumming again and I couldn’t stay in this position much longer without becoming exhausted. I stopped with my dick deep in Anna-Lisa and reached down under her ass lifting her up in my arms while keeping her impaled on my length.

I spun around and lay on my back on the bed keeping her on top of me. “I see what you want.” She said with another smile in my direction as she stood above me on the bed and turned so her ass was facing me. She dropped back down to her knees and aimed my dick back into her pussy.

She started working her hips against me at a much slower pace than I had been using earlier. I loved this position, she was riding my cock like a champ while I was able to get a view of her gorgeous ass lifting up and slapping down against my hips.

Anna-Lisa certainly knew what she wanted as she started moaning in pleasure from her work on my dick. It was great to hear this girl crying out from the pleasure my dick was giving her. Her pace quickened a little and I was sure she was bringing herself close to an orgasm.

By this point I rested up and ready to take charge again but I chose to let her keep control of the situation. This was the best fuck of my life and I didn’t want to screw it up now. “Oh! I’m close! I’m going to cum all over your big beautiful dick Aaron!” Anna-Lisa shouted as I slapped her ass while it bounced up and down on me.

Suddenly she tossed here head back in ecstasy and I felt her pussy falls tighten and contract around my cock. We both just lay there enjoying the sensations caused from her orgasm until the very last of her orgasm was finished.

I was overjoyed that I had been able to bring this girl to such a powerful orgasm. I was just about to sit up and kiss the back of her neck when I heard her say, “Alright now can you hurry up and cum so we can be done here?”

Needless to say I was fucking pissed. She had found a way to control me this whole time. She had made sure I got hard again so she could get what she wanted and now she wanted me to get the fuck out and never see her again. I remembered what I had promised myself earlier, that she was going to know what it felt like to be used tonight. I stared at her gorgeous ass and got an idea.

I silently pushed Anna-Lisa forward still on her knees and positioned myself behind her in the doggy-style position. With no excitement Anna-Lisa presented her pussy for me. “Not this time bitch.” I thought to myself as I pressed the head of my dick against her puckered asshole.

This had really become a night of firsts for me and I figured I might as well add anal to that list. I had never even brought up the idea with a girl in the past but it had always excited me and I was really curious to see if it was as good as porn had made it out to be.

“What the fuck are you doing!” Anna-Lisa practically shrieked when she felt the head of my cock touching her asshole. She tried to struggle away but I held onto her hips tight and kept her from getting away. “Aaron, Aaron, please don’t do this your dick is way too big. I can’t take it.” She pleaded with me but again I just held her still.

She started to relax a little and I took to opportunity to press the head of my cock into her asshole. It was so tight that even fitting that first inch in took a lot of strength from my hips. It was heaven, I had never felt anything like this before the only word that could come to my mind was “Tight!” I was drawn back to reality as I felt Anna-Lisa start squirming violently to get free. All the while she was tossing as many curses at me as her mind could come up with.

I held her from getting my dick out of her and let all of her fighting work against her. Her wiggling hips just caused more of my length to sink into her unwilling asshole. By the time she was tired with fighting half of my cock was buried in her sweet asshole.

I waited inside of her until I felt the warmth of her insides getting used to the thickness of my cock before I started moving again. Still holding Anna-Lisa in place I began moving my dick back and forth slowly in her tightness. I was careful not to slip any more than the half of my dick she was getting used to into her.