South Beach – The Closing

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The story I’m about to tell you happened two months ago. My name is Margie Nelson, my husband’s name is Jack. Jack and I have what is called an open marriage. I was faithful to my marriage until I caught Jack with another woman in my bed. I beat her ass, slugged him and walked out. I took a trip to Miami, FL and ended up in bed with a handsome young black man named Javon. Turns out that he had the biggest cock that I could imagine and I loved fucking him. My time in Miami was spent more in bed than on the beach. I had my first lesbian affair there with Holly. Holly was forty-two and I was thirty-four. I got revenge, on my husband, for his transgression. Jack didn’t care that I was fucking a nineteen year old black guy. He cared about banging Holly, his first older woman. Holly showed me a condo that I fell in love with and wanted Jack to see. We did make an offer and had an accepted contract. The date of closing was postponed because the seller changed their mind. This delayed the closing until the seller again decided to sell. This time a new contract was drawn up with very stiff monetary penalties if the seller reneged again. Janet appeared on the scene and I had to have a lesbian fling with her. Janet is an excellent lover and likes to be dominant, I let her. Janet lives within commuting distance from me. She and I have visit each other about once a week. We are not lesbian lovers, just very good friends with benefits. One of my fantasies was to have a threesome with her and Javon. Janet had never been with a black man before and was very hesitant. I dropped the subject and plotted on how to get her laid by Javon. The real estate closing was my ticket. I promised her that Jack and I would make sure she was satisfied sexually. Janet has taken quite a fancy to Jack. Jack and her have been together a few times. Jack, Janet and myself are on a flight that is approaching the Miami International airport. Janet insisted on sitting between Jack and me. She sure can be a naughty girl when she wants to be. Being bisexual makes both of us her target. She played with Jack’s cock and she played with my pussy. We had fun and the flight went by fast. I can’t wait to Uber it to the hotel and get them both in bed. ***** Jack went all out when he arranged for our hotel. We were in a huge two bedroom suite. It could double as an apartment, a very luxurious apartment. The refrigerator was stocked with snacks and so was the pantry. The bar was stocked with our favorite booze. Jack immediately made drinks for us. We sat around chatting while we drank. After three drinks Janet and I were a little buzzed. “What’s up Jack? You seem unsettled,” I said. Jack seemed anxious about something. “Remember what we talked about before we left? I made that phone call.” Jack and I had discussed him calling Holly. Since Jack slept with Holly, she is all he talks about. He wants to have sex with her tonight and he can’t wait much longer. There was a light rap on the door, Jack jumped up and almost fell down. He walked over and opened the door so Holly could come in. Jack swooped her up in his arms and was hugging and kissing her. Holly was showing her affection for him too. She had his face in her hands, kissing him and I could see her tongue enter his mouth. Jack wasted no time leading her towards the bedroom. Holly waved and said, “Hello” as she was whisked by us. The bedroom door was shut tight, Jack was going to get his first piece of ass tonight. Janet and I were left alone. “I think I’ll call Javon now.” I told Janet. “Wait, please don’t call him just yet. I want to talk to about how you felt taking your first black cock. From what you say, he must be huge and that makes me afraid he will not fit inside of me. I want to, but I’m just a bit hesitant.” I didn’t think Janet was getting cold feet, she was just apprehensive about taking such a large cock into her pussy. “Have you ever been fisted by a woman?” I asked her. “No, I haven’t.” “Okay, give me something to compare the thickest cock youve ever fucked. A hot dog, maybe a large cucumber, anything, use your fingers to show me the circumference.” I opened my suitcase and showed her my thickest dildo. It was about an inch and a half thick. “Maybe like this thick?” I asked her as I held up the dildo. “About that thick, maybe a little less. I pretty sure Jack is the thickest I’ve ever had.” Jack is a good inch and a half thick. I had his cock in me enough to know. “Did you have any problem taking Jack’s cock?” “Not really, he filled me up though. His length fit me okay too.” Jack’s cock is a good seven incher. I was filled with glee inside at the prospect of watching Javon’s huge cock spreading Janet’s pussy. He did it to me so I felt I would see what my pussy looked like when he first fucked me. The only difference was, Janet does not shave. “I’m pretty sure you can take him. I did and he was my first black cock. Jack’s cock was the largest one I ever had until Javon. Javon is good, he knows he is big and he will take it easy until you are used to his size. Should I call him?” I had already sent a text to Javon to expect my phone call. “No wait, tell me what it felt like the first time. Did it hurt? Could you take all his length? How long did it take for you to feel good after he first entered you?” “Wow, you have a lot of questions. Did it hurt, a little until I relaxed. That is key, relax your cunt muscles. I took all of his length. Your vagina will lengthen as you relax and start enjoying him. It took a minute or two for me to enjoy his cock fully. Once he starts fucking you, you will wonder how you had never ankara travesti felt this good before. Javon is a very considerate lover. His big black cock will make you glad that you are being fucked by him. Your cunt will surrender and you will too, no doubt about that.” Just talking about Javon’s cock made me wet. Tonight was Janet’s night though, I wouldn’t be fucking Javon. I was horny, maybe Jack would do the honor after he was done with Holly. “Okay, call him now, I’m horny and I want to try fucking him. If I can’t, I’ll watch him fuck you.” I picked up my cell and called, “Hello Javon?” I gave Janet the thumbs up while Javon talked. “Thank you Honey for those sweet words. Can you come to my hotel now? I can’t wait to see you. Janet is here with me and she is all excited.” I gave Javon my hotel name and suite number. “Okay Honey, fifteen minutes, we’ll be ready.” I ended the call. “What did he say? Is he pleased or not that I’m here?” “He’s pleased alright. He knows that you have never been with a black man before. I think it excites him to be the first black cock in a white woman’s pussy. Don’t be put off by his young age. He will probably be the best fuck you ever had so far.” I got up off the couch and took Janet’s hand, “Let’s get you dressed. You did bring that sexy nightie, right?” After we were in the bedroom Janet pulled a very sexy transparent nightie from her suitcase. “Is this okay? It’s the sheerest I own.” I responded while unbuttoning her blouse, “Yes, Javon will like it very much. Me too.” I folded her blouse and put it aside. I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. Janet wiggled her ass and the skirt dropped to her ankles. She stepped out and I picked it up and placed it with her blouse. Janet’s bra was next and then her panties. I picked up her nightie and slipped it over her head. Her erect nipples pushed the fabric out. I could see her bush through the nightie. “Very sexy, you look good enough to eat,” I said as I admired her body. For a thirty something, she had a knock out figure and extremely good looks. I put my arms around her and kissed her. Janet responded back with her tongue. I dropped my hand down and lifted the hem of her nightie. My fingers probed her sex, she was very wet and receptive. I dropped down onto my knees. I plunged two fingers into her and finger fucked her as I licked her clit. Janet tasted fantastic. Soon she was moaning so I stopped. I didn’t want her to cum so I removed my fingers and sucked them clean of her juices. “No more, I want Javon to bring you to your first orgasm tonight. Come with me you sexy little slut!” Janet sat on the couch and I sat in a big comfy chair. There were a lot of sounds coming from Jack and Holly. Moaning and grunting, body slamming noises and the sounds of a very wet pussy being fucked. It made me happy to know that my husband was getting one of the best, maybe the best, piece of ass he ever had. Holly screamed as she reached the peak of her orgasm. Jack just kept ramming his cock into her as she orgasmed over and over. “Doesn’t that bother you?” Janet asked me. “I’m surprised you are so nonchalant about your husband and another woman. I don’t know if I could be so calm like you.” “It doesn’t bother me anymore. Before I had sex with another man, I didn’t like it, but I felt if I was true to our marriage I would be okay. That was a big mistake. I should have been with other men from day one. Jack and I love each other and there is a very close bond now. Our marriage is much better and we now talk about the sex we have with others. It is a big turn-on and the sex is extraordinary. I wouldn’t go back to the way it was.” There was a light tapping on the door. “Janet, go answer the door. Let Javon see you and how hot you look. He’ll be hard in seconds.” Janet stood up, her dark nipples showing through the sheer cloth. Her neatly trimmed bush looked like she was wearing a thong. My heart skipped a beat and my pussy tingled with the thought that her and I are lovers. As she walked to the door her ass had the nicest of swings. Javon was going to be a lucky man tonight. Janet opened the door and Javon smiled as he said, “Hello, my you are a beautiful woman.” Janet took his hand and pulled him into the suite. After she closed the door, Javon took her in his arms. Janet tilted her head up and invited him to kiss her. Their kiss was long and deep. When they broke their kiss, they walked into the living room and sat on the couch. We all chatted awhile until I noticed Javon looking at the second bedroom. “Jack and Holly are in there. They must be resting now because it is quiet. Would you like something to drink?” “Soda for me,” Javon said. “I’m having a Crown Royal, how about you Janet?” “Make mine a double, please.” Janet was excited. She could see the outline of Javon’s cock through his clothes. I poured our drinks and returned. Javon and Janet were kissing, Javon’s had started their foreplay. I sat their drinks down on the cocktail table and returned to my chair. I curled my legs up under me, I wanted to enjoy the show. I’ll bet ten minutes hadn’t passed and Janet was moaning very softly. She was hot to start with, now she must be ready to fuck. Javon lifted her nightie and slipped it over her head. Janet’s nipples were so hard and big, perfect to suck on. Javon went for it, his soft lips surrounding her areola. He sucked, pulling his mouth away. Janet’s breast stretched until with a popping sound it broke his suction. Janet’s tits were actually puffy. Javon moved from breast to breast, sucking then kissing. I could see the effect Javon’s love travesti ankara making was having on Janet. Her hands were pulling his head to her breasts, her eyes were closed. Her body was drinking in his passion. Janet laid back, her sex near his face. Janet raised a leg to the back of the couch and Javon moved into position to perform cunnilingus. Javon had never been with a woman who had hair. His tongue touched her slit and he licked her from bottom to top. His nose disappeared as he sucked her clit. Janet was moaning louder as Javon worked his tongue in her pussy. Janet could take no more and she orgasmed. Her legs were shaking and her head was whipping her hair back and forth over the couch cushion. “I’m ready Javon. I’m ready for your cock. Help me Marcie, help me take Javon’s huge black cock into me.” Javon raised up, lifted Janet and carried her to the bed. He laid her down onto her back. Janet raised her legs and spread them wide. Janet’s vulva was glistening with her wetness. Her wetness like dewdrops lined her slit. Javon crawled onto the bed and positioned himself so his cock lined up with her vagina. Janet’s eyes were intently watching Javon’s face. As he moved his cock closer and closer to her sex, her labia unfurled, not unlike the petals of a flower. Janet’s vagina had opened for him. Janet was staring into his eyes and Javon was staring back into her’s. I took his cock and guided it to her vaginal opening. When his cockhead touched her, she gasped. Janet knew she was about to take the largest cock she had ever imagined. I saw drops of Javon’s pre-cum leaking into her. He was much more lubricated with her than he was with me. Janet’s pussy was leaking down onto the bed. Janet was more than ready to fuck, she was ready to be bred. I tugged him forward. Javon’s hips moved forward and his cock spread her labia. I watched as Janet’s vagina opened further to allow him entry. I couldn’t believe my eyes, her pussy opening was enlarging to accommodate his cock. Javon’s cockhead entered her, as soon as his large mushroom head was inside her, her cunt lips closed over him. “He’s inside me, I feel no pain.” “Yes, his cock head is inside of you. Your pussy expanded so you could take him. Fuck her Javon, bury your big black cock in this white woman’s hot cunt.” I left the bed and Javon proceeded to drive his cock deeper and deeper into Janet. Janet was moaning and babbling about how good his cock felt in her. Javon’s cock was about half way in when Janet asked him to stop so she could relax. “I want that beautiful big black cock deep in my cunt. I want to relax so I can enjoy it more.” Javon held still, his hands surrounding her waist. His legs were alongside her and his torso was upright. Janet’s hands were behind her knees holding her legs up and wide. “Okay, I’m ready for the rest of you,” Janet whispered. “Take me deep and fully. I’m yours, Baby.” Javon pulled Janet down onto his cock. He moved his arms under her legs and tipped her ass upwards. He rested his weight on his hands and his pelvis. He had Janet pinned to the bed with his cock. Javon shifted his weight and started to fuck. His long thick cock withdrawing and then plunging back into her pussy. Janet stiffened and had another orgasm. Javon’s hips were now pounding his cock into her and Janet lifted her pussy to take him. I was hot as hell from just watching these two fuck. I moved my face closer to their genitalia. Janet was leaking juices around her pussy lips and down onto the bed. Jason’s cock was covered with a thick coating of foam from their fucking. The wet noises of their fucking was like music to my ears. I wanted to be fucked now also. I moved up and kissed Janet. Her eyes opened and she smiled. “He’s all the way in and I love the feelings he is giving me. I’m going to cum… oh, fuck it feels so good.” Janet curled upwards and kissed Javon. I could see that Javon was close to his own climax. He lowered his torso and Janet pulled him down on top of her. Janet’s legs were splayed sideways so Javon’s cock could reach it’s full depth in her. “Fuck me Baby, fuck me hard, pound my pussy. My cunt wants you and your cum deep in me. Fuck my cunt, pound my fucking cunt into mass of quivering flesh.” I think Janet had another orgasm just from her dirty talk. Javon was grunting and I knew that he was close. He sped up, his cock pistoned in and out of Janet. I moved down, I wanted to see him cum in her. Janet cum again and Javon slammed himself tight against her body. His buttocks were tensed and I could see the underside of his cock, he was pumping his cum into her. His cum was spurting out around her cunt lips. She was so full of his cock that she had no room for his cum. Janet relaxed, her legs fell down onto the bed. Javon stayed deep in her. “God Janet, your cunt is so fine. No reflection on you Marcie, but this girl sure is an excellent fuck.” “No offense taken, I know she has a sweet pussy. Been there, done that.” Javon lifted up so Janet could breathe easier, but he had no intentions of pulling out. “I’m still hard Marcie, I want to cum in her again. Okay with you Janet?” Janet shook her head in approval. I didn’t say anything. If he wants to fuck her again, he doesn’t need my permission. Javon didn’t have to start fucking, Janet was moving her ass in such a way that she was. Javon raised up enough that Janet had the room to fuck his cock. They weren’t long strokes but it did the trick and she had an orgasm. Jevon then took over and started to pound her again. It took longer this time, but Javon had another cock throbbing climax. Janet ankara travestiler was cooing from the pulsing sensations her cunt was experiencing. I looked at the bedroom door, Jack and Holly were there watching the action. They both gave a thumbs up and left, presumable back to their bedroom. I guess I would be sleeping on the couch tonight. Jack and Holly had the queen bed in their bedroom and Javon and Janet had the king. The bed starting bouncing faster and harder now as the two were fucking themselves into another climax. Janet screamed and Javon bellowed as he cum again. As he rested, I could see him relax. “I’m dry, let’s get some sleep,” Javon said. Janet nodded her head in agreement. Javon rolled them onto their sides, they were spooning. He entered her from behind, his cock, again, deep in her pussy. I started to get up when Janet grabbed my hand and told me, “Stay with us, I want you here with me tonight. There’s room for us three.” I kissed her hand, “Okay.” Janet pulled me to her. Janet, sandwiched between Javon and me. Janet’s kisses rained on my lips and face, she was so happy. “He fucked me so well,” she quietly whispered in my ear. “I love that big cock of his. Sweet dreams, Marcie.” She closed her eyes and so did I. It had been a long day. I didn’t have sex today, but there is always tomorrow. I was dreaming of Jack and I, in a small boat being gently rocked by waves. He and I were teenagers, Jack was courting me and we were kissing. Suddenly a large wave capsized our boat and I woke up. The sun was streaming in the windows. My dream’s waves were the bed rocking to Javon and Janet’s love making. Janet and Javon had their orgasms together and that was the large wave that woke me up. My two bed buddies were locked together, their arms around each other, Janet’s legs wrapped tightly to Javon’s, and his black cock buried deep in her cunt. I was happy for Javon and Janet, but I was also sad that I was not in on any action. Little did I know how that would change today. I got up and left the lovers still locked together. I looked for my nightie in my suitcase and I must have forgotten it. I walked into the livingroom naked as a jaybird. Holly let out a low whistle and Jack just smiled. “Did Javon give you a good fuck last night?” Holly asked. “Nope, I’m unfucked, but that’s okay, maybe I’ll get some dick today.” They both laughed. “I’m hungry, let’s go eat,” I said. “They are all wrapped up in there so just the three of us.” I went back into the bedroom and dug out my clothes for the day. The closing was at 11 o’clock this morning, so I dressed more conservative. Bra, panties and a nice sundress. Holly and Jack were dressed in casual business attire. Breakfast was extra special that morning. This was a big day for the three of us. Jack and I would have a new condo to move into and Holly would be running to the bank with a big fat commission check. Jack had already contracted with the resident management company. The condo would have been cleaned and sanitized. There would be all new linens, towels and personal items. Since the condo would be rented out whenever we weren’t here, there would be multiple complete sets of linens, etc. We would be staying there tonight, I was excited. We returned to our suite to relax and talk. Holly brought up the subject of there being three women and only two men. Somebody was going to be left out when it came to getting fucked. She was looking at me. “I’m okay,” I said. “I’ll go out and find me a cock if I want one.” Javon and Janet walked out of the master bedroom. Both were still naked. Javon’s cock was limp and hanging down. I could see rivulets of cum on Janet’s inner thighs. Her pubic hair was matted with dried Janet juices and Javon cum. “Go take a shower, you two,” Holly piped up. “Both of you smell like hell. Javon, I want to talk to you before we leave, so hurry up.” They both turned and headed for the master bath. We could hear Javon singing to Janet. He has a very deep baritone voice and it’s good. We were just about to leave when Holly took Javon aside and they held a whispered conversation. He shook his head no a couple of times before he smiled and nodded a yes. “What was that all about?” I asked Holly. “Nuttin for you to worry about,” she replied. We left for the closing. Holly drove us to the title company’s location and parked. We were a few minutes early and it was nice outside, so we talked. I could see that Jack was excited about us owning the condo. He wasn’t as happy about the fact that for tax purposes, we were limited on how long we could stay there. He is an astute business man, he had it all figured out to the dollar. We walked into the lobby and Jack proceeded to the receptionist’s desk. He talked to her and then came back to us and sat down. “They are all set, the receptionist is letting them know we are here.” I won’t bore you with the details, but everything was in order. We are now the owners of a beachfront condo. Jack made sure the keys were first handed to me. The seller’s attorney was handed a check and Holly received her’s. “Lunch is on me,” Holly said. We piled into her car and she took us to Frenchie’s Diner in Coral Gables. I’m big on French food and the place was perfect. After that amazing lunch we headed back to pick up our bags. Javon, Janet and Holly would wait for us at the hotel. They wanted Jack and I to be in our new condo alone. If we wanted them we just had to call and they would come. “We’ll be calling,” Jack said. “I have plans for tonight, it’s you and me Holly. Javon and Janet, you two are invited to stay with us also, there’s plenty of room. It’s nice to have a four bedroom condo.” I could see my husband was head over heals for Holly. She must be fucking him every which way, he was her boy toy. Janet piped up, “If you call, we will be there.” Holly excused herself, she had errands to do.