Spring Break Ch. 04

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Kaitlin woke up with her fingers in her pussy. She was dreaming of Ronnie exploring the forest and valley between her legs when the alarm went off.

“Fuck,” she thought to herself, “I was almost there.”

Kaitlin threw on a skimpy thong, shorts and tee-shirt, skipping the bra, and ran out the door to meet her kids at the airport.

Linda and Derrick were flying in from UCLA where they were a Junior and Sophomore, respectively for Spring Break in Hawaii where Kaitlin was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and stationed in Honolulu.

When they got home from the airport Kaitlin said, “I have to run, I’ve a meeting with the Wing Commander.”

Linda and Derrick stared at their mother as she stripped right in front of them. They couldn’t help but notice the tiny red thong she took off. It was nothing more than two strings and a tiny piece of cloth that barely covered her clit let alone her pussy and pubic hair.

Kaitlin put on panties and a sports bra then pulled on her flight suit and zipped it up. As she was heading out the door she said, “Make yourselves at home, I should be back in a couple hours.”

“Mom,” Linda asked as her mother was leaving, “May I borrow a swim suit? I left mine back in my dorm room.”

“Yes, look in the middle drawer of my dresser,” Kaitlin replied closing the front door.

Linda looked at Derrick as their mother drove away and said. “Did you see this thong Mom was wearing?” picking the thong up off the floor.

“It isn’t a thong. A band-aid covers more territory.” Derrick took the thong from Linda and held it up to his face breathing in his mother’s scent.

“You like smelling dirty panties, don’t you? Take your pants off and put the thong on,” Linda demanded.

“It’ll never fit,” Derrick said, but he dropped istanbul escort his pants and stepped into his mother’s dirty thong. His hard cock stood out straight and the waist and ass strings of the thong were pulled tight. The small red triangle barely covered the tip of his penis.

“You look cute in Mom’s little red thong. It looks like a tiny red parachute covering your big purple mushroom.”

“It looks more like a tiny red condom to me,” Derrick replied.

“You’re right, it does.” Linda pulled her spandex leggings down to her knees and leaned over the dresser pushing her fingers into her wet pussy. “Fuck me with your little red condom.”

Derrick didn’t need to be told twice. He slowly pushed his thong covered cock deep into Linda’s wet pussy. It was just moments before Linda climaxed and Derrick shot his warm cum deep in her.

Cum was leaking out of Linda’s pussy when he pulled his dick out. “I guess thongs don’t work very well as condoms,” Derrick said, smiling.

Linda ran her fingers along her pussy scooping up some of Derrick’s cum and stuck them in her mouth. “Let’s go to the beach. Go get dressed.”

Tossing his mother’s thong into the dirty clothes hamper Derrick went to put on his swim suit while Linda looked for one of Kaitlin’s to borrow.

Derrick was pulling up his trunks when Linda came in his room. She was only wearing a bikini bottom with no top.

“Look what I found in Mom’s dresser.” Linda showed Derrick a thin silver chain. It had a Velcro strap on one end and what looked like two clamps on the other.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a sex toy. See these clover nipple clamps,” Linda said holding up the two clamps.

“What kind of clamps?” Derrick asked.

“Clover nipple clamps!” istanbul escort bayan Linda explained that the design of the clover nipple clamp made it tighten when pulled. “The harder you pull the tighter it gets. Let me show you. Take off your tee-shirt and I’ll put one of the clamps on you.”

“No fucking way,” objected Derrick holding his hands over his chest.

“Oh, don’t be such a pussy. Here, I’ll them on my nipples.” Linda put the clamps on her own nipples and gave the chain a little tug to show Derrick how they worked.

Derrick pulled on the chain a few times. “Do they hurt?”

“Only if you pull the chain too hard.”

Derrick mused, “I wonder if they work on your clit?”

“Try it,” she said. Linda stepped out of the bikini bottoms and sat on the bed spreading her legs. She reached down between her legs and pulled her labia apart exposing her clitoris.

Derrick attached a clamp to Linda’s clitoris easily but every time he pulled on the chain the clamp just slid off her clit. She was too wet.

“If you keep doing that you’re going to make me cum.”

Derrick stepped out of his swim suit and pushed the tip of his dick into Linda’s pussy and attached both clamps to her nipples. Pulling the chain tight he slowly pushed the length of his cock into his sister’s pussy.

“Pull harder,” Linda gasped between breaths. “Harder, damn it!” She grabbed the chain from Derrick and pulled on her nipples even harder and wrapped her legs around Derrick’s body trying to pull his cock further into her pussy.

“Oh, yes, I’m cumming. Fill me with your cum!” Linda arched her back as the orgasm washed over her.

“These nipple clamps are awesome! I wonder what other stuff Mom has.”

When Kaitlin got escort istanbul home Derrick and Linda were sitting at the kitchen table. The silver chain was sitting on the table.

“I found this in your dresser when I was looking for a swim suit.”

Kaitlin flushed a little and took the chain from Linda. “Oh, that’s just something a friend of mine gave me.”

“Mom, we know what it is. We’re just surprised you have it.”

“My friend, Ronnie, gave it to me.”

“Who’s Ronnie and why did he give you nipple clamps?”

“Why do you think? And by the way, Ronnie is not a he. She’s my girlfriend.

Simultaneously, both Derrick and Linda said, “Mom, are you a lesbian?”

“No, I still like men, but right now I like Ronnie. Her name is Veronica and she’s a Major in the Air Force and a pilot too. We’ve been dating for eight months.

“I know you have lots of questions and I’ll try to explain. Your father was as straight-laced as they come. The only sex position he knew was missionary and I was young and naive and didn’t know any better. You were both conceived with me lying on my back with my legs spread. He didn’t even like me wrapping my legs around him when he fucked me. And every time I tried to masturbate I felt so guilty and dirty I never climaxed.”

Kaitlin’s eyes were getting red and teary. “I didn’t have sex of any kind for almost 5 years after he left. It wasn’t until I met Ronnie that I finally found out what a real orgasm was.”

“So when do we get to meet Ronnie?” asked Linda.

“She won’t be back from TDY until Thursday. She wants to meet you.

Kaitlin looked at Derrick and Linda and said, “While we’re being so chatty, why are my panties filled with cum?” She held up the red thong.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I accidently ejaculated in your tiny red thong,” Derrick admitted.

Linda piped in, “Yes, while he was accidently wearing your tiny red thong.”

“That’s right,” Derrick fired back, “while my penis with the tiny red thong was accidently buried deep in your vagina!”

Linda looked at Kaitlin, “Mom, do you wear that thong to work?”