Steamy Tattoo Shop

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Trish left the bar convinced that she was ready. It had taken her about forty minutes to get herself out of the bar stool, but she had finally done it. She had seen the tattoo shop every time she came to Jack’s Pub but she had never thought about it ever going in, until tonight.

When she reached for the door shops door, it was locked. “You’ve got to be kidding me it’s only…damn…it’s midnight?”

Trish had lost sense of the time and she had to admit after that third martini at Jack’s, things had begun to seem a little vague. She could see a dim light on in the shop and a man worked at his desk.

Trish knocked hard in the door.


Toby had been working all day. He couldn’t wait to finish the books and head home for a cold beer and probably some bad porn.

When he heard a knock at the door he had trouble not rolling his eyes. Apparently people couldn’t read the hours printed on the door.

Toby began to yell “we’re closed” but never managed to finish his statement after looking up.

The woman standing in on the other side of the glass door brought a certain part of him to complete awareness. Toby prided himself in not being a complete skirt chasers, but it was extremely difficult to ignore this particular short…short skirt.

Toby got up from his chair feeling his heat press against the fly of his jeans. Toby knew this was a bad idea, but after a whole day thinking with his head, he decided it was time to shift his thoughts a little lower.

The woman’s body screamed fuck me, and his cock was more than willing to comply.


Trish saw the man approaching and she could see a look in his eyes that she knew all to well…hunger. Trish’s insides clenched and twisted, but she wasn’t ready to back down just yet.

When the door opened she could see the man in full view, he stood at least a foot higher than her and his grin made her feel like prey, to a predator.

“You do know that we’re closed.” He said with an eyebrow highly positioned.

Trish knew it was now or never. ” I do now, but…I was hoping that maybe you could make an exception this one time.” Trish said with as much body language as possible…”I tip well.” She let the innuendo slide in. Oh he’ll yeah, she was drunk.


Toby felt his cock grow at her last words. Was she coming on to him, or was the long day getting to him?

“Tell you what, why don’t you explain to me what exactly you want and than I’ll tell you if I can help you tonight.” Toby said more casually than he was feeling.

“Fair enough, I was thinking of getting a butterfly, is that dumb?” She asked looking a little vulnerable. God this woman was trying to kill him.

“No I don’t think that ataşehir escort dumb, I think it might actually work for you.”Toby confessed. Wilson his main artist had left for the day so Toby was relieve that she was looking for something simple.

“I guess I can make this small sacrifice, this one time.” He said with a small smile that didn’t compare to the radiant smile that the woman gave him. “By the way I’m Toby” Toby reached out his hand as he opens the door wider for her to come in.

“Patricia, but my friends call me Trish.” She replied with a sexy smile, taking his hand. God,everything about this woman emanated sex. Her skirt hugged her hips in the right way and her breasts we’re nearly hidden behind and almost transparent rolling stones t-shirt.


Trish walked over to the counter where Toby waited for her with a large catalog. He looked like a Greek god in jeans, and she would definitely bang him for buck.

“We have two pages of butterfly designs just pick the one you think you’d like. We can make adjustments to the design after you pick.”

Trish looked over the pages nervously.

“I’m kinda getting the vibe that you’re a virgin” he said with devilish grin. ” a tat virgin, that it.” He cleared up, laughing.

“That obvious huh?” She said with a laugh. He nodded with a sexy smile.

“But don’t worry, it’ll hurt a little but I’ll go easy for you.” His words radiated innuendo and his smile confirmed it.

“Then I’m glad you’re hear to take my virginity.” She smiled back making her move. “This one!” She declared. The blue butterfly with lilac accents. “I want it exactly like that.”

Toby walked over and gave her an approving smile. “Good choice. So where will this butterfly be flying?” Trish’s smile slid into a sexy grin.


Toby knew that if he was going to make it through this he needed her to say her arm.

“Well actually I was hoping to get it some where more…private.”

“How private are we talking” Toby had to clear his throat. Suddenly Trish began to unbutton her her skirt, and revealed a fire red g-string. Toby had trouble swallowing.

“I want the wings to wrap around here” she said slowly while sliding her fingers on both lips hiding her nub. Her lashed hid her dark eyes. “I was thinking I need a little more attention down here. What do you think?”

Toby walked up to Trish and roughly grabbed her chin. Her wild hair flew back and the desire spilled from her gaze. This woman need to be thoroughly fucked, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t the one to do it.

Tony’s hands went to her hips and he lifted her onto the counter.

“Tell me if you want me to stop, because I doubt that after this I’ll be kadıköy escort able to.” Toby looked straight into Trish’s eyes. Trish opens her legs wide open.

“Fuck me Toby, and don’t stop until you’re done.” Toby almost lost complete control.


Trish could feel the heat rising inside her as Toby slid down the shop’s shades and came back to the counter where she sat. He slowly pushed her on her back, while her legs hung off the both sides of the counter. Trish could feel herself getting more wet by the second.

“God you’re so damn sexy.” Toby lowered his mouth to the inside of her thighs and kissed his way down until almost reaching her center and then began on the other leg. He was teasing her and she could feel his smirk on her skin as he held her down.

“Toby…Toby please…” Trish begged. “I want you.” She struggled between breathes.

“Soon babe, but not yet.” He whispered. Then she felt his tongue slowly slide over her wetness. Trish nearly lost it, and then he put his lips fully on, and sucked hard. Trish lifted her back involuntarily.

“Oh god!” Trish exclaimed. She felt his tongue plunge Inside her, and her world started to spin. He brought her so close and then let her drop and than did it again. Trish couldn’t take it anymore and she grabbed his hair and held him close. She felt his chuckle vibrate through her and he began to suck her hard and fast. Trish felt herself climb higher and higher until something broke. She heard a scream far away, and than she realized it was her.

“We’re just starting babe.” Her said with a dark husky tone.

Trish couldn’t let him have all the fun. With a smirk she jumped down from the counter and stood inches away from him. She let he hands slide over his chiseled chest and down over his jeans. His arousal was pushing against the zipper. She gently rubbed her hand over his erection and got a moan in response.

She slowly unbuttoned his jeans and brought down the zipper. Looking into his eyes she pulled his erection out and she slowly went down on her knees. His erection was massive and Trish knew that she was going to have to go deep to get it all.

She slowly licked the tip and saw the precum slid out. She quickly licked it up and gripped his shaft and sucked hard.

“Oh fuck” she heard him hiss.

She filled her mouth and swallowed. She let her lips slid off with a loud POP! She slid her lips back up and slowly massaged his sack. She went deeper and deeper. She couldn’t get enough of his cock and from his reaction he was seconds away from a release. Suddenly she felt stong arms pull her up.

“You’re not finishing me that easily.” He said with a cocky grin.


Jesus this woman bostancı escort bayan was trying to kill him. So she wanted to play dirty huh? Two could play that game.

Toby lifted her shirt and her matching fire red bra made his cock strain. He pulled one breast out and sucked on her rosy pink nipple. She was so sweet he couldn’t get enough. He suckled her until she was squirming again. He quickly pulled the bra’s hook and it fell to the ground letting her breasts come loose. They were big and glistened from light sweat. Toby dove in like a mad man sucking, licking, and pinching her nipples until she was almost undone. He let his hand slide in between the folds of her pussy, she was a soaked…just the way he liked it.

“I think we’re ready.” He whispered into her ear. Trish jumped up and wrapped her legs around his hips and he sunk his tongue into her open mouth. Before he fucked her thoroughly he would let her mouth know what her pussy was as in for. Her passion shook him to the core, and taking her to the couch in the employ lounge was where he would finish her off.

Laying on the couch naked Trish laughed while Toby shot out of his jeans and boxers, and lifted his shirt off. He ripped a condom packet with his teeth and slid it on.

“You ready?” He said with a grin.

“Rock my world Toby” Trish replied breathlessly.


Trish let out a gasp as he slowly entered her.

“You’re so fucking tight” he said straining from control. Trish wiggled.

“Don’t…move.” He looked at her like a man about to loose control. Trish was satisfied that he was as shaken as she was. He slid out to his point and plunged hard. The slick sound of her wetness with the light grunt coming from Toby was making her climb fast. He started to plunge deeper and deeper and Trish felt like he was reaching the deepest part of her. The feeling was so intoxicating, and she was hanging on for her life.

With every trust Trish was losing control. Her moaning was getting louder and the pleasure was threatening to consume her.”Oh….Toby…harder…Oh God…Oh…Ohhhh.”


Toby was reaching his peak and he knew Trish was close too.

Her screams got louder and Toby lost all control. Connoisseur her mouth with his and they came together in an earth shaking explosion of ecstasy. Toby collapsed while Trish’s shakes slowly subsided.

“Damn.” Toby said with a small smirk.

“That was amazing.” Trish confessed with dazed eyes. Toby lifted her so she would lay on top of him. She laid her head on his chest and sighed. Toby believed in thorough work, and from the look on her face that was a thorough fuck. Speaking of work.

“You know…we never got around to that tat of yours.” He chuckled.

“Well, there is…always tomorrow night” she said in a sultry soft tone. Toby felt his lower parts come to life. Trish laughed out loud.”Or tonight.” She added with a sly smirk.

Toby grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. “Round two.”