Step mom lends a hand.

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Step mom lends a hand.I was about 14 I think and starting to explore my body, my cock really nothing more, having feelings down below and beginning to touch myself naturally leading to jerking off. My step mom was about 38-40 something like that and not bad looking to my untrained eye, she worked as a hostess in a ‘gentlemens’ club, whatever that was. This meant she would often be getting up when I was coming home from school. I remember one time she was coming down the stairs as I walked in, she had on a dressing gown that wasn’t done up and I caught a glimpse of her tits, I went straight up to my bedroom and had a good jerk off. As she was in and out of the house and asleep when I was awake and vice versa I had ample opportunity to access her wardrobe, basically her panty drawer, I took to wrapping her panties around my cock and cumming into then, sometimes I’d just sniff the panties and jerk off into my hand, one time I took one of her bras and wanked off into the cup. I sneaked these into the washing basket under other clothes hoping no one would find out what was going on, so far I’d been undiscovered.I began to jerk off on probably a daily basis or sometimes more, one day I was jerking off into one of her bras when I burst what I now know is my frenulum, it transpired I had very tight one. With hindsight I might have done things differently, but when you’re got a very bloody cock in your hand panic tends to set in. I panicked and screamed, as luck, or not as the case maybe my step mom was home she came running to see what was going on. There I was with my now flaccid bloody cock in my hand looking very pale and sweaty. My step mom, Jean was very calm and told me to relax while she went and fetched something to clean me up. She returned with a bowl of water and some other bits and pieces, I was still tuzla escort in shock so didn’t take much notice, she cleaned me up and took the bra away without saying a word, she came back kissed me goodnight and said ‘Get a good nights sleep.’The next morning I went to school as normal dreading coming home as I’m sure Jean would be gunning for me. Nothing happened and I avoided her, this went on for the next few days I never saw or heard her. I was beginning to think I’d got away with it, after school I went up to my room thinking I’ll celebrate with a wank, I’d stashed away a pair of her panties so tentatively started aware that if I went too mad I’d end up with a bloody mess again. I was working up a good rhythm when the door opened to reveal Jean, oh shit I thought I’m in trouble now. She stood there in her dressing gown and as usual showing off her tits, fuck me I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, my eyes were fixed on her tits and my hand was still rhythmically stroking my hard cock, all thoughts of tearing my frenulum totally gone out of my mind. She stood and looking at me, and to my surprise opened her dressing gown and exposed her pussy, Jesus I’d never seen one before, she slowly reached for her tit and began to play with her nipple, my rhythmic movements had now reached fever pitch and I shot my load into her bra I found myself holding. She smiled at me turned round walked out closing the door behind her. To I was confused was an understatement, I’d expected a monumental telling off but nothing, what was going on? I had a strange night, having some erotic dreams and woke up with a load of jizz in my pajamas.Two or three days passed and I was making my way to my bedroom after school, I opened the door to find laid on my bed Jean, but not the Jean I usually saw in her dressing gown, she was tuzla escort bayan fully made up wearing my favorite bra I’d shot loads of spunk into, black stockings, knickers with a opening showing her pussy, crotch less I found out, the highest shoes I’d ever seen. I dropped my bag and stood there not knowing what to do. ‘Come in.’ she said, I shuffled in and stood by the bed. ‘Take your clothes off’ she commanded, I quickly stripped off and stood in front of her feeling very embarrassed as I was getting a boner. She reached over and cupped my balls with one hand whilst taking my cock with the other, she gently started to wank me off. My embarrassment wore off and I began to take in the sight before me. I’d never really got past looking at her tits hanging out of her dressing gown before, but now I was able at my inexperienced level, to see how good looking she was. My cock now was the hardest I’d ever known it, she had increased the speed she was wanking me and I felt I needed to cum, she must have realised this and stopped and pulled me towards her, ‘So this is better than jerking off isn’t it?’ ‘Yes’ I stuttered. ‘Do you like what you see? I mutely nodded only able to stare at her tits and pussy.’Sit and watch me.’ She lay on the bed and began to play with her pussy, rubbing what she called her clit, she rubbed with one hand and inserted the fingers of her other hand into her pussy, first one then two then three, she told me to sit as close to her pussy as I could, I sat in between her wide open legs just as she had a massive orgasm and spurted cum all over me, she lay back moaning and still gently rubbing her clit. ‘Do it for me.’ she said. With trembling fingers I reached over and placed my finger where hers had been and clumsily rubbed her clit, after a short while she began to pump her pussy and escort tuzla hips into my finger so I assumed I was doing ok, I barely noticed that my cock was coming back to life. Jean had noticed and got up from her position and pushed me onto my back, hungrily she took my cock in her mouth, I’d never even dreamed I could feel this good, I looked down and saw this beautiful woman sucking on my cock, wow.Again she sensed when I was near to coming and stopped, ‘Now it’s your turn, I want you to lick my clit like you did with your finger.’ She laid down and I got between her legs, I felt the sensuous sensation of her stockings on my hands and arms as I went for her pussy. She was holding her pussy lips open for me so I had no problem finding her clit. I ran my young inexperienced tongue up and down the clit, God it was so wet. She ground her pussy and hips into my mouth moaning with ecstasy before filling my mouth and soaking my face with her cum. Fucking hell I’d never experienced anything like this in my young life, and I was soon to find it was going to get better. She got up and rolled me onto my back and took my cock in her mouth again, I was beginning to like this. After a while she placed her gorgeous tits round my cock and started to wank me off this was another piece of heaven I was experiencing. ‘Now you are going to fuck me.’ she said, unsure of what to do she positioned me and guided my erect cock into her wet slit, I’d seen enough wank mags to know what to do, I pumped away at her pussy with inexperienced enthusiasm into I shot my load of spunk into her pussy and collapsed onto her gorgeous tits totally exhausted.Jean gently pushed me off her, ‘That was pretty good for your first time, you will get better with practice and you’ll get plenty of that, did you notice I wore the bra you keep wanking into, I didn’t wash it this time, I thought you like to know I’d got your spunk on my tits.’This was the start of my sexual education with my step mom. If I’m not too exhausted I’ll regale you with some more ‘lessons.’