Step Sister Walk in on Me (part 3)

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Before I begin the third part of my story, let’s recap my amazing day so far. Back in the beginning, I was able to watch porn with my stepsister. Which then led to me getting a blowjob, my cock deep throated, and me fucking her virgin pussy that she had been saving for me. Then, just when I thought I could take a break, Kyla shows up and I get a blow job and deep throating from her as well. I also forgot to mention that she is a virgin waiting to be fucked by my cock. After giving these two young girls a good facial, my story continues here. “Oh I can’t wait to take a hot shower with both my stepsister and her friend,” I said, in excitement. “Well, I can’t wait to be fucked again by that monster cock of yours,” Carrie answered back. As all three of us walked upstairs to the shower with nothing on, Carrie led the way and I couldn’t stop admiring both of their tight asses almanbahis şikayet that swayed back and forth in front of me. Once we got to the bathroom, I turned on the shower letting it heat up and get steamy. “Kevin, I still can’t believe I managed to get your whole cock down my throat. Oh and that facial, felt so good. You shooting your hot load all over my face was awesome,” Kyla said to me, as she still had my cum all over her young looking face. Once the shower was hot and steaming, all three of us got in to wash off and relax. Oh did I say relax, I meant to say fuck them hard. Plus Kyla’s virgin pussy is still waiting for my 8 inch cock to slam her. The girls washed off their cum covered faces and were ready for another go. “My pussy is hungry for more cock and I need it now,” Carrie said, as she began rubbing my wet cock. “Okay. Plus Kyla, watch because almanbahis canlı casino I’m dying to pop your cherry soon.” Once that was said, I turned Carrie around so she was bent over, revealing her pink pussy. I aimed my cock for her slit and then shoved all 8 inches, deep into her wet cunt. The feeling was sensational, since both my dick and her pussy were wet, I was able to glide right in. “Oh fuck yeah, that feels good,” Carrie yelled. I was sliding my dick in and out of her cunt for five minutes until she had to orgasm. We were both so horny, I continued to fuck her as she was squirting her juices all over the shower. “Oh shit,” is all she was able to say. “Hey Kyla, you want taste of Carrie’s pussy,” I asked “Yeah sure.” What I did then was pull out of my sister to give her a break and turned around allowing Kyla to suck my cock. Her head almanbahis casino was bobbing pretty fast on it, lapping up all the juices. Once again I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed, allowing my cock to slither deep down into her throat. I pulled out of her throat and turned back around to drill my cock back into Carrie’s pussy. This time I tried a new position. Carrie held on to the front of me by wrapping her arms and legs around me, then lowering her self on to my rod. I was fucking her good. She was bouncing on my dick, screaming with ecstasy. After another ten minutes of fucking my step sister like crazy, it was finally time to pop that cherry that Kyla has been waiting for. Kyla decided that she would rather want to be fucked outside of the shower and in my room. So we got out and dried off and then made our way into my room, where I popped the first cherry of the day. “Okay Kyla, I’m just warning you that, this is going to hurt a little bit. I’m going to try and do it as fast as I can to reduce the pain.” “I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready,” she said. “Well you shouldn’t be nervous, you’re in good hands.