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StepmomDad’s girlfriend “Yeah Steph he’s cute as in real cute. I know I sound crazy, but this guy’s a stud Stephanie as in the ‘real deal’. Hehehe, oooohh I hafta watch what I think don’t I? No, nobody’s around right now. I’m out in the back picking some tomatoes in my garden so no one could hear me.””Sally, said Stephanie on the other end, you hafta to be careful. Don’t start those kinda thoughts because they’re gonna get you in trouble, you know that all to well. So how long have you been with Bill?””Ohhh about 8 months now, I’d say; about 8 months and I haven’t really gotten to know anyone in his family until last week, except his one son Will. You know what Steph? Bill’s 51, I’m 41 and I gotta tell you he’s in great shape for someone his age. We get a long great. I think I’m in fine shape for 41 and I haven’t lost a step don’t you think so? I mean I think you and I are doing real well at 41, right Steph?” She agreed with Sally and they both laughed while talking on the phone.About 20 feet away was Bill’s son Will who at 32 overheard most of the conversation. He was walking around to the back of the house when he overheard his name in a conversation. Will was ‘slammed’ in the face with the idea that the woman his dad was dating found him to be a good looking guy. That boosted his ego. He stood there at the corner of the house and heard about three quarters of her conversation. He recalled how Sally said to her friend on the phone, Will is a stud.He thought to himself, “Like shit man, she’s probably banging my dad and thinking what about me. That ain’t cool. But she is fine looking. She sure doesn’t look 41. She looks much younger. She looks like she’s probably 35 at best. On the other hand, people have said dad never looked 51 either. Regardless, how in the heck does a woman of 41 find a man of 51 good looking?” He got out of there and walked back to the front of the house and into the kitchen, getting a beer and calling out Sally’s name announcing his arrival. She heard him and said goodbye to Stephanie.Walking to the backdoor of the house with a handful of tomatoes in her hands, she dropped a few. He jumped up, pushed his hands up near her arms grabbing a few to help her out. “Here Sally let me help ya with those. They’re not gonna be any good if you drop them.””Thank you, that’s nice of you Will. Oh I see you did get a beer already. I’ll join you” as she pulled one from the fridge herself. “It’s nice to see you again. You know, we really don’t know one another too well, do we. We never have had a chance to talk too much the times we’ve been around one another, have we?””No Sally, I suppose we haven’t. How long have you and my dad been together? What, about 8 months or so? Where is he by the way, I remember him telling me it was a day off for him.””Ohhh sorry, he was called in at the last minute and so he volunteered to do a double shift at double time. He isn’t going to be home until tomorrow night. Hey, would you like to stay for dinner. I’m a pretty decent cook, I think. Do you like brisket?””Sure why not I guess. Is there something I can do to help out? I used to help my mom when I was a k** make dinner” he responded.”Well it’s a little early. Seeing as though it’s 3:00 and it’s 90 out, I am going to take a dip in the pool. Feel free to swim if you want or you can sit and watch TV for a bit. But I’d sure like the company and for that matter it would be nice to know you better too.””Well I didn’t even bring anything to swim in, replied Will. I wasn’t expecting to swim.””Well you and your dad are about the same build, why can’t you wear one of his trunks?””Well, oh okay are they up in his dresser drawer? I’ll go and get one.””Umm, no things have been changed around I bet since you lived here a while ago. Let me go get it for you. You can change in the den down the hall.” He changed and headed for the pool. While he was down by the deck, she began undressing and watched him through an opening in the blinds. She liked what she saw. A nice young fit body, he impressed her. Sally’s mind melted over the remarkable chest. It was defined rather well. It wasn’t imposing, but it had definite merit! Will did not show signs of aging that come with time and she was definitely liked his upper body which bore some definition. It was much, much better looking then Bills. He looked a lot like his dad but more attractive seeing as he was only 32.”Wowwie, what a body he has! I wonder if he finds me as, oh what a silly idea. How could I think such a crazy thought? Nevertheless, maybe I should wear this new one I bought.” She held up her bikini thinking whether or not she should show herself off or play it safe and wear her one piece suit. “This hides flaws on me. Does it even matter? I’m talking about Bill’s son. He hasn’t any interest in me in the first place. I hafta keep my thoughts in check anyhow! I do love Bill and I sure don’t want to mess that up. But wow, what a body he denizli escort has and a nice looking guy too.”Diving into the pool, Will waited for Sally to come down. She carried their beers out as well as a few new colder ones in a cooler. Smiling when she walked out the back patio door, he saw her in the suit she picked out and agreed with her it was a good choice. Without saying so, he liked what she put on.Thinking as he smiled at her when she walked out, he mused “Wowwie, what a sweet looking body! What about those legs too, man oh man! And wow look at her tits, that’s a helluva package! Damn, I can see why dad likes her.” “She’s probably a banger. I wonder if she is or not.” “What? What was that look about” she asked Will. She was smiling when she walked out but saw he was definitely tuned in on her. “Why the look Will, what was that all about?””Huh, pardon me?” He realized he was caught staring at her, turned his focus away, and looked elsewhere instead of at her body. Then he looked back, but only at her face. She did have nice legs, which showed no sign of wear as they spiraled down from the light blue one piece suit. Noticing her flat stomach she worked hard to maintain, he wondered how fine looking it was too. Her breasts were noticeably amplified by the cut and design of her suit. He liked how her suit augmented the appearance of her breasts. It was obvious to her by where his eyes focused what he valued a lot. “Oh I see, she mentioned, you like this bathing suit. I hoped it wouldn’t be inappropriate to wear. I should go back up and put something on that’s more conservative, shouldn’t I? If it’s making you feel uncomfortable, because I’m wearing it, please say so. I don’t want to give the wrong impression.””No not at all Sally it is fine, it really is. It’s a nice looking suit. It really is. I guess you could say it’s quite becoming on you. Come on in, the waters great.” As she turned to climb down the ladder into the pool, he had the opportunity to watch and appreciate how fine her ass was too. He began to realize his dad’s girlfriend was one sexy woman. He understood why his dad hooked up with her after she climbed in. She turned around and wondered to herself if he looked at her ass when she climbed down the ladder. She smiled unnoticeably as she climbed in but realized she left the cooler too far from the edge to reach it. He saw where it rested. It was about a foot away from her arms reach. She tried to grab for it but couldn’t get at it. He watched her while her boobs leaped up and down as she tried to grab it, so he waded up and jumped out and grabbed it for her. By accident, his left arm happened to bang her right breast considerably. He didn’t see her face, but a wistful smile came and went quickly. “Mmmm now how many more chances will I have like that” she asked herself. “Wanna inadvertently slap them with your elbow again Will” she contemplated further. Smiling at him, she audibly said, “Thank you for getting that Will. I wasn’t able to reach it.” “Heck Sally, no problem, you’re welcome. Dang, I ‘m not sure whose is whose. If it doesn’t bother you it doesn’t bother me.” “Nope it doesn’t bother me. But you did start drinking your beer sooner so I’d assume this is yours. However, let me warn you. I am a drinker. I could probably give you a run for your money.””Hahaha, you give me a run for my money Sally? Sally I’m not so sure about that. Maybe later we can consider that on full stomachs.”They went onto talk, joke around, and she discovered how similar he was to Bill. Will talked about his life and things he’d done. They talked about feelings, emotions, and how they felt about similar but personal things or events in their lives.He began to feel something for her. He thought about how cool she was. He thought about how similar they were and how much more in common they shared then he expected. She started to like him a lot more then she realized. She felt a bond existed she didn’t really expect to experience. She anticipated feelings about him as if it were brother in law and feeling nothing but a bond of friendship. However, she felt some odd attraction she couldn’t put her finger on. It stayed with her and she didn’t eliminate the unexpected emotion. Regardless, she kept her focus on the current conversation and kept her distance. Neither took it too far because of their relationships with Bill. However, each did maintain some attraction to the other, and for the time being put whatever it was to the backs of their minds. They got along well. They laughed and laughed. During that time, he’d hop out, go, and get a few more beers for the two of them as well as some snacks. Two hours had passed and she was ready to get out. A call came in from Bill, she talked awhile, and then Will talked with his dad. While she cooked the brisket they sat at the kitchen table and talked longer. During that period, she thought he was the diyarbakır escort cutest damn thing next to Bill and Bill was out of town. Will was there for dinner, so enjoy the moment she decided. She began to wonder, due to being intoxicated if she attempted to take advantage of her situation, if it would fly.Not thinking rationally, Sally lifted up her foot. Slowly she slipped it onto the seat of his chair. He was oblivious to because he was thinking about making a move on her somehow. But Sally held her foot in place until it slipped and slid it across to the inside of his thigh. She realized what she had done but went ahead anyways and slithered her toes further into his groin. Will, not expecting anything, jumped up from his chair! “Whoa! What in the hell was that all about? Jesus Sally, what are you doing? What are you thinking?” It was his instinct to react in that manner since it was the woman his dad was dating.”Sorry, sorrrryyy Will I really am sorry. I just thought” as a remorseful look crossed her face. “I don’t know. I don’t know why I did that. I suppose it’s because well you’re a good looking guy, we’ve been hitting it off great, and maybe I was getting signals from you I thought. You are a fine looking, well umm uhh never mind. I’m out of line and I’m sorry about that.” She felt deeply ashamed at that point.He didn’t say a word. He felt he couldn’t because for one, he was too astounded! Secondly, he was drunk and confused and three, he found Sally attractive and sexy but knew she was off limits due to his dad’s girlfriend. He got up and left the room. He went to the family room. He wondered. “How do I deal with this? Do I leave and she’s stuck with that brisket or what? Who in the hell cares, she just put the make on me.” After walking into the other room and thinking about what happened, he stood by the sliding glass doors staring out at the pool.She yelled out to him from the kitchen, “Will please stay, and have dinner. I’m so, so sorry Will.” She dropped her head into the palms of her hands as her eyes swelled with tears. She was feeling sorrowful.”Like what the fuck should I do now”, he wondered. I mean, my dads girlfriend just hit on me. That isn’t cool. Regardless if she’s hott, it isn’t cool.” But from out of nowhere, something snapped in his brain. His train of thought changed. “Shit, am I crazy? Am I loco? Here I am wondering what’s up with her. If I go back in there is she gonna hit on me again? Me, hit on her, no way, no how! She’s gonna blow me off. Man, what am I thinking? Huh, what hit on her? Jesus, no way, no how, but god she is fine. She is hott. Damn, I wonder how good she is. She did want to get it on with me that much?”He went back and forth. Somehow he began to believe possibly something was gonna rupture between them as in something good. Then he got a hold of himself and realized he was utterly out of his mind thinking he was going to make a move on her.Sally stood at the counter in the kitchen feeling guilty for what she had done. She repeated to herself “What an idiot I am. How could I do that?” Looking straight down and feeling almost repentant, she began cutting food methodically without looking up.”Sally”, she heard Will say from the other room, “It’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry about it. Let’s let it go and move on.” She still was upset with herself and heard him also say, “Don’t worry about it Sally. I’ll stay for dinner under one condition that we maintain ourselves.”She said thank you under her breath and continued cutting vegetables. He didn’t hear her reply. He wondered if she was feeling bad still.Again, similar thoughts recycled through him and an idea pierced his logic unexpectedly.”Go for it Will. She wants you and you can make out good on it. Go for it Will and do her! She will love it.” The idea coursed through his brain. He felt promise in it and he was happy he considered the idea again. That idea continued to reinforce itself. He thought “What the hell is going on? Really, should I walk in there and seduce her?” That’s exactly what he decided to do and went for broke. It wasn’t a big deal he thought. She wants it and I’m here for her.Only in his trunks, she was still in her swimsuit in the kitchen. Cautiously he walked through the family room, around the corner to entrance of the kitchen where she was still cutting the food and contemplating what happened.He stepped closer until he was a couple of steps behind her. She thought she knew he was close behind but kept her head down. She wasn’t sure what to think. Suddenly a flashing thrill routed through her! She instantly lifted her head as her eyes swelled in amazement! She gazed out excitedly through the small kitchen window in front of her and past the pool.Flashes of emotional ecstasy ran rigidly throughout her as Will stepped against her and put his hands on her waist. He slid them down over her tubular cheeks as his thumbs careened escort bayan over the crack of her ass. Her head popped up and moved left to right as she felt an enormous sensation bursting out. “Ohhh goddd, she thought profoundly, ohhh my godd yes! Yes, do that some more Will”, she screamed within herself. Then she said overtly, “Feel me, feel me, ohh yes Will, feel my body! Yes, feel it, feel my ass like that again Will!” Looking towards the clouds she was consumed by breathless rapture. Will was suddenly inspired by her and made her feel desirable. Gradually sliding his hands low enough to the bottom trim of her swimsuit, he went up inside it as he touched her naked tubulars cheeks. Feeling the smooth layer of bare ass underneath, he ran his pinkie fingers along the inner crease between her cheeks, thus exciting her more, and also gently clutching her ass along the way.”Ohhh my god yes, Will yes! Feel it again and again, Will, yes!” A thriving smile existed as she closed her eyes and moved her head right to left and left to right taking in the moment.Keeping both hands inside of the suit and caressing Sally’s ass, finally he stopped and slipped each out. He grabbed one strap, slipped it down off her shoulder, then the other, and slipped it off as well so each was resting on each arm. She wasn’t sure, but remained still and awaited his next move. Will reached over and around her going inside to cup her underneath her bosoms.”Ohhhhhh Will, mmmmmm, yes” as the silence was broken again. “Yes, that’s so magnificent how you hold me” she added quietly. When Will cupped her breasts carefully, he lightly massaged or caressed them as she expected him to do. Sally put down her knife. She lifted up her hands and laid them against his hands which seizing her breasts. She gave definitive approval she loved what he was doing. “Squeeze them Will! Squeeze them firmly. I adore how you are feeling them Will. It feels so wonderful. Ohh yes, I love how you hold me like that. Mmmmm, it’s beautiful.””Sally, I had an epiphany of sorts. Something clicked inside me and said I should come to you and make love to you. I know I’m correct about that” he said to her.Somehow, what she said next sounded romantic. “Oh Will, as ‘Sure as God made green apples’ whatever told you to come in here and make love to me, whatever it was, it was the perfect decision.”After feeling her breasts he swung her around to face him. He lowered her straps down the rest of the way so that her swimsuit was only up to her waist.Whispering to her, “The brisket is going to burn and right now it doesn’t matter.” “Not now it doesn’t” she said with a diminutive grin. “Undress me and make love to me.”He removed the rest of her suit and it dropped to the kitchen floor as she stepped out of it. “Oh my God, those nipples are huge” he said to himself. “They are humongous!” He thought again to himself how incredible they were to someone as sexy as her and how lucky he was to be offered her large thick nipples.”Oh my God Sally those nipples and your breasts, as hesitated for a split second, are beautiful!””I’m happy they make you feel that good. I’m happy you are here to enjoy them that much. I take great pleasure knowing a man appreciates these like you do.”She smiled, stepped close enough that they could hug, and she grabbed a hold of his head and pushed it into her breasts for him to enjoy.Then she found his loins and cautiously cupped it. He anxiously waited for that moment. Instantly his cock hardened a bit when he felt her hand over his groin. It embarrassed him some that he was easily excited.She wasted no time, slipping her hand inside the inner lining and dancing over his balls with her fingernails or fingertips. She quickly clasped his soft elongated cock that hardened a bit.Smiling at him and watching his reaction, she became thrilled herself at the exchange between them. He removed his suit. He lifted her up on the counter top and began kissing her ardently. Her legs circled around his waist securing her. He grabbed her at the waist. He felt her jubilant tits and pulled her closer so he’d get a greater thrill.Their mouths, lips, and tongues tangled vigorously. The sounds of lust swirled about the room as they animated around the first floor. Her hands roamed his muscular back and he felt her soft femininity likewise.His cock was at its crest while they kissed. Finding her hand, he set it there, and he hugged Sally. When she felt it, refreshed emotions scampered rampantly. The revered vaginal burrow of hers swelled and moistened hastily. Finally after hearing the moans and cries which came from both as well as gasping of air, Will spoke out to say “Fuck my brains out Sally! Lie down and lets get it on!”He slipped her off the counter and down on top of her table. Various items fell to the floor. As he laid her on it, he mounted her and shoved himself inside her warm soaking pussy.”Oh god yes Will, fuck me! Fuck me good! That’s right do me baby! Do me better then I’ve ever been fucked Will, oh god yeah baby!”He slammed her and rammed her passionately. She pushed back just as hard as she could while trying to hold on to the sides of the table. Shifting backwards often, he’d pull her back towards him.