Story #2

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Story #2You stammer as I walk in your residence. You are asking something about “What are you doing here?” when I cut you off with my index finger on your full lips.”Hush. This is going to be an afternoon to enjoy. And to cum,” I say.You’ve read my stories, seen my pictures … but we’ve never met. And you weren’t planning on meeting anyone today.”Show me your place,” I command. You raise an eyebrow, and turn around… my hand falls from your face and to your elbow until it laces with your right hand. It is a big hand, and a bit warm from the heat outside. You give me a quick tour of your small domicile. You have the kitchen and dining area; the bathroom and your bedroom. You hesitate at the entrance to it. I use my hand in yours to give your lower back a shove.You turn around and look at me, and I pull you close … leaning down and putting my cheek next to yours, but not yet kissing your beautiful lips. My hands run up and down the sides of your body as I bite against your neck and breathe against your ear.”You are going to cum so hard today,” I repeat. “I own your body.”I turn you back around and my thumbs pull down the back of your short skirt. I am kissing your neck and pressing against your ass with the hardness of my shorts against the flesh of your ass. My hands run up the front of your torso, pausing to play with your breasts — my fingers pinching your nipples as I start to pull off your T-shirt and rip your bra off.My tongue skies down your spine, and my hands press you down at your waist. My lips and teeth travel up the rise of your ass as I bite against your tanned body. My teeth saw lightly against your leg and back to your ass. Your panties — wet in the center — are next to be pulled down to your ankles. I hold onto your thighs and place two fingers at the entrance of your passion, rubbing slowly … torturing you for just a few moments. My thumb searches and quickly finds your clit, and I start decoding it in slow circles.My mouth and tongue are drawn to the wetness of your pussy, and I bend you over so your hands are at your knees, your hair is d****d down over your breasts and tummy. I lean into your pussy with my mouth from behind, licking deep into you as I rub your clit with my thumb quickly. My free hand grips against your ass, fingernails nearly drawing blood as I queenbet güvenilirmi hold you.From a backpack I had with me that was carrying my laptop, I pull something you wouldn’t expect. For your body, and my humor, I bought a six-inch vibrator. As I suck on your cunt, I hold the toy and run it up up your leg, where you see it at your knee.”Suck it,” I say as I lick you. You take it in your hand and start inhaling the purple impaler. I twist the knob at the bottom and it buzzes in your mouth. I push you toward your bed and keep you on your hands and knees. At the side of the bed, I prop you up and pull the toy from your mouth. It looked sexy there, but I want it deep in your pussy. I turn it off as I pull my face from your cunt and push the toy inside you. I start slowly, for just a few seconds, and then start attacking you with it — sliding it in faster and faster as seconds, and then minutes, start to pass. Your beautiful ass is high in the hair, your breasts are laying on your unmade sheets. I lean back to watch my little slut enjoying the sensations of being used.I twist the vibrator to a slow position, and you start to breathe heavy with the waves hitting you. I turn it off and stop moving it. I pull it from your pussy and slowly lap you, teasing you for a few seconds that turn into minutes. It is a little bit of torture. My cock is hard through my shorts, but I am enjoying this.Your body is inflamed with desire as I thrust the toy back inside you and turn it to its highest, fastest, setting.”Now, you’re going to cum,” I say as I start fucking you hard and fast with the vibrator. I lean against the bed, next to you, as I hold the toy behind you as it fucks you. I bite your shoulder and neck as it throttles inside you. My free hand slaps your ass hard three times. We still haven’t kissed. I start fucking you so hard with the toy that your body instinctively retreats to your bed, and I push you onto your back. You spread your legs wide as the toy burns you in pleasure and heat. My mouth falls to your torso, kissing your tummy, biting your breasts and then lowering my tongue to your clit — the vibrator punishing your cunt so wide that your button is right there for me to encircle with my tongue.Like striking a flint long enough, the friction inside you erupts, queenbet yeni giriş a fire finally begins inside your pussy. You start a hard, heavy climax, screaming in passion and a bit of confusion by my wanton use of your sex. Your back arches high and my mouth races from your clit to your tits to your mouth. As we kiss for a first time, your orgasm overwhelms your beautiful body … your fingers stretching and toes curling, your pussy releasing its juices all over the vibrator.”Good little slut,” I say, as I pull my lips from your lips, the taste of your pussy lingering on my tongue.I turn off the vibrator and pull it from your body … it is soaked with your passion. I pull off my shorts and give you, finally, a look at my 8-inch cock. I reach between your legs, and use your lubrication to rub onto my cock. I jerk off for just a few seconds above you.I lean forward and you lay on your side for a moment, inhaling my hardness into your mouth. My right hand runs up and down the side of your body, my left hand grips your long hair as I start facefucking you. I look down at you. You look up to me.”Now, it’s time for you to cum again,” I say. I pull my cock from your lips and fall on my ass.”Climb aboard,” I moan as I pull you onto my body. Your nipples touch my chest as we kiss long. Our tongues fight and surrender to one-another. I take your hand and put it on my cock. I let you rub it against your pussy lips, and then pull it away.”What do you want?” I say.”You,” you respond.”Wrong answer,” I say, kissing your breasts but pushing you off me a bit. “What do you want?”You are a bit confused again. I enjoy this.”I want you.””What about me do you want?””This…” you say, rubbing my cock.”Say it, my little slut. What do you want?””I want your cock in my slutty pussy. I want you to fuck me…”I grab your hair and kiss your lips.”That’s the right answer, my slut,” I say, and I quickly pull you back to my body, thrusting up inside you in one quick, hard push. You weren’t expecting it, as I filled you with my hardness to the hilt nearly instantly. It is both a painful and a hot pleasure. I grab your ass and start thrusting up into you. Your hair covers our faces as we kiss and pant together. My hands map your body, your hips, your breasts, your neck, your tummy, your knees, queenbet giriş your clit…I push you back and your feet are flipped so they are by my chest. We are in a Figure 8, and it is among my favorite fuck positions. Here, the head of my cock runs deep to the front of your pussy and rubs your G-spot. Your back is being held by my legs and knees — my long cock sliding deep into you. I take my right and and hold your left hand. I take my left hand and rub your clit. You are grinding in pleasure. My cock is extremely hard.”Take your fingers and play with your clit until you cum,” I order.You lean up and look at me. Fucking isn’t just 15 slumps and a dump for me. I like long, luxerious fucking. I like a lot of positions and a lot of orgams for her.”Do it,” I repeat.You take your fingers and run it between your legs … your two fingers rubbing on the skin of my length and using the lubrication to start swirling your clit in circles and up and down. You are breathing hard again, as am I. My balls are loaded as you start to grit your teeth in pleasure and approach a second climax. You scream again as you surrender to the pleasure. Your orgasm envelopes my dick and I am starting to overheat. I pull you to me and piston into your pussy.I toss you over and fuck you in missionary position for a few minutes … slowly this time. I love the feel of your tits under my chest. I want you to cum one more time.I wrap your left leg over so you are again on your side. Of my favorite fuck positions, this is also in my top 5. A girl on her side while I’m fucking her. All the sensations of doggy style for her; but the intimacy of missionary. From her, I fuck hard and fast, and can lean down to kiss your neck, lips and nipples. I start pounding into you fast and hard, my cock blazing as it is soaked in your cum.”One more time,” I order. “Cum all over my cock,” I say. I thrust into you faster and harder, owning your body. We are both having an out of body experience as the sex takes over the room. You feel my cock swelling and it sets you off one more time. Your pussy reacts, and cums hard one more time, squeezing my cock. I am screaming “fuck” over and over as my heart races.”I’m going to cum deep in your pussy,” I announce, and moments later, you feel the jetting of my spurts into you… I fuck you harder as the cumshots throttle into your cunt. We are both screaming incoherently, intoxicated by the sensations. I lean down and kiss your lips — and your breasts — and your lips again.You look at me, a virtual stranger 35 minutes ago has owned you and made you climax a trio of times.