Story for Emz

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Story for EmzJune 13, 2012, 2:11 am We are both in a busy bar you with your friends me with mine.I can’t help but notice that everytime i look over in your direction you too are looking in my direction i’m sure i noticed a smile before you turning back to talk to your friends.I find i can’t stop looking at you noticing every detail of you from the obvious outline of suspenders showing as you lean over the table to pick up your drink through the tightly tailered skirt,to the ample swelling of your breasts thrusting against your tight blouse,without relising it i was now fully erect my cock as stiff as a poker,so to avoid any emmbarrassment i pick a canlı bahis tray off the table to go for more drinks and hide the bulge very obvious under my jeans.Finding a space at the very busy bar i place the tray on it and get ready for a long wait to get served.Thats when i notice someone standing next to me and to my delight its you.summoning up some courage fuelled with a few beers i think what the hell iv’e nothing to loose i move even closer and because the bar is so noisey whisper in your ear whats your name and telling you mine,then you do the sameto me putting your mouth to my ear to tell me.The tingle from your lips brushing sensously against bahis siteleri my ear brings back immediently the raging erection that had subsided but was now back with a vengence as if i had took instant i then moved to say something else to you i realised the bulge bursting from my jeans was now pushing against you thigh,i half exepected a slap but you just smiled knowingly moved even closer to the bar the gently but firmly grasped my cock over the denim,shocked as i was i moved my hand over the mound of your pussy feeling the dampness through the thin material of the skirt rubbing my finger rapidly up and down your slit feeling güvenilir bahis every contour,your hand now rubbing up and down but mainly rubbing the sensitve part of the head and as i never wear boxers with jeans the roughness of the denim making it even more sensitive in the meantime both of us looking as if we were trying to get the attention of the barstaff for our friends benifit,then i hear you gasp and give an involuntary shudder as you cum your wettness not showing through the dark material of your skirt and your hand grasp me harder rubbing harder then i felt the waves start my eyes wide my legs shaking as the hot stickyness settled in my jeans.The barmans strange look fetching me to my senses i ordered my drinks and with a stupid smile returned to my table.Of course i got your mobile number later and that night fucked each other silly but thats another story.