Sudsy Rocks and Pebbles

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Alli Rae

Author’s preface… or what I couldn’t fit in the description line. Max has been living with Nattles and Carrie for a little over two years on the coast of central California. Nattles and Carrie are lesbian life partners who fell in love with Max while in college when they lived across the hall from him as neighbors. Max fell in love with the fact that two beautiful women looked beyond his nerd type personality and enjoyed his company. The ladies moved in with him and the trio eventually became ardent lovers. The story Moving In explains how all that happened.

In this story the three of them take an epic motorcycle trip with their good friends and neighbors, Dan and Raquel. As a hobby, Dan and Raquel make sex videos of themselves. On this adventure there is plenty of opportunity to make a video. That also includes a bikini wash business venture and an 11 person hot tub orgy with even more friends and four extra women.

Here’s how that transpired…

It was another cool night on the coast of California even though it was summertime. The morning dawn sky was slowly illuminating the bedroom which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Max was sleeping in the middle, in between his roommates, his best friends, and probably best said, his lovers, Carrie and Nattles. He was usually the first to awake and go downstairs to start a pot of coffee brewing.

But as he sat up in bed he could see that Carrie was awake also. So he laid back down and ran his hand and arm down the curves of her naked body, up and over her hip, finally cupping his hand and taking two of his fingers to push and massage her clitoris for fun. She just grinned.

Max, Carrie, and Nattles usually slept naked and usually had sex before bedtime. It was rare that they all had sex in the morning. Max was an early riser and was sometimes off to work before the ladies even awoke. But today was Sunday, a day to relax and go slow. His fingers were upon Carrie’s clitoris, helping her to start her day enjoyably.

Nattles was still fast asleep on the other side of Max, or so they thought.

With Carrie now grinning from ear to ear, Max wanted to continue with the sexual fun so he began kissing Carrie’s shoulder and making his way lower and lower trying not to awake Nattles. Carrie sort of rolled the sheet back and lifted her legs out from underneath them. As she spread her knees apart Max crawled in between them facing her. He lowered his head kissing and twirling his tongue around her navel, then down to her lower stomach, and finally darting it between her sex line. Carrie put one hand behind his head and held him in a fashion meaning for him to stay. She was enjoying the oral attention Max was giving her.

Carrie was happily beginning to breath heavy with Max’s tongue twirling her clit and darting in and out of her sex. She looked over at Nattles, fast asleep, hoping not to wake her. Without stirring or even opening her eyes, Nattles spoke lethargically, “Are you two serious? What time is it?”

Carrie felt relieved that Nattles was awake now. She sighed happily with the joy of feeling pleasured, “Ooohhhh, uuugghhhh, Didn’t want to wake you, Nattles. Right there, Max. Ayeeeeeuh.” Max’s mouth was still making pleasurable love to her.

Max lifted his his head from between Carrie’s legs and said, “Sorry, Nattles. It’s almost six o’clock. I was trying to help Carrie go back to sleep before I got the coffee started.” Carrie began to giggle.

Nattles threw the sheet off herself and sat up smiling. Max’s chin and mouth were glistening. Then Nattles looked at both of them not wanting to miss out on the fun. She said, “Well I’m awake now too. Can you try and make me go back to sleep also?”

Max began to giggle and said, “Sure.” So he wiggled his body over in front of Nattles and lowered his head between her legs. He began licking her to arousal and began sliding his tongue all about her sex. Carrie leaned over and began to suckle on Nattles near breast, also trying to speed up arousing her. Then she told Nattles, “I can’t believe you just did that.” She was referring to Nattles taking Max away to orally please her instead.

“Sorry, Sweetie, don’t you worry. I’ll finish you off.” Nattles twisted her body over Carrie’s, sort of pushing her at the same time and gesturing for Carrie to lie down with her legs spread open. To do so, Carrie twisted around to lean towards Max’s cock. They now formed a perfect love triangle and the pleasing began with each orally pleasing the other. Each of them was nestled with their head between the other’s legs to lick and suck.

Carrie was the first to have an orgasm. Nattles was also using her finger to slide it in and out of Carrie’s sex while she tongued her clitoris. With Max filling Carrie’s mouth with his cock, she was consumed in ardent raw sex. She tried to relax even though orgasm multiples waved through her body. That intensified the pleasure and sort of sent a jerking motion to her head. The non-rhythmic sensations eryaman genç escort Max felt on his shaft stimulated him right to the edge of climax. He wanted to explode. He lifted his head from between Nattles’ legs and told the ladies that he needed to pull out of Carrie’s mouth. Carrie heard him and reached around to hold him still by using one hand to grab his ass and hold him where he was. He wasn’t going anywhere and that was his end. He lowered his head back down and began pushing Nattles’ clit with his tongue each time that his cock throbbed in orgasm. At first Carrie just let him come in her mouth but it soon began overflowing with semen.

The pleasure of having an orgasm felt soothing and Carrie relaxed her body after her climax waved to a finish. She couldn’t swallow laying on her side and a lot of Max’s white seed was drooling across her lips and over her chin. She sat up to look at Nattles still enjoying head from Max. Nattles just stared back at Carrie fixated on Max’s semen dripping out of her mouth. Seeing Nattles on her own cusp of climax, Carrie went to kiss her with lover’s thankful passion. She was hoping that tasting Max’s semen would help Nattles’ orgasm reach its climax too.

It worked! Nattles began to squeeze Max’s face between her legs with her thighs. That was Max’s favorite part, feeling his head get squeezed. It was his clue that Nattles was now having an orgasm. He would just hold her clit between his lips as she sometimes forced his head down with her hand to feel more pressure. He knew he needed to stop his tongue movements and let her climax. He would try to just relax until her climax was over. When Nattles relaxed her legs, Max just rested laying on his side happily using Nattles’ pelvis as a pillow. The three of them all had a morning orgasm to start their day.

Nattles finally just laid back down on her back, content and still. Carrie laid down next to her with her head on Nattles’ bosom. She traced Nattles other nipple with her finger since it still felt a little slippery from her semen saliva mixture. Before long, Carrie and Max both had their eyes closed again. Nattles reached for her phone on the nightstand and set her alarm. “I’ll set my alarm for eight o’clock. How’s that?”

No one said a word. So Nattles laid back down and closed her eyes again too. Sleep was back upon them. It was Sunday. They all would purposefully try to relax.


By eight o’clock they were all awake again, even before Nattles’ alarm went off. They took their turns in the bathroom getting cleaned up before going downstairs. Max got up first so he could go make the coffee. The ladies just smiled and stared at him as he headed downstairs wearing only a towel around his waist. When he was gone Carrie asked Nattles, “Do you think we are going to have sex all day?”

“I hope so,” Nattles replied rolling over on top of Carrie. Then Nattles, staring into Carrie’s eyes, playfully asked her, “Would you rather deep throat Max and feel him explode in your mouth or eat my pussy?”

Carrie just grinned and said without hesitation, “Eat your pussy.”

“Good answer!” Nattles said and passionately kissed her.

Carrie then wrapped her arms over Nattles and rolled her over so Nattles was on the bottom. Then she asked Nattles, “Would you rather stroke Max’s cock or squeeze my boobs?”

Nattles began grinning and said, “Squeeze your boobs!”

“Good answer!” Carrie said. Then Carrie lowered her head and continued the passionate kiss with Nattles. Eventually the aroma of the coffee made its way up the stairs to remind the ladies to get up. They took their turns in the bathroom and then began freshening up for the new day which included a quick shower together. They were still continuing their “Would you rather…” line of playful questioning all morning.

Downstairs, Max had now begun to make breakfast. Upstairs, Raquel was now being referred to in the ladies “Would you rather…” questioning game. Raquel was the dimwitted property manager everyone loved to not like. She was egotistical and sometimes arrogant. She was also gorgeous to look at. She was an ex-beauty pageant model who spoke with arrogant sass. And like a pageant model, she had a classy walk with each step that she took. Carrie, Nattles, and Max befriended her at first because they felt sorry for her, thinking she had few real friends. Over time their friendship with her had become genuine.

They built their friendship with Raquel last Christmas when Nattles and Carrie helped Raquel get a tattoo. They ended up, each of them, getting a tattoo for themselves. To celebrate their camaraderie, they all toasted their success To Ladies Tattoos. They ended up getting drunk leading the way to have sex as a means to recuperate from the pain of their tattoos together. That ultimately ended up in a fivesome with Max and Raquel’s boyfriend, Dan. And that broke the barriers of getting to know each other and now they are all good friends ankara escort bayan as well as condo neighbors.

Back to today… After coming out of the shower the ladies just wore their bathrobes since Max was still wearing just his towel. Before going downstairs, and seeing that the bed wasn’t made, the ladies each got on a side of the bed to make it together. They were also still playing their “Would you rather…” questioning game. Max was coming up the stairs to find out how much longer the ladies would need. He heard Nattles ask Carrie, “Would you rather stroke Max’s cock or squeeze Raquel’s boobs?”

Hearing that made Max freeze just a few steps from the landing at the top of the stairs. Carrie didn’t hesitate with her answer. She truly loved Max and said, “That’s easy. I’d stroke Max, with both hands too. Bring him right to the edge.” Max just smiled and wondered if he should just go back downstairs.

Then he heard Carrie ask Nattles, “Would you rather have sex on the beach with Raquel, your choice of 69 top or bottom, or suck Max’s cock in front of the living room windows.”

Nattles truly loved Max too. She said, “That’s easy. I wouldn’t just suck him. I’d deep throat him over and over until he came and I’d swallow every drop.”

Max was elated listening to the ladies conversation. He was getting nervous as he listened and didn’t know what direction to go now, back to the kitchen or check on the ladies. They still had no idea he was just outside the door listening. His heart was racing. Just then the door opened all the way. Nattles was the first to come out. She said nonchalantly, “Oh hi, Max. We were making the bed. You weren’t coming to get dressed were you? We were going to stay in our robes until we decided what we were going to do today. How do we look?”

“Ummm, you look awesome… totally beautiful… sexy, yet comfortable, not in a bad way, but ladylike.”

Carrie thought he seemed nervous, but said, “Thanks, Max. I smell bacon besides coffee. Do you need some help?”

Max quickly turned around and said, “I don’t think so.” He now wanted to be included in the “Would you rather…” game, but he didn’t know how to tell the ladies that he was listening. So he just started talking with simple questions, “Um, would you rather… have sausage instead of bacon?”

“Bacon’s fine,” Nattles replied.

Next he said, “I was going to make blueberry pancakes. Um, or would you rather… have waffles?”

Nattles and Carrie began looking at each other. They found his word choice intriguing. Carrie cautiously said, “Pancakes are fine.”

Max began to put four spoonfuls of pancake batter on the skillet. Without looking up he said, “Would you rather have syrup… or jam for a topping.”

Nattles was concluding that he had overheard the conversation between her and Carrie by the way he was asking his questions. She couldn’t believe Max had the audacity to mock her and Carrie with their “Would you rather…” conversation. So she asked him point blank, “You were spying on Carrie and me weren’t you? How about this. Would you rather have that towel your wearing or my bathrobe wrapped around your neck?”

Max, knowing Nattles was a 4th degree black belt in karate, immediately came clean with an explanation. “It’s not what you think. I did overhear your conversation and I was so taken with the way you wanted to give me sex that I wanted this to be the perfect breakfast… that’s all. You guys never do me wrong. Please, if you tell me what you want, I’ll give it to you. I promise. You guys are the best.”

Carrie looked over at Nattles. Without having to say anything Max was forgiven. Carrie tried to continue the playful teasing though. “In that case would you rather we PUNISH you by giving you so much sex that you have to beg us to stop, or, would you rather we JUST BELIEVE you and give you so much sex you’ll still beg us to stop?”

Max was sort of confused. “I’m not sure I understand. I get sex either way.”

Nattles yelled out, “But now you’re going down, Max!”

“What?” Max was now truly confused.

Carrie got up from her bar stool. She began making her way towards Max and speaking at the same time, “On both of us at the same time!” The ladies were scrambling to the other side of the kitchen. Max was about to get playfully attacked.

Max, for a split second, thought the attack was real! He hopped over the counter taking his towel off to throw at the ladies. He was about to be attacked and didn’t know where to go. One of the ladies yelled out, “Get him!” The chase was on. The ladies cornered Max in the living room between the couch and the big windows which overlooked the ocean. Nattles disrobed and told Max, “Don’t make me tie you up.”

Max froze just looking at her completely nude. He was thinking, god, she looks sexy! Then Carrie disrobed and said, “Let’s do this the easy way.” Max just stared at her big boobs. God, she was sexy too. Max’s manhood was beginning sincan escort to get to full length and becoming rigid at the same time.

Max then asked an honest question, “What about the pancakes? They’re blueberry.”

Nattles shook her head in disbelief then asked him, “Would you rather make blueberry pancakes, or fuck both of us?”

He knew what he wanted to do. The first four pancakes were going to start burning! Max begged, “Just let me turn off the burner so we don’t burn the place down. I promise I’ll be right back for you to punish me.” The ladies agreed to that, grinning at each other while Max went to go turn off the heat to the skillet.

He returned quickly and made his way towards them and they each reached out a hand to stroke his length. Another round of sex was beginning to unfold.

Max took turns feeling in between each of the ladies legs also. Sometimes his hand touched one of their hands. They were all feeling for the same end, arousal. Eventually their fingers were sliding everywhere!

Nattles sat down on the couch and Carrie climbed on top of her and faced her. Max took turns rubbing the head of his cock in each of their pussies. Penetration into each of them was easy. First he did Carrie from behind, then she would lean forward and he would do Nattles traditionally while Nattles suckled on Carrie’s boobs. The ladies just fondled each other’s breasts and kissed with the contentment of more sex as Max alternated making love to them both.

Max had just pulled out of Nattles and started a nice rhythm doing Carrie from behind. Then the doorbell rang. They all stopped knowing the same thing. The time must have been between 9:30 and 10:00. Raquel always stopped by on the weekends after making her rounds checking out the condominium grounds. Max told the ladies, “I’m not even close to coming.”

“What do we do?” Nattles asked.

Then the doorbell rang again.

Max quickly said, “Would you rather talk to Raquel, or have sex with me?”

Nattles was curt saying, “Not now, Max! I’m serious!”

All of a sudden the door handle jiggled and the door was opening. Carrie yelled, “It’s not locked!” Her scream was not an invitation to let the person come inside, but to let Nattles and Max know that someone was about to enter the room!

Max pulled out of Carrie and they all scrambled for the first thing in which to cover themselves. Max grabbed Nattles’ robe that was by his feet. His towel was over by the window. Her robe fit him like it was an extra small but he didn’t care. Nattles grabbed a pillow on the couch and tried to hide behind it. Carrie ran to the window to grab her own robe. She turned around away from everyone to tie it closed.

Raquel walked in all happy. “Hi guys. I could tell it wasn’t locked, Carrie, before you yelled out that it wasn’t locked. I tried it first.”

Nattles looked over at Max. “How come the door isn’t locked?” She said all confused.

“I left the blueberries in the trunk of Carrie’s car yesterday. I went to go get them this morning to make the pancakes. I guess I didn’t lock it when I came back in.”

Nattles was appalled he forgot to re-lock the door. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“It’s okay, I was wearing my towel. No one saw anything,” Max said shamelessly thinking Nattles was referring to the way he went out dressed.

Raquel flirtatiously said, “It’s not like anyone would mind if they did see you wearing just a towel. Kinda sexy, Max.” Then she eyed Max from head to toe and winked thinking he was a doll wearing Nattles’ tiny robe.

Nattles got even more annoyed as she was all scrunched up on the couch only hiding behind a tiny pillow. She spoke, begging, “Would someone please find something for me to wear.” Carrie picked up Max’s towel and covered Nattles. Nattles then stood up to secure a knot over her breasts so as to cover herself.

Raquel became inquisitive, “Did I interrupt something? Is something going on here?”

Max simply replied, “No. We were just making breakfast, blueberry pancakes and bacon.”

Raquel turned to the kitchen and could smell the cooked bacon and coffee brewing. She dimwittingly thought nothing more of their state of undress and felt relieved, “Oh, it smells wonderful.” She bought the explanation.

“We have a fresh pot of coffee. Why don’t you stay and have breakfast with us, Raquel,” Max added.

Nattles and Carrie took a good look at Raquel. Raquel was prepared for her day. She was wearing her maroon bikini with the floral print wrap around her bottom. Raquel considered that her uniform because it represented the lifestyle of living near the beach. Her hair was in a bun, put up business-like with a hair fork to hold it in place. One lock of curls near each ear accented her face along with wearing clear non-prescription glasses that made her feel and look intelligent. Her makeup was done to model perfection. She was always gorgeous to look at.

Max poured everyone a cup of coffee, served the bacon, and began making more pancakes. Raquel kept staring at Max’s legs and commented, “I think you guys are so cute how you all wear each others clothes, even you Max.”

Nattles retorted, “Oh brother.”

Max just smiled and said, “Thanks, Raquel.”