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Subject: Summer At the Hardware Store This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or living persons is coincidental. Personal experiences, from images to events, memories and words, while elements of this story may be (and often are) based in fact, the characters are entirely fictional. * If it is illegal for you to read this story because of your age, location or any other reason, don’t read it. – Please support Nifty by contributing. Let’s support it! Look for the `donate’ button on the home page. fty/donate.html Feedback and reactions from readers is welcome, and the main reason that I post on Nifty! I try to respond to everyone. Email: deeznutz007@live Summer at the Hardware Store Chapter 1 “Aww yeah dude. Just like that”. I watched as my best friend bobbed his head up and down on my dick. For some reason I could barely feel it. But I knew the sensation was there. To watch his pretty blue eyes gaze up at me as I laid back letting him go up and down on my dick. As he held it in one hand rubbing it against his lips every so often before he reinserted the shaft back into the warm wet mouth of his. “Marcus Jr! Get ya ass up. It’s time for work” the sounds of my father yelling at me in the morning was the worst part of waking up. It wasn’t peculiar for me to dream like I had. To dream of all the boys in my class but especially my best friend. Add that to the fact that not only did I have to see my father’s face in the morning. But all day since I’ve been working at his hardware store full time this summer. What kid wouldn’t want to relax and play video games all day. At 15, I shouldn’t be worried about how to stock shelves or going over the “books”. But I guess it came with the job. I hopped in the shower and rubbed a quick one out. It’s like my dick was always hard these days. It had become routine to bust a nut in the morning to start the day right. Since my father owned the store I didn’t really have a title or official position. I found myself doing everything from cleaning up, working the registers, helping customers. Most days I would come home dead tired. While restocking the mulch I hear “How’s it going champ” it was Mr. Wilson, the father to my best friend Chris. “How you doing today sir” I said as I turned around. Mr. Larry Wilson, who was also an old friend of my dad stopped in the store this morning. He was an average looking white man. Slightly overweight with gray hairs on both the top of his head and in his beard. But anyone with a pulse looks good these days. And this morning Mr. Wilson had the glow about him. I reached out to shake his hand. “Ah c’mon on kid you’re practically a second son” without even a moment to process he wrapped his body around mine and gave me a bear tight hug. “So what have you been up to these days? I know Chris has been away at camp all summer. The house has been mighty quiet.” “Not much sir, just working here at my pops place and keeping busy” I raised my hand up to rub the top of my head. “I just stopped in to buy a few things. I see your busy” he looked at me with his blue eyes. “Marcus, could I have you come to the front for customer assistance” I heard through my walkie. I moved my way through the aisles not in any kind of hurry. As I got to the front I notice Mr. Wilson with a pallet full of shrubs and a grill. He waved me down. “Hey kid, think you can help an old man out by loading this into the truck” “Sure, no problem” we walked outside to his pick up. We got the grill up with no problem with only the shrubs left I began to hop up and down to secure them. I noticed however that Mr. Wilson was no longer helping but rather just watching me. I didn’t think anything of it. When I got the last small bush on the back of the truck Mr. Wilson slipped something into my jean pocket and thanked me for my help. “Hey, you think your pops would mind if you came over to help me unload” “I don’t see why not, it’s not super sakarya escort busy in the store. Let me just run in and tell him” I walked back inside and flagged my dad down on the radio. “Dad, where are you at?” He didn’t answer me back but rather came around the corner. “Sup son, what’s going on” “Mr. Wilson was wondering if I could help him out this afternoon. I said you probably wouldn’t mind and I’m kind of going crazy in this store.” “I mean I guess. Is Chris back in town?” “No, which is why he needs my help. I promise not to stay too late. With my fathers blessing I rushed back out to the parking lot and hopped in the Wilson’s truck. “Alright, let’s roll sir”. We head off to their home which was only a few neighborhoods over from where I stay and not too far from the store. “Alright champ, how about you grab the plants and throw them around back and then we can grab the grill last” I had no problem with doing the work, but I still found it odd that Mr. Wilson didn’t lift a finger to help but rather just stared at me while I did all the work. Once I got the last bush to the backyard I had noticed I had started to sweat just a little. “You ready to move this grill sir?” I was up for the challenge but I knew that I’d probably need some rest after this. I maneuver my way around the back in order to handle it. We get the grill off of the truck and into the backyard. I fall to the ground and lay there. A shadow appeared over me. “So, I’m going to head inside but if you want to do me a favor and throw thought in the ground I could pay you for your time.” I didn’t have a problem with the work especially if I would be compensated for my time. After finishing up I head inside and shower, finding some of my old clothes I must have left in one of the several sleep overs I’ve had over here. I walk back into the living room and find Mr. Wilson sitting watching some game on the tv. “To bad you showered, your scent was amazing. Maybe I could help you out a little? Ya know take care of your needs”. At this point I had no clue what Mr. Wilson was even referring to. But I was intrigued enough to let him continue. I tilted my attention to him and started to lean closer to him. “What do you say champ” he was trying to assure me of something? But I was steadily confused. “You’re straight, right? I mean I’m straight as well you’ve seen my wife. But every so often I like to blow a dude. Ya know. Nothing wrong with a blowjob. I can even throw some more money your way. I’ve got a Ben Franklin here that says I can give you head better than you ever felt before. Even if it’s not you’ll have an extra hundred” With what he had already given me, I didn’t really need the extra money. But I was intrigued as to what his head game would feel like. But I couldn’t look too eager. “Mr. Wilson what the hell is wrong with you. Never knew you were about that faggot shit. Maybe I should go” he grabbed onto my hand. I reacted by jerking back and looking at him crazily. “Son, don’t mind me I was just kidding around. Look don’t worry about it. Just go about as though I’ve said nothing. Here”. At this point I could smell the liquor on his breath and knew he had to be toasted. He reached into his wallet and pulled out the hundred dollar bill. I could see that he still had more cash inside. He handed me the money. “Thanks, I mean how much more you got in there.” I couldn’t resist asking. In truth I did want the blowjob but I figured I could embarrass him a little more and also get a little extra spending money. “What,… um. I think I may have another 100 in here. How much is it going to take to forget this conversation ever happened?” I looked him up and down and stared him in his face looking for a reaction. At this point he was almost quivering not knowing what to expect next out of me. “Just hand me the wallet” I snatched it out of his hand. “Oh and also I’m still waiting to hear about this samsun escort blowjob out of this world” he was confused. “Did I stutter or did you understand me?” I took the rest of the cash out of his wallet and stuck it into my pocket. I then began to take my shirt off and shucked my pants off and over to the side. Now I stood before him naked and vulnerable. Ready to get my dick sucked. “You like what you see sir” I followed his eyes as they admired my body. “Your body is beautiful. I know all the girls must fondle themselves all over you. Probably got their pussy wet every time you flex.” Although I wasn’t interested in pussy he wasn’t wrong. I’ve had girls hanging on my arm for as long as I could remember. “Your body is just so sexy” “On ya knees dude” I watched as he slowly knelt in front of me. I could see the excitement in his face although he tried to mask it. My cock kept as I was his hands rub my crotch and tug on my boxers. “Aht, aht I didn’t say the magic words yet” I motioned as to not let him move this pace along to fast without my say so. He say there with my bulge just inches from his face. “How’s it smell down there, like a full days work!” “You actually smell quite refreshed from your shower” “Why thank you, bet you want a taste huh” how bout here as I pointed to my stomach gliding my fingers across my abs and circling my belly button. “Or here” as I took a hardy grab at my nuts and balls. “How bout for now you just give my dick a light kiss see if wants to be friendly and come out to play” I chuckled. Where the hell was I coming up with this dialogue. When he moved his head in closer I quickly grabbed the back of his head and held it in my crotch. His body began to wail underneath me as he tried to get a grasp of what was going on and figure out how much oxygen he had left to breath before being completely suffocated by the fumes of my teenage dick. I felt my dick as it was hard as fuck at this point. “All right, now that you’ve gotten a strong whiff how bout you take down my drawls and experience the real thing” I released his head and looked upon his face which was now super red. He reached up with his hands and lowered my boxers. “So here’s your chance, the best blow job in the world huh… prove it” He didn’t even second guess his actions. He meant back in to give my pubes another wofting. Then he took my hard dick and began to stroke it with his fingers. This type of forceful play had me extra ready to bust a nut, my dick was on ultra sensitive. He brought his lips onto the head of my dick and I just about fell over with the rush of sensation that surged across my body. How moved his head up and down my throbbing dick, somehow I could feel his mouth and tongue moving together to stroke my dick. The force he began sucking at picked up. I was losing my own breath let out strong moans of pleasure. “That’s it champ feed me that precum, you taste so good”. “Aww yeah, get a little bit deeper and let it run down your throat some” I reached one hand up and pulled his head further down onto my dick. I then began to fuck his face. Forcing my hips back and forth. I picked up a good rhythm because his mouth felt amazing in this moment. He was going to take all this dick. I ignored his coughs as signs to slow down. Ain’t no best blowjob in the world from some sloth head. Just when I thought I may have been going to far and giving him to much he grabbed onto my waist and began to keep up with the my forceful fucking of his face. That was it. It felt like my dick couldn’t get any harder. I knew I was close to cumming. And at this point I was ready. “Oh shit Mr. Wilson you gon make me bust”. He didn’t take my dick out of his mouth. But he let out loud noise as to indicate he was ready. “Fuck…ayyy fuck”. My body began to shake as I felt my load shoot out from my dick into his throat. His coughing picked up as though he was struggling to handle ankara sarışın escort it all. “Don’t let any of it drip out, I’m giving you a gift you better appreciate every drop” Mr. Wilson’s face was red and covered in sweat, his bangs had begun to stick to the top of his forehead. He grabbed onto the base of my dick and held onto it strong. “Wow, champ that was amazing. So how do I rate?” honestly it wasn’t that bad and I could tell that he was skilled in the art of dick sucking. I was trying to catch my breath and recoup. “I mean that was really good sir” “Wait right here, I’ll get something to clean you up” Mr. Wilson left out of the room and soon returned with a hot towel. He began to wipe off my dick. “Son, you are just so beautiful. You know that right and this piece you’ve got on you is just so beautiful as well.” He said this as he began to stroke my dick again. His words were turning me on again. And I felt like I was getting ready to go again. Before I knew it Mr. Wilson had his lips wrapped around my dick again. He pushed me down onto the couch and began to rub up and down on my body. Although he was back in control I felt like my dick was making the decisions and not my mind. His mouth felt warm as he began to kiss on my body. “This skin is so smooth and soft” he rubbed me up and down. My dick was awake again and ready for another show. “I’ll take care of that for you” he motioned at my dick again. Before I knew it he was giving me another blow job. This time his bobbing was slower and more sensual. I could feel his tongue playing and lapping around the head of my dick. “Oh, yes sir keep that up” he began to kiss on my inner thighs and lick on my balls sending rushes of pleasure up my spine. Moving back to my dick he slowly moved his head up and down. Somehow my dick was even more sensitive than it was before. He concentrated his focus on the tip of my dick. The feeling was amazing. Then he did something a bit unexpected. His tongued traced all the way down to my hole. Mr. Wilson was eating me out and I was over the moon in pleasure. “Oh, my gosh… Mr…. Wilson, yes that feels so good” I could barely move my lips in order to form words. “You like that don’t ya boy, does it feel amazing” he was truly taking me places. “Yes, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop” his tongue came up and down. I could feel the cum rushing up from my balls, but Mr. Wilson wasn’t even touching my dick. His tongue ran up the shaft one last time before my dick started to exploded. Shooting ropes of cum. Mr. Wilson continued his playfulness with my balls in his mouth. “ahhhh shit, ahh shit” I watched as the cum still squirted out and rolled down onto my stomach and pubes. “O…M…G, that was amazing, never before have I cum hands free” I was truly amazed. “Well guess, I better get you cleaned up” he went to stand up but I stopped him in his tracks. I didn’t think I had another clean up in me after that last one. “I got it sir” I walked back up to Chris’ bathroom and got myself cleaned up. Once I got back downstairs I found Mr. Wilson sitting there watching the sports game as though nothing had happened similar to how I had found him before. He turned to look at me. “You need to get home champ, I can give you a ride. Don’t want you out to late” we got back into the truck and drove over to my house. “Mr. Wilson, I have to say you are a man of your word that was probably the best shit I’ve experienced next to a nice piece of ass” he chuckled and looked at me. “Well glad I was able to help you out, say if you want to continue to work in the yard, earn some extra spending money or whatever just call. You’ve got the number. But you have to answer me this question. Was it better than when Chris gives you a blow job” “A million times” somehow those words slipped from my mouth without even realizing what we were talking about. How was it that he knew Chris and I got down like that. I turned to look at him puzzled. “Well good to know, if you ever just want the real thing then I’m just right down the hall” he looked at me and winked. What in the hell had I gotten myself ive Be sure to also check out my other series NIFTY\interracial\ CHOCOLATE DOCS NEXT DOOR