Summer Daze

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Summer camp had been a bust. Sure, there’d been some cool activities. Still, while other Counselors In Training had boyfriends who slipped their hands into their drawers and made them cream in their jeans, Tori’s adventures in the romance department were limited to one smooch session with Alex, a tall guy with sandy hair and beard stubble. Tori couldn’t get comfortable with him, and when he unbuttoned her shirt, she froze and then got up and ran.

However, there was one plus–horseback riding.

Specifically, Krissy, the counselor who took care of the horses. She had wavy platinum blonde hair, a heart-shaped face, and hazel eyes, making Tori’s blood boil.

But Krissy hardly paid attention to Tori. She was too busy spending her free time with Rhylee, a short girl with strawberry-colored hair and tits that were the envy of every female in camp. Once, Tori caught Krissy and Rhylee kissing passionately behind the dining hall. And on another occasion, she walked in on them while Krissy was tonguing one of Rhylee’s ripe breasts. They both were moaning and gasping like wild animals. Tori feverishly watched them from the shadows. The sight made her so horny she had to return to her cabin and lock herself in the bathroom, where she fingered herself into a frenzy. The memory still made her nipples harden.

Krissy looked hotter than fuck in her skin-tight riding breeches. Tori often arrived early to their sessions to help Krissy groom the horses and check out that ass.

Once, Krissy held her hand over Tori’s as she brushed Cody’s mane, making Tori short of breath. On another occasion, Krissy sat next to Tori in the dining hall and ran her hand over Tori’s bare thigh under the table. The gesture made Tori’s pussy leak a tiny bit, and she moaned, making Krissy smile knowingly. But that was all that happened, and shortly, Tori would be home, packing for college.

But something happened on the final day of camp that changed everything. Tori went to the barn to see Krissy for what she thought would be the last time.

“It’s hard to believe camp is ending.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Are you going away to college?”


“You don’t sound so happy about it.”

“I am. It’s just that…I was looking forward to having lots of fun this summer, but it didn’t meet my expectations. Now, I’m going away to school to study my ass off until May. I wish I had more fun here.

“I hear you. What did you miss not doing at camp?”

Tori didn’t know what to say, and Krissy stood there waiting for a reply.

“I don’t know. All the CITs had boyfriends and enjoyed makeout sessions. Meanwhile, I spent ten minutes with one guy with body odor and beard stubble.”

“You poor thing. Maybe you were looking in the wrong direction.”

“What do you mean?”

Krissy stepped closer and gently took Tori by the hand. “Maybe while you were checking out the guys, someone else was looking at you.”

Tori looked into Krissy’s hazel eyes, and before she knew what was happening, Krissy bent forward and kissed Tori on the lips, causing Tori to shiver with unspeakable delight. Krissy liked Tori’s reaction. She saw Tori’s eyes brighten, so she kissed her again. Tori loved the feeling of Krissy’s soft lips against her own, making her knees grow wobbly.

“Tonight, there will be an end-of-summer campfire and fireworks display,” said Krissy. “Why don’t we skip it? Instead, meet me here at the barn. We’ll go for a horseback ride to the lake. If you like kissing me, you’ll love what I have planned. Does that sound okay with you, sweets?”

Tori agreed and walked away in a daze. She wondered what had happened between Krissy and Rhylee.

What do I wear? Should I put on perfume or makeup? Tori puzzled over these questions as she passed the afternoon on autopilot.

After dinner, Tori went to her cabin, carefully brushed her long dark hair, and applied lip gloss. She chose a sexy black crop top to show off her ample cleavage and her tightest cutoffs to accent her fetchin’ ass. As the campers, counselors, and other CITs made their way to the campfire, Tori walked toward the barn, and every step made her dizzy with anticipation.

Krissy was there when she arrived. She wore Tori’s favorite riding breeches and a loose-fitting shirt. “Hey, sweetie, are you ready for some horseback riding?”

It was obvious that Krissy wasn’t wearing a bra, and Tori caught a glimpse of her tits through her loose-fitting collared shirt. She is so fucken’ hot, thought Tori.

Tori nodded yes. Her mouth was dry, and her tongue was stuck. Krissy grinned her magic smile.

“I packed a thick blanket and brought a pillow to make things more comfortable. Am I missing anything?”

Tori only stared at Krissy’s fine ass and tits. You’re not missing anything. Finding her voice, Tori answered that she had brought along a bit of weed she had been saving for the last night of camp.

“Perfect,” answered Krissy, “There’s nothing better than getting baked before we…engage,” she giggled.

“Do bursa escort you want me to saddle up another horse?”

“No, we both can fit on Cody; I don’t think he’ll mind having two pretty girls riding on him tonight.”

The girls got on Cody, and Tori wrapped her arms around Krissy’s curvy body. She leaned her head forward and nestled it in Krissy’s soft hair, inhaling her sweet perfume. Mmm, intoxicating. As Cody navigated the downhill path, Tori hugged Krissy tighter and felt a lovely sensation against her pussy.

When they arrived at a clearing by the lake, Krissy helped Tori off the horse and unfurled the blanket. Tori only watched Krissy as she was feeling dizzy and light-headed.

“Do you want to smoke that pot now?”

“Sure,” answered Krissy. They sat down on the blanket, and she sparked up the joint. She inhaled it slowly and waited for the grass to cast its euphoria over her already tingling body. Then she took another hit before passing it to Krissy.

As Krissy toked, Tori stole another look down Krissy’s open shirt and was thrilled to see her nipples standing at attention. This bitch is so sexy, considered Tori. She loved watching Krissy’s lips suck on the joint. She knew it wouldn’t be long before Krissy would be sucking on her titties.

She was getting hornier by the second. When they finished the joint, Krissy turned to Tori and ran her fingers through her hair.

“You’ll have to thank Rhylee when you see her.”

Tori was confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Rhylee’s my girlfriend. I think you know that?”

Tori nodded yes.

“We live together at school, and soon I’ll be sucking her fantastic tits and licking her hot pussy all year long. But I know you’ve been scannin’ my ass for the last two months. So yesterday, I asked Rhylee if it would be alright if I spent the last day of camp with you, and she agreed. So tonight, I’m offering myself to you, Tori; you can have all of me.”

Krissy leaned forward and kissed Tori hotly on the mouth. Tori moaned, unafraid of being overheard or seen.

Tori sighed as Krissy’s hand crept up to palm one of her divine tits, and when Krissy squeezed it, Tori breathed a long and heavy sigh of satisfaction.

“You see,” whispered Krissy, “only another girl knows how to fondle another woman’s breasts. Now, let me help you take off this lovely top.”

With Krissy’s help, Tori removed her crop top. Underneath, she was wearing a pink Tube bra.

“Your bra is pretty,” purred Krissy as she ran a finger inside the cups, “but it’s going to have to come off, too.”

Tori removed her bra. Instantly the air made her nipples harden. Krissy was overcome with desire eyeing Tori’s nipples in the milky white moonlight.

“Oh,” whispered Krissy, “your breasts are beautiful, Tori.”

She ran her hands over each of Tori’s breasts, using her thumb to stroke the taught nipples and making Tori gasp with unconcealed pleasure.

“You like that, honey. I bet your titties taste delicious. Would you like it if I gave them a lick?”

Tori could only nod her head.

“I thought so.” Krissy lowered her mouth, stuck out her moist pink tongue, and gave Tori’s right tit a lick.

“Ohh,” moaned Tori. Krissy grinned. She licked the erect nipple again before grazing her teeth against it. Tori groaned and tilted her head back as her nails dug into Krissy’s back. Krissy noted that reaction for future reference.

Then Krissy opened her mouth to swallow as much of Tori’s tit as she could fit in her mouth.

“Oh, Krissy,” moaned Tori.

Krissy then turned her attention to Tori’s other breast. She was sucking on Tori’s left breast while squeezing the right one with her hand. This kind of double attention had Tori moaning loudly as electric shocks shot to her pussy, making it hard to sit still. When Krissy finally released Tori’s breasts, she placed a hand behind Tori’s head and brought their mouths together, kissing passionately, their tongues swirling hotly against each other.

Tori used the break from her breasts to run her hands over Krissy’s luscious bosoms, and damn they felt good.

“Um, Krissy. I want, I want to taste your tits.” She groaned.

Krissy smiled and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, dropping it on the blanket.

Krissy’s titties were smaller than Tori’s but no less enticing. Each one was topped with a pretty pink nipple the size of a BB.

Tori used her thumb and forefinger to squeeze a nipple as her other hand gently massaged Krissy’s other breast. Then she kissed the tops of both breasts before pursing her lips on her tits to suck on Krissy’s rock-hard nipples lovingly.

Omigosh, the feel of Krissy’s warm fleshy nipples between her lips was exquisite. She suckled Krissy with delight as Krissy moaned and ran her fingers through Tori’s thick dark hair.

“Uggh,” groaned Krissy as Tori sucked and pulled at her sensitive nipples. “Oh, darling. You do that so well. You are getting me so wet.”

Tori was also getting wet; bursa escort bayan a campfire was burning between her thighs. Her crotch was drenched in her juices.

Tori released Krissy’s breast. She reached down and unbuckled her belt as Krissy frantically grabbed the cutoffs, unsnapping them and quickly pulling them off as Tori pulled at her panties and kicked them into the nearby bushes, where they hung from a twig by the waistband—making both girls laugh. Now Tori was totally naked.

Krissy wrapped her arms around Tori, kissing her on the neck and jawline and squeezing those luscious breasts. When Krissy bit Tori on the shoulder, Tori felt a tribal pull in her pussy. She’d never felt such passion as she now felt.

“Oh,” Tori mumbled, “come closer.” She and Krissy embraced, their tits mashing into each other, making Tori squeal delightfully. She ran her hands over Krissy’s naked torso, loving the feel of her bare back. But she was desperate to touch what had been the object of desire all summer long, and so she lowered her hands to grip Krissy’s tight, shapely ass, still clothed in her skin-tight breeches. It was delightfully firm, and Tori moaned into Krissy’s mouth. Krissy’s hand drifted down to Tori’s pussy, and she felt the girl’s wetness and gasped her approval. Krissy yearned to taste Tori.

She broke off the kiss and guided Tori to lay back. She took the pillow and placed it beneath Tori’s head. Then, she shimmied back a couple of inches, unsnapped her breeches, and pulled them off along with her panties. Krissy adored the expression on Tori’s face as she marveled at her nakedness in the moonlight.

A few feet away, the night birds sang, and the water lapped on the nearby beach. Krissy brought her mouth within a half inch of Tori’s ear and breathed, “I’m going to make you feel better than you have ever felt.” Tori was beaming in anticipation of what was about to happen. Krissy kissed her on the mouth as she lifted a leg and got on top of her, positioning her mouth above Tori’s wonderfully full breasts.

“Is this okay with you, lover?”

Tori was squirming beneath her. She raised her pussy, trying to rub it against Krissy.

“Hang in there,” Krissy chuckled. “I’ll take care of that itch soon enough.” Krissy kept Tori pinned using her legs and lower body as she kissed and sucked Tori’s tits into her mouth, her heart pounding as she gasped for breath. She tried desperately to rub her hot mound against Krissy, who enjoyed seeing Tori writhing with desire. Krissy began shimmying southward, planting kisses down Tori’s smooth flat tummy. Finally, her mouth was above Tori’s wet pink rose.

Tori eagerly spread her legs and placed her hands on Krissy’s head. Tori glimpsed beads of precum clinging to the edges of Tori’s pussy. It looked like tiny pearls in the full moon’s light.

“Oh,” exclaimed Krissy. “It looks like I’m late.” She bent her head forward and lapped the dots of cum with glee. “Umm,” she moaned, “so sweet.”

“Ugh,” groaned Tori, “please lick me, Krissy.” Her voice was an octave higher than usual. Krissy then applied her tongue flat against Tori’s love hole, slowly tracing her tongue around the sultry folds of Tori’s swollen lips. “Omigosh, that feels so good. Stick your tongue in my pussy Krissy; I can’t wait any longer.”

Krissy dived in. Tori’s love box was like molten fire, and Krissy’s tongue became loose and wild. She wanted to bore her tongue into the bottom of Tori’s hot, gushing pussy, catch fire and burn to cinders.

“Don’t stop. Right there, right there, ahhh,” Tori mumbled. Her sex boiled and frothed. Her eyes clamped shut as Krissy’s mouth made soft sucking noises that drove her insane with lust.

Krissy found Tori’s engorged clit with her tongue. Then, she expertly centered all of her attention on that stiff clit making Tori grip Krissy’s head even harder. Her legs pinched Krissy’s head as her body began to tremor.

“Oh gosh, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming. Ohhhhh!!!”

She thrust her hips upwards and felt her spine twist. A feeling of exquisite pleasure burst inside her as wave upon wave of bliss spread from her pussy, and she cried out in pleasure.

“Oh, Krissy! Oh gosh, yes, yes, yessss!”

Krissy’s lips surrounded Tori’s pulsating clit as she sucked and swallowed Tori’s love juices. Damn, she tasted so fucken’ sweet. Tori bucked and yelped as Krissy cleaned Tori’s glistening pink pussy and waited for her body to stop twitching.

When Tori’s breathing slowed, Krissy gently kissed her way up to Tori’s face. Tori’s eyes were shut, and a look of heavenly contentment surrounded her face. They lovingly tongue-kissed.

Tori sighed, too cum-drunk to speak. Krissy reached down to Tori’s pussy, covering her fingers with Tori’s love honey. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them…

“Um, Chicken Caccia-Tori,” joked Krissy.

“Finger-lickin’ good,” answered Tori. The two young lovers laughed as Krissy planted soft kisses on Tori’s cheeks, nose and mouth.

“How escort bursa was that, darling?”

“That was incredible. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You tasted wonderful. Now that you’ve recovered, I will bring you more pleasure. I’m going to put my finger into your pussy. It’s going to feel fantastic. And then, I’m going to put a second finger into your pussy. At first, it might be somewhat painful, but stay calm; you’ll love it.”

When Krissy touched Tori’s already sensitive pussy, a thousand impulses spread out to her body. Krissy’s fingers parted Tori’s pink petals and easily entered Tori’s love tunnel, and she thrust her pelvis upward, gasping.

Krissy covered her mouth with a kiss as she thrust her fingers in and out of Tori’s gossamer softness. Tori’s chest rose and fell as her breath became ragged and raspy.

Krissy placed her thumb on Tori’s love button while keeping two fingers inside her torrid tunnel. She gently pressed down on Tori’s clit and then released her. Tori’s head rolled back, and she groaned.

Satisfied, Krissy pressed down again on Tori’s clit, only this time she waited a little longer before releasing her.

“Do you like it when I play with your pussy?”

“Mmm, yes!”

“Are you gonna be a good girl and come for me really hard?”

“Uhuh,” was all Tori could manage to say.

Pleased, Krissy continued pressing on Tori’s clit, each time waiting a few seconds longer before releasing her. Tori’s pussy walls clenched Krissy’s fingers, and Krissy watched in awe as Tori’s head shook side to side, her hair swept over her eyes.

At that moment, Krissy then pressed down hard on Tori’s clit. At the same time, remembering how much Tori liked it, she bent down and sucked on her ample breast before dragging her teeth against Tori’s sensitive nipple.

Tori’s pelvis thrust high into the air, and her body shifted off the blanket as her cunt spasmed around Krissy’s fingers. “AHHHH!!!” She kicked and thrashed the air as an exquisite bliss engulfed her. Her pussy walls clenched around Krissy’s fingers as her cunt gushed forth with cum, causing both girls to cry out in joy. Only once Tori’s orgasm subsided, and her breathing became more regular was Krissy able to pull out her glazed digits.

“Omigosh,” breathed Tori, “that was unbelievable. Your fingers felt so good inside of me. So hard.”

“My fingers are always hard.”

Tori giggled, “no problems with erectile dysfunction.”


Krissy began squeezing her legs together and needed to cum really bad; her pussy was crammed with cum, and unable to wait for another second, she mounted Tori, sliding her cooch within inches of the girl’s hungry mouth.

“It’s facetime,” Krissy moaned.

Tori brought her greedy tongue up to meet Krissy’s wet pink gash. She lashed at the outer folds and was surprised it was so slippery. Then, she wrapped her hands around each of Krissy’s firm buttocks, held her tightly against her tongue, and burrowed into the hot steamy folds of her deliciously sweet pussy.

“Oh, girl! Oh my gosh. Geez. Eat me. EAT ME!” A heavenly euphoria spread from Krissy’s pussy to overwhelm her entire body. Tori used her tongue, fluttering in and out of Krissy’s cunt with mercurial speed as Krissy rolled her hips and pelvis against Tori’s hot tongue.

“Oh gosh, I’m coming, girl, don’t stop, don’t stop,” and she slammed her pussy against Tori’s mouth, reaching down to hold the girl’s head in place as she convulsed. It felt like two cups of cum were squirting out of her.


She fell off Tori, and the two girls lay on their backs, panting for breath, covered with their juices.

“Did I eat your pussy okay?” asked Tori.

“Like a seasoned pro,” answered Krissy. “You were amazing. I can’t believe you never licked pussy before.”

Tori only smiled like a Cheshire cat.

Krissy lovingly traced her fingers along the graceful contours of Tori’s body.

“I love touching you.”

She kissed Tori’s soft neck and bit down lightly on her shoulder, making her squirm. She inhaled Tori’s dreamy fragrance. Tori closed her eyes and listened to the water lapping on the beach a few feet away, the thrush of the crickets, and the sounds of Cody pawing the ground as Krissy lovingly sucked on her stiff breasts, making her moan with delight. Tori’s face was flushed, and beads of sweat clung to her brow, which Krissy licked off with her tongue; it tickled and made Tori laugh.

“Let’s cool off and go skinny dipping!” suggested Krissy.


Holding hands, the girls jumped up and scampered across the moonlit shore. Two sets of gorgeous naked buns bounced down to the water, flashing naked in the moonlight. Once in the water, they splashed and laughed-hugging each other. Tori was so beautiful as she stood naked, knee-deep in the water, with the light of the moon shining on her ample tits and lovely pussy. Her ass puckered so lovelily, and Krissy took a handful and squeezed. The closeness and feel of Tori made Krissy feel hot and lusty again. She was surprised to realize she still needed more, and she tried to straddle Tori while standing in the water and rub her pussy on her thigh. But Krissy was about four inches taller, and Tori couldn’t keep her balance.