Supportive Parent Ch. 02

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My wife Katie’s work schedule rotation changed to the day shift, so she was at home when I got home from work. I loved that. We didn’t have regular sex when she worked morning and evening shifts.

My wife and I settled down in front of the stereo listening to some music rhythms over a bottle of wine. I leaned back on the sofa, while Katie sucked expertly on my cock. I had a finger pumping steadily in and out of her wet cunt with her panties pushed halfway down her thighs. Katie literally sucked on my cock for hours. She often said that it made her lips bigger. I just liked having her to suck on my dick.

I had my head laid back and my eyes closed, so I didn’t know that Kathy was in the room until she spoke. She asked Katie for a form or something she needed to give to her volleyball coach that my wife had signed, without regard to what Katie and I were doing. To my surprise, Katie got up leaving my hard-on exposed and pulled her panties up. Katie told me to keep it hard until she return.

Kathy got a good look at my cock before I was able to cover it, and put it back into my shorts. I tried to pretend that I was okay with Katie leaving me sitting there with my cock hanging out.

Kathy started telling me about her volleyball team and her excitement got me excited. I promised that I would be at every game and would take pictures to keep track of her career. Katie returned and added that she would come to as many games as she could, and then told Kathy to excuse us unless she wanted to watch us have sex. Kathy joked that she would stay only if she could join in. Oh, how I wished that would have been possible.

Katie and I had gotten wild at times, but never in front of her daughter before. I can only guess it was because Kathy was in college and old enough to handle the subject. I already knew the Kathy could handle herself. The problem I was having was that I couldn’t get close to her since Katie shift changed.

Katie and I fucked loud and hard in the evenings after dinner, while Kathy was usually in her room studying. I found myself often pretending that my wife was Kathy when we were having sex. Kathy was constantly walking in on Katie, while she was giving me head, and Katie was sucking my cock everywhere we happen to be in the house.

It wasn’t until Katie switched to the evening shift that I was able to make another play for Kathy. Kathy had on her practice volleyball short with a sports bra and I told her that I really liked them. She thanked me and I asked her if I could take a closer look at them. She came over and stood in front of me. I put my hand on the material at her side and then moved my hand to her perfectly shaped buns.

My heart jumped and pounded in my ears as I massaged her butt-cheeks without resistance. I decided to make a bold move and lifted my other hand to the camel toe her pussy was making in the shorts. I told her that I really liked the material of the shorts. She laughed and said that I just liked feeling her up. I playfully asked her if she blamed me, while I continued rubbing her crotch and butt-cheeks. She laughed and said no, allowing me to continue.

I used my fingers to mold the shape of her pussy while I massaged her soft butt-cheeks. I slipped my fingers under the elastic waist band, and she asked me if I could take her to the sporting goods store. She said that illegal bahis she needed to get additional shorts to practice in. She added that her father was supposed to have sent her money weeks ago, but he hadn’t done so. I readily agreed to buy her more of the sexy little shorts with the condition that I would be able to see her in them.

She slipped on a pair of flip-flops and was ready to go. I was surprised and excited that she was willing to go out in public in the tight little shorts that left little to the imagination. I was so hard that I felt the need to jerk off. She twisted her hips very seductively adding to the effect of the tight shorts when she walked.

The sporting goods store wasn’t crowded. As a matter of fact you could almost count how many people were in the place. Kathy led me directly to the apparel section and found the shorts with matching tops. She was trying to make a decision on which color to get, so I told her to get both. I saw some other colors, so I asked her if she wanted to get a variety of colors. She was excited enough to give me a hug right there in the store. I quickly slid my hand down to her soft buns and massaged them. Had it not been for the store clerks lurking about, I would have held on to her much longer.

I got a shopping buggy for the shorts and sports bras she had picked out in her size. She got every color available. I pointed out the ankle socks and she agreed with a smile, so I got about five multi-packs. It was almost like shopping with her mother, only that we were getting sports gear instead of thongs and dresses.

In the sport shoe section she found the brand she liked, which came in highlight colors that matched her outfits. I suggested that she get what they had. She thanked me with another hung, only this time there wasn’t a clerk around to prevent me from pulling her tight against my hard-on and grinding for a few seconds before letting her go. She was clearly happy and I was nearly cross-eyed with horniness.

The more flirtatious she became, the more things I bought for her. She took every opportunity to offer me her butt-cheeks to squeeze or grind on. I wanted to fuck her right in the store. I some how managed to survive the sporting goods store, but seeing her move around in her flip-flops I suggested that we get her different color ones to match her practice gear.

I was really on a roll with Kathy. She put her feet up on the dash in my SUV and spread her legs as she leaned back in the seat. She joked that I should keep my eyes on the road before I wrecked. I slid my hand on to her crotch as I drove to a department store to get the shower shoes for her.

I don’t think there was a guy in the place who didn’t stop to take a look at her. I smiled and nodded at the guys who had the guts enough to give me a knowing glance. I felt bold enough to put my arm around her waist and she walked close to me allowing me the pleasure. It didn’t take us long to get what we came for and we saw that we were running out of time.

We stopped at a bar-and-grill for dinner and drinks. The waiter was so interested in the way that Kathy looked that he didn’t even ask her for ID. We talked more about her volleyball career and about me taking pictures of her and making her a Web site. After about three drinks we headed home before my wife got there.

Kathy and I put illegal bahis siteleri all of her shopping bags in her bedroom and then she gave me another thank you hug. I knew that Katie would be home at any second, but I couldn’t resist pinning Kathy against the wall and dry humping her until the front door opened.

Katie looked exhausted, but I wanted to fuck and she knew it. She kicked off her shoes at the door and went straight to our bedroom. I followed behind her asking about her day. It turned out that she had a shitty day, which threw ice on the possibility of great sex. When she climbed in be, it only took moments before she was snoring.

I found myself staring at the ceiling, stroking my cock, and wishing that I was fucking Kathy. I knew that she would probably be asleep, but I wanted to smell her sweet pussy before I went to sleep. I slipped out of my bedroom, but when I got to her room I found the door locked. Disappointed wasn’t the word for it. I was horny as hell.

I figured that I might as well make the best of the situation I had. I got back in my bed with Katie and began working on getting her clothes off without waking her. When she was really tired, she could sleep through just about anything. I still took my time easing off her panties and lifting her nightie up over her tits.

I got Katie to roll over onto her back and spread her legs. I wanted the taste of pussy, so I gently went down on her. She had almost the exact same scent as Kathy. I don’t know how I missed it before. I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips. Her snoring stopped as she began to moan. I went all the way down to her anus, parting her tight little pucker with my tongue. It had been a long time since I fucked up her anal passage. Her moans continued to get louder, while I fingered, sucked, and pulled on everything between her legs.

“Fuck me Jason,” she finally moaned in the darkness.

I pushed her legs up to my shoulders as I guided the head of my hard cock into her hot pussy. I had been getting turned on all day and I needed to fuck very badly. I began pounding into Katie causing the head board to slam against the wall and rattle the hangings. The bed squealed and Katie cried out in the darkness. All I could think of is Kathy’s soft juicy ass.

All of the covers and pillows were gone from the bed by the time I released my load into my wife. I was so wiped out that I fell onto my side next to Katie trying to catch my breath. Katie cradled my shrunken cock and balls in her loving hand as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning with a warm mouth around my hard cock. When Katie saw that I was awake, she mounted me rotating her hips in the way she had found to make me cum quickly. True to form, I bust a quick nut inside of her. She ushered me off to the shower, while she prepared breakfast for me.

That was when I knew that I was living an incredible life. Both mother and daughter were so willing to allow me to get my jollies. I made up my mind to get something very special for Katie. The first thing that came to mind was a tennis bracelet. I remembered that she commented on one that she had seen on television.

I got home from work right after Kathy. She had been to volleyball practice and was sore from the workout. She knew that I often gave her mother good massages, so she asked me if I canlı bahis siteleri would massage her shoulders and back. When I gave Katie massages, it always ended with sex. The possibility made my cock hard as a rock.

It took me a little while to prepare since I had just come home from work. I showered and put on the Japanese robe my wife had bought for me. I laid out the bear rug and lit scented candles. I told Kathy to get a towel to wrap herself in. I wanted to shout with happiness when I laid Kathy down on her stomach and opened the towel finding her naked.

I gave her the best massage that I knew how, all the way down to her toes. She was so relaxed that she looked like she was falling asleep. I felt I had done my job and it was time for me to finally go all the way with Kathy. I took off my robe and told her that I was going to lay on top of her to increase her body heat. She agreed without question. I laid on top of her supporting myself on my knees and elbows. My hard cock was a dead give away, but she didn’t react when I moved the head between the tops of her thighs. I began to slowly grind pushing my cock further between her legs and feeling it against her moist cunt. I tried to maintain a slow grind, but I was too excited.

I lifted myself and told her to move up on her knees as I lifted her hips. She moved into a perfect doggie-style position with her head laying on her forearms, her back arched, and her ass sticking up. I moved the head of my dick up and down between her cunt lips before pushing it up into her love whole. It felt like her pussy took hold of my cock and pulled me deep inside.

Kathy moaned as she pushed her ass back against me. I began with slow short strokes and then to long hard ones. I had been wanting her so badly for so long that I released everything on her. I grunted, grind my teeth, and swore as I thrust my cock into her as hard as I could. The sweat poured off me and the aroma of sex over powered the scented candles. My cock felt like a piece of metal, while Kathy uttered sexual expressions I never heard before. It felt like I had been fucking her forever before her body went into near convulsions. I shot my load and she screamed out loud. I held my cock as deep as I could inside of her as the room began to spin.

I confessed my longing to Kathy. She told me that she knew all alone that I wanted her. She just didn’t know if she should because I was married to her mother. I told her that I didn’t want to stop being with her and she said that she would like that too. We laid and started making out, and then began fucking again. This time it was slow and steady thrusting and grinding. Time flew by.

I was in the mist of thrusting my cock deep inside of Kathy when we heard her mother’s car pull into the driveway. We jumped up, picking up the rug and massage oils. I left the candles burning and rushed into the kitchen to open a bottle of wine before Katie entered the front door.

I handed Katie a glass of wine and told her to relax in the living room. I could tell that Kathy was getting into the shower. I went and got the tennis bracelet that I had bought for Katie and gave it to her while I removed her shoes. She apologized for being tired when she got home, but I told her that she didn’t need to apologize for that. I slid my hand under her skirt and pulled down her panties and then buried my face between her legs. I knew I had to hide Kathy’s scent as quick as I could. I raised my head and stuffed my cock into Katie for a quickie that ended up lasting about twenty minutes before she came with a glorious shout.