Susie Wong

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Susie WongA little background: Eddie, a friend of mine, and I take alternate shifts at a security office. The office is usually quiet, we just have to be there, be responsible, watch the monitors, that sort of thing. At night no one ever visits.Well, no one except Eddie’s wife Susie. She’s half-Chinese, very attractive, very outgoing, and with a mouth and attitude like a Marine on shore leave! She’d had quite an upbringing in this Navy town and was quite the handful for her Chinese father, a first-generation immigrant, and her American redneck mother! (Those two are another whole story, but never mind that for now.) Susie was a hell-raiser during high school, was the mascot and sex toy for a local teenage gang from about 13 years old on, danced as a stripper for years.Eddie had been a Marine MP and had run into the exotic and outrageous half-Chinese girl numerous times as he patrolled the blocks and bars where the sailors and Marines hung out. For some strange reason Susie fell madly in love with the tough-looking Marine, and they lived together for several years while she continued to strip for the income. When Eddie finally decided he’d had enough of the Marines (plus they wanted to ship him out, and he didn’t want to lose Susie), they lived on Susie’s earnings and savings for a while until he finally got this good security job. They’d married several years ago and seemed quite the ordinary couple .. until Susie got to know you, relaxed into her normal personality, and you learned what a hellcat she still was!Eddie had told me about how he met his wife during several evenings when our shifts overlapped. He wasn’t really concerned about Susie’s past since she’d been quite faithful to him ever since they’d first met, to all appearances a devoted and loving housewife. He knew she’d been doing some casual hooking during her stripper years, until she’d met him of course; but all that was over. He finally had me over for drinks, introduced me to Susie, and we got along famously! She seemed impressed for some reason with my unflappable nature, nothing she did would upset or surprise me, and she seemed a little disappointed that I found her .. amusing! She was also very impressed with Eddie’s total trust in me, and soon began to trust me herself. It didn’t seem to bother Eddie when she would want to chat about the most personal and intimate things. She dearly loved talking about sex, the more outrageous the better, and soon there was little I didn’t know about the most intimate details of her and Eddie’s relationship and pleasures, or the most scandalous parts of her colored past. Eddie would just smile, happy that Susie was enjoying herself talking with me, her new friend.Susie was in the habit of dropping by the office to spend time with Eddie, since things were boring for her at home. Eddie suggested she drop by and visit with me as well during those shifts when his and Susie’s sleep cycles were too far off. Since we got along so well, both she and I thought that a great idea .. until her love of sex talk and flirting got the best of her. That and the bodrum escort challenge of breaking through my reserve to discover if I really thought her sexy or not.Oh yes, she was sexy, all right, and damned irresistable as well! Soon her visits to chat and tease and flirt turned into hours-long sexual encounters! I had no idea if Eddie knew what was going on at first, but one day he clarified it for me: he knew perfectly well that Susie and I were having sex. In fact he’d encouraged it, since to be frank her demands were sometimes a bit more than he could keep up with! And he wanted me to continue: she found having sex with me to be wonderfully fun because of the teasing games and play-acting we both enjoyed. The two of them finally invited to their home again for a full evening of play, nudity, and two-on-one sex with the insatiable and wonderfully excitable Susie! So I became a part of their sex lives, and an interesting part it was indeed!Here’s one of our many playful occasions.—On one of Susie’s visits to the office I invited her to sit on my lap while I told her a story. She went into little girl mode, excited for a story since she loved my crazy imagination. She also knew this seemingly innocent beginning would escalate into far more interesting pleasures!I slid my hand up inside her blouse and squeezed her surprisingly large breast. She protested, “You shouldn’t fondle my body like that. You have no respect for nice Chinese girl!” This is one of our regular private jokes.”I’m not fondling you. I’m using the hardness of your nipple and your heartrate to ensure you don’t get too excited or aroused when I’m telling you the story. You know I’m always looking out for your best interests! I know it is not good for Chinese girl to get too excited, they get velly clazy sometimes.”She agreed to that, snuggled up against me even more, but warned me in a very serious little-girl tone, “But you mustn’t fondle me, it would be totally improper!”I agree, “Yes, I know fondling is very improper .. but you simply must quit wiggling on my lap! It is entirely improper for you to wiggle like that.””But .. it’s lumpy! I’m just trying to get comfortable!” she complained, pouting.”I don’t care. If it’s lumpy, that’s your fault! It’s your fat bottom that makes me lumpy! Just get used to the lumps, and quit wiggling!”I gave her nipple a tweak. “Unless you want me to find a place to put that lump!””Ohhh,” she gasped. “You talk sexy talk with innocent Chinese girl, I know what you want to do, you roundeye Western barbarians all the same, alla time wanna have sex with young Chinese girl! No matter how much she beg!” She glanced at me with her slanted eyes half-closed. “Besides, I do NOT have a fat bottom! It is a wonderful bottom, everyone tells me so. Eddie has sex with my bottom all the time, he thinks it is perfect, so there! I bet you just say I am fat because you want to have sex with a fat girl!””But no!” I responded. “I’ve decided that I am NOT going to have sex with you, no matter what, no matter now much you plead and beg.” That got me another escort bodrum look: Susie was a sucker for a dare or a challenge, no matter how outrageous. “Even if you tear off your clothes and throw yourself at my feet, begging me to ravish you .. I’m not going to do it! No matter what!”Unless you cry, of course. You know I can’t stand it when you cry.””Well, I’ll try not to cry .. but you must tell me a story! You promised!” A few sniffs and some more pouting, another wiggle or two on my already rock-hard cock beneath her nice round bottom.I took a firm grip of her breast, gave it another squeeze for luck, and then I started to tell her the story .. a story about her throwing herself at my feet naked and crying, a completely improper young Chinese girl hungry for sex with Western barbarians. And of course one thing led to another, just as I feared.The naked Susie was riding me, had just collapsed on my chest, breathing hard, in her… was it the 4th orgasm? Or the fifth?Eddie burst in, waving a very large revolver. “Oh, my little innocent fawn, I’m so glad I was here in time to save you! Unhand that woman, you dastardly villain you!”I thought, hello, I hope to HELL this is a game! The revolver looked awfully big .. but Eddie’s line was just too outrageous to be real.I saw Susie roll her eyes, still trying to catch her breath. “It’s not what you think, Eddie, it isn’t what it looks like!””Oh? Really?” Eddie responded as he tried to draw a bead on the center of my forehead with his pistol.”We’re .. we’re practicing!” I exclaimed to Eddie, thinking fast. “Your wife wanted to surprise you with .. with a new and wonderful secret Chinese sex technique, one totally unknown to the Western world!Eddie looked at me dubiously, but at least he wasn’t aiming quite as hard. “Practicing? A Chinese sex technique?””Yes .. and she wanted to practice, to be sure she got it right. It’s a terribly perilous thing, but wonderful if it works! Because if she makes one little mistake .. it could result in your testicles exploding!””Oh .. that wouldn’t be good.” He still looked dubious, both of us ignoring Susie’s choked-back giggle. “And why aren’t you in peril?””Oh, I am, I am! But I’m one of the few Westerners familiar with this particular act, skilled and experienced enough to survive perhaps a small slip or mistake. And I’m willing to take this chance, since I’m your very special and dear friend. And, after all, who else could Susie ask to help her? Besides your most trusted friend?””Well …” A slightly mollified Eddie looked at his wife’s naked body lying on mine, still obviously implanted on my cock. And he hadn’t put that pistol away yet. I decided I had to be more convincing.”That was going to be her surprise for you,” I continued. “And I had a surprise for you both!”Eddie looked over the muzzle of the pistol. “Another surprise?” he asked. Eddie just loved surprises.”Yes .. something really special that I know you would both enjoy.” Susie lifted her head up from my chest and looked at me curiously. “A surprise?” she asked too.I nodded. “Yes, this Cuban bodrum escort bayan fellow I know .. he has a burro. A special burro. A trained burro.”Eddie looked at me and grinned. “A burro? I always wanted to see a burro show!”Susie had obviously led a sheltered life, at least on this particular subject. “What do you mean, a burro? You mean a donkey? What, a petting zoo? You’re taking us to a petting zoo?”I grinned and nodded. “Yes, Susie, a petting zoo. This very nice fellow, he’s the son of the son of a very famous Cuban. They call him Superman the Third!” Eddie was grinning even more broadly now, and he put away the pistol. “Superman? The grandson of the original Superman?”I nodded, “That’s what he claims anyway. He says his father didn’t really have the same .. ‘talent’ that his grandfather did .. but that he, the grandson, has it himself!”Ed grinned even wider. “An actual Superman! Wouldn’t that be something to see! I mean, right out of history!” He glanced down at his naked wife, still collapsed on me. “Think she knows what we’re talking about?”I shrugged, and Susie looked over her shoulder at her husband, irritated at his condescending tone. “A petting zoo and some comic book convention geeks! Some fun this is going to be!” she said, scorn clear in her voice.”Now, now, dear … I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.” Reaching down, he patted his wife on her buttocks fondly. “Look, I’ll get out of here and let you two get back to your practice.” He looked a little concerned for a second. “You’re going to get it down pat, right? I mean, there won’t be any .. slip-ups will there?”I saw Susie roll her eyes again. “No, dear .. Fritz and I will work work work until we’re sure I have it right!” I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze down on my manhood as she gave a little wiggle. “Maybe another hour or two and I’ll be home.”I sighed .. another hour? I was hoping I had the endurance! I made another mental note to stock up on Viagra.”Okay then … I’ll go ahead and order out since I expect you’ll be all worn out. How about pizza?”He patted her again, gave me a little salute, and out the office door he went.”Now you see?” I told Susie, reaching around to squeeze her buttocks firmly. “If you hadn’t started crying, then we wouldn’t have been caught like this! This is all your fault, you know!”She pushed herself back up onto her knees and began a slow rocking of her hips, moving me in her. “Well, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. Practicing indeed! Where the hell am I going to come up with some secret Chinese sex technique?””Surely you haven’t tried out EVERYTHING on Eddie that you know!””I suppose not.. I’ll have to think about it though. Maybe try it out on you first?” She arched her eyebrows and gave me a mischievous look. I felt her muscular vagina squeeze down on me even harder as she rocked more energetically. I thought to myself as my attention moved down to my groin and my overused cock buried in this exciting woman: those Ben Wa balls were definitely a good investment after all! And those very special weight-lifting exercises Eddie and I had talked her into doing in front of us.”Fine, you do that.” I was already distracted despite the lovely sight of those two fine conical breasts bouncing energetically above me. Where the HELL was I going go come up with a Cuban superman and a burro?