Swapping Mothers

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Cathy and Mike were relaxing naked on their sun lounges, soaking up the afternoon rays of a hot summer sun, and getting their breaths back after another of their regular suck and fuck sessions. Cathy’s cunt still felt nice and sore from the recent heavy pounding it had taken from her horny son’s massive cock, far more expert at it than that toe-rag of a husband of hers had been and who had run off with some bint from his golf club when Mike was only thirteen. That was twelve years ago and Mike was now a strapping six-footer with a cock and balls to match and a spectacular arse that put Cathy’s ex-husband to shame. Thankfully, since the divorce, he had never been seen since and both Cathy and Mark were happy to be rid of him.

“Sweetheart, that was wonderful again,” Cathy said drowsily, fondling her recently fucked pussy and turning to smile at her son whose face was upturned to the sun, his eyes closed, his bronzed chest and his flat belly sprinkled with shadows as he dozed happily in the aftermath of some more incredibly hot incestuous sex.

Cathy let her eyes drift down her offspring from tip to toe, lingering slightly longer on his genitals and admiring again his superb prick, now flaccid, and his big balls that, without fail, always provided her with a vast quantity of spunk.

“Mmmm, it was, mum,” replied Mike, likewise with drowsiness in his voice, his eyes still closed, “my cock felt so good in that lovely tight pussy of yours. As it always does,” he added, hastily.

“And my pussy felt great with you inside me again, too, my darling,” Cathy replied, “I’m so glad we have this special relationship.”

“Me too, mum,” replied Mike, opening his eyes and turning his head to smile at the mother he loved and adored so much. She’d had a difficult time bringing him up alone as a single parent after his no-mark father had slung his hook and he was just pleased that he was able to give Cathy everything that that moron couldn’t. And that meant everything.

As well as doing all the jobs around the house, Mike had become the head of the household in more ways than one from his eighteenth birthday onwards, seven years earlier. Even now, neither of them were quite sure who had seduced who, it had just kind of happened naturally and once Mike had conquered his guilt – which hadn’t taken long – mother and son had abandoned themselves to the joys of their unorthodox lifestyle. Cathy, on the other hand, had not felt the slightest amount of guilt as she embarked on a taboo relationship with her adult son since she had herself been brought up in an incestuous family and had been consensually fucked by her late father many times, as had her sister Suzie. They both missed him dearly.

“Fancy a drink, sweetheart?” Cathy asked, swinging her legs over the side of the sun lounge and resting them on the lawn, the grass feeling like it had been paved over thanks to the stultifying heat of the sun. The house she and Mike lived in was one of several detached properties in a long avenue of venerable villas in an affluent suburb of Melbourne and the garden was surrounded by shrubs and bushes, complemented by several trees and high fences which screened and cossetted any activities of the carnal kind from prying eyes, not that that was a problem since the neighbours on either side were at least two thirds of a mile away.

“Good idea, mum,” Mike said, in reply to Cathy’s question, “d’you want me to go and get them?”

“No, stay there, sweetheart, you must be shattered after that latest fabulous fuck you gave me.”

Mike smiled across at his mother as he began to feel his cock start to stir again. Cathy leany across and gave it a little tug to help it on its way, then she turned and walked into the house, treating her son to a completely open view of her pink swaying buttocks.

Mike started to stroke his cock, it never took him long to get going again, such was his enthusiasm, and Cathy, as he knew well enough by now, was always up for it, any time of the day and night. A couple of weeks ago, Cathy’s sister, Mike’s aunt Suzie, and her husband Jake and their son Tim had visited and it had been a real family orgy and Mike’s mouth watered as images of his aunt’s tits and pussy and his uncle and cousin’s cocks came into his mind’s eye. Pity they weren’t here now, he mused, as he pumped his cock so that it was soon back to its full length of eight scintillating inches, the other members of his family were always good for a fuck – or ten.

Inside the house, Cathy opened the fridge and stuck her naked bum out towards the kitchen as she leant in to rummage around, enjoying the coolness after the searing heat outside. It was just about as hot as it was possible to get in Australia in the middle of January.

The bottles of orange juice were stacked right at the back and she pulled one out quickly, so thirsty was she that she didn’t bother going over to the cabinet to select some glasses, she simply unscrewed the top and drank straight from the bottle, quenching ataşehir escort bayan her thirst in one long gulp. Through the open window, she could see her fully nude son stroking his cock and, after swallowing the last of the drink, she licked her lips at the sight of Mike back to a very full and very proud erection.

“Fuck,” she said to herself, “my boy is just so beautiful. However did I get to be the mother of such a gorgeous sexy man? At least that rotten hubby of mine was good for something, I suppose.”

It was a question Cathy had asked herself many times since she and Mike had become lovers, taking their always close relationship to dazzling new heights, and she was still musing on it, lost in a world of her own, when the telephone in the hall rang and she went out to answer it, her big tits swaying from side to side below her neck.

The caller was her brother-in-law, Jake. “Oh hi, sunshine,” said Cathy who was always pleased to hear the somewhat stentorian tones of Jake’s voice, “to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Can’t you guess?” said Jake, his voice taking on a lascivious tone.

Cathy held the phone up to her ear in her right hand and reached down to fondle her pussy with her left. Her pubes were still matted with the remains of Mike’s cum and she smeared the congealed wads around with her forefinger.

“Well now,” said Cathy, teasingly, “you want to take Mike and I out to dinner.”

“Well,” replied Jake, “we could I suppose. But I had something better in mind first.”

Cathy decided not to let Jake suffer, she knew darned well why he had phoned up in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. “Get your butt over here as quick as you can,” she said, “Mike’s already given me a good going over today and from the look of him a few moments ago, I think he’s raring to go again.”

“I’ll go and tell Suzie and Tim,” Jake said hornily and Cathy could imagine him naked at the other end of the line and stroking his cock as he spoke.

“Of course, don’t leave them at home,” replied Cathy, though, she was aware, her sister and nephew would probably be quite happy spending the afternoon having a one-to-one with each other, “it’ll be great to see you all again,” she went on, hearing a sound behind her and turning to see Mike standing there with his hard throbbing cock in his hand. “It’s a perfect day for fucking. See you in a bit.”

There was a click as Cathy and Jake terminated their phone conversation and Cathy turned and smiled at Mike, her eyes going straight to his aroused prick as if she had never seen it before, and which he held firmly in his hand, enjoying another feeling of all-consuming pride as he always did when he displayed it to his mother, proving to her again just how generous nature had been.

“That was your uncle Jake,” she said, “they’re as horny as we are, must be the heat, so they’re on the way over.”

“Oh, brilliant!” enthused Mike, tugging on his cock a little harder, “I was only just thinking of them when you went into get the drinks. Talking of which, I need one now.”

Mike turned and walked back into the kitchen and Cathy’s mouth drooled as she watched her son’s naked arse cheeks rubbing together as he walked away from her, his hard cock entering the kitchen long before the rest of him did. There was no doubt about it, Cathy thought again, she really had given birth to a fabulous specimen of manhood and she couldn’t be more proud of Mike if she tried.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Cathy said, following Mike into the kitchen, her eyes riveted to his back, sweeping over him this time from toe to head and admiring the long crack of his arse and the broad shoulders and the neat short hairstyle that helped to add to his overall sexiness. “I was going to bring the drinks out but then the phone rang and …”

“That’s OK, mum, I heard the phone ringing,” Mike interrupted, opening the fridge and taking out another orange juice and, similarly as his mother had done, swigging it down in one gulp straight from the bottle. He smacked his lips when he had finished and pushed the pedal bin with his foot, depositing the empty bottle in the bin and then smiled across at Cathy, glancing at his wristwatch as he did so.

“I reckon we’ve got about half an hour or so to ourselves, mom,” he said, “before aunt Suzie, uncle Jake and Tim get here.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, sweetheart,” replied Cathy, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

“You always were a fucking tease, mum,” Mike said, “don’t keep me waiting, get that fabulous butt of yours over here and suck my cock.”

Cathy was across the kitchen before Mike could blink and quickly dropped to her knees in front of her son, cupping his balls in her right hand and drawing him closer to her by reaching round and groping his naked buttocks with her left. Through the open window came the sound of birdsong as the afternoon wore on, the scent of the Antipodean summer’s day filtering into the kitchen and wrapping it in shadow escort kadıköy


“Suck me, mum,” Mike said, his cock now fully risen to the occasion and enjoying the feel of Cathy’s hands on his balls and arse, “it’s your turn now to satisfy me.”

Cathy gazed lovingly for a few more moments at her son’s thick rod standing proudly to attention as she prepared to thank him for giving her such a good time earlier in the afternoon. Then she moved her head in close, opening her mouth and sticking out her hot feminine tongue, extending it towards Mark’s aroused prick. Mark had an easily retractable foreskin and he had peeled it right back and his juicy purple knobhead now bobbed about invitingly directly in front of his mother’s face.

“I’m such a lucky mother,” Cathy said, “to have a son with the best cock in the world.” She knew, of course, that Jake and Tim had fabulous cocks too but Mike’s was the best, naturally, after all he was her son.

Before Mike could say anything else, Cathy began to kiss the greasy knob being proffered so invitingly in front of her, the bulging beer-can like head already smeared in another helping of pre-cum even though it was only an hour or so since Mike had blasted his mother’s cunt with his seed. Cathy lapped at the head for five minutes, enjoying the taste of Mike’s salty masculine pre-cum, before running her tongue along the shaft, licking at the veins on either side that stood out prominently and always felt so good when his cock was embedded deep in her pussy.

“Oh yeah, mum,” moaned Mike as Cathy brought all her years of cocksucking skills to bear, as she always did, “you are superb.”

Cathy smiled her thanks up at Mike as she took his entire pole into her mouth, gagging and choking as she sucked, determined to give her son another rollicking good time. Her hot wet and experienced mouth was easily able to accommodate every inch, her cheeks caving in as she sucked long and hard, giggling to herself at what the distant neighbours would think if they could see her and her son now.

Cathy let Mike’s cock out of her mouth, gave his balls a quick kiss, and then gazed beseechingly up at him. After seven years of making love together, Mike was an expert reader of his mother’s mind and didn’t need to be told what that look meant and, smiling, he turned to show Cathy his arse.

“Oh yes, sweetheart,” said Cathy, her excitement boiling up like the weather at the sight of the muscular masculine arse cheeks of her own beloved son, “show me that lovely hard arse of yours.”

That was exactly what Mike was doing and he was only too happy to do so, he was as proud of his bum as he was his prick and balls. Cathy licked her lips as her eyes took in the full beauty of her son’s buttocks, perfectly proportioned at the tops of his young sturdy legs, finely honed by years of playing Aussie rules football, and cupped the firm unsagging cheeks deftly in her soft gentle hands.

Mark’s moaned silently to himself as he enjoyed yet again his own mother touching up his arse, the moans becoming audible as Cathy leaned in and began to cover his buttocks in lots of loving little kisses while, at the same time, running a forefinger up and down the long cleft of his crack.

“Fuck, mum,” Mike breathed huskily, “you really love arse, don’t you?”

“Especially yours, my baby,” replied Cathy without a moment’s hesitation, “bend over, sweetheart, you know what I want.”

Mike certainly did and arched his body forward so that his bottom stood out hard and firm for his mother’s inspection. He quickly clasped his right buttock with his hand and pulled it to one side, exposing the long slit of his arsehole while, with his left hand, he pummelled his cock through his legs, his balls crunching up in the process.

“That look nice, mum?”

“Do I really need to answer that, sweetheart?”

Mike wanked his cock through his legs, he loved exhibiting himself to the lady that had brought him into the world. He was uncircumcised but he’d peeled back his foreskin so thoroughly it had all but disappeared and the hard nub of his knobhead poked through his legs and Cathy rubbed her tits with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other as she again surveyed the mesmerising sight in front of her, as she had done countless times before.

Cathy leaned in and sucked Mike into her mouth again, then worked her tongue up over his balls and the space between them and her son’s arsehole. MIke let go of his cock and grabbed his left buttock and pulled that to one side too, spreading both his cheeks and Cathy, whistling with pride and admiration, sent her tongue deep into her offspring’s hole, as expert an arse licker as she was a cock sucker.

“Yeah, lick that aese, mum,” Mike said, thrilling yet to again to the sheer bliss of Cathy running her expert tongue up and down his crack and diving its tip deep into his hole, “your tongue feels so fucking hot.”

After ten minutes rimming her son’s arse in the kitchen, bostancı escort Cathy and Mike moved back out into the garden and were soon locked in a passionate sixty-nine, Mike flat on his back on the scorched lawn and Cathy on top of him with her feet round his head and her own head buried between Mike’s legs. Mike’s tongue seemed to spring from his mouth of its own free will, catapult-like as he lapped eagerly at Cathy’s juicy cunt, working his way along the groove of her gash and pulling her arse cheeks apart to expose her cute pink rosebud.

“Mmmm, yeah, mmmm!” cried Mike as his hungry tongue explored yet again every fold of his mum’s pussy before finding his favourite part of her love box, her aroused clit which was slick and wet with pussy juice as it found its way through the fronds of Cathy’s pubic hair to make physical contact with Mike’s tongue. There was nothing quite like sex in the great outdoors on a hot Sunday afternoon, they both knew, and Mike’s grunts of pleasure were met every step of the way by Cathy groaning as her head went down on her offspring’s cock.

Mike threw his legs back in the air as he and Cathy writhed together as one, the sweat pouring off them, every now and then Cathy abandoning Mike’s cock to treat his balls to a good long slurp of her tongue. The heavy sacs were as drenched in sweat as the rest of Mike’s body and Cathy breathed in deeply as she licked jubilantly away at them, enjoying the manly scent that came in waves from Mike’s pubic region.

Mark, fot his part, was making a real meal of Cathy’s clit and then, to her delight, lifted his head and ran his tongue up to her arsehole, the tip deep inside and sending red hot flames of passion zipping through Cathy’s anus.

“Oh, my beautiful son!” Cathy cried, lifting her head from Mike’s balls and raising it high in the air as her son rimmed her arsehole, “don’t stop, this is just so fucking HOT!”

Cathy smiled over her shoulder at Mike and then lowered her head again, grabbing hold of Mike’s legs and somehow or other managing to maneouvre them until they were across her shoulders. Then she lowered her head again, swiping her tongue quickly over his prick and balls as she feasted her eyes on Mike’s lovingly exposed arsehole. His fuck box was fully open to her inspection and, at that moment, Cathy didn’t think she could love her son any more if she tried as she stuck out her tongue and sent it deep into Mike’s arsehole, her excitement reaching up further to the cloudless azure blue sky as Mike responded to the invasion of her tongue in his arse with a loud grunt of pleasure.

So loud, in fact, that neither of them heard the car pulling up in the drive or the doors being closed quietly as Suzie, Jake and Tim arrived, the three of them grateful the traffic had been light, enabling them to get to where the fun was without too much delay …


“Well, what the fuck have we got here?” said Jake, after he, Suzie and Tim had walked quietly up the garden path, the sounds of the action coming loud and clear as they turned into the garden itself. Jake licked his lips at the sight of Mike and Cathy still embroiled in a passionate sixty-nine and then smiled at his wife and son before turning his gaze back to his sister-in-law and nephew writhing around together on the sun-baked lawn. “Anyone’d think this was a sex party,” giggled Jake and Suzie’s son Tim, grinning with a wicked leer at his aunt and cousin.

Mike and Cathy rolled off each other and smiled across at their relations, Cathy’s smile growing broader at the sight of her adored sister. Though Cathy’s marriage hadn’t worked out, she was pleased that Suzie’s had and that she, Jake and Tim were clearly only too happy together.

Mike and Cathy stood up, feeling no embarrassment in their full frontal nudity. Jake and his son Tim were both dressed in white T-shirts and matching white shorts, tight round their packages and arses, having dressed for the weather and they were already both sporting formidable tents in the fronts of the shorts. Suzie was similarly attired, her top stretched taut across her tits so that they stood out provocatively.

“Oh, we’re so pleased to see you,” said Cathy, giving first Suzie a hug and then Jake and Tim while Mike likewise greeted his aunt, uncle and cousin in similar fashion, causing Suzie to gasp as Mike’s big exposed cock pressed itself up against her midriff and she reached out a hand to fondle it. Cathy, similarly, was enthusiastically fondling Jake’s and Tim’s bulges through their shorts.

“My goodness,” said Cathy, “looks like you two are ready for some action.”

“You never spoke a truer word, aunt Cathy,” giggled Tim who was a year younger than Mike and, similarly, over six foot tall and handsome in every way with it. It was small wonder, Cathy mused, that Suzie and Jake were as proud of their sexy horny son as she was of hers.

“Those tits of yours are simply awesome,” Tim went on, licking his lips, unable to take his eyes away from Cathy’s firm round jugs and groping his package as he looked forward to getting his tongue around them – and more, besides.

“I think we’re somewhat overdressed, don’t you?” said Suzie to her husband and son, “we’re probably making Cathy and Mark feel uncomfortable.”