Sweaty Happy End

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This is a direct continuation of “Sweaty Business” so if you didn’t, I suggest you read that first.


It was one of the best fucks I had in a long time. Which was not saying a lot, truckers being somewhat low on staying power and even lower on willingness to care about my enjoyment. It was just a service I was providing to them. This guy was not exactly romantic but somehow I did feel that he cared and that was one of the components that made it special. Afterwards, for a long time I just laid there next to him, hot like after 2 hours on a beach in the middle of summer, pussy feeling strangely empty after that big cock left it. It was pleasant to just lay there, and it would have been even more pleasant to fall asleep, although I never did that with the guys I worked with.

But, duty calls and regardless of being tired, sweaty and thoroughly fucked, I did have a plan to earn 500 that night, and with the 200 on the nightstand I was still a 100 short.

So I forced my body, sticky from the inside and the outside, to move.

“This was nice, let’s do it again sometime.” I said while getting up from the bed and walking around it towards the money.

“Oh, but it’s not over yet!” he said, putting his hand over the bills. “I still want that blowjob!”

I looked at him from above, thinking about my options. Technically he was right, we just fucked, so it was less than 200. However, the fuck was intensive and long and I thought I earned them in full.

Also, his penis looked uninviting, now flaccid and slimy from his spunk, my juices and our sweat.

“Ok, but how about you wash it first?” I tried to bargain.

“You know what? It was a nice fuck, so I’ll add another 50 and you can use the shower here if you do me like this.” he looked at me with a seller smile, that glowing ‘just fucked’ shine on his face.

Well, whatever, I though. I’ve done worse. With this and Frank, I’d be done for today and that will keep me for the rest of the week. So I nodded, climbed on the bed between his spread legs and took his penis in my hand.

“Lie next to me so I can play with your butt” he said, patting the bed on the side. And I did. A blowjob after a fuck can last a long time, and will be quicker if he has some additional stimulation. Also, my legs were very shaky and kneeling was harder than laying down.

As I lay down next to him, my had in his lap, he gently caressed my butt and asked:

“A nice butt you have. Anyone fucked it recently?”

With his cock a finger’s width from my mouth, I replied:

“No, they don’t have the 200 it takes.”

Then I shut my eyes and engulfed the soft head of his tool with mu mouth, the expected musty cocktail of funky tastes attacking my tongue. I knew I’ll get used to it after a minute or so but that first 60 seconds was a pure fight between my will and my gag reflex. As the taste filled my mouth, and the smell filled my nose, my throat convulsed more than once and only by concentrating strongly I managed to prevent the vomiting. Rationalizing, I told myself it could’ve been much worse. The guy was quite clean, probably washed as recent as yesterday, he was just sweaty and his crotch had that earthy manly smell, now made stronger with the sweat. Some truckers who stayed for a week in their cockpits without showering, of course masturbating every day and eating spicy food, smelt and tasted much worse. And I anyway did them on a regular basis. So, this was better, right? I started sucking.


200 is a lot of money, but I had it and that was more or less the going rate. Her butt was nice, not skinny and still damp from sweat, while her mouth on the head of my sensitive cock felt fantastic. She didn’t go too low on it, preferring to lick and suck the head, but it was how girls usually did me because of the size. And the small retching sounds her throat made at the start, when she tasted our mixed juices on me were intensely funny and also hugely exciting for me.

As my fingers explored her crack, gently wiping the warm dampness, I fought with myself and lost, the urge to taste her was just too much.

I leaned over her, twisting my body to keep my cock in her mouth, and kissed her butt cheek. Then I licked it gently, tasting the sweat, and slid my tongue over it, towards her crack.

The smell of her ass was unmistakable, with the sweat and the exercise she just got making it stronger. However, it was bearable and the grossness of what I was about to do, accompanied with erotik film izle the similarity disgusting thing I just made her do, made it somehow completely irresistible. Yes, I am a little kinky, thanks for asking. But, no harm in licking some nice juicy ass if you wash your teeth afterwards.


I almost stabbed my throat on his dick when he licked the length of my butt-crack. No one ever did something like that and it was a total surprise – as well as being a tickling and strangely pleasant experience.

I did meet my share of weirdoes. I never did it twice with guys who wanted to be pissed on – they must have some serious issues. The guys who wanted to eat my pussy after fucking me were ok, although I personally do not much care for the taste of sperm. However, if it turns them on, I understood guys preferred their own to somebody else’s. The ones who wanted to lick my feet were usually fully harmless and there were a lot of those who licked my armpits during fucking – the taste of sweat probably being the ‘thing’ for them. And, of course, there were guys who wanted a rim-job which is something I never accepted. I did it for some of my boyfriends, when I knew they have showered beforehand. But to lick my butt of his own will – not one of my boyfriends did that.

When the guy went further and started rimming me, bending his body to keep his cock in my mouth, I was surprised even further. But I understood now it was not an attempt to please me. His cock was rapidly becoming huge and hard, as the experience must have strongly excited him. And I must admit, the effect was the same for me. My mouth awash with our mixed juices, nose full of his smell, his warm and surprisingly large tongue gently but firmly pushing into my ass – the combination was making my pussy leak like crazy. And I started to sweat profusely again.

He gently touched my cheek and separated his cock, now fully engorged, from my mouth, shifting his body fully behind me. I curled my legs beneath my body, effectively kneeling with my head laid down forwards, legs slightly spread. This gave him better access and he continued to lick me, using both hands to spread my cheeks so he could get even deeper in me. It was very, very pleasant. The room was warm, I was really tired and fully relaxed and the feeling in my bit was just very enjoyable, keeping my excitement at a level where it just felt nice to lie down and experience it. I thought I might fall asleep.

Then he pushed a hand between my legs and entered my pussy with a finger. Probably his thumb, as the other fingers spread over my lips, gently caressing them. It felt good, but more intensive. My pussy was still puffy from the orgasm, slimy from his come and juicy with my own excitement. The finger inside was rubbing the inner walls of me with just the right amount of pressure while the ones outside soon focused on my clit, gently strumming it as it peeked from its hood. This guy was unbelievable – I couldn’t remember when any one of my boyfriends made me come twice in a night and if this continued, he just might.


Her ass tasted just as it smelled – the moist cleft was intensely sweaty with just a hint of bitterness, while the anal opening was the same mixture but with other level of balance. Also, she was fully shaved and not virgin-tight there, proving that some guys did have the 200 it took to do her from this angle.

My thumb in her pussy felt like it was churning half-melted butter and pulsing of her abdominal muscles told me she would be ready for another orgasm soon. I had to have her ass at that moment.

“You know, I lied. I have more than 200.” I said. “In fact, I have 300, which will cover the fuck and the ass.”

She was quiet as I bent my head over her ass again. After a big lick of her crack, I added:

“Take your time and decide if you want it. I don’t want to pressure you.”

i licked her some more, when she put her hand over mine on her crotch, stilling the strumming. It was probably too distracting for making a decision.

“So, you fuck my ass and I get 300? And the shower? And you will be gentle with it?” it was obvious she decided, but wanted to push herself into it.

“Of course” I said, straightening. “Lift it up a little, we’ll go slow.”

And she did. She folded her hands beneath her head, rising her butt some more and spreading her legs. I saw her pussy spread like a big flower, thoroughly slimy from our juices, the air in the room thick with the smell of them. Kneeling film izle behind her, I put the head of my dick between her pussy lips and pushed it in just to wet it. It felt divine, the inner walls of her vagina warm and gooey, yielding and moulding themselves around my cock. I almost continued to do her again in this way, but I really wanted that ass. So, after a few seconds of enjoying the hot, slimy wetness, I withdrew and positioned the head of my now fully engorged cock at her anal opening.


When he put it in my pussy, I hoped he might have changed his mind and would just fuck me regular again. I would welcome it, now so thoroughly lubricated and stretched, tired and relaxed, I felt another orgasm would be easy to reach. However, he soon took it out. I recalled a porn I watched once, where the girl was lying just as I was now, and I remember how open her asshole was in this position, even before being fucked. Mine was very likely the same and staring straight into it probably made him hard to resist. Unlike my sphincter, which was resisting his cock.

But, not too much. I was generally surprised on how easy that big tool of his entered my ass, and how little pain there was. He just pressed, I felt it spreading me back there, and that fullness which always comes from anal, something I really detested as it made me feel like needing to push with my inner muscles – which I learned not to do as it increased the hurt.

I got fucked in the ass on average once a month so I was no stranger to it, but I never liked it and avoided it if I could. On the other hand, some guys were willing to pay a lot for it, and I usually convinced myself by thinking how I had to suck 4 smelly, funky cocks to earn the same as with 10 minutes of ass stretching. Later, when my ass would hurt or drip, I would curse myself and wow never to do it again, but after a few weeks, when a guy was willing to pay for it, I wouldn’t think twice about accepting. So, it wasn’t something I liked, but it was just another kind of work. I never got pleasure out of it, despite some girls claiming it was the fastest route to orgasm. Until this time.


I was sliding slowly into her, her anal passage gripping my shaft, sweat from my forehead gathering in my eyebrows. With my stomach muscles tightened and my buttocks clenched, I felt like my whole body was focused on pushing the cock in her anus. And it wasn’t easy. Although she was lying there fully relaxed, my hands gripping and spreading her cheeks, and we were both thoroughly slick from sweat and our juices, I was sinking it in her exquisitely slowly. At last I was buried in her ass as far as it went, my crotch pressed to her buttocks, cock fully sheathed in her bowels. I let out a big sigh, relaxing my butt and abdominal muscles, as I started to slowly pull it out.

Next push was easier, although I still took it slow, and I noticed, when I bottomed out, a quiet “Nhg!” slipped from her throat, her head still on her hands, looking at a dresser on the wall. Her but crack spread before me, shining wetly in the low light, while my fingers grasped her slick buttocks for leverage. Third time it was easer still, and her groan was stronger, and after fourth time I was sliding in and out continuously, enjoying the tightness and heat rubbing my cockhead both in entrance and in exit. It was great, the resisting tightness I felt in the first seconds now replaced by pliable squeeze, her muscles pushing me out with a warm grip, and elastically yielding to allow me back inside the hot cavern. Despite having come just ten minutes ago, I knew I will not be able to resist this bliss for long.


I was converted. You could really have an orgasm by anal sex, or at least it was very likely that I could have one. Somehow the combination of exhaustion, heat, satisfied tingles in my pussy and slight humiliation that I always felt during anal mixed together to create an excited point somewhere in my bowels, and every stretch of my anus was like a small jolt to that space, each jolt making it grow.

I cannot say it was a completely pleasant feeling, having his big cock so deep in me, but after the first few strokes it wasn’t painful. On the other hand, my anus and the area around it was becoming more and more sensitive with each in-and-out, and the sensations it was receiving were intense, warm and pleasurable.

Even his fingers squeezing my ass felt good, although I expected to have some bruises tomorrow from the tightness of his grip. After 10 seks filmi izle strokes or so I accidentally squeezed my inner muscles as he vas entering and got an even stronger jolt of pleasure while his cock spread my squeezing tissue. It must have been good for him also, as it elicited a half-strangled “Yeah!” from his throat, making me afraid he is already finishing.

That was usually one of the benefits of anal – it took significantly less time for the guys to come in my ass then in my pussy. Probably because it was much tighter. But now I wanted him to last a little longer.

I relaxed my muscles again, waited a few strokes, then tightened them as he was going in. I felt his push as if it was going all the way through to my stomach, as my muscles gave way and he again grunted in pleasure. And again a minute after that. I also unfolded my hands and slid them beneath me, to my pussy, still slick and wet, but getting even wetter from excitement. I lay my face on the bed-sheet as I gently rubbed my clit with my fingers, and his cock slid through my clenched muscles again.

“I’m gonna cum so hard.” He said between grunts.


When she started rubbing herself, I knew she was also into it, and that brought me even closer to the edge, the tight feeling in my balls signalling it will be a release worth remembering. I continued sliding in and out, slowly, and with less movement, sliding my cock just a few centimetres before pushing it in again. I leaned over her, reaching around to hug her close, pressing her sweaty back to my chest, grabbing a tit in each hand, rolling her hardened nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She was still squeezing and releasing my cock in her ass, even though I was almost not moving. Pressing her against me, I leaned backwards, rising her body with me, her ass fully impaled on my cock as I grabbed her pussy with one hand, trapping her fingers beneath my palm. I rubbed it, mashing her own fingers into her clit. Her had angled backwards to lean on my shoulder, I whispered in her ear: “Go up and down some more. I’m ready to finish.”


Feeling on the brink of orgasm myself, I slowly nodded and felt with my feet to both sides of him until I found purchase on the bed. Doing that, I realised my ass was in his lap, and I was sitting practically on top of his cock. It was buried in me fully and I didn’t feel no pain! I just felt full, very excited and was breathing very hard.

Pushing my body upwards, I felt his cock coming out of me, and, fearing it would fall out, I slid down it again, finding his pubic hair with my butt cheeks. And again. And again. Already my thighs were hurting, but I tried to rest as much of my body on his chest as possible, rising only my bottom half. He was still rubbing my pussy, slowly but firmly, keeping my fingers intertwined with his. With other hand he reached around my body and played with my tit, mashing it against me while rolling the nipple between his fingers.

So many sensations were fighting for my attention at the same time: the fullness in my bowels, the pain-pleasure tingling from my anus, the hurt from my legs, the excitement from my pussy and tit; not to mention I was very tired, hot and sweaty and both his sweat and mine, as well as strong smell of fucking filled the room. I was feeling completely lost, and my orgasm was starting, as he turned his head and took my ear in his mouth, pushing his tongue in it. I have sensitive ears, some say they are cute and small, and usually only my real partners nibble on them or kiss them. Clients are very rarely interested in them. But at that moment, the sound and feeling explosion in it was a push that sent me to the brink of unconsciousness as my orgasm blossomed within my whole body.


When I tasted her ear, she shook, her whole body spasming, legs releasing as her ass slid down my cock, and her back jerking on my chest. Her anal passage fully tightened around my cock, and still pushing downwards with the weight of her body, was what ticked the last switch in my balls, and I spurted in her, feeling my crotch tighten as my sperm was released deep within her ass. My fingers were buried in her pussy and also felt her squeeze, my nose buried in her hair, breathing her sweat as I kept light hold of her ear in my mouth and explored it’s hole with my tongue.


We lay there for a while, his body warm beneath me, his cock, now flaccid, slowly withdrawing from my ass. I felt deeply tired and completely worn out. Then he turned us on our flak, and my head touched the pillow. I felt his hands hugging me still, the shared warmth of our bodies and stickiness of our skin as the last thing before doing something I never ever do with the client: falling asleep.