“Take off my panties!”

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“Take off my panties!”My Mom and Dad did their best to tough it out but, eventually, they both saw handwriting on the wall and decided to call it quits. Well, Dad and I ended up in a cheesy condo in Reseda for about 18 months while mom and my two sisters got the house and the cars. Dad and I were not too thrilled about all of this and those weren’t particularly happy times for us. Then Dad met Cynthia. I had to hand it to him, she was fine! She was a widow and that was unfortunate but she and her daughter Kristin had ended up with the nice house in Porter Ranch and the cars and so on. Dad put the moves on Cyn right away and before too long they were married and we were living the good life again.Now, Kristin was a doll! Eighteen years old and a virgin, well according to her mom, she had the strawberry blonde hair and blue green eyes. Kind of a smart ass but, looking that good, she knew she could get away with it. She acted very prim and proper when Dad and Cynthia were around and very different when it was just me and her. Sometimes, when our parents went out for the evening, we would dip into the liquor closet and get a little tipsy. It was one of those nights when she told me she had “Experimented” with oral sex with a fraternity boy because she didn’t want to get pregnant or get an STD. She just ridiculed the fellow as she described his clumsy attempts to graduate from a blow job to full on sex.”He was all…’so, you wanna do it?’ and I’m saying ‘do what?’ and he keeps asking instead of doing and pretty soon I decided to hell with him and just grabbed his cock and rubbed it real fast and sure enough, he started squirting all over the place!”I had some sympathy for the guy but I knew Kristin had enjoyed teasing him and was never seriously going to fuck him.Eventually, I started going into Kristin’s room when I knew she wouldn’t be home and checking out her panties! And they were pretty nasty too! All sheer and “barely there” bikinis from Victorian’s Secret plus some simple white cotton panties that were all a bit threadbare. I got to know them pretty well as you might imagine.So, one night, Dad and Cynthia were out for dinner and Kristin had a date so, after she showered and left, I snuck into her room and snatched a pair of her panties from the laundry hamper. I loved the sweet smell of her fragrant young pussy that she inevitably left in her panty crotch and the scent usually caused an instant hard on to happen in my pants. I drank in her feminine scent all mixed in with the perfume that lingered from her shower and soon I was stroking my cock madly, Kristin’s panties now caressing my balls as I did so. I could just imagine her sweet young pussy right there in front of me…all pink and waiting to be fucked! Oh, it wouldn’t be long now…I brought my little step sister’s panties up to my nose for one more quick sniff that would send me on to orgasm when suddenly, the bathroom door opened, and before I had a chance to react, Kristin saw me lewdly jerking off with her tiny underpants! I was so stunned I had no chance to react and Kristin quickly shut the door but it was too late. She’d seen what I was doing and what I was doing it with!It turned out that Kristin had left her I.D. card at home and had stopped by to pick it up so she was gone by the time I got myself together and exited the bathroom. But now what? I thought about it all evening and realized I really had no choice ordu escort but to apologize and hope she didn’t tell her mom or my dad. What a mess!The next morning, I headed downstairs before Dan and Cynthia got up and sure enough, Kristin was in the kitchen toasting a muffin and making coffee. I knew no amount of small talk could do me any good and I had prepared a little statement begging her forgiveness. Kristin just glanced over at me when she heard me come in the room and shook her head.”Guys are such dogs!” she said smiling. “Mmmm…Mmmm! Here! Let me smell your butt!” She again shook her head. “I can’t believe you Matt.” “Listen Kris, I don’t know what to say except that I’m sorry and I won’t do it ever again. honest!” Now, I sounded like an eight year old who’d broken a window or something. It was quiet for a moment and Kristin started buttering her toast. I winged it,hoping that more begging might soften her up.”I’m…I’m…sorry and…””Oh, forget it Matty. Everybody does that. My mom never figured out that I could hear her headboard banging against the wall to my bedroom at night when she was getting off. One day I found her dildo and it didn’t take long for me to understand what it was.”At that point I was relieved and reasonably sure she wasn’t going to blab to her Mom or my dad.d She gave me a little smile when I sat down next to her and then she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. Just a little kiss but I wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure.Our relationship seemed to change after that day. We were somehow a lot closer and…more than friends if you know what I mean. She would come in my room after a date and give me some salacious details of what had transpired in the back seat earlier. I came to believe she was a virgin but I was wondering for how long that would last?So a few more weeks went by and then Dad and Cynthia went on a belated honeymoon to Las Vegas. They left Friday night and told us to be good…natch, and left us a couple of fifties in case something went wrong. Well, something went wrong right away! We got hungry and sent out for pizza and chicken wings! There was a 24 pack of PBR in the garage that Dad had bought for some reason, he doesn’t really like beer and I guess it was cheap but we iced some of them down and then we were having a little party, just my step s*s and me. She started asking me about my dates with college girls and I was somewhat reluctant to get started since I hadn’t had all that much experience myself. But I kind of fudged and made up some untrue details that at least made the stories interesting. She smiled at my slightly true tales and then went over and laid down on the couch. Kristin gave me a kind of strange look and then she picked up her phone and began fussing with it.I couldn’t help but notice that the new position she had placed herself in afforded me a tiny glimpse of her panties. And they were white! Mmmmm! White panties!Kristin continued to pour over websites and photographs on her phone attempting to pay little attention to me as I gazed longingly at her barely exposed underpants. Finally she looked up and caught me stealing a peek. “Boys!” she muttered shaking her head. “They’re such dogs!” But, after saying that, she shifted again and even more of her little white panties came into view! Now I was getting what I would call a first class shot! I knew she knew I was watching osmaniye escort and she seemed to be going for it so I quietly pulled down my sweat pants and stepped out of them leaving my lower body naked.Again, a quick glance and Kristin mused: “Honestly Matty. Do you want to go get a pair of my panties to help yourself along?” She rather sarcastically told me.I remained quiet for a moment and then honestly replied: “Actually I’d prefer those white ones you’re wearing now!” I was smiling when I said it and I don’t know how seriously she took my request.Kristin looked up at my cock and then to my face and shook her head again from side to side. “Matty, you’re such a dog!”I began to stroke my quickly hardening cock and just sniffed the air noisily which cracked her up. All the while she was moving around on her phone. I wondered if she’d snapped a picture of me for blackmail purposes but I never heard the shutter click. I wandered a little closer to my reclining step sister.”Could you…I mean, could I…could I lift up your top so I can see your titties?” I wondered. Without looking up from her phone Kristin just shook her head “No” but then reached down and lifted her skirt up to her waist completely exposing her little white panties! This was more than I’d ever dreamed of! I gasped and stroked my now fully erect penis harder and faster which caused Kristin to briefly look over at me. She said nothing but I saw the expression on her face when she saw my sizable hard on. I moved even closer to my little step sister and then nudged her leg to one side, opening her thighs. Now Kristin’s little panty crotch was open to me and I could see the outline of her pussy lips just beneath the flimsy fabric. Now my cock began to overrule my mind and, without asking, I placed the bloated head of my cock right into the soft little division I saw between her legs. I touched Kristin’s panties with my big hard cock.I was ready for a complaint or worse from my little step sister but, instead, Kristin seemed to settle back against the sofa cushions and opened her legs a bit further! Now even more of my cock was sliding all over her little white panties and even thought she was still busy messing with her phone, I could hear Kristin’s breath beginning to quicken. Now she was beginning to partake in this illicit sexual encounter instead of just tolerating it. I bent down further and began to slide my cock repeatedly into the tight little groove of her sex. Kristin absentmindedly reached down and pulled her top up, exposing some of her girlish tits and both of her nipples.”Oh, that’s real nice s*s…” I told her. I knew Kristin liked me to call her “s*s” and I thought the time was right. Still, she seemed obsessed with that goddam phone as if, as long as she continued fooling around with her phone, she didn’t have to acknowledge our sexual encounter. I didn’t really care at that point. Now I was dry fucking my step sister while she showed me her little tits and opened her legs even further so I could jerk off into her panties! Maybe the phone was a good thing.Just then, Kristin briefly looked up from her phone and her eyes locked into mine. “Oh Matt!” She began, “Take off my panties!”I gasped when she said it and I reached for the little waistband of her skimpy panties and began to slowly draw them down lower and lower until her hairless young pussy was revealed to me in escort bayan all it’s glory! Simple and pink, her lips were tightly closed and seemed to be smiling seductively at me. I only got a quick look because Kristin experienced a jolt of reality about then and moved her hand down to cover her vagina as I finished removing her panties. I took a deep breath and drank in her feminine scent, my eyes locked into hers all the while.”Just let me rub it against…you!” Was all I could think of to say. Kristin looked at me warily and said, “I don’t want to get pregnant Matt. Mom would just…””No, nobody wants that Kris!” I said smiling. Without asking permission but having promised I wouldn’t attempt penetration, I again approached the reclining virgin. I used my palms to open her thighs as far as the couch would allow and then laid my rock hard dick into the now well lubricated slot between kristin’s legs. it was soft and warm and incredibly slippery!”Ohhhhh!” I moaned as I slid my cock over Kristin’s horny young cunt. She offered no further resistance and I began to pick up speed. The mushroom tip of my cock was stimulating her clitoris as I drove myself all over her lewdly exposed pussy lips. Kristin continued holding her top up so I could gaze at her wonderful little tits while this salacious act of mutual masturbation delighted both of us. Now, I was beginning to think the unthinkable: I began to consider how easy it would be to simply drive my cum striving cock right into her well lubricated pussy and give her her first sexual penetration. It would be so easy and I don’t think she would even complain once the initial pain subsided.But then Kristin reached down and managed to grasp her recently discarded panties. Her still warm panties. She gave me a nasty little smile and brought her panties to my hard working cock and then reached down and began to use them to caress my balls softly while I was busy rubbing myself into her soft warm pussy. “Do you like my panties Matty?” She mused. My nostrils flared and I took a deep breath. “I asked you to take off my panties because I wanted you to look at my bare pussy!”How much more could she expect me to take? She’d asked me to remove her panties, asked me if I liked her panties and now she was admitting she wanted me to see her pussy naked!”Do you like my little bare pussy Matty? I shaved it just for you!” With that, Kristin reached down and, taking the lips of her pussy in her little fingers, she slowly spread herself open for my inspection! Both little pink pussy lips were glistening with her own feminine lubrication now and her tight little pink asshole was also visible just below. Oh my god! just look at that pussy! Just look at her little asshole! Just…Just…But then, the inevitable happened. My sperm began it’s unstoppable journey from my balls to it’s intended destination: Kristin’s exposed pussy hole and just below, her little never before seen anus! Spurt after spurt of bleach white semen ejaculated onto Kristin’s naked pussy as she gasped and moaned all the while. I was finished but Kristin wasn’t. No, my little step sister quickly rolled over onto her belly and reached down between her legs and began to rub her pussy furiously…cooing and moaning as she humped her ass cheeks down onto the sofa cushions. It wasn’t long before she seemed to be holding her breath and I realized she’d reached her pinnacle as well. I collapsed onto Kristin’s heavily panting body and the two of us cuddled for several minutes before either of us spoke. I Finally couldn’t help but ask Kristin what the heck the was so busy with on her phone. She gave me a chagrined smile and then showed me the screen: Gin Rummy!