Taking a man for the first time

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Taking a man for the first timeIt had been a while since we got together, so Paul, Jane and I made arrangements to meet up again. Although it wasn’t our first time we were still a little apprehensive of what to do. A couple of glasses of wine and we were chatting and talking about family and life. Jane was sat between Paul and I on the sofa, lent over to me, gave me a long slow kiss, exploring my mouth with her tongue, then whispered into my ear, “Tonight Paul and I are going to make you cum. It’s your turn to be pleasured.”I was instantly hard. Jane removed her top exposing her gorgeous ample breasts; Paul and I took one each and proceeded to suck, pinch and bite Jane’s nipples until she groaned with ecstasy. I didn’t notice, but Paul had stopped, knelt in front of me, and was unzipping my trousers. I instinctively lifted a little letting him pull them and my pants down.Jane stood up, took her skirt off and, straddling me, pushed her moist pussy into canlı bahis my face; I breathed in her musky sweetness and began to lap her. She held my head with her hips as I probed her clit with my tongue. I couldn’t see him, but I felt Paul’s breath on my cock, then the wetness of his mouth as he sucked me in. I gasped, and Jane pushed her hips harder onto my mouth. I couldn’t (didn’t want to) move. Fuck, I was being used by both of them. Paul alternated between sucking me deep and wanking me; it was so intense.After about 10 minutes Paul stopped and said to Jane, “Shall we go up to bed and get comfy”. “OK,” was all she said. What did they have planned for me?”You lay on the bed,” Jane said to me. “Paul, you can watch.”I dutifully laid down, Jane knelt on the bed, straddling my face. Lowering herself she proceeded to suck me. I raised my head, straining to lick her clit and arse. Instinctively she lowered herself onto my lips. We 69’d for some bets10 time. She tasted wonderful.Jane worked my balls in her mouth, fingering my arse at the same time. Occasionally she would bend right down and flick her tongue across my arse. Holding my legs apart she probed my arse deeper, then went back to my cock. Then I felt a tongue on my arse again; then probing. It dawned on me Paul was rimming my arse. My cocked ached and grew more. Jane continued sitting on my face so I couldn’t see Paul, but I knew. He probed long and deep, my arse relaxing to take his tongue.Then he stopped. Jane held my arse cheeks apart. “Go on then,” was all she said. I felt something soft and warm nudge against my arse. Fuck, it was Paul’s cock. He pushed a little further, my heart racing. A little more, my arse burning as he slowly slipped in then stopping momentarily.”You OK, babe,” Jane asked me. “MMMMM, if feels amazing, don’t stop,” I replied.I felt bets10 güvenilir mi Pauls cock begin to slip further in, then I felt his balls brush my skin. Oh fuck, he was right in my arse.He stopped. The initial pain had gone, replaced with a dull, fulfilling ache.”You want Paul to fuck you properly?””Yes”Paul began to fuck my arse as Jane sucked my cock harder. He continued thrusting slowly in and out.”You have a tight fuckable arse,” Paul said. “I’m not going to last. Can I cum inside you?””MMMMMM”A few more thrusts. “I’m cumming”.I could feel his hot cum in my arse. At the same time I came in Jane’s mouth. She let it run down my cock, coating Paul’s as he kept fucking me. I tensed my arse, milking him.”Fuck, that’s good,” he moaned.He pulled out slowly, and Jane proceeded to clean both our cocks.I just lay there, my arse leaking cum, still on a high from taking my first cock.”You liked that, didn’t you?” Jane asked.”Oh yes,” was all I could reply.”Well after you fucked Paul’s arse last time it was out turn to return the favour.”Paul and I lay either side of Jane, cuddling and drifting off to sleep, my arse warm and moist from his cum.What next, I wondered as I fell asleep?