Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 11

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Soft morning light has already flooded the room when Leander woke up. The curtains of the canopy were parted, so that he had an unimpeded view of the window, next to which Daphne stood, clad in a soft nightdress, looking out to the garden.

The general smiled, watching the way the light played on Daphne’s golden hair, which was tidied up in a single, loose braid. It appeared to him as though the lady had a halo around her head — an amusing sight, given that he knew her more as a temptress than an angel. Still, when she turned around to face him, her face was as innocent as a babe’s, as breath-taking as a goddess’s.

“How did you manage to get up from the bed without waking me?” he asked, propping himself up on the pillows as her lips curved up in a smile.

“Magic,” she answered, slowly walking back to the bed. “Didn’t you know? I am much learned in the dark arts…”

Leander laughed. “I should say, given that you have quite enchanted me.”

Daphne crawled up the bed, slithering on top of him. The impish smile on her lips reinforced Leander’s conviction that she was no angel sent to save a man’s soul. “Right. I’m warning you now, General Van Halen: should you try to leave me while I’m still madly in love with you, you would pay quite dearly.”

“I am your thrall for as long as you want me to be,” he murmured before gently pulling down her face so that he could kiss her lips.

“Perfect,” Daphne purred as she pressed her body against his. She gently moved to and fro, rubbing against his naked flesh. The reaction of his body was immediate, and there was no doubt that Daphne noticed, for her smile widened even more. “You as good as promised to stay with me your whole life.”

“And I will, given the chance,” he said, stroking her thighs beneath her clothing. The silky feel of her flesh on his palm fueled his desire. “But where did you get this dress?”

Daphne smiled coyly, glancing down between his legs, where his cock was starting to stir up. “I brought it last night, remember?”

Leander, in fact, did not remember, yet he deduced that it was the content of the small package she dropped on the floor as soon as she was inside the room.

“You look much more beautiful without it,” he told her. Unable to resist the temptation, he started to lift up the hem of her dress.

The lady giggled and slapped his hand before swiftly moving off him. “Behave, Leander. Breakfast will be served soon.”

He stared at her, disappointment written all over his features. With the disappointment came the feeling of disbelief, for how could Daphne be so naughty as to deny him the pleasure of feeling the warmth of her body, even for a while? The twinkle in her eyes said it all: she was deliberately teasing him.

“I assume we cannot skip it?” he asked, opting not to give her the pleasure of hearing his complaint.

“Not today,” she replied. “Papa sent a servant here earlier so that we may know that the two of us are wanted at the mess hall this morning.”

That surprised him. “The Duke knows that you’re here?”

“I was missing all night,” Daphne said, rolling her eyes. “Since you were not shaken awake last night to lead a search for me, Papa knows I was spending the night with you.”

“Makes me wonder why he did not order his men to tear down the door of this room and drag you out while I await execution,” he mused aloud as he, too, got out of bed.

“He does not want more men to see me naked,” Daphne said, smiling. “One is enough.”

Leander raised an eyebrow, now more surprised than ever. Whatever Daphne and her father discussed the day before might have put the lady’s mind at ease. Why else would she treat lightly the whole idea of her father violently opposing her decision of sleeping with Leander?

“You are worried,” Daphne observed when Leander said nothing.

“What man won’t be worried when he has his whole happiness on the line?” he replied. “I wish I could tell what’s going on inside your father’s head.” When he noticed the small smile playing on Daphne’s lips, he added, “In fact, I’d love to know what’s going on inside that pretty little head of yours, too.”

She walked close to him to wind her arms around his neck. “It’s a secret for now, General. When time is ripe, you will surely know.”

“I hate being kept in the dark, Daphne,” he grumbled, although he took avail of her offered kiss. “I thought I told you that a long time ago.”

“Hmm.” The impish smile was back on her lips again. “Don’t think of it that way. Just pretend that we have a little surprise for you, and that the longer you wait to know what it is, the sweeter and the better it will turn out to be.”

“You, I can imagine doing that,” he said. “But your father? If he ever has a surprise for me, it would be anything but sweet and good.”

Daphne laughed softly. “You have such low opinion of my father.”

“Low?” He arched his eyebrow. “Who told you that? How can I look down on the only man on earth I’m afraid of?”

“Ah.” illegal bahis Daphne, now through with the game of slowly torturing him, began pointedly grinding her hips against his. Leander’s member responded eagerly. “You are afraid of my father, yet you are not afraid of me? Or my mother?”

Leander groaned and kissed her head, savouring the faint fragrance of lavender still emanating from it. He could get used to this. “Ah. If you ask me about the women I’m scared of, the list will be endless.”

Daphne giggled, now running her palms on his exposed chest. The touch of her soft flesh stroking its way down to his abdomen made his muscles tense up even more.

“Afraid of me, then?” she whispered as she wrapped her fingers around his hard cock.

“Afraid,” he repeated, moaning his appreciation when he felt Daphne gently stroking his member. “Oh, god, yes, very afraid of you.”

There was fire in here eyes when she said softly, “I like the sound of that.”

Leander groaned once again, pulling Daphne closer so that he could run his hand along her spine. “I like the feel of that.”

“So it seems,” Daphne agreed, lightly squeezing his shaft. She moaned, apparently enjoying the way his member felt on her palm. A shaky sigh escaped her lips as she whispered, “My god, Leander. You’re so big when you’re hard that it makes me ache so much. I want you inside me, hard and hot and wild, filling me completely.”

He sighed, bending down to kiss the side of her neck. “Why don’t you lead me in?”

Daphne took in a sharp breath, moving her face away in order to stare into his eyes. She then said, “What about breakfast?”

“Who the hell cares about breakfast?” he asked with a grin.

She smiled coyly, pushing him to the bed. “Exactly.”

Leander laughed softly, gladly receiving her in his arms when Daphne crawled over him for the second time that morning. This time, she let him pull the nightdress off her, while undoing the braid of her hair on her own.

It has been a while since she allowed him see her naked in broad daylight; Leander was once again wonderfully amazed. Gods, Daphne still has the most enchanting body he had ever seen, and that was saying much, as he had been with countless women before. Her curves were all perfect, and she bore herself with a kind of confidence that would make even a queen jealous. She was lovely and she knew it, and — hell — she would never let him forget. In fact, she would torture him with that fact, given the chance, for as long as she could.

As gently as he would hold a crystal glass, he cradled Daphne close, relishing the feel of her body so close to his. The warmth and softness of her skin was enough to make his already stiff member harden some more. The sweet scent that stuck to her was intoxicating. Everything in her was calling out to his inner sexual beast, which was just now raging to be unleashed.

“Love me, Leander,” Daphne cooed, looking at him with eyes that reflected the fiery passion that must also be evident in his eyes. “I need you so much.”

He cupped the back of her head, pulling it down for a kiss. Daphne parted her lips without hesitation, completely giving in as his tongue demanded entrance into her mouth. His other hand, he used to cup her breast, using his thumb and forefinger to slowly tease her bud. Daphne moaned against his mouth as her hands became restless, exploring his upper body in near-frantic fashion.

“Slowly, sweet one,” he whispered on her ear as he rolled on the bed so as to get Daphne under him. “We’ll get there.”

The gaze Daphne trained on him was filled with both longing and trust; Leander did not have to see the small nod she gave him in order to know that she would do as he said, that she would follow his lead. Maybe it was a small thing, but it was stuff like that that brought her ever closer to his heart. To know that a woman would trust him as much as Daphne does — to a warrior who was used to lies and deception, that was perhaps the greatest compliment of all.

“My precious one,” he murmured, burying his face on the crook of her neck. “My lovely Daphne.”

She released an almost inaudible sigh as she put her hands around him, her palms splayed on his back. Meanwhile, Leander touched her mound, gently stroking it. Her fine curls were already wet, and the juices that flowed from her hole were indication that she was more than ready for him.

Leander did not want to make her wait, knowing that, sooner or later, servants would be sent to his room to fetch Daphne for breakfast. But the silky feel of the fluids on his palm was more than irresistible. He wanted to prolong the moment of contact, fan as he was of everything about the woman he held in his arms. With his fingers he sought the bud of Daphne’s wonderfully sensitive core, anticipating the groan that came from her later.

He felt the slightest thrust of her hips as she tried to rub her mound on his palm, seeking for as much pleasure as his hand could illegal bahis siteleri provide. Leander granted her desire, slipping a finger inside her as he kissed her bare shoulder. Daphne once again moaned, now moving her hips with clear intent. She wanted more; she wanted it soon.

“My love, please,” she sighed, gently combing her fingers through his hair. “I want you…”

“And I want you, too,” he responded, taking her hand with his free one so that he could kiss its palm. “I love you so much, Daphne.”

She caressed his face, slightly smiling, while her eyes darkened with passion. “I love you, too, Leander.”

Their mouths met, hungry for each other, while Leander continued slowly stimulating her nether region. Daphne moved her legs further apart, hooking one of them on his thighs to grant him better access to her most treasured possession. Leander put in another finger into her hole, caressing her inner walls, further coaxing her juices to flow.

As their mouths parted, Leander took in a deep breath, inhaling the mixed scents of their sweat and Daphne’s essence. A most animalistic desire overcame him as he savoured the intoxicating scents that assailed his nostrils. The sound of Daphne’s ragged breathing and continuous moaning did nothing to decrease his desire; if any, it further fueled it.

Supporting Daphne’s body, he slowly rolled onto his back, taking her with him. He wanted her on top, where she could do as she wanted to fulfill her longing for his flesh. If the best way to satisfy this woman was to cede control, Leander was more than prepared to do it. Anything to please her. Anything for Daphne.

Now without him to restrain her, Daphne immediately reached for his cock, squeezing it appreciatively before impaling herself on it. Leander had the most exquisite feeling as he was welcomed into her depths, surrounded by her warm wetness. The tightness of her inner walls squeezing his pole of flesh was highly gratifying.

“You fill me up so completely,” Daphne purred, taking the hand which had been stimulating her folds a few moments ago. She kissed it, inhaling the scent of her own juices while staring into Leander’s eyes. She began gently rocking back and forth, her every movement giving the general immense pleasure. “I always feel empty without you.”

Leander groaned her name, his hands dropping to her waist as Daphne began increasing the pace of her ride. He watched as she closed her eyes, her lips parted, her head thrown back, her hair in glorious disarray, cascading down her back in a rich golden hue reminiscent of threads of silk used for the finest gowns.

Gods, how he loved her! Leander could not help but close his eyes, drowning in the sensations that each pump of Daphne’s hips brought. From outside came the sounds of subdued laughter and barked orders, as the Duke of Wildercross’s servants were starting their day’s work. Not that either Leander or Daphne cared; after all, lovers in the highest peak of passion were oblivious to the world around them, knowing nobody but each other, aware of nothing but the sensations that assaulted their bodies from the intimate joining of flesh and the imminent release that came afterwards.

As the heat of the moment ebbed, Daphne rested her head on Leander’s shoulder, moving off him to settle by his side. They were both breathing hard, both bathed in sweat, both trying to put their thoughts back in order as awareness of the world started coming back.

“That was amazing,” Daphne said.

Leander kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. “You are amazing.”

The lady looked up at him to smile. “So are you.”

They shared another kiss before falling silent, locked in an embrace while they waited for their breathing to calm down.


As reality sank back in, however, Leander’s thoughts led him to the Duke of Wildercross.

If the Duke was aware that Daphne was sleeping in his room, the confrontation with Daphne’s father had to come soon — perhaps even today. And in spite of Daphne’s optimism, Leander had his misgivings. No father as wealthy and influential as the Duke would let such matters go smoothly; the best case scenario was that Leander would be ordered to leave Daphne, never to see her again.

‘Can I endure that?’ he thought, still extremely aware of the feel of her body against his. She appeared so vulnerable, so feeble, as she curled up beside him like that, and Leander knew that he could never leave her — not even if there was a threat of painful death looming over him. He would die first before he leaves Daphne.

“Your mind is wandering,” the lady commented after a while.

He did not try to cloak his qualms. “Your father is sure to talk to me today.”

Heaving a huge sigh, Daphne propped herself on her elbow so that she could look at his face. Her other hand, she used to trace patterns on his chest. “You are still apprehensive.”

“Until I find out what’s in his mind, I will remain so.”

Daphne canlı bahis siteleri flashed a small smile. “My father has a heart, Leander, and I know that I own a great chunk of it. He will accommodate my wishes. He will not deny me my desire.”

Leander, too, sighed, as he returned her smile. “It’s precisely because he loves you that he will object to a relationship between the two of us. You are a lady — “

“An illegitimate daughter, if you have forgotten,” Daphne interjected.

“Even so,” he insisted. “You still have noble blood flowing in your veins, and I am a mere soldier who fights for the kingdom under your father’s banner.”

“You are not a mere soldier,” Daphne said, now sitting up. “You are the man who took care of me since I was a little child — the man to whom I owe my life. You are the general who saved me from the grasp of an unknown soldier when I was in Elgeshore — “

“A soldier I was supposed to command in the first place,” he reminded her. “Besides, I am the same general who robbed you off the very thing that that soldier coveted — your innocence.”

Daphne frowned and stared at him for a long time, before asking silently, “Are you giving up on me, Leander? Just because Papa might not approve?”

He sat up, too, leaning against the headboard. “No, it’s not that. I just want you to see the whole picture so that you know what to expect. I don’t want you to have such high hopes if they would have to be dashed afterwards.”

“I see the whole picture,” Daphne told him, standing up to retrieve the nightdress he discarded earlier. “I know that Papa may still decide to keep me away from you, but I choose not to think about that.” She slipped back into the nightdress. “Once, when I was younger, Papa told me that one of the greatest powers of the human mind lies in its ability to see the future in a positive light. If you can think that the future will bend to your will, chances are that it will. If there’s one lesson from Papa that I dare not ever forget, it’s that one. So I want to believe right now. If the future, which some people think is predetermined, could bend to people’s wishful thinking from time to time, then, there’s a possibility that my father, who most people think never changes his mind, would cave in this one time and let me decide for myself.”

Looking at her as she tried to make her case, Leander was surprised to realize just how much Daphne has grown. Sure, he never thought her shallow, but he never expected her to have this kind of conviction either. Which was very strange, given that he had seen her resolve before, when she was plotting to get away from him in Elgeshore.

“Forgive me, little one,” he found himself saying after a while.

Daphne smiled woefully, bending a little to plant a kiss on his lips. “Just try, Leander, won’t you? I have already talked to Papa, and he was not as scary and authoritarian as I thought he would be. Just try to make him understand, and maybe he will.”

He sighed, grinning at her. “I don’t even know why I worry so. He will never succeed in convincing me to leave you, anyway. Even if he throws me away, I will come back to you.” He took her hand. “Maybe it’s just because I don’t want to lose you, ever, even for just a moment.”

Upon hearing that, Daphne smiled with true mirth in the corner of her lips. “You will never lose me. Never.”


The coat-of-arms of the House of Wildercross hang on the ceiling behind the Duke’s imposing chair, and as he waited for the man to arrive, Leander could not help but stare at it. Even now, after all these years, the sight of it still intimidates him. Perhaps because it was a symbol of power, the banner of the house that kept Thersale and the surrounding kingdoms at peace until recently. The war that took place, now won by Thersalians, once again proved the power of this house, and it would be decades, perhaps even centuries, before another kingdom attempts to challenge it again.

Not for the first time, Leander wondered why the House of Southair ruled the kingdom, when it was the House of Wildercross that held all the power. It would not take much for Wildercross to usurp the throne should he want to, having been descendants of the house that contested Southair’s claim on the throne centuries ago. But he did not, and Leander was pretty certain that he would never.

Indeed, Daphne’s father was a great enigma. He was so hard to discern. Here was a man who could raze a city to the ground with the mere flick of his fingers, yet he did not want to claim the throne – not even if he controlled two-thirds of the kingdom’s army, not even if it was his power and influence that kept other kingdoms at bay. He had a reputation for cruelty, yet the love he showed for his illegitimate daughter was even greater than the affection other fathers felt for their legitimate sons.

So, perhaps there was a basis for Daphne’s optimism. The only time the Duke forced his will upon his daughter was when he arranged a marriage for her almost three years ago. But when Daphne ran away, he sent men to look for her — not to bring her back, but to find out if she was all right. He only sent Leander to bring her back to Thersale when the war broke out.