Tales of Velvet City Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older.

The characters in this story are original creations of the erotic artist Shiin and appear here with his approval. In this story, like in Shiin’s comics and drawings, the women are exceptionally curvy, the men are impossibly well-endowed, erections last for hours and verisimilitude is simply not relevant. If any of that is not to your liking, you might want to consider reading something else.

As always and more than ever, don’t expect any semblance of realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


As far as Robb was concerned, being a nude model in a drawing class was hands down the best job in the world. Sure, the pay was modest to say the least, but there were other inherent benefits that made up for it, and then some.

While he gazed across the semicircle of women gathered in the art studio, an irrepressible smirk danced on Robb’s lips. As always, every attendee of the drawing class that night was female, mostly MILFs and college girls. Since he had started posing nude a few weeks before, Robb had managed to hook up with more than half of the women there, starting with Julia, the thirty-four year old painter and art teacher that hosted the class and owned the studio.

As he slowly scanned the room from his vantage point sitting on a chair atop the small platform at the center of the studio, Robb’s roguish grin widened whenever he met the eyes of one of the aspiring artists he had already had the pleasure of fucking. Similarly, his young and handsome face was animated by a quick allusive wink any time he locked gazes with a still unfucked beauty. Like so many women in Velvet City, most of the art enthusiasts attending Julia’s class were beautifully curvy, with big round tits and shapely bubble-butts whose mere thought made Robb’s cock harden.

Unfortunately, picturing in his mind the plump asses of the MILFs and coeds he had plowed and those he still wanted to plunder was all that Robb could do; the visual pleasure of actually seeing their round juicy butts was denied to him since every woman in the studio was sitting on a stool, either with an easel before her or holding a sketching pad in her lap. The only exception was Julia, who was slowly walking around the semicircle of her students, whispering advice to them and appraising their progress. All the while though, the lovely teacher kept casting Robb long intense glances as she slowly strutted around the studio, swaying her hips deliciously to accentuate the protruding curve of her full, bouncy booty.

That night Julia’s cleavage was generously exposed by the dress she was wearing, its light blue cloth emphasizing the perkiness of her bra-less tits and her stiff, upturned nipples. Still, it was the way Julia’s dress hugged her juicy ass and accentuated its roundness that captivated Robb’s attention the most, sending jolts of arousal to his chubby cock whenever the teacher had her back turned to him, which occurred often and obviously on purpose. Robb was dreamily musing about the way Julia’s long light-brown braid seemed to teasingly point down at her sumptuous round rump when, suddenly, she turned to face him, flashing him a coquettish smirk.

“Okay, Robb. I think we can start with the standing poses now,” Julia said out loud, the corners of her mouth turning up knowingly, her husky voice vibrating with anticipation.

“Sure thing, Julia!” Robb happily replied, grinning at the cute apple-bottomed art teacher as he jumped off the chair he was sitting on to stand up straight, his hands on his hips and his pelvis thrust out.

At that, a chorus of giggly gasps and drawn-out sighs of longing filled the studio. Every last one of the women gathered there was suddenly bug-eyed and slack-mouthed, awestruck by the spectacle of the naked young man’s enormous erection exposed in all its meaty, girthy might. Despite being only half-hard, Robb’s monstercock looked already impossibly huge as it jutted out and pointed menacingly at the murmuring semicircle. As his smile widened at the ego-boosting spectacle of two dozen horny women staring enraptured at his groin, Robb’s impressive schlong throbbed and swelled even more, causing another round of titters and coos from his audience.

“Alright, ladies, back to work now. Less staring, more drawing!” Julia chuckled after allowing herself to lustfully drink in Robb’s superbly virile cock for a few seconds as well.

As she resumed walking around the room, Julia noticed that, unsurprisingly, all of her students were focused on capturing Robb’s enormous penis on paper. A few of the most diligent participants did bother to sketch out the contours of the young man’s toned and evenly muscled figure, tracing a few vague lines to indicate his torso and limbs, yet every drawing pad upon which Julia laid her eyes seemed to contain a most accurate rendition of Robb’s beefy, semi-erect pole.

The pretty art teacher escort was slipping into a sweet state of anticipation-laced daydream as she envisioned the pleasure she would be taking from that huge slab of dickmeat once the class was over and she could have some time alone with Robb once more, but a sudden commotion broke her reverie. Thumping, hurried steps were heard from the corridor outside, getting nearer by the moment. Julia was still emerging from her naughty fantasies when the loud bang of the doors bursting open made everybody turn around to see a panting and gorgeously curvaceous Asian girl standing there, leaning against the door frame, huffing and puffing like she had been running.

Petite and deliciously cute, the newcomer was dressed in a skinny purple T-shirt and dark shorts, with her raven hair parted in the middle and bunched in two twintails. Her black, soulful almond-shaped eyes were big and lustrous, the peachy skin of her face flushed with exertion while the rising and falling of her ample chest made her huge, jutting breasts jiggle rhythmically underneath the tight-fitting fabric of her top.

“Sorry I’m late, Julia… My stupid car broke down a few blocks away…” the girl said as she caught her breath and looked apologetically at the art teacher.

“Lin, you made it! I was starting to think you had changed your mind about this. Okay then, you can change in that room over there, sweetie,” Julia said as she smiled affably at the curvy brunette and indicated the door leading to the adjoining room that she used for storage and to give the models some privacy when they undressed. Addressing the class, Julia went on: “Ladies, tonight Lin is going to be modeling for us with Robb. I expect you all to draw a comparison of the female and male body, focusing on their defining anatomical traits.”

As Julia talked to her students and Lin disappeared into the changing room, her wide hips swaying and her bouncy shorts-clad bubble-butt wobbling magnificently at her every step, Robb felt his cock flex with joyous anticipation at the thought of seeing the petite Asian beauty totally naked real soon. Even though Robb and Lin didn’t usually run in the same circles, they had sort of known each other superficially for a while. Recently though, they had gotten much better acquainted at a party where, after talking and drinking and fooling around a bit, Lin had dragged Robb to a bedroom and given him such an amazing blowjob that the memory of it still remained very vivid in his mind, often recurring in his dreams. In truth, Robb’s recollections of that party were hazy at best and faded into drunken blackness beyond the point where he came like a fire hose down Lin’s wet constricting throat, but he was one hundred percent sure that he would remember it if he had fucked any other of the voluptuous brunette’s holes beside her sweet mouth.

“Now, Robb,” Julia continued, calling the handsome young man back from his horny musings, “I assume it won’t be a problem for you to model together with Lin, right?”

The playful tone of Julia’s voice and a chorus of girlish giggles from the semicircle of women made Robb look down to see that his boner was now fully hard, having swelled and grown to monstrously big proportions at the mere thought of having a female model as sexy as Lin posing beside him. Cracking a mischievous smile, Robb stood straighter, flexing his mighty horsecock proudly as he replied: “Oh no, it won’t be a problem at all, Julia!”

Moments later, having left her clothes in the storage room, Lin stepped back into the studio, now gloriously naked. Not only Robb, but also quite a few of the female students stared at the Asian beauty as she made her way across the class, heading to take her place on the central platform. Though big and round and heavy, Lin’s swaying tits had a youthful gravity-defying perkiness to them that was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as were the rosy puffy buds of her upturned nipples. Looking lower, past her cute soft-looking tummy, it was the pink vision of Lin’s shaved pussy lips peeking from between her smooth thighs that caught the eye and forced it to linger. Yet, now that it had been unveiled in all its plump bouncy juiciness, it was Lin’s spectacular bubble-butt that stood out as her most amazing, incredibly enticing asset.

A masterpiece in its own right, even more attractive than her big bulging boobs and her lovely little slit, the petite brunette’s protruding ass was indeed worthy of being drawn and sketched and made immortal somehow through art, even if only by a class of amateurs. As he watched her cross the room to reach him, the rippling undulations of Lin’s large shapely rump and the way her round asscheeks gently wobbled and jiggled with her every step were literally making Robb’s mouth water while his rock-hard monstercock pulsated with desire. As if those fleshy bootylicious globes weren’t irresistible enough in and of themselves, the long-stalked pink rose tattooed on the curvaceous fullness of Lin’s left escort bayan buttcheek was the ideal finishing touch to the incredible combination of girlish beauty and womanly voluptuousness that she was.

“Okay then, Lin,” Julia said, smiling gently at the raven-haired girl as she timidly stepped onto the modeling podium. “Just stand next to Robb as we go through the poses, like we discussed.”

Slightly nervous about her very first session of nude modeling, Lin just nodded at Julia and kept looking shyly down until she was standing on the platform right beside the male model. As soon as she heard Julia call him ‘Robb’ though, Lin raised her eyes and turned to really look at him for the first time that night. Having totally ignored him earlier when she had burst into the class all worried and fluster from being late, recognizing him now as soon as their eyes met, Lin couldn’t help but greet him with an unbidden yelp of surprise.

“Robb!?” the curvy brunette squeaked, trying to blink her momentary shock away as her gaze involuntarily roamed from Robb’s spiky blonde hair and handsome face to travel down his toned chest and sculpted abs and lower still. Despite herself, Lin couldn’t stop her eyes from staring at the obscenely massive slab of stiff dickmeat jutting from Robb’s groin and throbbing powerfully mere inches from her own naked body. “I… I didn’t know you were a nude model!”

“I didn’t know you were one either, Lin! First time, uh?” Robb smiled brightly in response, noticing with pleasure how Lin’s alluring almond-shaped eyes bugged out at the sight of his enormous boner.

“Uhm, yeah…” Lin nodded, feeling both relieved and sort of tingly inside at the realization that it was Robb of all people and not some random dude that she was allowing to see her posing naked that night. “I hope I do well… I’ve known Julia since I was a kid and she’d come over to babysit me, she’s like family, kind of, and I really don’t wanna let her down on this. I mean, she asked me to step in tonight because another model chickened out on her at the last minute, so I agreed to help her out. I probably should have said no, but she’s a friend and all, so… Gosh, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this.”

“Are you kidding me?! You’ll do great, Lin! I mean, seriously, with a body like yours…” Robb replied with an allusive wink and a long good appraising stare at Lin’s fabulous jugs and epic bubble-butt. “For starters, you’re definitely the hottest girl in here tonight, hands down. And that ass, Lin… Wow. Just wow!”

Giggling and rolling her eyes at Robb’s brazen compliments, yet feeling much better already, Lin stood straighter and forced her gaze to remain fixed forward on the class. Noticing that during their brief dialogue everyone had kept drawing, Lin murmured with a sidelong glance at Robb: “I guess we should try to act professional or something.”

“Yeah, sure. Let’s act professional!” Robb chuckled softly, maintaining his forward-facing stance for the benefit of the class but unable to remove his eyes from Lin’s soft, amazingly full curves.

As the models struck their poses, Julia resumed slowly walking from easel to easel, giving advice to her students and admiring the progress of their drawings. Smiling to herself, the cute art teacher was not in the least surprised to notice that the obsession with Robb’s monumental erection was still afflicting all the women in her class, even though some of them were also doing a pretty good job of depicting Lin’s ample tits and big shapely ass.

Every five minutes or so, Julia directed Lin and Robb to assume new poses, making them turn to their side or raise an arm or shift their head one way or the other. All the while, she didn’t fail to notice how Robb’s meaty, lewdly spellbinding boner kept hardening and swelling bigger as he feasted his eyes on Lin’s gorgeous nakedness, in particular on her bouncy bubble-butt. Aware both of Robb’s obvious attraction for the petite brunette and of his deep craving for plump juicy asses, Julia snickered to herself as she wondered how a sweet little thing like Lin could ever even begin to take a horsecock like Robb’s in her pussy, let alone up her butt.

Little did the art teacher know that, though usually shy and quiet, Lin had in fact taken her fair share of fat hard schlongs inside all three of her greedy holes. Having been buttfucked on several occasions, Lin had eventually become used to having her tiny little asshole stretched out and deeply pummeled by the kind of massive monstercocks that were so common in Velvet City and that, curiously enough, tended to belong to guys with a rabid passion for curvy feminine rumps.

Having often felt self-conscious about her big bubble-butt, Lin had actually welcomed the attentions that guys devoted to her ass. Much to her own surprise, she had found out that she liked anal sex a lot, in some ways even more than regular intercourse. It was therefore with a warm sense of empowerment and naughty pride that Lin basked bayan escort in the persistent and undisguised glances that Robb kept casting at her plump protruding booty as they shifted from pose to pose at Julia’s command.

Beside getting her hornier by the second with its sheer hugeness and intimidating presence, the nearness of Robb’s beefy log also reminded Lin of the time not long past when they had hooked up at a party. That night Lin had gotten uncharacteristically drunk, to the point of being more than willing to let Robb have his way with whichever of her holes he wanted to plow. Sadly, right after she had made him cum in her mouth to take the edge off and allow him to last longer for some real ass-pounding action, they had been rudely interrupted when the neighbors complained about the noise and the cops showed up, putting an abrupt end to the party and ruining what Lin had hoped would be a long night of wild, uninhibited sex.

Now, standing totally naked right beside his sculpted and equally naked body, Lin could barely contain her mischievous joy at the thought that, maybe, she just might have been given a fortuitous second chance to feel Robb’s enormous monstercock pumping deep inside her.

Excited by such thoughts, no matter how much she tried to stay focused on her poses, Lin simply couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at Robb’s massive pole. As flashbacks of their one brief oral encounter kept replaying inside her head, Lin shivered all over at the mere thought of the torrential load of cum that Robb had blasted down her throat on that occasion, flooding her mouth to overflowing as rope after warm rope of spunk plastered her oral cavity and filled her tummy with his creamy, deliciously thick seed. The vividness of her lewd memories was such that Lin unconsciously licked her lips, as if absurdly hoping to catch the taste of Robb’s potent ejaculate still lingering there somehow.

As the drawing class went on and she assumed whatever pose Julia instructed her to assume, Lin just kept growing more and more excited. The naughty thrills of arousal that coursed through her were empowered by a heady yet titillating sense of shame at the prospect that someone would notice how her pussy was getting wet while her clit swelled with need between her puffy, shaved labia. Every now and then, when her poses allowed it, Lin went as far as to press her thighs together real tight, so as to give her moist little slit a modicum of attention. Needless to say, that only served to increase her bubbling arousal.

Unsurprisingly, entranced as they all were by the male model’s towering manhood, none of the art students looked at Lin’s groin intently enough to realize that she was desperately horny, but Robb himself saw it. To Robb, the awareness that Lin was hot for him was just as exciting as the sight of her stupendous bubble-butt and her big round tits, so much so that it caused his roguish grin never to disappear while his portentous erection remained throbbing and rock-hard all through the class. In truth, the urge to pick up things were they had left them that one time at the party was taking up all the available room in Robb’s mind, which was exactly what was happening to Lin as well.

By the time the life drawing part of the lesson was over and the models’ services were no longer required, both Lin and Robb were sizzling with mutual albeit unspoken desire. When Julia finally dismissed them, her words came as a relief for them, and a silent shared promise of more entertaining things to come soon.

“Okay everyone, time to let our models go so we can review your assignments from last week. Lin, Robb: thanks a lot for this. The storage room is all yours…” Julia said with a knowing smirk and an allusive wink that made Robb chuckle while Lin gasped and blushed violently, covering her mouth with her hand.

As the models left the platform and disappeared inside the storage room, the pretty teacher turned around and scanned her class, taking in the disappointed expressions painted on the faces of every woman and girl assembled there. Julia’s impish grin became an empathetic smile as she let out a long-drown-out sigh that matched the murmurs of longing caused by Robb’s disappearance from sight.

“Yeah, ladies, I know…” Julia sniggered as her students started volunteering their drawings for review. “Discussing still lifes of vases and fruit isn’t as fun as looking at a young big-dicked stud, is it?”

At that, a general giggle of assent resounded in the studio, barely filtering through the closed door to the storage room where Lin and Robb had retired.


A lingering smell of paints and pigments saturated the dimly-lit storage room, while a clutter of clay sculptures, easels, frames, canvasses and all kinds of art supplies gave it a messy but not unpleasant vibe. As she walked past the big sturdy-looking wooden bench where she had left her things, Lin couldn’t help but bite her plush lips through her excited smile. Not daring to turn around and face Robb, she could nonetheless feel him walking right behind her, his steps slow and measured. Like her, he did not seem in any hurry to retrieve his clothes and get dressed just yet.