Tamina’s Naughty Secret

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I am Tamina and in my 30s. I have an Asian background and I have a very bad secret. Let me take you back many years to when I was an 18 year old schoolgirl studying for my A levels before I went off to university. My strict Asian parents insisted that during the school holidays when they were at work I had to stay with neighbours. They wanted to know where I was going to be during the day. I was not allowed to go out with friends.

The neighbours had a son who was a couple of years older than me and already at university. Once when his mother was out I caught him rubbing his cock when I went to the bathroom and passed his bedroom. I had no idea what he was doing but was fascinated with it. I watched through a crack in the door and loved the look on his face as spurt after spurt of white sticky stiff shot out the end of it.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that he had left the door open and hoped I would see him.

Whenever his mother went out he would immediately go up to his bedroom. I would give him a couple of minutes and then go up too and stand outside his bedroom and watch him which gave me a very nice feeling between my legs.

One day I followed him up to his room and as he was rubbing himself he called out ‘Tamina, I know you’re there, why don’t you come in watch me.’

My first reaction was to run back downstairs but something made me go into his bedroom. I was amazed at the size and thickness of his cock. He was slowly rubbing his hand up and down his cock. He was breathing deeply and he had his eyes closed. I could see by the look on his face how much he was enjoying it.

I couldn’t take my eyes of him and was feeling almost wet in my white panties. After a while he said, ‘Do you want to rub it for me?’

I didn’t think about it and just reached out and felt his cock. It felt so hard and I immediately loved the feel of it.

‘Wank me,’ he said.

I didn’t know what the word meant but assumed he wanted me to rub him. I ran my hand up and down the shaft and soon he was calling out, ‘Oh yes, that’s great, that’s it, I’m cumming.’

I loved it as he shot spurt after spurt of the white sticky stuff out all over my hands. I looked at my hands all covered in it. I don’t know what made me do it, but I lifted my hand to my mouth and dipped my tongue into it. I loved the taste straight away. It was hot and creamy and I licked my hand clean and swallowed it all.

He didn’t touch me although I would have let him if he wanted to. I felt really damp bewteen my l;egs and had a nice sort of glowing feeling.

Later that night in bed I kept thinking about what I had done. I realised my nipples were getting harder and I started playing with them. I had never done anything like this before but I loved the feeling I gave myself. The harder I pinched them the more I liked it. I was now getting really quite wet bewteen my legs and my hand soon went down there. I started rubbing myself and realised how wet it was. I loved the feeling and the faster and harder i rubbed the better it felt.

I pulled the bedclothes off me and parted my legs I slipped a finger inside myself. This was something I had never even thought about but it just seemed the natural güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thing to do. I sighed with pleasure as I slowly withdrew my finger and then thrust it back inside. I had never ever felt so much pleasure. Looking back at it now I don’t think I orgasmed but it gave me a really great feeling.

The next morning I was due to go and spend the day with my neighbours and went round there very excitedly.

I couldn’t wait for his mother to go out so I suggested we went up to his room to listen to some music. When we got there I said ‘Do you want me to play with you?’

He didn’t need to answer as he dropped his trousers and underpants straight away. I reached out for his hard cock and slowly started rubbing it. I loved the feel in my hand as it got even harder.

I said to him, ‘Play with my tits.’

I don’t think he could believe what I said but he reached under my T shirt and rubbed them through my bra. I stopped rubbing him and took of my T shirt and bra and we sat on the bed. I started playing with him again and he played with my nipples. I loved the feel as he pinched and squeezed them. I was now getting very wet betwen my legs and rubbing him furiously.

I sensed he was about to cum and I held my other hand at the tip of his cock and felt the warm sticky stuff spurt into my hand. I did this deliberately as I wanted to lick it all up.

He carried on playing with my tits and I dipped my tongue into the palm of my hand and licked all the lovely white sticky cum into my mouth. I didn’t lose a drop and soon my hand was spotless. I rolled his cum around my mouth and loved the texture and taste of it before I swallowed it all.

He said, ‘There’s still some on the end of my cock, why don’t you lick it clean for me?’

I didn’t hesitate and lowered my face and licked the remains of his ejaculation opf his cock. I sensed his cock getting harder again and I carried on licking it and then opened my mouth and put it inside. I clamped my lips tight around the ever hardening shaft and started moving my mouth up and down. He was still paying with my tits and I freally would have liked him to play with my pussy but I was so enjoying sucking him that I didn’t mind.

After a short while he was rock hard and thrusting forward to meet my mouth. I reached down and squeezed his balls. Suddenly his cock started twitching and throbbingand with my lips still clamped tightly round his cock I flet spurt after spurt of his hot cum hit the back of my mouth. I was in heaven as I tasted his wonderful nectar.

He took his cock out and I licked it clean allowing me to savour the taste of his cum. My pussy was soaking wet now and I said, ‘Will you play with me now?’

I took my trousers and panties off and sat on the bed with my legs wide apart. He slid a finger inside my soaking wet opening and started finger fucking me. I was getting more and more aroused and extremely wet and after a few more minutes of this wonderful pleasure I had my first sensational orgasm.

I never thought that anything could ever be this good as I lay back and took in the wonderful feeling that follows a huge cum.

This was really the beginning of my sexual güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri life. I masturbated daily and whenever I got the opportunity I would suck boys off. I really felt I was addicted to the taste of cum and got an awful lot of sex. The trouble was that I also started getting a very bad reputation and at college I was known as slutty Tamina. Not that I minded that if it meant I got lots of cocks to suck and cum to eat.

I soon realised that I had a problem and that I was actually addicted to sucking cocks. I just couldn’t help it, I adored the taste and feeling of cum in my mouth.

When I was about 27 I was introduced to Hanif through some mutual friends and I liked him a lot straight away. I realised that if I wanted the relationship to develop I would have to curb my cock sucking. Although I was sure he would enjoy it I needed to stop my addiction and if I did it to Hanif I would never get rid of the problem.

My relationship with Hanif soon progressed and we were having great sex although I refused to suck him. I felt really guilty as I adored it when he lay between my legs and licked and sucked my pussy and made me cum all over his face.

We married and I kept making excuses about why I wouldn’t suck his cock but we had a great sex life anyway.

We have now been married 5 years and the cock sucking urges are getting stronger and stronger when I thought they would be going away. Eventually I couldn’t resist any more. Hanif has been at work and I am at home waiting for him. I have showered and trimmed my pubic hair and put my make up on. I have bought a new pair black lacy knickers, suspender belt and stockings. I put on my high heels shoes and admire myself as a look at myself in the full length mirror.

I am getting very damp between my legs and I am desperately trying to stop myself masturbating before Hanif gets home. He thinks I do not masturbate but in reality I still enjoy it immensely. Hanif is due home shortly and I cannot decide whether to jump on him as soon as he gets home or wait until later.

Soon my own question gets answered as my pussy is so wet and my yearning to taste male cum again is so overwhelming that I have no option that to jump on my sexy Hanif as he arrives home.

I have only a few minutes before he is due home. I check my make up and admire myself in the mirror. I turn round and look at my black seemed stockings and high heel shoes. I know Hanif thinks I look very sexy wearing these. I have to admit wearing stockings, suspenders and high heels makes me feel sexy. I look at the clock and know he is only minutes away. I suddenly make a decision. I lift my skirt, drop my knickers to the floor and step out of them. I pick them up and hide them under a cushion on the sofa.

Oh Hanif, where are you, I am so horny.

Seconds later I hear his key in the door. He comes in and smile as he sees how I am dressed.

We kiss each other passionately on the lips, I am sure he loves the taste of my lipstick. I say, ‘I have a surprise for you my darling Hanif, come upstairs with me.’

I take his hand and he follows me upstairs, as we go up he sees that under my short skirt I am knickerless. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He is now getting quite hard.

We go into the bedroom and carry on kissing. Our mouths open and accept each others tongue. Our hands are now frantically undressing each other and he is delighted when he realises that I am wearing stockings and suspenders.

I undo his trousers and along with his underpants they drop to the floor and I am delighted that he is as big and hard ever. I lower myself and get on my knees. My face is only inches away from his cock, my Hanif’s huge lovely throbbing cock and his balls look so full of his lovely hot sticky cum that I will soon be tasting.

I lean forward and open my mouth and take his cock in it. I clamp my lipstick coated lips tightly round my darling’s cock and slowly move my mouth up and down his shaft. I reach up and squeeze his spunk filled balls. I suck as hard as I can and then use my tongue on the tip and lick all round the head. My hand loves squeezing his balls.

My Hanif is breathing so heavily now as his orgasms nears. A sudden thought hits me – if he cums how is he going to be able satisfy me, but he can lick my pussy and make me orgasm that way – but that thought only lasts a few seconds as more than anything else I want his cum in my mouth.

I am moving my mouth up and down his shaft as fast and as hard as I can. I feel the head of my darling’s cock at the back of my throat as he pushes forward to meet me. He too is speeding up and is now almost fucking my mouth. He shudders and cries out as spurt after spurt of his hot spunk hits the back of my throat. He just seems to keep cumming and cumming as my mouth is soon so full of his cum. There is so much I cannot keep it all in my mouth and it starts dribbling out over my lipstick coated lips.

I take his cock out and using my tongue lick it all back into my mouth. I savour the taste, the texture. Oh it’s as wonderful as it always has been. I ask myself why I didn’t do this to him before. I swirl his cum round my mouth and gradually swallow it all. Hanis is now relaxing on the bed or should I say recovering.

But I need to cum now. I crawl over to him and lick the end of his cock clean as its still covered in his cum. My tongue licks it clean and I start sucking him again. I know he won’t be able to cum again just yet but my intention is just to get him hard and excited again.

Soon he’s hard again and although I’ve convinced myself that I could suck another explosion of spunk out of him I need to cum. I now lie down on the bed with my legs wide apart and my feet on the floor. Hanid now kneels on the floor and between my legs. I know my pussy is glistening as I am so wet. I feel his tongue on my pussy lips and I put my hands behind his head and pull him tight against me. His mouth and tongue are now on my clit and I know its only time before I cum.

I am now grinding my pussy against my Hanif’s face as I feel my orgasm nearing. Oh god I so need to cum.

I don’t know how he is managing to breath as I am holding his head so tightly against my pussy, my cunt, oh fuck its so good, oh fuck i’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh fuck it’s wonderful as my Hanif brings me to a thundering orgasm.

Now I lie back and recover but soon my thoughts are returning to the wonderful taste of my Hanif’s cum. I know he needs to recover but already I’m beginning to realise I need the taste of cum in my mouth again.

Somehow I think my Hanif is going to be quite happy with my addiction.