Taming Jasmine

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Taming JasmineOur meetings became more frequent following the blow job event. We started to see each other on a more or less weekly basis and always ended our chats with some form of sex act. Some times without leaving the premises, furtive fingering or wanking under the table when we felt we could get away with it. Other times we’d sneak into the toilet and fuck or give each other oral relief. Occasionally we would take a drive to a more remote location just outside the city, walk a while then indulge ourselves. Mostly though we would end up in one or the others car, wherever we’d parked, relieving each other in some form of mutual masturbation or fucking or, most often, both. But I wanted more. I wanted to fulfill the desire I had held since I first saw her showing herself off in public. She controlled when we met, she dictated how and when we got in touch, when and how we got intimate. Jasmine controlled everything, what we did and where we did it. I wanted Jasmine to submit to my will, fully and without question for once.And so one night, almost a year after our first encounter, I found myself in a Travelodge hotel room. It was a standard room, double bed, two armchairs either side of the plain but large and sturdy coffee table, and a worktop counter type thing, with a large mirror mounted on the wall, that served as a desk come dressing table. Arranged on the counter were a few cosmetic items, Jasmine’s hair brush and pair of severe looking nipple clamps fashioned as miniature clothes pegs. I was dressed smartly, wearing a plain white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Jasmine stood before me naked, back turned toward me, her taught young body so soft and smooth. I gently touched the base of her neck, “shoulders back” I said and she complied immediately, chest pushed out, her tiny tits standing proud. “I’ve been thinking about how things are between us” I said as I traced my fingers slowly, delicately down along her spine, following the arch of her back, then cupping one of her small, firm but soft, beautifully round bum cheeks in the palm of my hand. “Really?” she asked, sounding a little puzzled. My finger tips reached into her thigh gap as I gently squeezed her buttock, fingers grazing the crease of her thigh, tantalisingly close to her soft fleshy mound. “Yeah, really” I replied, “It’s just that you have all the control Jasmine. Here I am, running to you whenever you call, doing your bidding whenever you wish and.. Well, sometimes I wonder if that’s not a little unfair”. I tapped at her heels with my foot. “Wider” I commanded and she shuffled her feet widening her stance. “Oh.. I.. er.. I never really thought about it I supose..” She sounded confused now, unsure of where this was going. I reached between her legs, finger tips running over her lips, satin smooth but dry, tighty curled and tucked away for now. No pressing or probing, I just skimmed over her precious place until the tips of my fingers rested just above the beginning of her slit, the puffy flesh of her bulge feeling so soft and firm beneath them. I could feel the warmth between her legs, cupping her pussy from behind, soft lips pressed against my palm. “I know, and that’s kind of the point. I think you’ve been a little selfish. Don’t you?””Well I guess, maybe.. a little, I’m sorry””Are you, really?” I asked.”Yes.. yes of course…”I clenched my hand violently, making a fist. Squeezing as tightly as I could I grabbed her cunt, fingers trapping the mound of soft puffy flesh against the heel of my thumb, mashing and mangling it, finger nails digging into her plump pudendum. Jasmine gasped deeply, bending forward slightly. My other hand shot up, tangling in her hair and making a fist. I yanked down and back, Jerking her head backwards, forcing her to stand straight.. Shoulders back, chest forward. “Posture Jasmine” I whispered into her ear, brushing my lips against her earlobe.”Sorry.. so sorry” was her breathless reply. Panting slightly, short fast breaths, she fought to remain composed. I released her hair and she kept her head tipped back as I ran my fingers down to the side of her neck, gently caressing her skin as I slid them round to her beautifully arched throat, my thumb pressing at the back of her neck. I kept hold of her pussy, squeezing hard and not relenting, lifting slightly, forcing her up onto tip toes. Jasmines legs trembled and quivered as I held her, cunt squished in my fist, gently squeezing her throat. “OK Baby?”. She nodded her response, precociously biting her lip.”Good girl”.I looked at her face, head tilted backwards resting on my shoulder. So pretty and delicate, a single tear ran down her cheek. I touched it with the tip of my tongue and tasted it’s saltiness. I dropped my hand from her throat to her shoulder, not relinquishing my grip on her pussy. Her legs were trembling more violently, her back arched more taughtly, her shoulder blades resting against my chest as she fought to maintain her posture. I could feel a dampness seeping into the palm of my closed fist. I commanded her to raise her arms, which she did beautifully and gracefully, slender limbs stretched staight and true, the back of one hand flat against the palm of the other, pointed upward, reminiscent of a swimmer diving from the block. If submission were an Olympic sport this precious little girl would be champion pendik escort of champions.I reached down and around under her arm, fingers skimming the skin over her delicate ribs, and round to her tiny tit. So pert and perfect, I ran my fingers over and around her boob, stroking gently as she trembled in my grip, listening to the soft rasping of her ragged breathing. I released my grip on Jasmines pussy as I caressed her tit, her body relaxed noticably as she dropped back onto her heels, although she kept good posture, such a star. I kept my hand cupped over her though and could feel the heat and the swelling begin as blood rushed back in to her sweet flesh. She felt hot and heavy in my hand. My cock throbbed in my pants, reminding me, for the first time since we started, surprisingly, of it’s presence. I pressed my hardness against her arse cheek, letting her feel it through my trousers. I uncupped her pussy and brought that hand up over her arse cheek, around her hip and over her stomach. Palm gliding over satin soft skin, it ran over her ribs and settled on her other boob. Standing behind her, engorged cock pressed firmly against her buttock I began to gently caress and massage her tiny tits. Cupping them and squeezing them gently, each hand mirroring the action of other. I felt Jasmine push back against me slightly as I stroked and squeezed her tits, pressing against my erection. I commanded her to lower her hands, and place them behind her, which she did, the back of one hand resting against the palm of the other once more. I pressed my cock against her open palm as I kneaded her breasts, feeling the heat of her hand through my trousers. “Squeeze me” I breathed into her ear and she duly complied, wrapping her tiny hand around my rod and gently squeezing it gently. I squeezed more tightly on her breasts now, bringing the tips of my thumbs and forefingers together, nipples protruding through the circle they formed. I squeezed harder, distorting the shape of her perfectly pert boobs, forcing the soft flesh through the circle of my thumb and finger. Looking down over her shoulder I watched as her nipples swelled, the squeezing action forcing blood into them, engorging them beautifully. I closed the circle. Sliding my thumbs along the sides of my forefingers till her nipples were caught in the space between the heel of my thumb and my palm. Still cupping both breasts, nipples trapped and standing proud, I pushed my hands slightly away from her body, stretching her nipples. Jasmine exhaled deeply, groaning softly as I pulled on her nipples, her grip on my cock tightening at the same time.I released my hold on her boobs and backed away, Jasmines hand relinquishing it’s hold on my erection as I did so. Moving to the counter top I selected one of the clamps, turning to face her as I inspected it. I pinched one of Jasmines nipples, squeezing as hard as I could. Her body tensed and she inhaled sharply, then held her breath as I pulled on her, stretching her as far as I dare. Next I carefully and precisely placed the jaws of the clamp around her nipple, letting it close slowly, and releasing my hold, so that it hung perpendicular to her tiny young breast. Jasmine relaxed visibly asfter the clamp had fully closed, biting into her already sore and hardened nipple, the part that protuded already swelling further and rapidly turning a deeper shade. I turned, retrieved the other clamp and repeated the process before stepping back to admire my beauty. Legs akimbo with her hands behind her, beautifully straight posture, shoulders pushed back and her tits pressed forward. Nipples clamped, swollen and sore. Her pussy still puffy and glowing, her small pumped lips hanging , slightly parted by the swelling. A short string of grool hung from each one, viscous and thick. I ran a finger tip between her lips. Sticky with with her honey I lifted it to her lips, gently smearing them with her musky stickiness. Jasmine poked out her tongue, licking her lips and tasting herself.My hand shot up, between her legs delivering a swift stinging slap to her pussy. Jasmines knees buckled and her legs quivered. “I didn’t tell you to lick your lips Jasmine” I scorned.”oh shit.. oh shit.. sorry.. I.. I’m sorry” she gasped as she straightened her legs, regaining her posture.”Bend over” I commanded. She did, placing her hands on the counter top as I picked up her hair brush. Standing beside her I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her head down, placing the back of the hair brush against the base of her neck I proceded to run it slowly along the length of her spine to the small of her back.”Arch your back.. feet wider.. arse higher”Jasmine complied immediately, pushing her bum up and out, feet spread wide apart and rising up on her toes as I stroked the back of the hairbrush over her buttocks. Pulling on her hair and tipping her head back I looked at Jasmines face in the mirror. Eyes red rimmed with tears, eyeliner smudged to a smoky smear below her lower lids and a few fine mascara trails adorning her cheeks. I saw her look back at me in the mirror.”Eyes forward” I snapped, slapping her arse with the hairbrush.”Sorry” she gasped.I turned the brush over, reaching down and pressing firmly against the back of her leg, just above the knee. I dragged it slowly, painfully, upward. Plastic tipped steel tines dug into the escort pendik soft flesh. Grazing and leaving dozens of fine, livid red trails between knee and buttock. I did the same for the other leg.”How many stokes do you think would be fair Jasmine?” I asked.”I.. I.. I’m not sure she stuttered, “Whatever you think best..””Hmmm.. Let’s begin with ten and see how we go.. Ok?”Yes.. yes.. very good”, she replied breathlessly, whether from pain or anticipation I couldn’t tell, but still very pleasing.”On each cheek that is.. Count for me.” I told her as the brush came down on her arse.”One!” she gasped as her body rocked from the force of the blow.”Louder Jasmine” I ordered as the brush struck another stinging blow.”Two!” she almost shouted.Then, “Three.. Four.. Five.. Six..” each count punctuated by the sharp slap of hard plastic against soft flesh. I rubbed her buttock with the back of the brush, slow and gentle circles soothing the skin. I watched as a warm blush covered her firm round cheek and my eyes tracked to her tight arse hole nestling between her pert young cheeks. That special place I desired the most, I longed to explore with tongue and fingers. And I would, later, but for now Jasmine needed to be tamed.I released a volley of slaps in quick succession, three short and sharp, then the fourth.. brush raised higher than any of the previous nine, I slammed it hard against her. She didn’t stand a chance.”Seven.. Eight.. Nine.. OW!.. shit.. oh shit.! TEN!!.. Oh fuck.. I’m sorry..”Jasmines body rocked, toes stretching as she lifted her arse higher trying to dissipate the impact. “Oh dear Jasmine.. hesitation. And we haven’t even started on the other side yet”I resumed stroking her cheek with the brush.Jasmine was sobbing gently now, tears flowing, snivelling to prevent her nose from running. “I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry!” It was almost a wail.”Ok. We will work the other cheek. Then I’ll consider the punishment for your hesitation. Count them properly this time or things will go worse for you.. Can you do that for me Jasmine?””Yes.. yes.. I can.. I will..” She inhaled deeply through her nose, mouth closed, as she tensed her body ready for the next onslaught. I reached under her as I leaned slightly more forward in order to to strike the other cheek, my free hand finding her nipple clamp. I began to tug gently, stretching and teasing her already sore and swollen nipple. Jasmine groaned deeply as I began to paddle her arse.”One!”. .Slap! .”Two!”.. Slap! .”Three!”.. Slap!.. and so on till we got to five. And then a little respite, once again soothing her reddened cheek with a gentle rub of the brush, moving my free hand to take hold of the other clamp. Then pulling and teasing in the same way, before the spanking resumed.We managed the next five without incident and I again admired my work as I soothed Jasmines buttocks. Beautiful arse cheeks aglow with redness, the back of her thighs streaked with long raking scratches which were beginning to rise magnificently. She looked sore all over. My eyes rested on her pussy through her thigh gap, still swollen but less so than before and not as red as I would have liked.”Stand up” I ordered. And as she rose, “Face me!”She did so and my attention moved to her clamps. I removed one. Jasmine gasped gently as the pressure was relieved, I admired how hard and plump her nipple looked.I held the clamp in one hand, with my other i caressed her boob using the just the tip of my forefinger. I placed it at the top of her tit, then slowly and delicately traced down toward her nipple. Pressing it gently before tracing down below, along the soft underside, over her ribs and toward her navel. Gliding over skin smooth as silk, then further down to the top of her slit. My finger found her clit and I pressed gently, rubbing it slightly.”You made a mistake counting Jasmine” I said, “That cannot go unpunished””Yes” her reply was meek, “I’m very sorry”.I went down on my knees before her. “Show me your button”Jasmine reached a hand between her legs, using finger and thumb she parted herself, exposing her clit. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. Tasting a slight tang of musk. Then started to circle it slowly, flicking it a few times before sucking on it, feeling it harden and grow between my lips. Jasmine pushed forward gently, moaning quietly as I licked and sucked her clitoris. I wanted to do more, to carry on licking and sucking, lay her down and bury my face betwen her legs, then fuck her till I came. But I had to finish what we’d started. Jasmine needed punishment, wanted it even. Once I had finished she would be broken and I would be in control. I would have what ever I wanted from her.I withdrew my mouth and carefully positionined the clamp, then let it close over her hard, small and slippery nubbin. It was no easy task to clamp, but with a little patience and determination, it was done. I stood, and taking her hand, led Jasmine to the bed. I bade her lay down, arse at the foot of the bed, feet planted firmly on the floor, knees wide apart. Her pussy splayed before me, clothes peg clamp standing upright on her clit. I reached over her removing the remaining clamp from her nipple, returning it to the counter and retrieving the hair brush once more.I sat beside her on the edge of the bed and began stroking the back of the brush up and down along pendik escort bayan the inside her thighs.”Hesitation isn’t allowed Jasmine” I said.”I know.. I messed up.. I deserve whatever punishment you feel is fitting, sorry” “Ten more” I said as I ran the back of the brush between her legs, letting her feel the smooth cold plastic against her warm and tender pussy, “And no more mistakes”.”Yes.. of course..” She replied a little nervously, preparing herself for what she had guessed was to come.Angling my wrist so that I could stike her cleanly without dislodging her clamp, I raised my hand and delivered the first slap against her meaty cunt. “One!” she stated loudly and clearly, wincing from the pain. A sob escaped her as I delivered the next, harder than the first. “Two!”. Her legs trembled and started to close, I grabbed with my free hand just above the knee and squeezed hard, pulling her leg back toward me, reminding her to keep them parted. The next stroke came in, harder again. “Three!!”.Then two more in quick succession, before Jasmine could catch her breath. Short sharp slaps, not as forceful as those that preceded, but painful and stinging nonetheless. “Four.. Five!!.. Oh Jesus! MY God! That fucking hurts so much..”.I let her rest, rubbing again around her thighs while her pussy swelled and reddened before my eyes. Jasmine lay panting and gasping, writhing a little, tears streaking her pretty face.Five more to go and I knelt before her, reaching out and taking the business end of her clamp between thumb and finger, squeezing it tighter on her clit. Jasmine bucked and writhed as I held tight, puffing and panting, squealing and whimpering. The pain must have been exquisite.Keeping hold of her clamp I waited for her to settle, then instructed to raise her legs, to push her knees back toward her chest and keep them spread wide. She did as she was told, hands holding her ankles, cunt beautifully spread and displayed before me. She looked so sore, so swollen and painful. Lips so puffy they could not close completely I spied her hole. Grool oozing from it and a small trickle beginning to make it’s way down toward her tiny, tight arse hole.I raised then dropped the brush, hard and fast smashing it against her perfectly positioned pussy three more times.. “Six.! Seven.! Eight.!” Jasmine enunciated despite the pain now wracking her body. I whipped the clamp away roughly, eliciting a shriek and more whimpering from Jasmine, dropping it to the floor. Then quickly brought up my arm, angling my wrist so that on the downward stroke only the uppermost part of it’s broad back would impact. Hard and fast my arm fell, and with a flick of the wrist at the final moment I smashed her clit. Jasmine recoiled violently, screaming, she missed the count. Her hands went between her legs and she rolled to her side, sobbing and snotting, the agony was obvious. I watched for a moment, cosidering. There was one last stroke to make and she’d missed the count.. But I could see she was done, could I be that cruel?”Jasmine” I said, and waited. No response. She was rolling in agony clutching herself. Openly crying, bawling, the pain unbearable..Again.. “Jasmine!”, this time louder, more determined. The bawling subsided some, became a whimpering mewling sound, punctuated with deep wrenching sobs and sniffles.And then after a few more moments. Quietly, warily she asked “Yes?”.”We haven’t finished” I said.”I can’t.. I can’t.. I’m sorry, but please no more” she pleaded, “I missed the count.. I can’t go back.. I can’t.. I just can’t..” she wailed, she was getting upset again.I took her knees in my hands, laying the brush on the bed. I rolled her onto her back and then slowly, gently, but firmly began pulling them apart. Slowly she began to open up, still clutching her pussy with both hands.”We havent finished” I said looking at her tear stained face, her bottom lip trembling as she sobbed and sucked in big gasps of air. My God she looked so young and helpless and so adorably pretty.”I’ll forgive you the mis-count.. But we must finish your punishment. One more to go..” She truned her face to look at me, her eyes meeting mine, biting her bottom lip. For a moment we just eyed each other. Then slowly she began to move her hands away, I noticed how they trembled, and laid them beside her, fingers curling and gripping the bedspread. She spread her legs fully and shuffled forward until her arse reached the end of the bed.”Yes Sir.. Of course” She said bravely as she raised her knees one last time, I took pity on her then, so in awe of her stamina and resilience I couldn’t fail to be impressed by her strength of character.I smashed her cunt with the brush once more. The hardest blow of all, though I did spare her clit. “TEN!!” she wailed as once more she recoiled and rolled into a ball, hands beween her legs and crying uncontrollably. I gave her a few minutes then sat down beside her. As the crying subsided I put my hand under her, urging her to rise, then guided her closer. She scooted over to me and I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her closer.She climbed onto my lap, and sat curled there, her arms wrapped around her knees, broken and sobbing. Arse cheeks red raw, cunt busted, nipples sore and swollen. Trembling and quietly whimpering, she rested her head against my chest. I cradled her, tenderly stroking the side of her arm, gently kissing the the top her head, her fine hair smooth as silk on my lips. We would do more later, much more, but for now, Jasmine needed to recover herself, a brief respite. It was time to be tender..