Teacher Gets Trained part5

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Teacher Gets Trained part5Once we got back into our own home, Mary got me some more skirts and dresses to wear at the Goodwill store. She also got me fitted with a set of dentures so I was able to eat solid food again. When I asked her to please have those damned rings removed from my body, Mary said, “No Carla, I like them on you and they will keep you humble and compliant.” so I had to wear them at least until she changed her mind. She reminded me who was now in charge in our house and told me that if I didn’t like that arrangement, I could leave. My once loving wife had turned into a tyrant.Mary resumed her teaching career at the high school and I became her housewife. Each night after she came home from work she would eat the supper I had made for her and then go on her computer to an adult chat line where she would find prospective lovers for herself. güvenilir bahis siteleri By the end of her second week back to school she told me, “I have a man coming here tonight to make love to me. Give me your teeth Carla. You will wear that cute maid’s outfit and be our maid.” I asked, “Is that necessary Mary?” She snapped back at me, “I want it that way and so it shall be. When he is here you will call me Mistress.” I handed her my dentures and she locked them in her strongbox. She informed me, “I have seen his pictures and he has seen mine. I have told him you were a toothless cock sucker and he seemed delighted to hear that. You will obey him as you have been trained to do.” I meekly replied, “Yes Mistress.”That same pattern was repeated weekly, sometimes Mary had a female lover come over, but mostly men. Regardless of the sex canlı bahis siteleri of her lover, I was always their maid and sex toy. The men all had me suck them and the ladies all had me do oral on them. All of Mary’s lovers loved having a sissy slave serve them as much as they enjoyed the sex with Mary herself. They all thought my nose ring especially useful. The males automatically became Master when they entered our house and the ladies Mistress.Monday evenings Mary would give back my dentures unless I had somehow displeased her in which case I would have to eat mush while she had regular food. I had become little more than a slave for her. Whenever she demanded it, I would do oral sex on her and she still liked fisting me roughly. I came to look forward to her fisting sessions as they were the closest thing to an orgasm as I could have now. bahis firmaları I had no money of my own only a charge card to use at the grocery store when I bought groceries for us. Mary made the money and controlled it fiercely. I had to ask her for anything I needed and would only get it if she decided I could. When she shopped for herself, she bought nice things, but she bought me clothes she got them as cheaply as she could. Only the maid’s outfit I wore when she had a lover over was the only nice thing I had to wear and it was short and revealing. If I were to bend over my panties would show.We had legally changed my name to Carla and acquired a new drivers license with my new picture on it. Carl no longer exists. I am now Carla for the rest of my life. A few of Mary’s lovers would drop by when she was at work, use me then leave. I was not allowed to refuse them anything they wanted. I had become a total slut to be used by anybody. My once happy life had been totally ruined. My college education now meant nothing, only the training I had gone through at the farm was needed in my life as Carla.