Teaching Kurt and Dani

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Teaching Kurt and DaniSometimes, people have no idea what they are doing.That was a truth that Monica knew well, though she had no idea it was about to hit so close to home as she drove her Lexus up the driveway to her spacious residence. The divorce from her husband five years ago, after a rocky f******n years of marriage, had left her with a nice settlement and a beautiful daughter. She had gone from having no skills in the workforce to a near-six-figure income during those five years. At the same time, her daughter had grown from a gangly teenager into a beautiful young woman. She considered herself very lucky.Monica stepped out of her car. Having just returned from work, her black business jacket and lacy black skirt clung tightly to her svelte figure and her long straight blonde hair was pulled into a bun at the back of her head. Her makeup was business-like with just a hint of sex-appeal which she had used to full effect over the past several years to help her move forward in her career. She was thirty-six years old and, though she led a busy life, she still found time to visit the gym three times a week. She was in excellent shape. Her breasts were naturally large, her stomach flat, her muscles toned, and her skin tanned. She took excellent care of herself.When she walked through the back door of her house she noticed that the door had been left unlocked. If her daughter were home there was going to be hell to pay she told herself as she entered her living room. She locked the door behind her and put her purse on the table. After walking through her house for a moment she saw that the light was on in her daughter’s bedroom and the door was wide open.She heard the tinny sound of music blasting out of very small speakers an instant before she stepped into the bedroom and spotted her daughter lying on her bed. Sure enough, she had her iPhone next to her as she played some god-awful loud tune into her earbuds.Monica sat down on the edge of the bed at her daughter’s curled up legs. Her daughter Danielle, whom everyone called Dani, didn’t even seem to notice that she was there. She was laying on her side dressed in a very short black faux leather skirt, which from the angle she was laying gave Monica a clear view of her white cotton panties. She wore ugly black boots which left her long pale legs bare.Monica said, “Hi Dani.” When her daughter didn’t respond she ran her hand along her daughter’s leg, the skin soft and warm under her hand.Dani looked at her mother, turned off her music, pulled the earbuds from her ears, and sat up. “Hey,” she said sadly.Monica was shocked at what she saw. For a top her daughter wore a black faux leather vest which left her midriff bare. It was only secured with one button leaving a maximum amount of Dani’s ample pale cleavage visible. In fact, her right nipple was completely exposed out the top of her bra and the vest. “What are you wearing and why?” she asked indignantly.As if completely unaware of what she had on, Dani looked down and then just sighed. She brushed her shoulder-length wavy dark hair away from her face and said, “Oh, sorry.””How many times do I have to talk to you about proper attire? This is unacceptable,” Monica scolded her. Dani was eighteen and could do what she wanted but, at the same time, she was still her daughter living in her house. She still felt responsible for her well-being and her behavior.Tears filled Dani’s beautiful green eyes and she said, “I’m really sorry. Kurt came over and made me put it on.”Kurt was Dani’s boyfriend. They had been high school sweethearts and Monica fully expected them to eventually marry. To hear that Kurt had done something to make her little girl cry made Monica instantly angry. She was very protective of Dani. “Why are you crying?”Dani began sobbing, leaned into her mother’s embrace, and said, “Oh. Mom, Kurt put his thing in my mouth and then he got mad at me because he said I wasn’t doing it right. I thought I knew how to give a blowjob but I guess I don’t. And then, he wanted to have sex but I wasn’t wet and he said that I must not like sex. Oh, mom, what’s wrong with me?”Monica was angry with Kurt but not shocked at her daughter having sex. She was very close to Dani and they talked about everything. She caressed her daughter’s beautiful hair as the girl cried on her shoulder. “There’s nothing wrong with you,” she cooed to her. “You enjoy using my dildo all the time and you never need lube. It’s okay, Dani. Listen, do you love Kurt?”Dani nodded against her shoulder. Between sobs she volunteered, “I love him so much, mom.”Monica felt an idea begin to stir in her mind. Kurt was a nice k**. He was normally very nice to her daughter and this was so out of character for him. If her daughter loved him, then this was worth fixing. “I’ve got some ideas to fix this. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. Can you give me his number?””Yea,” Dani said.Monica could see that her daughter was hesitant but they trusted each other. Her daughter trusted her enough to tell her what had happened and she would not betray that trust. She’d fix this.***Kurt was nervous as Miss Monica Moore, his girlfriend’s mother, asked him to sit on the couch in her den. He figured he was in big trouble now. He and Dani had a fight and she must have told her mother. It was humiliating that she knew but what was more concerning was that he didn’t know where his future lay. He loved Dani and he had been assuming they would get married but now he wasn’t so sure.When Miss Moore called him on his cell phone earlier and asked him to come back to her house, he had unenthusiastically agreed. He figured she was going to chew him out for fighting with Dani and forbid him to see her anymore. He didn’t want that, regardless of their fight.He was still wearing his green t-shirt and beige cargo pants from earlier. The sun had set since he had last been in Dani’s mother’s house, casting everything into shadow but for the lamps on either side of the soft couch. He sat down and fidgeted.Miss Moore walked to the couch next to him and looked down at him. He glanced up at her and she had a serious look on her beautiful face. Though he loved Dani, he had always had a little crush on her mother. She was really hot and always treated him really nice.”Kurt, think carefully before you answer this question for me,” she told him.He nodded.”Are you in love with Dani?”Kurt considered that and even given the fight he still loved her dearly. He nodded and said, “Yes, ma’am.”She looked at him and then slowly nodded. “Okay, well, Dani told me what you did. Now, I’m not mad, but we do have a little problem here.”Kurt’s face went pale. She knew! He figured that she knew but now it was confirmed. He was so embarrassed over the fight and he certainly didn’t want Miss Moore to know the details. How much had Dani told her?Miss Moore took off her black jacket, revealing a pretty pink tank top underneath. She tossed the jacket onto a nearby chair and released her hair from the bun at the back of her head. She shook her head and let her long blond locks fall across her shoulders. Then she kicked off her black heels and sat on the arm of the couch to the left of Kurt.Kurt didn’t move. He had no idea what was about to happen and he didn’t want to do the wrong thing, so he just watched Miss Moore. She was everything he wanted Dani to be when she got older. He heard that if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like when she’s older, look at her mother. Well, if that were true, Dani would only get more beautiful with age.Miss Moore turned to her right on the soft cushioned arm of the couch, facing Kurt, her right hand on his shoulder and her right knee beside his shoulder. She kicked her left leg out and d****d it across his left leg.Kurt was startled by the closeness of Miss Moore. She had often hugged him or given him a quick kiss on the cheek when he visited but she had never put herself this close to him. He felt his cock begin to fill out his pants and he tried to will it to go back down. Jeans might be able hide an erection, but not cargo pants.Miss Moore said, “See, the problem is, I just don’t think you know what you’re doing.”Kurt looked up at her in surprise. He couldn’t believe she had said that to him. What was she talking about? It couldn’t be sex because, though he didn’t have a lot of actual experience, he thought he knew everything he needed to when it came to sex. After all, he had an internet connection.Miss Moore looked into his eyes and said, “She means everything to me.”Kurt nodded. He well knew that Dani was her whole world. Miss Moore would do anything for her only daughter.”I just want you to do it right and you can have us for the rest of your life,” she told him.”It’? Did she mean sex? ‘Us’? What did she mean by that? Kurt wondered. He wanted to ask her but he wasn’t sure if now was the right moment for that.Her hand that had been resting on his left shoulder began caressing movements before she ran her fingers up his neck and laced them into his short straight dark hair. Her touch sent a thrill through him that made his cock lurch in his boxers.He looked up into her eyes to find her looking down at him. He searched her eyes but he was unable to read her. He didn’t pull away.”So, I’d like to talk to you about senses,” she told him softly. Then with a firmer voice she said, “Now, I know your sense of sight is off by the pleather outfit you had her in. So, shopping is something we’ll have to do later.””Yes ma’am,” Kurt replied. There would be a later, he sighed to himself in relief.Miss Moore’s hand strayed from his hair to his temple as she caressed him there. Her other hand tugged absently at her short black skirt as if to keep it pulled down but she pulled it up as much as down, flashing him a glimpse of her inner thighs a few times.His cock was throbbing, tenting the cargo pants obscenely. He knew she could see it but he was already beyond caring about that. He really had no idea where Miss Moore was going with this, but he was along for the ride.Softly she told him, “You need to think about the sense of smell.” At that, she pulled her hair aside and leaned into him, bringing her neck close to Kurt’s face.He could smell her perfume and it ignited his senses. She was driving him crazy and he didn’t know how long he could continue to just sit there without doing something. However, this was Dani’s mother, his possible future mother-in-law, and he didn’t want to do the wrong thing.She pulled back and looked at him. “The sense of sound,” she said before dropping her lips to his ear and running her hand down his arm. She moaned into his ear.Kurt was mesmerized by Miss Moore. He hung on her every word. He would do anything she asked.”The sense of touch,” she breathed as she leaned toward him again and, her right hand still on his shoulder, she slowly and sensuously ran her left hand up and down, caressing his chest through his green t-shirt.With her leaning toward him like that he couldn’t help but stare into the cleavage she presented. Her tits were tanned and so full that they nearly spilled out of the tight pink tank top and bra underneath. He wanted to grab them so much but he restrained himself.Still caressing his chest with her left hand, Miss Moore touched the fingers of her right hand to his chin and tilted his face up. She looked down into his eyes.Kurt moved to kiss up into her mouth but she pulled back just out of reach, teasing him. His cock pressed painfully against the fabric of his pants, tenting them for anyone to see. His hand absently caressed the outside of her left thigh.”Do you think you have a couple things to learn?” she asked him, her hand still rubbing his chest.”Yes, ma’am,” Kurt replied. She was so much worldlier than he was and he wanted to learn anything he could from her. Actually, he would have said yes to anything in that moment.Miss Moore slid her left leg up along the inside of his left leg until her calf pressed against his crotch. She watched him as she pulled her hand back from caressing his chest and briefly lifted her skirt.It was just a flash, but it caught Kurt’s attention and fired his imagination. He saw the pink lacy panties covering her crotch and it made his cock even harder against her calf, as if that were possible. Her skirt was back in place in less than a second but the image stayed in Kurt’s mind.Miss Moore then pulled her leg away and dropped both of her hands to his crotch. She boldly stroked his hard-on through his cargo pants with her fingers. Any illusion that he had that she might not really mean to be turning him on so was dispelled.Kurt couldn’t really believe this was happening as he groaned in pleasure. He liked where this was going. He looked up at her face and saw the lust burning in her pretty blue eyes. It made him istanbul escort bayan want her even more.”Hmm,” she said as she sat up, pulling her hands away from his crotch as quickly and suddenly as she had started. She spread legs a little wider and pulled her skirt up giving him a clear view of her lacy pink panties. This time, she held her skirt up and said, “I’d like to see how you stroke yourself.”He looked up at her face in surprise. He just knew he had heard wrong. “Right now?” he asked.”Yes,” she said with a quick nod. “Take it out.”Though it was one thing for a woman to take his pants off, it was quite another for him to just whip it out for his girlfriend’s mother. However, Kurt was getting really good at following directions and he was not going to deny Miss Moore anything. He unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. He pushed his cargo pants and his boxers down to mid thigh with just a single scoot.”Mmm,” Miss Moore said to herself but just loud enough that he heard her when his long hard cock sprang into view.Kurt was proud of his cock. It was a little over seven inches long and not too thick, but it was well formed. It stood straight from his groin with a flaring head that shown red in the lamplight. Following her instructions, he took his cock in his fist and began vigorously stroking himself. It felt good.”No,” Miss Moore said with a shake of her head. “That’s not right at all.”He was shocked. What was she talking about? He knew how to stroke his own dick. How could she say he was doing it wrong? “No?” he asked as he released his cock.”No,” she replied flatly. Without hesitation Miss Moore leaned forward and took his cock into her left hand. She wrapped her fingers around the middle of his shaft and slowly began stroking him up and down. Every slow sexy stroke came with a twist of her wrist that sent her hand rotating halfway around his shaft. “Like this,” she said.Kurt’s head exploded with pleasure. With the slow sexy motion he could feel every nuance of her movement instead of the flood of generic pleasure he gave himself when he stroked it. The added twist was something that had never occurred to him and it felt so fucking good that he laid his head back and groaned with pleasure.”You’ll have her move her hand, nice and slow,” she told him softly as she continued to stroke him.Dani! She was talking about him having Dani stroke his cock like that. “Uh huh,” he nodded, his mouth dry as he looked down at his girlfriend’s mother’s hand stroking his dick. He just knew he had died and gone to heaven.”Just like that,” she cooed.Kurt put his head back again, closed his eyes, and moaned with pleasure. Nobody had ever touched his prick like that, not even him. She knew exactly what she was doing.”Sometimes, a little bit like that,” she said as she released her grip, slid her fingers lower, and caressed up his balls and the underside of his shaft.Kurt looked down, watching her hand work its magic on him.”Or wet it a little bit,” she said as she pulled her hand to her face and licked two of her fingers. She gently stroked her wetted fingers against the underside of his shaft, just below the head.Kurt threw his head back and sighed in pleasure. He felt like she was teasing him but he couldn’t deny that if also felt so fucking good. His hand had been on her left leg all this time, caressing it as she stroked him. He reached toward her right leg and asked, “Is it okay if I grab your leg, ma’am?””No,” she replied. “This is for you to sit and watch.””Okay,” he said smiling.”And feel,” she added as she brought her mouth close to his but when he tried to kiss her she pulled back. She continued to stroke his cock in her fist, twisting it in the most pleasurable way.Kurt looked into her eyes. She was turning him on like crazy. If only Dani could do this to him. He was beginning to realize that he would have to teach her. He would teach her just as her mother was teaching him.Miss Moore sat back, tucked her right leg under her and leaned low toward his lap. She gently blew on his cock and looked up into his eyes. “Have her take it nice and slow, just like this.”He nodded vigorously, letting her know that he was paying attention to her every word.She ran her tongue up the side of his shaft and swirled it around the head, wetting his cock but not actually sucking it. She stroked and caressed his hard throbbing prick gently with her fist.Kurt moaned in pleasure and ran his hand up her left thigh to her ass, cupping and squeezing the cheek firmly. He was so turned on he could barely contain himself. If he hadn’t jacked himself off earlier in the day he might have come already.Miss Moore stopped stroking his cock, grabbed his wrist with her right hand, and pushed it off her ass. “I didn’t say you could touch me,” she told him with a stern look.”I’m sorry, ma’am,” Kurt replied quickly.She replaced the look with a smile and resumed stroking his hard cock. She bent low and licked up the side and around the head. She blew gently across the head.Kurt groaned in pleasure as she cooled his raging dick.She stroked his prick gently with her fingers, releasing her grip on his shaft. She licked all around, laving his rod with her tongue. When she stopped and resumed gently stroking him, she asked, “How does that feel?”Kurt sighed and said, “Good, ma’am.””Yea? You like that?” she whispered.”Yea,” Kurt replied with a vigorous nod.Still stroking and caressing his hard cock, Miss Moore said, “You told Dani that she did it wrong when you put your cock in her mouth.”He looked away, embarrassed. He knew he had done it all wrong. He didn’t want to tell her what he did but he knew better that to lie to Dani’s mother.”How did she do it wrong?”Kurt took a deep breath and said, “Well, she just, sort of, didn’t do it slow and sexy, and her teeth got into it a bit.”Her hand still busy on his prick, Miss Moore asked, “So, did you talk to her about it, or did you make her feel bad?”Kurt knew this was not good, but, again, honesty had worked well for him so far. “I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and I didn’t know how to tell her. So, I don’t know, I guess I did hurt her feelings.””You hurt her feelings by putting her in that outfit,” Miss Moore contributed flatly.Kurt frowned. He knew he had done the wrong thing. He regretted it. He’d take it all back if he could.”I was hurt when I came home and saw her in that,” she told him.”I’m sorry,” he told her glumly, despite her hand working away on his hard throbbing cock.Softly, Miss Moore said, “You could have just told her to lick it nice and slow, like this,” as she bent low again and slowly licked the underside of his prick with her tongue from the base to the head.Kurt groaned. “You like that?” she asked.”Yes,” he whispered, watching her every motion. “How was that?” he asked, wanted her to do it again.She dropped her head again and, this time, licked up the side of his cock from the base to the flaring head. She took the head between her lips and gently caressed it with her lips.Kurt moaned in pleasure.”Like that,” she told him. “Did you enjoy that?””Yes, ma’am,” he sighed.Her hand resumed stroking and caressing his shaft as she asked, “Did you kiss her?””Yes, ma’am,” he told her. “I did.””How did you kiss her?” she asked.Kurt wanted to kiss her so badly. “I can show you,” he offered.Miss Moore rocked back a little. She considered that for a moment and then said, “Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.”When she leaned into him, Kurt kissed her lips. He kissed her softly, his tongue slowly licking forward into her mouth.She sat back, breaking the kiss. She looked at him with sour look and gave a little shrug.Kurt was a little shocked by that. “I was just getting started,” he complained.”Maybe it wasn’t her, maybe it was you,” she told him.He was shocked. He hadn’t considered that. He knew he had done the wrong thing but everything Miss Moore had shown him pointed to things that Dani had done wrong. Maybe he had done more wrong than just hurting her feelings.She said, “Maybe you should kiss her like this.” Leaning forward, she grabbed his chin with her left hand and kissed him. Her right hand never wavered in her gently stroking of his rampant prick.Kurt was surprised at how passionately she kissed him. She pressed her lips strongly against his. She drove her tongue firmly in and out of his mouth, stroking his tongue with her own. His head swam with the sensations.Breaking the kiss she asked, “Did you try that?””I will next time,” he said eagerly.Miss Moore smiled at him, released his cock, and sat back.He was a little disappointed that she had stopped stroking him but he hoped that it meant they were moving past the foreplay. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he looked up at her with a mischievous grin. “I’m grabbing your ass now.”She shrugged. “I’ll let it slide,” she said, as she reached down and pulled her pink tank top up and off.Kurt stared. Miss Moore’s lacy black bra barely restrained her big breasts, the tanned tit-flesh spilling over the top. His mouth watered in anticipation of getting at them.”What did you do when you saw her breasts?” she asked.He glanced up into her eyes and replied, “I grabbed them.”Why don’t you show me?” she prompted.He nodded and said, “I went like this,” as he cupped her bra with his hands, his palms holding up the firm globes while his fingers touched the exposed skin of her cleavage. She was soft and warm.”Anything else?” she asked.”Yes. I did some of this,” he replied as he pressed his face into her cleavage. He licked and kissed, tasting the salty skin of her tit-flesh. His cock throbbed in yearning for her.Miss Moore moaned appreciatively.”Then I got them out of her bra. Can I demonstrate that?” Kurt asked, though he didn’t wait for a reply as he tugged the cups of her bra down.”Please,” she replied anyway.”I grabbed them and I went like this,” he said as he passionately sucked her left nipple between his lips.Miss Moore moaned in pleasure, her hands on his shoulders.”And I licked it,” Kurt added as he released the nipple from between his lips and ran his tongue back and forth against the hard little bud.”Mmm,” Miss Moore moaned. “Just lick on that nipple.”He did, continuing to lick her hard nipple as fast as his tongue could move. Her tits were bigger than Dani’s and he was really enjoying them.”Take your time,” she cooed. “Yea. Now blow on it.”Kurt hadn’t considered that. He stopped and blew gently across the wet nipple, watching the goose bumps appear around the areola.”Mmm,” she moaned. “Yea, that’s good. You can suck on it for a little bit.”He resumed sucking on the nipple, rolling the other nipple between his fingers. He would have stayed there suckling at her big tits all evening if she hadn’t eventually pushed him back by his shoulders.”That’s not bad,” she told him with a smile.”It’s okay?” he asked, looking to her for approval of everything he did now.”It’s okay.””What else are you going to teach me, ma’am,” Kurt asked hopefully. He was so horny that he felt like he would explode if she stopped now.Miss Moore smiled. “Well, first you need to take off your shirt,” she told him.”Okay,” Kurt said as he quickly pulled his t-shirt up his body.Miss Moore helped him take it off his head and toss it aside. She caressed his bare chest.Her hand on his slightly hairy chest turned him on. He was proud that he had a few muscles for her to touch from his time on the football team in high school last year. He was glad to be out of school, but it hadn’t been all bad.”See how good that feels? Just take your time and touch,” she said.He took her at her word and touched her leg. When she didn’t stop him he gently and slowly caressed down the inside of her left thigh. He caressed very lightly across her lacy pink panties, feeling the heat of her pussy. He caressed up her right thigh trying to tease her like she had teased him.Miss Moore looked down at him and asked, “How did you eat her pussy?”Kurt froze. He knew this was not what he should say but he had to tell the truth. “I didn’t.”She frowned at him. She lifted her skirt fully and said, “Put your head right here.”Happy that she hadn’t yelled at him, he scooted back so he could drop his head toward her crotch. When her pussy was just inches from his nose he rolled his eyes up at her and asked, “Right here?”She nodded. “Smell that,” she told him. “Smell those panties.”Moving forward slightly, Kurt put his nose less than an inch from her panties. He inhaled. The musky smell of her excited pussy penetrated every fiber of his being and his neglected cock lurched with lust.Miss Moore slowly reached down, hooked her fingers into the side of her panties, and pulled them aside, revealing her excited clean-shaven pink pussy. “Show me how you eat pussy,” she demanded.”Okay,” Kurt replied. He was so turned on. Miss Moore’s pussy looked similar to Dani’s, pale skin surrounding pink lips. However, the area around Miss Moore’s pussy was not as pale as Dani’s, it had a ruddy appearance, and the lips were puffier. He bent forward and began licking at her pussy. He lapped at her with the flat of his tongue, tasting the juices that coated her there.”Not like that,” she corrected him.He stopped and looked up at her in surprise. “No?” he asked.”No. You’re doing it like a dog at a bowl of water,” she told him.He frowned. He thought he knew so much, but it was turning out that he didn’t really know much of anything at all.”Lick it like you’re kissing me,” she told him.”Lick it like the way we kiss?” he asked incredulously.”Yes,” she replied.”Okay,” he said.***Dani was so turned on she couldn’t stand it. Her nipples were hard as pebbles in her blue tank top and her pussy was flowered open under her short blue skirt. She wore no bra and no panties, the dew of her excitement coating the inside of her thighs from her touching herself as she watched her mom teach her boyfriend about sex.She sat in the chair in the darkened den, off to the side where her boyfriend, Kurt, couldn’t see her. Her mom, of course, knew she was there the whole time. She’d been the one who had put her there and told her to wait and watch quietly.She was so happy when her mom gestured her to come forward. She got up on shaky legs and walked over to stand beside the couch and into the light. She watched her boyfriend eat her mom’s pussy. They were the two people she loved most the in the whole world.Her hand dropped to her own pussy, touching herself, as her mom said to Kurt, “Mmm, like that. You feel that right there? Suck on that right there. Put your mouth on that.”She watched Kurt respond, pursing his lips around her mom’s clit and sucking gently. If only she could tell him what to do like her mom could. Her mom was so confident and sexy.”Keep going,” her mom cooed, her breathing heavy. “Right there!”Slurping sounds came from her mom’s crotch as Kurt ate her for all he was worth. Dani could see how hard his cock throbbed as it rose straight up from his crotch. She rolled her clit with her finger as she watched it all.Her mom groaned and sighed in pleasure as her orgasm approached. “Down,” she instructed. “More. Yea, put your tongue inside there.”Dani’s eyes grew wide as she watched her boyfriend work his head lower and press his tongue into her mom’s dripping snatch. She had no idea she could have gotten him to do that to her. That would have felt awesome.”Yea, just like that. Oh fuck, yea,” her mom cried out as she came.Dani rubbed her own clit vigorously as her mom cried out in pleasure. Her mom moaned and sighed at the pleasure filling her mind. Her whole body tensed and then slowly began to relax.Kurt looked up at Dani’s mom as she came down from her orgasm. His face was wet with his own saliva and he had a big beaming smile. When he notices Dani standing right beside the couch, his smile disappeared.”Dani?” he squeaked.Dani smiled at her boyfriend’s discomfort at having been ‘caught’ eating her mom’s pussy. She trusted Kurt, but her mom had just seduced him. Her mom had already informed her that all young men were susceptible to listening to the little brain inside their cocks. Only when men get older are they, sometimes, able to resist.Kurt relaxed when he saw the smile on her face.Her mom, bra down and skirt up, said to Kurt, “Stand up.”Kurt immediately leapt to his feet, his hard cock bouncing and pulsing sexily.Dani wondered how she could get Kurt to jump like that. He was so compliant. She would definitely need to pay close attention.Her mom took Dani’s hand and led her to sit on the couch as she took up a position to Dani’s right. She looked at Kurt and said, “Kiss her.”Dani was very turned on, her pussy leaking onto the back of her skirt. She could smell the heavy aroma of her own excitement mixed with the similar scent of her mom’s pussy. When Kurt leaned down and kissed her she could taste her own mom’s fuck juices on his lips.Kurt’s kiss was tentative and light, causing Dani’s mom to take Dani’s chin in her hand, and turn her head away from Kurt as she said, “Here, let me show you.”Dani closed her eyes as her mom kissed her. She felt her mom’s soft lips pressing against her own before her mom’s tongue parted them and delved inside. She licked at her mom’s searching tongue. Now she knew how to kiss.As she kissed her mom, Dani felt Kurt tug the top of her blue tank down over her big tits. He gripped her now-bare breasts in his hands and began to lick them, teasing the hard nipples with his tongue. She could feel his naked chest against her thighs as he knelt on the floor between her legs.Dani sucked on her mom’s tongue as Kurt sucked on her nipples, firmly but gently. Her mom moaned into her mouth, so she knew she was doing it right.When Kurt moved back and flipped Dani’s skirt up, her mom broke the kiss and watched him. Kurt pressed his face between Dani’s thighs as her mom cupped Dani’s big tit in her hand and sucked on the nipple, watching Kurt as she did so. Dani felt very much loved.Kurt’s tongue parted the lips of her pussy and he quickly found the hard clit. He licked at it firmly, sending rockets of pleasure into her brain. She moaned in pleasure.”Let me see that,” her mom said, pulling Dani’s thighs even wider apart, watching Kurt lick at her wet pussy. Liking what she saw she said, “Yea, just like that. Oh yes.”Kurt was doing such a good job and Dani was so desperate to come that it didn’t take long before she was writhing in pleasure, moaning and gasping. Kurt licked and sucked at her clit like he really enjoyed it and she was lost in the pleasure he was giving her.”Oh, yes,” her mom sighed in her ear. “Come on baby. Good girl. Oh, that’s so good.””My legs are shaking,” Dani said, as her legs began to tremble.Her mom sucked Dani’s earlobe between her lips and lapped at it sexily with her tongue.Chills ran through Dani’s body, the pleasure enveloping her. When her mom released her earlobe she turned toward her.Mother and daughter looked at each other and then kissed deeply and lovingly. Their tongues spared with each other and stroked each other. They breathed through their noses and became lost in the moment.After a few moments, her mom eventually broke the kiss. Without taking her eyes off her daughter’s face she said to Kurt, “Put two fingers in her.”Kurt did as instructed, pressing two of his fingers deep inside of Dani’s cunt. “It’s so fucking tight,” he muttered as he turned his hand palm up and bent his fingers, rubbing her g-spot vigorously.Dani bent her head back in ecstasy. His fingers felt so fucking good inside of her but it was as if her mom was doing it to her. The naughtiness of it filled her with excitement.Her mom returned to sucking and tugging at her earlobe, as she moaned in pleasure. Kurt occasionally bent and licked at her clit but his fingers inside her pussy never stopped stroking her. The passion inside of her was building. She was getting close.Her mom released her ear and, rolling Dani’s nipples between her fingers, watched Kurt. She said, “Oh yea, come for him. Come on, yea.”Her mom encouraging her to come pushed Dani over the edge. As her orgasm began to peak she shouted, “Oh. Oh yea. Oh my god. Oh my god. Yea!”Pleasure coursed through Dani’s body as she came. Kurt’s fingers felt so good inside her. As her orgasm crashed through her he licked at her clit, which intensified the orgasm. She felt so grateful to him for that.”So good, huh?” her mom asked.Dani nodded, her orgasm abating after a moment. “Yea,” she finally breathed.Kurt was still stroking his fingers in and out of Dani’s tight cunt when her mom joined in and started rubbing her clit. This sent a wicked thrill through Dani; her boyfriend and her mom both working on her pussy. Their fingers felt wonderful, working together to build her up to a second orgasm in very short order.Then, when her mom suddenly stopped rubbing her clit to brush the hair from Dani’s eyes, she flinched. She was so close to coming again and while Kurt’s fingers felt good, the absence of her mom’s fingers on her clit dropped the buildup to a slow burn.Kurt recognized this because he said, “Keep doing that, ma’am.”Her mom smiled and returned to rubbing Dani’s clit. “Like that?” she asked.Dani moaned and jerked, her second orgasm nearing much more rapidly than before. The pleasure from their fingers blended together into a gestalt of sensation that pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. She felt so alive.”Yea, there you go,” Kurt said with a smile. “Oh, good girl.”The pleasure built higher and higher until, again her orgasm crashed and washed over her. Dani shouted, “Oh my god! Ohmygod!” as she came, bucking her hips off the couch, trying to get Kurt’s fingers deeper inside of her.”Oh, yea. Good girl,” her mom cooed in her ear.Dani sighed in pleasure, lost in her orgasm and feeling only fingers in her cunt and on her clit. She didn’t know or care who was doing what, it just all came together in one intense flood of pleasure.After a moment Dani came down from her orgasm and managed to catch her breath.Her mom said to Kurt, “Stand up.”Kurt’s cock had drooped a bit from how much he had concentrated on pleasing Dani’s pussy. She was ready to return the favor. She just hoped she could do it right this time.Her mom caressed her inner thigh and said, “I told him to touch you nice and softly. I told him to take his time.””We are going to do it better this time, hon,” Kurt told her.”Yea?” Dani asked. She was so glad that they might have a future together after all. At least he still called her ‘hon’.”Yea,” Kurt said as he sat on the couch between Dani and her mom. He put his arms around both of them as they shifted positions on either side of him. He obviously was enjoying having two women at the same time.Dani bent down, took his cock in her fist, and dropped her head down. She took him into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down vigorously, dragging her lips up and down his re-hardening shaft.”Oh no, not like that,” her mom scolded.Dani stopped, looking up at her mom for guidance.Her mom took Kurt’s cock from her and said, “Take your time. Like this.” She then licked gently all around his cock, teasing him to full hardness. “Just tease him with it. Just a little bit.”Dani reached forward and took a turn, licking at the head. She saw the approval in her mom’s eyes.”Now blow on it,” she instructed.They both blew on her boyfriend’s cock, cooling it.”Now take a little bit in your mouth,” her mom told her, demonstrating by dropping her lips just below the neck of his cock and gently sucking her lips off of him.Dani tried it, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Kurt. She loved the feeling of power this gave her. She had always considered sucking cock a necessary evil but she was beginning to see the appeal of it.”Now, suck it slowly. Try to get it deeper in your mouth without letting your teeth touch him,” her mom told her as she stroked his cock in her fist.Dani bent down again, and this time she went lower. She took his cock deep into her mouth, just as she had done before, but this time much slower and sexier. She knew he had to love the feel of her mouth on him and his moans of pleasure confirmed it.Then Kurt moaned, “Much better, so much better.””Good girl,” her mom told her.Dani lifted her head and smiled at her boyfriend. He said, “That was so much better, honey.”Her mom then dropped her face to his lap and said to her, “Rub his balls while I suck his cock.”Dani cupped Kurt’s balls in her hand, massaging them as her mom gently but firmly stroked his cock between her lips. This was all so sexy and surreal to Dani. Her pussy was so wet.Her mom then began sucking Kurt in earnest, stroking his cock with her mouth and her fist. Her fist twisted about his shaft on every stroke. Dani took note of this.Dani knelt up, pulled off her skirt and tank top, leaving her only in her white socks. Her mom had lost her skirt and panties at one point as well. Kurt slipped his hand between Dani’s thighs as she knelt on the couch, pressing his fingers to her hard clit.Her mom sat up and Dani crouched down, not pulling her pussy out of Kurt’s reach, because she liked what he was doing. As her mom kissed her boyfriend, Dani dropped her lips around his cock. She sucked his dick just as her mom had; in slow strokes and with a twist of her fist around the base of his shaft on each stroke.”Is that better?” she heard her mom ask her boyfriend.”Yes, much better, ma’am,” he replied.Dani pulled her head up and looked at them. “Is that right?” she asked.”That’s so good,” Kurt moaned.”That’s much better,” her mom agreed. “Yea. Keep going baby. Put your hands on his balls. Just like that!”Dani did as instructed. She sucked his cock, trying different things and driving his excitement higher and higher. She felt both her mom and her boyfriend put a hand to the back of her head and press her lower.”Take that cock,” her mom urged. “Yea.”Dani felt Kurt’s cock pressing against the back of her throat. She felt so sexy and so turned on. She loved pleasing her boyfriend. Kurt pulled her off his cock when she couldn’t take any more. She would need more practice to get it down her throat. He pulled her to him and kissed her as her mom stroked his hard wet cock. His kiss was firm and passionate.Her mom twisted her wrist as she stroked him, making his prick as hard a rock.Kurt broke the kiss with Dani, looked at her mom and said, “You want to show her something else please?””What do you want me to show her?””Show her how to sit on it?” he said.When her mom nodded, Dani felt disheartened that she had to sit back and watch her mom fuck when her pussy was so wet. But her mom said to her, “Stay right there. Watch me.”Her mom straddled her boyfriend’s hips, reached down to grip his shaft firmly, and sat her wet pussy down around his throbbing cock. Just like that her boyfriend had fucked her mom, Dani mused. Dani felt so wicked watching that. She peeked around her mom’s ass to get a better view of the penetration.”See that?” her mom asked her as she began moving up and down on Kurt’s hard cock. Her whole body was rocking atop him, riding up and down his hard shaft.”Yea,” Dani gasped as Kurt’s hands fell to her mom’s ass. Those were her boyfriend’s hands and that was her mom’s ass. They were actually fucking in front of her. She could hardly believe it.”That’s how I want you to sit on that cock,” her mom told her as she pulled Dani up to her knees beside her.Dani nodded before kissing her mom. Watching her mom fuck her boyfriend was making her pussy so wet. She could barely wait for her turn at it.Her mom bounced and ground on his cock a few more times saying, “Just like that.”Dani watched this with understanding, taking in the entire lesson her mom was trying to teach her. Though she was horny and anxious to fuck, she also valued her mom’s tuition. She found her mom to be so impressive.”Do you want to show me how you do it?” her mom asked her.Dani nodded, kissing her mom again. She thought she would never ask. It was finally her turn.Her mom leaned forward, but instead of dismounting, she held still as Kurt began slamming his dick hard up into her pussy. “Yea, give me that cock,” her mom urged Kurt.Dani watched closely, her pussy twitching with sympathetic pleasure. She knew her mom loved it but she wasn’t jealous. She knew, ultimately if not completely, her mom was doing this for her benefit.Finally, her mom rolled off Kurt’s cock, stroking it in her fist to keep him as hard as possible. Dani took her cue and straddled Kurt’s hips. Her mom held it steady for her as Dani slipped her wet pussy down around her boyfriend’s shaft, still wet with her mom’s fuck juices.”How does that feel?” her mom asked as Dani began stroking her body up and down on Kurt’s prick.”Good,” Dani said as she bounced faster and faster, building up to full speed in a matter of seconds.”Start slower,” her mom scolded her. “Take your time, enjoy that, feel that. Good girl, just like that. Yea, how does that feel? You like that?””Yea,” Dani replied. She fucked him much slower now, feeling every ridge of his cock with her cunt. She bounced faster and faster, but this time she built up to it much more slowly.”How does she feel?” her mom asked her boyfriend.”Real good,” Kurt replied much to Dani’s delight.”Take that cock,” her mom said to her as she spanked her bouncing butt. “Good girl.”The slap of her mom’s hand on her ass sent a thrill through her pussy and, without warming, as if hit by lightning, Dani came. She moaned and gasped, writhing atop Kurt’s throbbing prick. Her mom kissed her and she moaned into her mouth as she pressed her body down hard atop Kurt’s hips, churning his cock deep inside of her.When Dani finally came down from her orgasm, her mom instructed her, “Give him a kiss.”Dani bent down and kissed Kurt passionately and gratefully, his cock still throbbing inside of her. Kurt kissed her back, his tongue pressing up into her mouth. She really enjoyed the closeness.After a moment her mom told her, “Dani, get off and lick his balls while I show you another position.”Obediently though reluctantly, Dani dismounted her boyfriend and knelt on the floor between his legs. His cock looked even bigger from this angle; hard, throbbing, and wet with her own fuck juices. It stood tall and the balls hung somewhat loose between his legs.Her mom straddled his hips, facing Dani instead of Kurt. She reached down between her legs and, with her fingers, guided the head of his pulsating cock to the entrance of her cunt. She said her pussy down his pole and settled her ass down against his hips in one smooth motion.Dani rubbed Kurt’s balls with her fingers as she watched her mom impale herself on his meaty spike. It was such a turn-on to watch her boyfriend’s rampant prick drilling inside her very own mom’s wet cunt. It seemed so wild and taboo to her.”Oh, yes,” her mom sighed in pleasure.Dani leaned in and licked at Kurt’s balls. She had never done that before but she had felt them and knew what to expect. She sucked one and then the other into her mouth as her mom slowly bounced on his cock again and again, faster and faster. Her pussy juice leaked down his balls and into her mouth, giving her a sexy thrill.”Oh, give me that cock,” her mom cooed. “Oh, fuck yea.”Dani wanted to suck her mom’s clit but she was bouncing too much. She felt that would have been really hot. She loved her mom so much for doing this for her. She did realize that her mom was having a good time too, but she wasn’t jealous. In fact, she was glad. Her mom worked hard and deserved some fun.As her mom started to come she said to Kurt, “Oh, feel that right there. Feel that.” She bounced her ass off Kurt’s stomach all throughout her orgasm, obviously relishing the feel of his hard shaft inside of her.Then, as her orgasm began to subside, Dani’s mom slowed her stroking of Kurt’s prick, instead rolling her hips and churning his cock inside of her.Dani continued to lick and suck at her boyfriend’s balls. She was so turned on by the scene just one inch in front of her that her juices leaked from her pussy and down her thighs. She had to have him back inside of her.Her mom lifted her pussy off his cock just enough for it to bounce free. She reached down and gripped the base with her fist like it was her own cock and told Dani, “Lick my cum off his cock.”This was too hot of a request for Dani to even hesitate. She immediately rose up and took Kurt’s cock deep into her mouth. She pressed her lips down the shaft until they were touching her mom’s fingers. She could taste her mom’s juices mixed with the meaty flavor of her boyfriend’s dick. It was such a wicked turn-on.Her mom instructed Dani, “Get up here and get on top of that cock,” as she kicked her leg up and rolled off of Kurt’s stomach and onto the couch beside him.Dani wasted no time as she stood up, turned her back to Kurt, backed up to the couch, and sat her pussy down around his raging hard-on. The cock penetrated deeply and easily inside of her slick cunt and she moaned as the pleasure washed over her. This is what she craved.”How does that feel?” her mom asked.”So good,” Dani breathed as she began to bounce atop Kurt’s lap, driving his cock in and out of her clasping cunt. Remembering her lesson, she started off slow, savoring the feel. However, if felt so good that it wasn’t long before she was bouncing hard and fast.”Yea,” her mom encouraged beside her as she reached down and rubbed Dani’s clit.The combination of Kurt’s cock rubbing her on the inside and her mom’s fingers rubbing her on the outside was quickly bringing her toward another orgasm. She moaned and gasped as she fucked herself on her boyfriend’s cock.”You like that?” her mom asked.”Yea,” she gasped, knowing that her mom just wanted to hear her say it.”Good girl,” her mom cooed. “Take it! Take that cock! You gonna come for me?””Yea,” Dani panted. She was so close and her mom’s fingers were working magic on her clit as she pounded her cunt down on Kurt’s hard cock. The pleasure and wickedness of it swirled around inside of her.”You like that?” her mom breathed into her ear. “Is he good?””Yea,” Dani gasped, unable to speak as her orgasm rose higher and higher inside her.”You’re doing it right,” her mom said.Dani didn’t know if her mom was talking to her or Kurt but she didn’t really care as her orgasm crested inside of her and washed through her.”Come on,” she heard her mom urging her on. “Come all over that cock. Come on! Come on! Yes!”When her orgasm reached its peak Dani cried out in pleasure. She felt so alive, every nerve was on fire. She never knew anything could feel that good.Kurt began ramming his cock up into Dani, his balls slapping up against her clit and her mom’s fingers.Dani squealed in pleasure and surprise as Kurt, instead of letting her come down from her orgasm drove her toward another. “Oh my god,” she cried. “Oh-my-god! Ohmygod!”Dani was a little surprised that her mom liked to talk so dirty, but it thrilled her to hear her when she said, “You like that hard cock up your cunt, don’t you? That’s it; take it!”Dani gasped and moaned in orgasm for the second time in the same minute. Sweat beaded on her skin and the whole world blotted out from her vision. In that moment all she could feel was Kurt’s hard prick deep inside of her cunt.”Good girl. Sweet girl,” her mom cooed but Dani could just barely hear her over the pounding of her own heart.***Monica watched as Dani, now lying back across the cushions of the couch, took her boyfriend’s cock. Kurt leaned forward, looking down at his girlfriend as he stroked smoothly in and out of her dripping snatch. As he stroked faster and faster he looked up at Monica, staring into her eyes.If felt strange and very kinky to her to look into her daughter’s boyfriend’s eyes as he fucked her daughter’s cunt. She had taught him how best to do it and that effort was paying off in breathtakingly sexy orgasms for Dani. She was proud of herself.Monica stroked her daughter’s tits as she leaned in and kissed Kurt right above her daughter’s face. Dani’s tits were soft on the surface and firm beneath, the way Monica’s own used to be. She only wished her own mother had taught her ex-husband to fuck as well as Monica had just taught Kurt.Breaking the kiss, Monica told him, “You are doing so good.”His hips never stopping their fucking motion, Kurt glanced down at himself and back up at Monica. “Yea?” he asked.Monica nodded, smiled, and said, “Yes, give it to her!”Kurt stroked hard and fast into Dani as he continued to look into Monica’s eyes. She could see the youthful lust burning in his eyes. Just being near these two as they fucked made her feel so young.Dani moaned and gasped beneath them as an orgasm overtook her. She clutched at Monica with one hand and Kurt with the other, lost in a whirlwind of pleasure. “Don’t stop,” she cried.Kurt reached down and cupped his hand behind Dani’s neck to hold her in place as he fucked her harder and harder. All of the muscles of his body tensed as he slammed himself into her as hard and fast as he could. He said, “Come baby! Come baby!” to Dani as she gasped and moaned beneath him.Monica watched her daughter’s bright pink pussy take Kurt’s cock again and again as he fucked her with brutal force. Her daughter’s tits shook with each impact as did the couch beneath them. The slapping sound of his hips against Dani’s upturned thighs was music to Monica’s ears, as were the moans of the two young lovers.Suddenly both of them cried out in orgasm. Monica watched as Kurt rammed himself one last time deep inside her daughter and released his seed into her. She then watched her daughter’s gyrating hips churn the coming cock inside of her cunt.As they were moaning, still lost in their orgasms Monica kissed Dani, thinking how glad she was that she had put her daughter on birth control so long ago. Then she kissed Kurt, grateful that he had taken her direction and made her daughter feel so good.He kissed her back as he emptied the last of his load deep inside of her daughter. He knew how to kiss now, his tongue exploring her mouth passionately.After a moment, their breathing returning to normal, she told them, “That was awesome! I think we should do this once a week until it’s perfect.”Dani smiled up at her as Kurt eagerly said, “Yes, ma’am.”Monica smiled back at them. She was happy Kurt had been able to do this for her daughter and she now knew that he would make her very happy.Sometimes people just need to be taught how to do things the right way.PSfor all the stories i have posted all credit go’s to the author known as The_Unicorn