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Hi, I’m Jim, married to Susan. I’m 42, average guy. Five- eleven, I weigh a little more than I should and spend time at the gym keeping that at bay. Salt and pepper hair, blue eyes, and, oh yeah, about seven inches, cut and thick. Susan’s 41, has a little weight from two kids but hits the gym with me. She’s five-eight, a little bigger than thin, average on top, blond. We don’t shave our bodies or do anything. Just mom and dad and two kids that aren’t part of this story.

Twice a year, the company I work for has a team-building event. Roll your eyes, I know, but this one works. We tend to work in ‘stovepipes.’ Only dealing with the above and below management, never the other areas. So, the owner got this idea.

Ours is a little different. There’s a lot of beer and wine. The company rents a summer camp for the day. Since the events are fall and spring, it works well. We all draw teams and do weird shit. But all the games are designed to get us working together and knowing everybody in the company. Hell, the cleaning staff is included. First time was weird till the booze kicked in. Now, we’re all like a bunch of frat kids.

The games go on till three, then we all just hang out for the rest of the time and kinda filter off home. No spouses allowed.

The first time there I met Bob. He’s in marketing, I’m in production. We’re about the same age, married, kids, etc. He and Ellen, Susan, and I have become a group. Bob and I always manipulate the team selection to end up together. Nobody’s noticed, or if they do, they don’t care.

It was three-thirty. Today was the fifth time we’ve had this event. Bob and I were wearing the sort-of uniform for the day, loose athletic shorts, a tee-shirt, short socks, and runners. It was hot, and our shirts and shorts were a bit sweaty. We were standing next to one of the many kegs.

“Well, now what do we do?” Bob asked as he filled my cup.

“Too early to go home, and I’m not in the mood for a sit-around and complain session like last time.”

“No shit. What is that guy’s problem?”

Bob referred to Ralph, in sales, a misanthropic malcontent, “I think he needs to get laid.” I answered.

Bob laughed, “Ralph couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of hundreds.”

That had us both laughing. Bob pointed off to the back of the camp, “Let’s check this place out. The map board says there are trails.”

At the extreme end of the camp property, there was a trailhead. A signpost had a map nailed to it, showing a two-mile loop. Black and yellow caution tape was strung across the opening in the woods with “danger” written on a crude sign.

“Well, that fucks that idea,” I said.

Bob smiled, “Oh, why?”

Now I smiled. One of the reasons we get along so well is that both of us like to take risks. It helped get us promoted.

“We might get in trouble.”

Bob looped a long leg over the tape, “One can only hope.”

There were no crevices or washouts. No downed trees. The bad part must be further on. The trail was hard-packed dirt, free of sticks and leaves. We walked in silence, our shoes padding on the soft earth. The trail took a few curves, breaking up the sightlines. Bob spoke, “Not very dan…”

He stopped talking, and we stopped walking when we heard voices. Something didn’t seem right. I felt it, and from Bob’s expression, I knew he did too. We walked slowly towards the voices. I could make out words now.

“We good back here?”

I knew that voice.

“Yeah, we’ll be fine. The trails blocked off, and those people are such goody good followers, nobody will go over the caution tape.”

Bob and I shared a quizzical and then conspiratorial look. One of them was an area manager in marketing. I wasn’t sure about the other. My first thought was that they are out here doing coke.

“Mmmmmm, you’re really hard today.” That was Vince, the manager. I looked at Bob. His eyes were wide, like mine. They were down a short side-trail that went to a bench. Thick brush shielded it from the trail, but we found a less dense spot. They hadn’t seen us. Through the branches, we could see everything.

Vince is about thirty-five. He’s tall, over six feet, and runner lean, tightly barbered brown hair. The other guy I recognized as a forklift operator, Jack. I would guess around twenty-eight or so, stocky, muscular, blond.

The gap in the brush was narrow. Bob and I were shoulder to shoulder as we watched in stunned silence. Vince and Jack were massaging each other’s hard cock through their shorts. The sunlight through the tree canopy reflecting off the gold wedding rings. I was curious. Way back in college, I had an ‘event.’ I liked it but not as much as girls. I watch some porn, not much since Susan and I do well in the sex department, and never gay stuff. But this had me mesmerized. I didn’t want to walk away, and I noticed that Bob made no move to leave either.

Vince had Jack’s cock, still under his shorts, in his hand. Jack had his hand up Vince’s shorts. Jack looked around, “You sure we’re safe?”

Vince polatlı escort put his hand down Jack’s shorts. I could see the waistband of Jack’s briefs, “Yes.” Vince pulled his hand out and got down on his knees, “My turn to suck first, right?”

“Yes, I sucked you first last time. I’m so fucking hot to have your cock in my mouth.”

“As soon as I get you to cum in mine, Jack.”

Vince carefully pulled Jack’s shorts down over his light blue bikini briefs as Jack flipped off his tee. His shorts dropped to his ankles, and Jack stepped out of them. Vince had his mouth pressed against the fat bulge in Jack’s briefs, “I love this cock.”

Vince put his hands on Jack’s briefs’ waistband and drew them down his muscular legs, letting an impressive fat erection pop out. Had to be at least eight inches of cut, hard cock with a big head. I felt my cock swelling. I was confused. Yeah, I had a thing in college, but I’m married. I’m not gay. But I can’t stop watching this, and it’s really exciting me. I glanced over. There was a bulge in Bob’s shorts too. He stared ahead at the clearing as Vince slipped Jack’s underwear off his feet and tossed them on Jack’s shorts and tee. Vince stood and grasped Jack’s cock. Mine flinched with the sensation of being Jack. Vince masturbated the younger man, “My turn, Jack. Undress me, then I want your cock.”

Jack slid his hands under Vince’s tee and slid them up his side, the tee piling up on his hands and the fluttering off over Vince’s head. Jack leaned in and took one of Vince’s nipples into his mouth. Vince groaned, “Don’t do that. I’ll fucking cum in my pants.”

Jack got down on his knees, “Can’t have that.”

Jack slid Vince’s nylon shorts down his long legs and let them drop. Covering his ankles. Vince stepped out. Now he stood wearing just a jockstrap. Jack ran one hand over the bulge in front and the other over Vince’s hard round ass, “Nice, a jock. Love it.”

Vince pressed his hips into Jack’s massaging hand, “Thought of you when I put it on. Take it off and get up. It’s my turn.”

Jack pulled the front of Vince’s jockstrap out and down, releasing a nice six or seven-inch thin, cut cock with a small head. As he slid the supporter down, Jack kissed Vince’s cock, “Couldn’t resist.”

I looked over. Bob had one finger just touching the bulge in his shorts. I rubbed my erect penis with my finger, wondering if Bob saw me. Jack got up. I watched two naked men standing in a forest with hard cocks, nearly touching. My penis pulsed. It wasn’t just that I was turned on by two men about to have sex. This was two men I knew. Two married men, like me, about to have oral sex.

Jack got up and sat on the bench. Vince got on his knees between Jack’s open legs. He grasped the young man’s penis and licked it from bottom to top. Jack sighed, “Oh man, that’s nice. How much time we have?”

Vince, his mouth poised around Jack’s fat hard cock replied, “Not enough. We need to get a room again.”

“Or you need to work late. Ohhhh fuuuccckkk.”

Vince slid his lips down Jack’s cock as he cupped the balls that lay underneath it. Jack’s hands touched Vince’s head, “So fuckin good.”

Vince was very comfortable sucking cock. I was dying to take out my erection and masturbate. As I watched, I thought. Bob stayed and watched. I can see he has an erection. He’s making no attempt to hide it and actually rubbed it a little. I haven’t been with a guy since college. Suddenly I want this.

The gap in the brush was small. Bob and I were shoulder-to-shoulder, touching. Our hips kept touching. We’d wrestled around plenty doing the stuff at these events and had no problem. I moved my left hand, palm facing out, across the front of Bob’s shorts just enough so I brushed the hard bulge. Then quickly back to my side. He didn’t flinch. Didn’t even look at me. Did I just fuck up?

Then I felt his fingers. His hand was at his side, fingers touching my leg, right next to the edge of my shorts. Bob flicked his fingers, running them over my leg for an inch or so. There was no innocent explanation for that touch. His fingers stayed in contact as I carefully and slowly turned towards him. Vince had Jack’s cock in his mouth, and Jack had his head back and eyes closed.

As I turned, Bob’s fingers stayed touching my shorts. A little more. Now his fingers just brushed my erection. He didn’t pull away. I turned more. Now my married friends’ fingers were feeling my hard cock. I reached out and touched the bulge in Bob’s shorts. He gave a quiet sigh. I ran my fingers up the outline of his erection. He’s big. Bigger than me. I felt a warm spot at the tip of his penis. Bob’s fingers were now wrapped around my cock. I held his. We watched Jack cum in Vince’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, Vince. Gonna cum.”

Vince backed off till his mouth cradled just the head of the younger man’s cock. Jack groaned quietly, and I watched his ass flex as he shot his cum into another man’s mouth. Vince stayed on him till Jack touched his head. Vince got up. Jack’s pursaklar escort cock was red from the action and shiny from the cum and saliva.

Jack reached out and took Vince’s cock in his hand. Vince moved up the to bench. Bob had my cock in his hand, still over my shorts. I was holding his, squeezing, wondering how it would feel not hidden by cloth. Wondering where this was going. Jack had his hands clamped on Vince’s ass as he gobbled the older man’s cock.

“Yeah, Jack, suck me. I’m so horny. I’m not gonna last long.”

Bob was masturbating me through the fabric. I stroked him too as we watched.

Vince was right. It only took a couple of minutes, “Oh, Jack. Here it comes.”

Jack’s fingers dug into Vince’s trim ass as I watched Vince’s ass flex, and Jack gulped. Vince was cumming into his mouth. Bob stroked faster. I matched his motion. It felt weird to have another man’s penis in my hand, but I liked it—a lot.

Vince and Jack were getting dressed. It didn’t take long, and Bob never stopped touching me. The other two left the area by a second path. Bob and I stepped out into the clearing around the bench. It was awkward. Bob solved that. He sat on the bench, “come over here.”

I stepped in front of him, and he pulled my shorts down. I said nothing. Leaving my shorts at mid-thigh, he pulled my briefs down, letting my hard cock free. He held it in his hand, “Don’t say anything. I want to do this before I over-think it.”

A man’s strong hand held my cock. I watched as Bob leaned forward and opened his mouth. His wet lips touched the head of my cock. He didn’t pause and slowly took all of me into his warm, wet mouth. It felt great. Mostly because it was so wrong. He clenched my ass as he moved his mouth back and forth on my erection. I’ve had plenty of blowjobs, but this one was different. It was like he knew what would get me to cum. I don’t know if he’d done this before, but he was doing well. His hand moved to cup my balls and finger the area behind them. I couldn’t believe how fast he had me at the edge.

“Gonna cum.” I said as a warning. I didn’t know how far he wanted to go with this. Bob kept sucking. I felt the surge, “Here it is.” I gasped. I spurted into Bob’s mouth. He didn’t flinch. Just gulped and kept sucking till I tapped him on his head. He leaned back. Before it would get awkward again, I sat next to him, “Your turn. Get up.”

I was about to undress a man. Strip him and see his hard cock. I stuck my fingers in the waistband of his shorts, pulling both the shorts and his briefs down. He was big. Bigger than me, cut, with a fat head. Before I could have second thoughts, I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock, tasting the drop of pre-cum at the tip. I took more of him into my mouth. Bob groaned, “Oh fuck, that’s nice.” I liked it. I liked having his cock in my mouth. Knowing I was pleasing him. Feeling him fill my mouth.

I took more until I gagged a little. I felt for his ball sack and fondled them. I let my hand move around and clutch his ass. This may be the only time I get to do this, so I wanted as much as possible. I had already decided that I was going to take his cum in my mouth. Bob’s hand rested on my head. My mouth moved up and down on his fat hard cock. I’m gonna be unhappy if he doesn’t want to do this again. Maybe I’ll talk to Vince. Bob was pumping his hips into my face, “Jim, gonna cum soon.” I kept sucking, racing for my prize. I felt his ass clench under my hand, “Here it is.” He said as I felt his cock twitch, and a bolt of hot musky cum bounced off the back of my mouth. Three more, then he sighed, and I reluctantly released his cock.

We quickly pulled up our shorts. Bob spoke, “Okay, let’s not say anything right now. Sleep on it and talk after work tomorrow.”

I said nothing as we walked briskly out of the woods to our cars.

Susan and I had sex that night. It was good. But, as she was sucking my cock I felt a tiny bit jealous. I wanted a cock in my mouth. Later, as she slept naked beside me, I went over everything. If Susan and Bob stood in front of me naked and I had to choose, it would be Susan, every time. But I’m still cheating. That was a problem. I knew Bob would be cool, no emotional problems. Susan and I joked once about a threesome with a guy. I had joked, it was no problem if us two guys bumped uglies, the guy being some unknown male. Susan raised an eyebrow and said, careful, I might like that. Then she put my cock in her mouth, and we never mentioned it again. Now, I wondered if I should tell her. No, not yet.

Monday was, well, Monday. The usual desk full of crises, all of which had to be resolved immediately. Tashika, my secretary, had everything in descending order of perceived need laid out on my desk. As I went from file to file, I glanced at my desk phone and cell, wondering if Bob would call me or whether I should call him. I didn’t have time.

Tashika left at four-thirty. I texted Susan that I had about an hour of work left. She sent back a picture of her pussy sincan escort and a sad face. I gave her a big smile emoji.

Ten minutes later, Bob slipped into my office. My reaction? Apprehension, fear. No, not fear, just dread. This could be uncomfortable. He sat in front of my desk, “How’d your day go?”

I pointed to the small stack left, “Ain’t over yet.”

He leaned back in the chair, “Yeah, mine was like that too. It’s like everybody thinks shit up all weekend to drop Monday morning. I just got done.”

There was the weight of the pause hanging in the room. Once again, Bob took the lead, “Well, we need to talk about sucking each other’s cock Saturday.”

“I liked it. I want to do it again.” I blurted. Not wanting Bob to do all the uncomfortable talking. There, it was out there.

Bob smiled, “I don’t know what happened. I’ve never done anything like that. But watching Vince and Jack, knowing they are both married and so casual about doing what they did. It turned me on, you know. I just had to try it out. I saw you were hard. You made no move to leave. I looked at the bulge in your shorts, wondering. I’ve never seen a hard cock in real life, other than mine. Ellen’s let herself go and has lost interest. I’m needy. I guess that’s what put me over the edge. Then when your hand brushed my cock, I knew it was cool with you too. Then, undressing you, putting your…cock in my mouth. It excited me. I wanted more. I wanted to taste you when you got off. Wow, listen to me, talking like a fucking girl.”

I laughed lightly, “Yeah, really. You never get personal like that. But my friend, you did not directly respond to my statement. I loved having your cock in my mouth, and I loved feeling you cum.” It was easy now. I knew how Bob felt.

Bob stood up. He had black dress slacks with a narrow leather belt and a light blue button-down shirt. His penis was hard, and pressing the fabric around the zipper into a lovely bulge, “This give you my answer?”

I wanted that cock. But I had to tease, “Say it, Bob. I did.”

Bob moved closer, “Jim, I want you to pull down my pants and suck my cock until I cum in your mouth. Then I’m gonna put your cock in my mouth and drink your load.”

I turned in my chair as Bob approached. He stood, inches away, that bulge in his slacks calling my mouth. I gently caressed the fabric, feeling the hardness behind. Bob sighed. I slipped the end of the thin leather belt out of the retainer and pulled, releasing the catch. I let the belt open to reveal the button at the top of his pants. Using both hands, I pushed the button through the hole. Bob’s pants blossomed a little, the silver zipper and that little tab teasing me.

I heard Bob’s breathing deepen as I grasped the little tab and pulled the zipper down, slowly revealing his black boxer briefs. As the zipper lowered, Bob’s pants opened and slipped down his long, lean legs, pooling at his ankles. His hands touched my shoulders, “Thanks, Jim. I really need this.”

Not wanting to wait, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of Bob’s underwear and slid them down, letting them sit on top of his pants. I took his rigid cock in my hand, stroked it briefly, fondled it a bit, and then leaned forward and let my lips slide over the big, fat head of my friend’s penis. It felt great sliding into my mouth, over my tongue that caressed the little spot under the head of his cock. Bob stifled a groan, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is so good. I’m sorry, Jim, but I’m gonna cum so fucking fast.”

I paused, speaking around his cock, “Then we need to do this more often,” and then taking all of him into my mouth, stifling the gag. Bob’s hands went to my head, holding me. I let him hold me and fuck my face. My hands went to clutch his muscular ass, fingers deep in his crevice, fingering his hole. I’m so into this now.

Bob’s being good, fucking my face but not plunging. He feels so good. His pace picks up, “Gonna cum, Jim.”

I want it. I want to feel this man’s sperm launch across my tongue. Bob’s cock swells and then the first jet, then three more. Hot musky cum bathes my tongue. My hand, holding his balls, feels it cumming. Yeah, I’m a cocksucker now.

I suck him a little more, then release his softening penis and look up. Bob’s smiling, still panting a little, “Whoa, better than Saturday. Let’s switch. I want your cock.”

I get up, and Bob, not bothering to pull his underwear or pants up, sits in my chair. He briefly caresses my erection over my pants before quickly undoing my belt, unsnapping and unzipping my khaki slacks, letting them drop to my ankles as he slides my white briefs down, releasing my hard cock.

“Yeah, that’s what I want.”

I look down as another man takes my cock into his mouth. I touch his shoulders. He pauses and looks up, “You can fuck my face too if you want to. Cum when you’re ready. I want it.”

I hold his head and fuck his face, pushing deeper each thrust. Bob just takes it, and soon I have all of my needy cock in his mouth. His hands clench my ass, his finger poking in my hole. This is so nasty but so good. I’m dying to cum, fill this man’s mouth with my seed. His finger pushes into my asshole, increasing my heat. I’m not going to last. I’m already thinking of the most taboo thing we can do. Maybe next time. My balls are tingling, “Gonna cum, Bob.”