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Subject: Team Reward 7 Team Reward, pt. 7 (m/t, anal, oral, HS) Bill Drake (ail) Warning: the following stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual material. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, read no further. The fiction depicts unsafe sex practices. It’s fantasy. In real life, wear a rubber. Again, thanks to all the guys out there who have written – I love to hear when my stories are responsible for guys blowing their load, and the response to this story in particular has been great. I just wish I could be quicker in posting new chapters. Comments to ail. Let me know what gets you off. For more of my stories, see the Authors section of the Nifty Archive. Meanwhile, stroke away… Team Reward, pt. 7 Bill Drake Mike White slipped a towel around his waist as he got out of the shower. The steam filled the bathroom, and he had to wipe the fog off the mirror. He took a second to marvel at his own reflection. He’d been working hard for as long as he could remember, working to improve his hard body and athletic ability, and before him stood the sight of a young man whose muscles were really beginning to fill out nice and full. He noticed the brown chest hair growing around his nipples and absently his hand went up to massage the big, round nipple with his finger. He wondered when he’d a have a body like any of his coaches, but he was proud of what he saw. Furthermore, he knew that playing ball at State would mean working himself to his limits, pushing how far his body could grow, strengthen and improve. He couldn’t wait. Snapping out of his reverie, the athlete began washing his face and lathering to shave. He’d gotten about halfway through the task when the door opened and in walked Coach Brian Pierson, balls naked, his hulking frame filling the doorway and his gigantic cock stiffer than wood and poking straight up from his muscular belly. “Morning stud,” he said as he felt along Mike’s thick, sturdy back. With a swift tug, he pulled off the towel. The fullback’s shapely bubblebutt greeted him, and Brian proceeded to caress the firm mounds as he stepped behind White. Mike leaned back into the powerful build of the older man as the coach ran his hands all up and down the athlete’s firm sides and even traced along his neck and cheek, gathering the shaving gel that clung to the teen’s skin. In a quick motion, he grabbed Mike’s now hard and distended erection, giving it a quick squeeze before teasing him. “Glad you’re a horny one in the morning.” Pierson stepped back and reached down to coat his own throbbing cock with the cool shaving gel. Then, without hesitation, he pushed his huge dick down til it stuck straight forward, then nudged the head in Mike’s jock hole. With a grunt, he pushed forward and lodged his battering ram right into the fullback’s warm rectum. About four inches were now wedged tight in the offensive lineman’s jock cunt. “Fuck!” Mike screamed. “That hurts. Take it out.” “Shut the fuck up!” the older man ordered. “I need a good fuck right now, so just open the fuck up.” Mike was stunned at the commanding tone. His asshole throbbed in pain. Looking in the mirror he could barely see through the tears that were welling in his eyes. Still he said nothing. He obeyed. Coach Pierson roughly grabbed Mike’s hips while he pulled out the four inches of hard, thick coach cock. Then another jab forward. This time the scepter went deeper. “Nnngh…” Mike stifled a grunt deep in his throat. It was barely audible but Coach heard it and it turned him on. White was a great kid, a good athlete and the most promising recruit this year, not to mention a hot lay. But he had to be broken in. So Coach pulled back and rammed in his cock once more, now splitting the stud’s hot cunt with about seven inches of fat, demanding man meat. Mike closed his eyes, trying to relax his tight ass, and hoping the sharp pain would subside. His body shivered as if it were cold, but he didn’t let a sound escape his lips. He wanted to please Coach. Coach looked over Mike’s shoulder into the mirror and saw the young stud’s body shiver and contort as his ass got force-fed a good foot of cock. Brian wrapped his arms around Mike, in a gesture at once authoritative and affectionate, and felt the firmness and the power of the teen athlete’s build. The coach couldn’t remember when he was hornier. He shoved his dick in again. This time, it worked. The resistance gave way and the whole length of Pierson’s huge staff sunk effortlessly into Mike White’s guts. Coach hissed in horned-up excitement. “Yeah, boy, let me in… That’s it…” he cooed as his dick flesh slid along the slick shit tunnel first in, then back out. Then in again. This ass was open and all his now. Coach wasn’t one to hesitate at the opportunity. Immediately, he began a long deep and fast pace, pounding the jock’s bubble butt without mercy. He bent Mike forward slightly, so he could grab the stud’s hips and angle his own meat to piston out at a furious speed and hard intensity. He wanted his cock as deep up the kid’s bowels as possible. Hell, he’d have fucked his own balls deep in there if it were possible. Those balls bursa escort were at first hanging low and slapping the flesh between Mike’s meaty fullback thighs each time Coach slammed home. Soon, though, the large orbs had drawn up til they were appendages clinging tightly to the hard foot of coach cock fucking Mike’s guts raw. Mike now looked in the mirror and was turned on by the sight he saw. His muscled athletic body half-bent over the sink, his powerful arms stuck forward to brace himself while he got dicked by the biggest, most powerful, most attractive man he’d ever met. Mike’s cock was now at full staff and bobbed as his body shook from the hard pummeling from behind. He looked between his spread thighs and could see Coach’s big balls, and his cock as it pulled out, primed for another inward shove. Now Coach was going for his nut, pounding in and tearing up Mike’s tight ass, relishing the slick warmth on his cock. With a loud growl, he shoved in and unloaded his first volley of thick, hot cum. “Shit yeah!” Mike yelled as he felt the first spray his the walls of his jock ass. He reached down to his own erect cock and began flogging away. Coach felt like he’d been storing up his dickwad for a week rather than six hours. It felt incredible, like a river was being unleashed through his pistoning cock. He felt the fresh sperm wetness coating Mike’s tender ass walls. And he felt that ass tight and clinch around his hard cock. Mike was cumming. The first few jets blasted out and painted the bathroom mirror in long, white ropes of semen. Coach, starting to come down from his intense orgasm, but still dribbling sperm into Mike’s guts, watched in the mirror as the kid nutted and his body shook in ecstasy. “Yeah, kid,” he murmured, “I thought you’d like a good hard fuck, the rough way.” “Oh, Coach!” Mike cried, his dick still spasming. “Yeah, baby?” Coach asked, kissing the athlete’s now sweaty neck, cheek, and ear. “That felt so fucking good. So intense.” “Yeah, stud, I know…” “At first, I…” “Shh… No need to speak, son. You still got a lot to learn. I’m your new coach now and I’m gonna teach you new things. Make you learn more about yourself. Is that what you want, stud?” “Oh, yes, sir.” “Good.” The coach’s cock slithered halfway out of the slick, wellfucked ass, then slowly inched back in. “Your coach is a horny man, you know.” “I know sir.” Slowly again, Pierson removed his dick until only about an inch or two remained in the boy’s chute. “You think you can handle me, boy?” “I’ll try sir,” Mike responded softly. Angrily, the coach shoved his cock right in, all the fucking way in, and barked, “College football isn’t about trying, son. Now… you think you can handle this dick?” Mike grimaced from the jab in his guts then called out, “Yes sir! I can and will, sir!” “Glad to hear it, son… By the way, you’re not going to school today, White.” “You gonna fuck me all day sir?” As if to answer, Coach began fucking at a steady pace on Mike’s already well-pounded hole. He continued fucking as he talked. “I like the way you think, White, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You’re coming back with me to State for a couple days. You can meet the team and talk to the coaching staff. You’ll have to miss practice here, but I called your coach and arranged it. I’ll let you practice with the team at State, plus put you through a college workout.” “Sounds good, Coach. When do we go?” “As soon as I’ve fucked your ass again, White.” “Coach, your dick is still so fucking hard.” “You like it, boy?” “Yeah, Coach, but…” “But what?” “Can I clean it before you fuck me again?” Coach extracted his foot of hard cock, which shimmered in the coat of coach cum and jock ass juices. He stepped back from White, who was turning around to face his new coach. “All right, on your knees, White.” “Yes, sir,” he said before his mouth was stuffed with a foot of hard, wet dick. ********** At that very moment his father woke up with a huge, throbbing hardon. He’d fucked his wife last night, so this was unusual. Michael White was more an evening person than a morning person, and his sex drive was no exception. He usually had to shower and get a cup of coffee before he could think about anything, including sex. Fortunately, his wife was the same way. Only this morning, he lay wide awake as his dick throbbed uncomfortably. He thought about the terrific blow job he’d gotten on his way home from work yesterday. The guy really blew his mind as well as his dick. Not the sort of guy Michael normally thought as a fag or cocksucker, the man was built and real masculine. But fuck, could he give head. He’d spent yesterday so horny he and Clarice had fucked twice before bed and once again in the middle of the night. He was still turned on by the thought of the guy. He looked over at his wife, lying nude on the bed. He reached down between her legs and felt the wetness of her pussy, and the load he’d deposited there in the middle of the night. His wife began to wake while he diddled her twat. “Mmmm..” she muttered as she came awake. She began grinding her pussy onto her husband’s thick, masculine fingers. bursa escort bayan “Oooh, baby, what a way to wake up. Finger my pussy, Mike.” He continued to explore and finger fuck her cunt while his other hand pounded his horny cock. Michael knew he couldn’t take much foreplay this morning. Swiftly and silently, he crawled up onto Clarice’s nude body and slipped his cock deftly into her cunt. “Oh, Mike, that’s it. Slide that cock into me. I don’t know what’s made you so horny, but I love it.” Michael knew why he was so horny. He couldn’t get the image out of his head. While he shafted his wife, he kept thinking of that stud in the car. He was sure it was his son’s baseball coach. The fucker looked like a coach – big, domineering build, receding hairline, big hairy arms. Looked like an ex-marine, in fact. And all Michael could think about was what it would feel like to sink his cock up the coach’s ass. Even his dirty talk to his wife were words he wanted to say to Mike, Jr.’s coach. “Yeah, bitch, take my cock. All fucking nine inches… Slamming hard and deep into your cunt. Is that what you wanted?” “Fuck, yes,” Clarice cooed. “Fuck me, Mike.” As he fucked his wife, the phone rang. Michael immediately stopped his thrusting. His wife grabbed his asscheeks and held him tight, keeping his hard cock lodged in her cunt. “Don’t get it,” she begged. “Don’t worry, hon. I could use a cool down right now. I’m about to shoot as it is.” Pushing up his weight with one arm, he reached over to the bed stand with the other and picked up the phone. “Hello?” he answered. “Dad? It’s Mike.” “Oh, hi Mike. What’s up? Did you stay over at Tim’s last night?” “Yeah, dad,” Mike lied. Actually at the moment his was lying stomach down on a hotel bed while his coach lay on top of him, thrusting a gargantuan dick up his tight, football player ass. Mike had to keep from grunting or moaning while he got rutted from behind during his phone conversation with his father. “Look dad, I have some good news.” “Yeah, son?” Michael Sr. began fucking again, sliding his hard cock in and out of his wife’s pussy. She was feeling great. Normally she hated it when her husband fucked for his own pleasure without any regard for hers. She insisted on foreplay, insisted that he go down on her regularly, insisted that he hold of his orgasms as long as possible. But this morning he was fucking away without any care for her and she was loving it. Maybe it was his extra horny, extra hard dick. She always like Michael’s large member and could never understand women complaining about big dicks. That large dick was now pummeling her cunt while Michael carried on his conversation. “Yeah, dad,” the voice on the other end said. “I got a scholarship to play ball at State. The coach there came down yesterday to give me the offer.” “That’s great son!” he exclaimed, his breath ragged from the fuck he was giving Mike’s mother. “Congratulations. We’ll have to celebrate tonight.” “Well, that’s the other thing, dad.” He could barely speak the word “dad” cause just then Coach Brian slammed another hard thrust up his butt. Mike took a deep breath then continued, hoping his dad wouldn’t notice anything. “Coach is going back today and he’s invited to take me back for a couple of days, let me meet the coaching staff and see the place.” Coach fucked rough and hard while Mike was talking. He leaned forward to put his mouth at the ear which didn’t have the phone receiver and he growled in a low voice so only Mike could here. “Tell him your new coach has gotta test drive his baby boy’s jock ass for a couple of days. Tell him how his boy can’t get enough of his new coach-daddy’s dick. ” Mike couldn’t hold back. He removed the receiver from his mouth and thrust his face into the pillow beneath him as his body shook in another fierce orgasm, hosing the hotel bed sheets rubbing his prick. His dad was oblivious and in fact was lost in his own fuck, nearing orgasm while trying to continue conversation with his son. “All right, Mike. Will you be back by the weekend?” Mike recovered enough to lift his head back up and answer. “Yeah, dad. Will be back Friday before the game.” “OK, son, have a good time. Talk to you later.” Michael was getting really close now and his wife was thrashing beneath him, lost in her own orgasm. “Yeah, bye dad.” Mike said then hung up while his Coach hosed another hot, thick wad of man sperm up his hole. “Bye, Mike,” the father said into a now dead phone. He didn’t even have the energy to put the phone back on the hook. He just held it to his ear while his balls gave up a major nut. ********** Glen Carson’s dick wouldn’t go down. The young jock had woken up with a hardon to beat all, and even in the shower it wouldn’t go away. He thought about grabbing his cock and whipping out a hot load, but then remembered why he’d gotten up early this morning. So reluctantly, he turned the shower off, dried his body head to toe, then pulled on a fresh jockstrap. He loved the way, the pouch snugly fit his dick, especially now that it was hard. Little did he realize how perfectly the straps framed his prime, fuckable bubblebutt. escort bursa The second-string quarterback then slid on a pair of tight-fitting faded jeans and a Jackson County High sweatshirt. He slipped on his letter jacket, and was ready to go out the door. His parents didn’t ask why he’d taken to leaving for school an hour early lately, but they were pleased so kept silent. Glen pulled up to the house right on time. By now they’d timed it perfectly. Trent Sullivan had until 8.30 before he had to leave for the office, and Glen left by 8:00 in order to make to school by quarter after. That gave Trent plenty of time to wash up and get dressed. At 7:00 sharp, Glen rang Trent’s doorbell. The businessman answered the door wearing nothing but a big, thick morning erection. “How’s my jock boy doing this morning?” he asked as the two men met in a heated kiss. Glen ran his powerful quarterback hands all along Trent’s stocky, muscled back, reaching down to knead and squeeze those perfect, powerful ass cheeks. “Didn’t beat off yet, did you?” Trent asked. “No bud,” Glen responded, “I saved it for you.” He grabbed Trent’s fat cock and began squeezing and stroking the shaft. Trent broke into a big smile. “Good.” He reached down and unbuttoned Glen’s jeans, then pulled them down to his knees revealing the kid’s swollen jockstrap, which was unable to contain the erection. He turned Glen around and got down on his knees. In front of him was the most amazing ass on the Jackson High football team. Round, taut, perfectly shaped and so fucking smooth. Trent lapped at the smooth skin first on the left cheek then the right. He alternated, getting closer to the boy’s crack, savoring the muscular strength lying just beneath the teen’s smooth, soft skin. The quarterback spread his thighs, or as much he could with his jeans still trapping his legs. Trent reached up and spread those beautiful cheeks, revealing the depths of the teen jock’s asscrack. With a long, deliberate swath, Trent licked the length of the freshly washed gash. It tasted of soap and water and the slight hint of horny teen jock. He licked again. This time he let his tongue linger at the puckered ass hole, which quivered at Trent’s touch. Gently he rimmed around the edge of the hole, teasing and licking the puckered folds of flesh guarding the jock’s precious rectum. “God, Trent! That feels awesome. Keep licking me, buddy!” Applying more pressure, Trent pressed in, pressed the tip of his tongue right in the center of the hole and drove forward. The assring gave way as Glen’s anus swallowed Trent’s talented, eager tongue. “Shit! Ah, keep pushing there,” Glen ordered. The horny businessman complied. His own cock was rockhard now, and was leaking all over the living room floor. Since the postgame suckoff the other weekend, he imagined what it would be like to do this to the whole team, to have the boys line up their hot jock asses ready for Trent to take them one by one and eat out their horny boy cunts. Right now, though, he was content with probing Carson’s hot cunt deep with his tongue. At first he just used his long tongue to make deep, in-and-out fuck motions, loosing and slickening the boy up in the process. Then he curved his tongue upward and to the side, licking the stud’s rectum from the inside out. The contact his tongue made with the rectal walls drove both men wild. Trent knew he had to do this one time after the jock’s butt had been spermed with a good load of jock goo. “Man, Trent, I’m gonna come with your tongue up my butt.” “No you don’t.” Trent replied as he pulled out of the jock’s ass. Again, he turned the boy around and this time pulled down the strained jockstrap. He wasted no time in guiding the boy’s prick to his mouth and swallowing the whole length, and coming back up just in time to catch the quarterback’s hot seed in the front of his mouth. “Take my wad,” Glen ordered, feeling wave after wave of orgasm sweep over him. Trent began to back off the hard, spent prick, as he normally did after a guy got his nut. Only Glen held his head still. “Sorry, sir. You’re not gonna spit it out today.” Trent looked up, his mouth still stuffed full of hard teen quarterback meat. The two men’s eyes locked. Both with determination. “Swallow,” Glen commanded. Trent kept trying to back off, but Glen’s powerful arms held him immobile. Then, slowly, that cock started pushing deeper in, deeper into Trent’s gullet. It backed out slightly then a regular facefuck began, Glen holding Trent’s head in place while his cock reamed out the older man’s throat. Trent couldn’t help himself. His mouth was salivating with each inward thrust of cock, and involuntarily he began to swallow. Wave after wave of saliva and jock cum washed down his throat and esophagus, filling his stomach with a morning protein deposit. Glen was incredibly turned on. He could see the businessman’s throat contract with each swallow and see the man’s face blush scarlet red at the combination of excitement and humiliation. “Yeah, man, that’s it. Swallow that big load. Show a jock you can respect his jizz. Yeah, I’ll have another load for you soon, Trent, buddy.” By now, Glen’s hold had faded and the businessman was doing most the work sucking the young man. He pulled off for a second, long enough to reply. “I sure hope so, kid.” Then went back to business, sucking hard jock dick. (to be continued)