“Teresa’s Torture!”

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Double Penetration

“Teresa’s Torture!”This is about the strange incident which began Mum’s continued cuckoldry. I’d like to write and tell you the story of her first prostitution, which will be mentioned in other stories. This is when she originally committed adultery, by selling herself sexually, in the 80’s. It is about a certain underground film that was made. I can describe it, now I’ve seen it, and I’d like to tell you all about it.When I was just 18, Dad was in heavy debt through his own mismanagement of his business; and it turned out after a while that he had gone to a business associate of his, an Arabian named Kabul.I guess we all knew from the start that Kabul was a bit of a shady character, and had his fingers in various slightly criminal pies. Dad said he’d had no choice, the way things were, but to get a large loan from Kabul, and intended to pay it back when he could. However, we also knew that Kabul fancied my Mum. This may have been the main reason Kabul ever bothered doing business with Dad in the first place, i.e. so he could get close to my Mum. [She at the time often accompanied Dad to business functions and “Deal-meals” as they were known.]Mum seemed to enjoy the flirtation and attention from other men she’d get; both my parents must have realized this helped Dad’s business along, and as Mum was [up until this point] a completely faithful, dutiful wife to Dad, there seemed no undue worry on his part that she may ever go further than verbal flirtation and dancing with his associates at functions.However, as the months went on, Dad got more and more hassle from Kabul about the loan payments. Some were being missed, plus Kabul hadn’t been totally honest about things. It turned out he was a right gangster and heavy loan shark, and ran a plethora of seedy sex clubs and brothels. Dad had given the house and business as security for the loan; perhaps a naive move, but we didn’t know about Kabul’s true intent to us when Dad had initially signed for the loan.Soon, we were being threatened, first subtly then more boldly, with repossession and bankruptcy, while Kabul mounted more and more interest on the loan repayments. Dad now could never pay it all back. We were in the shit big time, you could say, with no real way out.At this point, I had come home after college one early evening, and found Mum and Dad sitting opposite each other in the lounge, in the presence of Kabul’s two big heavies, Abdul and Karim, who were sitting on our sofa. Obviously some sort of heated discussion had been taking place, because the room suddenly went silent as I came in. The tension between the four seated people was so thick it made the hairs raise on the back of my neck.Dad was very tense indeed, his face like a thunderstorm. Although the two big heavies seemed more comfortable, even smirking occasionally. The conversation [because of my sudden presence] turned to lighter matters, and idle chit-chat even.As I looked at Mum, she seemed almost totally at ease sitting there in her nightgown, smoking elegantly and chatting to the foreigners as if she was among old friends! Dad sharply told me to make coffee for them all and as I brought it in, I noticed the Arabs looking more directly at Mum. This was because Mum slowly slipped off first one of her slippers, then the other, after having dangled them from her feet for ages. Now she made a point of turning her left bare sole toward the men, and slowly turning her toes up, so that she exposed the underside of her sexy, shapely foot to them and showed the prominent ball of her foot to their gaze! Now, everyone who’s ever had a woman deliberately bare her feet and casually flex them toward you, in any social situation, knows what it means. The woman wants to bare more of herself for you, and she’s teasing and provoking your interest! It made me feel deeply disturbed yet oddly aroused, to see her flirting with them.Dad sent me round to the shop to get some smokes for him then. Obviously to get me out of the way awhile! When I returned, the guys were just leaving in their car, smirking back at Mum and Dad, and hissing, “Ssso…you will give usss a call,yessss???”The men waggled their tongues horribly at Mum as they drove off, causing Dad to flush in anger and mutter, “Dirty bastards!”Nothing about whatever was going on was told to me so at bedtime, I crept along the landing ,and listened at my parents’ closed bedroom door.I found silence at first, then Dad said quietly, “You want to do it…Don’t you? I can tell, Teresa!”Mum was evasive, replying, “That’s not the point. The thing is, we’ve GOT to do it, or else be bankrupt and living like tramps! Oh come on, love. Look, you can just go out and get drunk while I’m there, and forget it’s happening.”Dad replied, “But Teresa, what about afterwards? When I know it’s happened? I’d be wondering about it. What they did to you, and… Well, whether they were better than me, and if you reached any orgasms. Like you don’t often with me anymore. God, you’re my wife, for fuck’s sake! How would I COPE?”Mum soothed him, going, “Well, let’s just pretend it’s one of those lurid adulterous housewife or bondage fantasies you and I used to like reading, and watching on video. They used to turn you on! Let’s pretend it’s one of those fantasies except this time it’s ME, and it’s REAL!”She continued, “Okay, tell you what. As a condition I do it, I’ll ask that he makes it up before I come home. I’ll bring one back, and leave it out for you. Then you can see all that happened! You can have a good WANK to it, love, it’ll make you feel more acceptant of it. That way, you can know everything, and we’ll never have to speak about it again!”There was a very long silence. Finally Dad relented, and guardedly agreed to let Mum do it. Whatever this mysterious IT was!Mum said, “I’ll call him tomorrow. We’ll get it arranged. Then everything will be fine, love we’ll be saved from trouble then!”The next day, which was Saturday, Mum went upstairs to make a private phone call, while I and Dad were working in the garden. Later, when she came down, I could partly overhear what they said in the kitchen, as I dug the soil.Mum went, “Oohhh, darling! They really want their money’s worth!”After some muttering, Dad blurted out, “They’re gonna do WHAT to you? No way, Teresa! Oh, no! No way can I have that happening to you! They must be twisted! I’m telling the police. I’ve had enough. We’re better poor than having that sort of stuff done to you.”Mum actually giggled at this point. Dad seethed now. “Do I take this to mean you want them to do that? Am I really so unsatisfactory that you’re fantasizing about THAT?”Mum went, “Shush, it’ll be okay. I’ll switch off, love, I’m sure I won’t enjoy it. I’ve got to do it anyway, so if that’s what they want, does it matter?”Dad fumed, growling, “Well, I’ve never done that to you, and I never will.”I never heard the rest, but over the next week, Dad seemed quiet and subdued, while Mum seemed sparkly and excited!When the Friday came I was off to college in the morning, when they told me that Mum had to go away for a few days, to see some friends of hers. I knew of course who these “friends” were, but I said nothing. I guess I knew something was up. That Mum was gonna be involved sexually with Kabul and/or his henchmen somehow, but I had no direct proof. Anyway, how could I ask my parents that?She wasn’t there when I got home, and though I was busy with college work all week, I still noticed Dad was drinking a lot, being very quiet, and very irritable.She didn’t arrive back until the end of the following week. I came home before Dad got in from work, and found her happily making dinner, with nothing seemingly different about her except she looked a bit dreamy-eyed and giggled a lot!When I went upstairs, I looked in their bedroom, and there on the bedcover was a 3-hour videotape, with a note to Dad from Mum, saying “Hope you enjoy it, darling! Don’t let the screams worry you! Whick-Whack, Whip-Crack! Love, Teresa. XXX!”Alongside the tape was a new packet of hand tissues. Mum had also brought our video machine into their bedroom, too. There it was, plugged in and ready, under their little second T. V. set they had as a spare.At dinner, Mum was humming to herself, and glancing at Dad, who was more silent than ever. She even sang chirpily as she cleared the plates: “Whoo-whooo! Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Whip-Crack Away, Whip-Crack Away!”Patting her bottom as she left for the kitchen, she giggled that her journey had made it very sore. Dad blushed like a tomato, but said nothing in reply, celtabet giriş he just hid his gaze in his coffee mug.After dessert, Dad excused himself to me, saying he had to go and do something private upstairs tonight. This with Mum adding for me to stay with her and “Leave him to it.”Yeah! Sure Dad was “doing things!” Doing what, with the tape and tissues, I wonder? HA!HA!They were right about not mentioning “IT” again; Dad never did, and Mum denied anything I ever asked her about Kabul and the week away.Everything seemed strangely normal, considering what an outrageous thing had happened to Mum and though I looked through the whole house whenever I was alone after that, I never found the video. I was burning to see it for years! However, here’s the crunch. After our recent experiences, and Mum opening up a bit sexually with me, she’s let me see it! On my bed last week, I found a few pictures of her, with a copy of the tape. With them was a note saying,”Your turn to see it now, Bob! Mum. XXX!”Well, I’ve been jerking off nearly all week to it; now Mum has suggested I write, and give your readers the benefit of what’s on it!Apparently, it’s been reproduced several times now, and is a classic among certain collectors of this type of real-life porn, where ordinary white wives get bribed away from their husbands and made sex slaves for people like Kabul. It seems the video has become much sought after, and some tycoons pay wads of cash for it! I dunno how Mum got this copy again, years later, unless it’s what the teenagers posted to us. [That will be described in a following story, named “Your Mum, Your Mum”]. Anyway, here goes; here’s the fullest description I can give of my Mum’s long-secret amateur porno film!I was shaking with excitement, when I picked it up, cause this version even has a proper cover! In big letters, it said “TERESA’S TORTURE!”, above a picture of Mum, looking a bit younger. [This was the 80’s,when she was in her late 30’s.]She is kneeling down, bare boobs showing with her big red nipples distended, and with her finger put nervously to her lips, and she smiles at the camera, and two great big dark skinned Arab men crowd her from each side on the video cover, shoving their huge dicks threateningly inward at her face!So I put the tape on, and this is what it showed:It began with Mum talking to the viewers, saying who she was, and why she had agreed to whore herself, commit adultery and make the film. She told all about Dad’s debts to Kabul, too. She went on to say that she hoped those voyeur purchasers of her dirty prostitution on film would enjoy seeing her adultery, her martyrdom for her son and hubby’s salvation, and that they would love seeing all the strange, dirty and cruel ordeals she was subjected to by Kabul and his circle of SM devotees! She smiled, admitting her torture and ravishment was for no other real reason than their sleazy, cruel lust for her.She then dropped her dress onscreen, exposing her breasts, which looked all swollen and excited. Turning round, she bent over, spreading her ass cheeks to show her hairy blonde muff, and her brown, dark starfish. Her buttocks were lewdly crisscrossed with awful red welts; really harsh ones, that encompassed her whole rear!She then ended with “I suffered so, sooo much! Please buy this film, as it’ll help to pay off our debt and please enjoy seeing my torture!” Those two words were repeated, louder, as the camera zoomed in on Mum’s arsehole. She clenched it and pulsed it, in and out, until her sphincter filled the screen, pulsating to the words, “My torture, my torture, my torture!”, The soundtrack, became overlaid with echo and sounds of Mum’s voice in other vocalizations of agony and sexual passion. Fading out, this intro gave way to the main body of the film.It showed her being checked in at reception in Kabul’s private S&M establishment, signing away her rights and body to their whims. Kabul, who looked like Omar Sharif in his 40’s, and his head dominatrix Ms.Okiwe, a sexy but strict mature African lady in a ward sister’s outfit, took Mum into a medical room, and began stripping her. I saw Mum’s naked body as it was in her 30’s, as they got her naked and began touching her body. God ,she was even more stunning, then!She stood naked and nervous, as their dark hands cooly examined her, commenting dispassionately on her tits as they squeezed them, rolling her swelling nipples in their lecherous fingers, stroking her blond pussy and making her gasp as they expertly probed inside, their hands now wearing latex gloves. Then squeezing her bum, not too gently either, and peeking at her asshole. Mum was obviously getting excited, despite her promises to Dad of the opposite! They also insisted on calling her “Teressa” for some reason, but somehow it seemed befitting ,as if they were mocking her with her own name somehow.Ms. Okiwe said, “Now, Teressa, you turn and spread you bum cheeks for me. I is givin you the bottom test!”Mum gulped but obeyed. Ms. Okiwe produced a cotton swab stick, and as Mum looked at her over her shoulder, with her own ass cheeks spread wide, the black woman poked and prodded with the cotton tip, in every crease of Mum’s spread brown starfish, making Mum’s bum hole twitch.I was rock hard in my pants as I watched this film, seeing Mum’s sexy, long-creased brown ring being sexually interfered with. Even now after seeing it many times, I still think her arse rivals that of any porn model for sheer beauty.Examining the bud then, Ms. Okiwe said, “Hmmmm, not bad.”, and actually sniffed the stick! Then, with Mum still spreading her own ass, Ms. Okiwe took a second swab stick, put it to Teresa’s bum hole, and suddenly stabbed forward, shoving it over halfway up her bum!”OOhhhhh! How Rude!” Mum pouted, indignantly, and blushed really red, looking really embarrassed and ashamed, but Ms. Okiwe just smirked at her protests and began to wiggle and jiggle the swab stick around, looking coldly into Teresa’s eyes!Kabul, standing nearby, laughed out loud, and said “Not so prim and proper now, are you, Saint Teressa?”Ms. Okiwe let her free hand stroke and tickle Mum’s pussy a bit, as her other fingers twisted and waggled the bud up her arse, and Mum began to tremble, and then moan gently. Suddenly, Mum orgasmed! She screwed up her eyes and gasped loudly, bending over further and I could see her brown impaled hole pulsating in time with her cunt’s contractions as she came! It was very erotic, to see my Mum cumming on video as these dark foreigners did such things to her! They really humiliated her, taunting her verbally even as she came.Ms. Okiwe laughed and wiggled it harder, going, “Wheee! You like, Teressa?? Is it Rude? You are shameful, Yes? Ha Haaaaaa!”When Ms. Okiwe pulled it out and examined the swab’s end, it was now all brown and stained! The negress frowned, chiding, “You Dirty Girl! Mucky in you p*o Chute! Dirty TARTY Teresa!” She then announced Mum would be punished for her “Insolence by coming to here with her bottom dirty!”Their strange, pidgin English also seemed to intensify the scenes’ eroticism somehow, all through the film.Ms. Okiwe now made her bend over a low table, and they tied her wrists to the far edge. Ms. Okiwe then raised a long, rather nasty looking stick. She proceeded to give Mum a precisely applied, cold and judicial caning on her bare bottom. Six vicious strokes were cruelly given to Mum. God, you could hear the swooshing of the long rod as it cut through the air and sliced in to her bum. I was shuddering at Mum’s cries of pain and protest! Between strokes, Kabul and Okiwe were talking about the taste of Mum’s “Brown gold”, as they took turns to lick at the soiled cotton swab! The dirty pigs! Mum’s bare bum was left with six long, red welts by the end of her first caning. She was all flushed and visibly shaking, as she clasped her burning buttocks. Ms. Okiwe showed no sympathy however, and harshly lectured Mum, while tapping her naked body in various sensitive places with the stick.Mum was then tied to the table on her back, and given a preliminary taste of having the soles of her feet beaten. Ms. Okiwe stood over her, taking Mum’s feet in her latex-covered fingers one after the other, and whacked them with a folded leather belt. This was becoming the best video I’d ever seen, even despite the fact it starred my Mum. The way she groaned and begged, and the way they spoke to her as she was humiliated, was so erotic I was flabbergasted!After a threat of more “Hurtings, if you don’ get down dere an’ lick celtabet yeni giriş my black, cheesy ol’ feet!”, Mum did as told. She knelt down while Ms. Okiwe sat above her, and ran her now-very-willing tongue all over the black woman’s dusky, sexy but cheesy, sweaty feet! It gave big close-ups of Mum’s pink tongue roving all over the dusky soles, licking her corns and bunions really lovingly, and delving deep into those hot, dark clefts between the black lady’s toes. I shuddered as I watched it, and had a strong cum, seeing Mum’s tongue emerging from between Ms.Okiwe’s dark toes, coated with toe-jam and shoe-fluff, and the black domina’s voice bitching at her as Mum ate up her toe-jam and told the negress her toe-sweat was delicious! Ms. Okiwe did various other things to Mum too, such as making her lick her black ass like a slave, and subjecting her to intimate examination of the vagina and anus. I couldn’t help getting hard again, seeing the negresses fingers probing and wiggling up Mum’s twat and bum hole, while the black lady chided and humiliated her.The film then cut to sometime later in her stay there, where she was given over to Abdul and Karim, the two heavies who worked for Kabul. Apparently, they were ex secret police from Kabul’s country, experienced in the arts of torture and exquisite, salacious sexual interrogations. They were very big, muscular brutes, and as they manhandled her down to the basement and stripped her, tearing off her bra and panties, they showed they had cocks to match their size, which were up hard and throbbing nastily at my Mum!They cuffed her wrists to a pulley in the ceiling, and hauled her up, until she was dangling naked, in mid air. The atmosphere in the tawdry, squalid room was very oppressive, with a single bare light bulb adding to its’ dark, disturbing feeling. The two Arabs now produced the tools of their evil trade. Abdul had a long leather single-thong whip, maybe 8 feet long; and Karim plugged in a weird-looking electrical thing. It looked like a cattle-prod, or similar, but with a box that Karim used to control the current.Mum looked really scared, as they began questioning her. They now said to her Dad had also been dishonest with Kabul, and tried to diddle him out of the payments. I knew this wasn’t true, but they clearly enjoyed accusing her of helping him. Plus, when Kabul had initially tried to seduce Mum, which he’d seen as his right, being richer and more powerful than Dad-she’d impolitely rejected him, offending his pride.Well all I can say is that she was really made to pay for everything now!Her body lurched and bucked, when Abdul began lashing her, cracking the whip across her arse, or curling it round her body so it bit cruelly. She gave somewhat blood-curdling screams! When Karim began to poke her with the electro-prod, they became howls and gasps of shock, pain and terror, as both men laid into her without mercy!I noticed she was trying to keep her legs together, to protect her privates. However, Abdul would swing the whip right up high and bring it slashing down on her bare, vulnerable buttocks so hard that she would jerk in shock, her legs snapping apart involuntarily. As her feet kicked helplessly in the air, Karim would take his chance, being very fast to lunge the prod up between her legs onto her soft vulva; or insinuate it evilly between her bum cheeks, to seek out her asshole!”NOOOOooooAAAAAAAGH! AaaaaaaYYYYIIEEEEEEE!”, She would scream!I had to keep a sense of proportion, and remember that she actually looked back on it all with affection now, but believe me, it’s difficult to describe the feelings of horror yet strange masochistic arousal I got, from seeing my Mum sexually tortured on a porno film!The camera was switching between shots of her jerking and convulsing in mid-air, kicking her legs out helplessly as the thugs laughed and tormented her, and close-ups of her from the waist up, showing her face, her mouth grimacing in pain and her eyes wide in fear and agony.They had put some sort of device around the bases of her breasts, so they looked bigger, all swollen, nipples protruding obscenely. Karim’s electro-prod was often shoved into her tits in these close ups, so you could see her face contort in shock and her teats get redder as they were cruelly shocked. Her back, her legs, her feet, her bum, her cunt, her titties were all repeatedly victim at various times to swart and cruel Karim’s evil electro-prod! They were really cruel to her. They just wouldn’t stop. They continued sadistically torturing my Mum, until she relented and confessed to all that they wished!The next scene, apparently the next day or the day after, once she’d recovered enough, was of Mum with her ankles locked into a sitting stocks, her thighs strapped to the base and her waist to the backrest, with her arms free. Now she was subjected to that old Eastern favourite; the Bastinado!The big thugs first tickled her sexy soles and toes with feathers, making her laugh and squeal. They pulled the feathers between her toes and sc****d the tougher ends up along her soles. Soon they upgraded to supple leather tawses, using them to slap her bare feet harder and harder, Mum’s hands couldn’t help drifting down between her legs, despite her protests! They ended up using long thin bendy canes, standing naked each side of her. Their big eastern dicks throbbed at my Mum’s sexy, naked, squirming form. The camera switched from the full view to close ups of Mum’s sexy bare feet, being lashed nastily with the canes. Her soles flexed and froze, flexed and froze as the sticks beat her soles, and she yelled in torment.”No! Please Stop! Ohhhh, God! HHoooooohhhh, God!”, she went, with her hands clawing desperately at her boobs and rubbing hard at her crotch, while the rods whacked down on her poor exposed feet! When they paused to kneel and rub their big slimy knobs over her burning soles, then shove them into her tits lustfully, she came, and stopped her protests for moans of pleasure!They taunted her more, asking if she had ever been taken her husband in the anus. “You know what we mean, Teressa? Up the BOTTOM?” On her reply of no, they laughed that several other good, respectable wives hadn’t either, until they turned up there like Mum had! They pulled tongues at her again, when she said indignantly that they would not dare! “Oh, but we WOULD, little sexxy Teressa!” they mocked!Next, it showed her hung inverted, suspended by her ankles now, with her wrists locked to a collar on her neck, and they attached electrodes to her tits and clitoris. Abdul sent shocks into her, as Karim used a long cane to punish her bum. Her body shook, convulsing again, with her buttocks clenching sexily in pain, and her voice ringing out.”WHIPPP!””HAAAAAAGGHHHH!””LLAASSHH!””HEEEEERRRRGHH!”Abdul even greased up a large carrot, and grinned as he stuck it down her arsehole! They continued Mum’s torture, she now looking disturbingly comical as her bum cheeks clenched round the carrot’s head, as she was whipped and electro-tortured! Her body convulsed, and Mum yelled helplessly, hanging there inverted with the carrot protruding obscenely from her bum!After a time, she relented, and begged them to stop. She said she’d do anything, even let them have sex with her and fuck her married cunt, if they’d only stop the agony. They replied negatively at first.”Sorry, Miss Prim, we can not fuck your vagina like your husband. Our master has forbidden us to take your red slitty hole, Miss Prim. It is reserved for him.””Although”, they added, “He will allow us our pleasure in everything else. So we will take your BROWN SHITTY HOLE, MISS PRIM!”, they snarled!They removed all that was attached to or in her, and carried out their threat now!Karim came to her as she hung there upside-down, and parted her buttocks with his big thumbs, placing the head of his enormous dick onto her brown hole, which was all moist and sweaty now. The film saw in close up as he lewdly shoved his cock head into her bum hole, and Mum went “OOOOOHHH!” in astonishment. Then he thrust his shaft right down her moist sweaty ring!Mum went “WHHHOOOOOOOOOHH!… NNUUUURRRGH!” in both fascination and disgust!I felt weird, sick but loving it too, as I watched the scene of when Mum first got sodomized, and saw her reactions of first horror, then pleasure, as she whored herself, cuckolding my Dad!Karim bummed her really good, clenching his big brown bum as he grappled at her hips, shoving her about and grunting like a pig as he lustily shitholed my Mum! celtabet güvenilirmi Her voice soon became softer, gently moaning, and now she was asking him to rub her pussy, and not to stop!The film flickered between shots of her face, gasping and groaning, then from a distance, showing the couple together; then of close-ups of his massive brown sausage-dick ploughing down her sweaty brown hole, his thumbs keeping her buttocks apart and leaving nothing private about his aggressive bumming of my Mum.”Ooooooohh, you Big Dirty Sod! Wwuuullllmmmmmnn, Do it, DO IT!”, she went!I’m sure I could see Mum’s cunt pulsating on the film. It was twitching, all wet, all juicy, and climaxing!When he came, he pulled out and let his sperm splatter all down her bum crack, and run down her back! Mum groaned, “Urrrghhh, Ohhhh!”The other guy, Abdul, was even more demanding. He let her down from her bonds, but put a leather harness round her shoulders, and made her go on all fours. He led her round like a bitch, with his great big pecker lodged right up her shitter!Then he made her do squat-thrusts, so her bum bobbed up and down for him, fucking his dick as he stood spread legged above her, yanking on her leash and making her admit she loved it!She played along willingly, answering his comments like, “You like it, Yes? Can you feel my big willy in you fudge hole, squashing in you shit?”To that she answered, “Yeh; Yeh, Yeh, Yehhh, Yehhh!”, and she sung funny phrases like, “Tit-roll, Shit-roll, Bum-Willy-Bum! This is my Willy-Bum Exercise, Poor Bobby’s Mum!”Karim reached under her with a riding crop, tickling her clitty as she was bumfucked by his buddy; and she came. Mum strongly climaxed, and her face blushed crimson in passion and shame, her sexy eyes rolling and her voice groaning in agony and ecstasy!The big dirty Arab ex police carried on. They took turns again in bumming Mum and she was obviously now loving it, and climaxing as they nastily sodomised her, all over the room! They were chasing her around and catching her, taunting her and mocking her, then shoving their cocks up her bum again. Her poor bottom was all welted from their tortures, and they clearly enjoyed ravaging it!The scene ended with her kneeling, their big dark willies crowding in on her, their shafts so erect they resembled big wicked Scimitars! However, there were a few smears of Mum’s shit now, on their shafts! I don’t know if they told her to, or if she just wanted to, but I was stunned at what she did now. She grabbed her boobs and ran her very swollen distended nipples up along their shafts, wiping off brown blobs onto her tits! Then she went, “WHOOOOOOOO!”, shaking her shitty tits at the camera! Even the big thugs seemed surprised, and they grunted in lust and spunked all over her tits and face!The final torture scene showed Mum in a dark medical room, getting electro-stimulated again, variously by Ms. Okiwe, Karim, or Kabul himself. She was first put in a chair thing, with electrodes on her tits and private parts, including one very rudely stuck right up her bum!They were pushing up the current now, as she was getting more used to it. She ended up strapped down to an exam bed, with electrodes variously placed in her pussy or up her arse and at some points, she had big electrified devices clamped on her tits, which I found strangely erotic, too. She looked really glamorous and sexy; her body writhing about, her pussy contracting with the shocks, and her blonde head tossing about, in combined agony and ecstasy.Her screams seemed to change after awhile, and became low, gutsy sexual groans, just like a heroine being tortured by aliens in some sex & sci-fi movie!Finally, a bigger, more sinister looking electro-dildo thing was applied, on its own after removal of all electrodes. They shoved it into her tits, then turned her over and poked it into her back. They pressed it into the soles of her feet, and then sizzled her buttocks, venturing between to torture her asshole. Turning her back over, they put her legs spread wide, and Ms. Okiwe switched the current up higher than Mum had experienced before. She put it into Mum’s cunt, before switching the current on. Mum knew this would be unbearable, and she begged Ms. Okiwe and Kabul for mercy.”Please, no! You can’t!” she went; but Kabul just smiled cruelly and knowingly, and nodded to the black woman.”UUUUUAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” was the explosive yell bursting from Teresa, as the switch was flicked! She jerked, her shapely form rising up, straining in her bonds and quivering! Again and again, they did it, and Ms. Okiwe gloated, undoing her coat and clutching at her black beaver in delight at my Mum’s ordeal!The final scene was of Mum in bed with Kabul.They kissed and fondled each other’s naked flesh, and Kabul teased her about her ordeals. “Aaawwww, my lovely Teressa!”, he hissed. “Did my men strip you and ravish you? Did they lash your sweet white bottom, and torture your privates? Even Push their Big Willies up your p*o Hole, and Everything?”His hands stroked her still-welted buttocks as he said this!”Ohhh, Yes, They Did!” replied Mum, feigning indignance; then continued, “But THANK YOU for letting them DO IT! It was VERY NICE!”They laughed together, both knowing her resistance was broken, and she now wanted more than anything to be ravished by Kabul; to fuck the cuckold maker, corrupter and tormentor!He suddenly lanced his big hard tool into her pussy, making her gasp in delight; and as the camera followed their fucking, showing regular close shots too, it was shown that Kabul had 3 large pearls surgically implanted under the skin on the underside of his shaft. Mum now tells me these are signs of honour among the eastern criminal fraternity he’s in, and give a woman more pleasure.He rolled her around the bed, and she clung to him, whimpering and cooing lovingly to him that he was her master, her Eastern prince. She was groaning loudly, and she came to intense orgasm on his huge boner while he fucked her! He encouraged her to say out loud what a wanker her hubby was, how he’d never had her like this, and she moaned and did, she really gave her loyalty as well as her body to Kabul. When he eventually came, she threw her head back, forcing her crotch as hard onto his as she could, and cried out in total sexual abandon!Kabul was hard again very quickly, and suggested he’d like to sample her “brown delights” now. Mum simply smiled, and said that after all he’d done for her and her family, she agreed that he “Had a right” to take her arse!So, I discovered this, what she’d done, during the time she had spent away. I’d been suspecting something like this was going on but hardly believing it, and jerking myself as I wondered about it for years, half wishing it was true but half hoping it was not! I now discovered that my Mum had, in fact, betrayed us, with Dad’s worst enemy, and had very warmly welcomed the sleazy Arab gangster, RIGHT up her you-know-what!Several times, in fact, in several positions, she had smiled very genuinely and warmly for him, as she spread her bum cheeks wide, and cooed to him affectionately as his huge invading cock had gone lunging right up her married, motherly, respectable bum hole!She’d even laughed. Mum had actually laughed at her poor, worried hubby and son back home!She was eyeing the camera ripely, telling the viewers how the 3 pearls on Kabul’s shaft were titillating her bum as they squeezed past her bottom’s entrance, up and down, again and again. She made sure the cameraman got some good close shots again, and she groaned lustily while showing the viewers her lover’s big dick really driving itself up her fucking arsehole, and squashing it’s knob into her sacred dark place!Of course, she took him in her mouth afterward. She said the ultimate spiting of Dad and me had to be done, and she pulled off Kabul following his intense thrusting up her bum. She bent over and snaked her tongue over the 3 pearls on his shaft, seeking out and cleaning up all the nasty stuff attached to them, and ran it under his tip, cleaning out the dirt from there too! You could actually see a long streak of Mum’s own shit, staining her tongue! She flickered it over his tip, and he came. Mum smiled as she took his copious amounts of thick ropey spunk. It went “PSSST! PSSSSTT!”, all over her tongue and spurted into her mouth!That was the end of the video. I was drained of sperm through coming repeatedly as I watched it!If you ever read her other adventures, you’ll know it was only the beginning for my sexy cuckolding Mum!EPILOGUE: This story was written several years ago. Just recently, I heard that a DVD version of the film was seen advertised on the Web! It claimed to be the extended version, with more scenes and out takes! I wonder if anyone has seen it? I’d love to know what else happened in the other scenes!