Thanks Xhamster

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Thanks XhamsterA few weeks ago, after completing one of my stories, a fan messaged me about how much she enjoys reading them. I didn’t think anything of it. We continued to chat and we began flirting here and there. Having a family of her own she was too terrified to put any of her pics up online and she tried her best to keep our chats hidden. We would often talk about our sexual life and discuss our fantasies. Carly (her secret name) loves anything taboo or just outside the norm. Her husband for the most part is an uptight guy who fucks her on a schedule in the same missionary position. She tried switching it up but the guy just has no creativity and from what she tells me he does not last long enough for her to even get going. Although she loves him and her k**s she just feels completely trapped. Through Xhamsters stories, she was able to fantasize about her sexual desires and even things she would never act upon. I told her that I was hoping to meet up canlı bahis one day and act out some of her wildest fantasies. She admitted to loving the idea but she is not ready to cheat on her husband. I asked her what she would consider cheating? If we met somewhere, and maybe I can watch her finger herself while she watches me jerk off. That wouldn’t be cheating right? She smiled and said maybe…I continued to push the issue giving her other ideas like dry humping, lap dances, and even watching me fuck someone else. After a few minutes of chatting she finally gave in and decided to meet at a movie theater the next day. The plan was to sit in the back of the movie theater on the right side. I was so excited and was there 30min before the movie started. I waited and waited until all the previous were done. The movie had started and she was nowhere in sight. I was beginning to feel like I was stood up. I thought to myself this is why people shouldn’t set up bahis siteleri a meeting with random people online. Before I got up I noticed someone walking up the theater heading for me. From what I could see she was thick but not fat and had long dark hair. As soon as she made it to me, we gave a quick hug and she apologized for being late. She was making lunch for her k**s and just took a little long. Before I could say anything back she took her hand and rubbed my crotch up and down. I took my hand and began rubbing her pussy. With her sundress it was easy access for me. I started by kissing her neck and worked my way down and sucked her nipples through her dress. She began to moan as I kept getting lower and lower until I was literally inside her dress licking over her panty. She moaned as quietly as she could while I worked her clit. I continued to eat her out until she began to shake as she came all over my mouth. She pulled me up and began licking güvenilir bahis her juices off of my lips. She stood up and pulled my cock out. She began stroking it softly and even lowered herself. She tucked my cock between her ass cheeks ass she slowly grinded up and down as I played with her tits. She was so wet and could feel it rubbing on my balls.She continued to grind while I began working my way down her clit again. I stopped her for a second and pulled my cock from her ass cheek to the front. I held my cock against her pussy as she continued to grind me. Before I could feel her lips and my head was hitting the entrance slowly and gently.Before long Carly had taken my tip as she moved up and down. She would go deeper and deeper and come back all the way out. She seemed to had forgotten about her husband as we began to fuck. She started slow but has picked up the pace. She then began slamming her ass down hard until I could not hold it any longer. I pulled her down and came deep inside her pussy. Fearing she might be angry, I wanted to apologize to her but it looks like she wanted it too.Message to Carly – Hope you enjoy our story and looking forward to making part II.