Thanksgiving Weekend With My Girlfriend’s You

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Thanksgiving Weekend With My Girlfriend’s YouI was pretty serious with a girl during my college years to the point where we began spending holiday events with each other’s family. This is a story about the first time she brought me home to meet hers, a Thanksgiving weekend retreat at their lake house cabin.Her parents took an immediately liking to me, and I to them along with her two siblings, a younger brother and six or seven year old sister, both treating me as though I’d been coming around for years. It was never awkward or forced, and it quickly became clear the weekend was going to be a success. I had no idea how right I would be.It all started Thanksgiving night. My girlfriend and I had been drinking with her parents during and after dinner, and by the end of the night, we were all pretty toasted, but to my dismay, they weren’t drunk enough to bend on their rule that we sleep in separate bedrooms. She was to share a bed with her sister leaving me to a room with her brother.I’m thinking nothing of it at this point, I’m primarily just looking to crash. I offer to let him have the bed while I’ll take the floor, but he insisted on the opposite. I agreed, stripping down to my boxers and climbing under the covers. I closed my eyes and within minutes I was asleep.I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rapid shuffling, seeing a dim glow throughout the room. I rolled over onto my side to find her brother lying in his makeshift bed on the ground, jerking off under the covers to a porno playing on his phone, a slim young twink getting face fucked by thick-dicked jock over a locker room bench.I was frozen in shock, not sure if I was still dreaming, just watching. He must have felt it because it wasn’t long after he happened to glance over and catch me watching. I quickly closed my eyes, pretending I was asleep, hoping I’d fooled him. He didn’t say a word, and a few seconds later, I heard him continue, all the up till the moment he finished, letting out a slight muffled groan. I couldn’t fall back asleep the rest of the night.The next day, I was certain there’d been no way he caught me watching because he was acting completely normal, no awkwardness whatsoever. We’d drank some more that night, played some games, had some laughs, then before long we were all calling it a night again. We both went back to his room, stripped down, except this time I insisted on taking the floor.“It’s a big enough bed,” he told me. “I’m cool istanbul escort with sharing if you are.”I agreed. It was a queen-sized bed so he had a point. Not like I hadn’t shared a bed with another guy before without it being weird. I climbed in under the covers as he did the same, then closed my eyes. Before long, I was out.This time, when I woke up to something else. A touch, feeling something on my leg. I realized it was her brother, rolled onto his side facing me, asleep, his hand resting inside my thigh, fingers grazing the bottom of my hunched up boxers. I was lying still, the only muscle movement coming from under my boxers, feeling a sudden tension in my dick. I was halfway hard and growing.I reached down with my left hand and began rubbing it through my boxers, unable to help myself. I didn’t have anything planned at this moment, I was just horny and wanted to touch it. It wasn’t long before I was fully hard, throbbing, rubbing it harder.It was then that I felt her brother move, shuffling his position slightly, eyes closed. I felt his hand run down my leg toward my knee, then back up again, higher this time, fingers now under my boxers, then stopping. I waited to see if he would make another move. He didn’t. I decided I needed to stop now and I closed my eyes, trying to go back to sleep.That’s when he did it, inched his hands further up my thigh, like he was trying to be inconspicuous about it. I grinded by hips toward him, meeting his movement, spreading my legs out wide. He got the hint. I felt his hand slowly move all the way up now, running a single finger along the base of my shaft. It respond, throbbing wildly.He pulled his hand back out, then reached over and took hold of my dick over the top of my boxers. He then reached in through the hole and pulled it out. I remember feeling his fingers wrap all the way around my cock the first time, grasping it firmly like it was his only lifeline.He start stroking it, jerking me off fast right from the start, not bothering taking his time. He wanted it so bad, I could feel how excited he was, his own dick poking hard against my thigh. Suddenly I felt his tongue on my chest, rubbing wet and warm across my nipple with light periodic nibbles.It was like an electric shock through my entire body. It took everything not to move, respond, give in at that very moment. It was all still such a shock that I was hoping avcılar escort to play it off. Let it all be done to me.He kept licking my nipple and stroking me as fast as he could, and before long I felt that pressure rising up from my balls and through my whole cock until I erupted, shooting my load in the air. Feeling it land all over me as he continued, never letting up until I’d gone soft.Still, I didn’t move. I heard him pull out some tissues from a Kleenex box on the nightstand and wipe me down, before returning my soft cock back into my boxers. He rolled over on his side away from me and went to sleep.The following day, I caught him staring at me frequently, as if trying to gauge whether or not I’d remembered anything. His parents had finally relented to his constant pleading for permission to drink, so this time we were all a part of the party. I like to think I played it off well, like he believed I never had a clue, but to be quite honest we never actually discussed anything after the fact so I really have no idea. But for the rest of that day, I could feel his eyes on me. And the more I had to drink, the more I liked it. And the more I plotted.Her brother went to bed early. He wasn’t used to drinking so it all caught up with him fast. In my mind, whatever could’ve happened was now off the table. He was out of commission, and I was well on my way.A few hours later, I turned in. Her brother was passed out, lying on top of the covers wearing only his boxer-briefs. As I began undressing myself, I was both shocked and a little horrified to feel my dick jump. The blood rushing. Getting harder. I was standing there shirtless, pulling my pants down, becoming more excited the more exposed I became.Finally, I convinced myself. I walked around to his side of the bed, pulling out my dick in the process. I began stroking myself as I stood over him, inches away from his face, believing there was nothing wrong considering what had happened the night prior. I pressed my cock against his lips and began dragging it up and down.I felt his mouth move, as if naturally accepting the sensation, but only a little. I rolled him all the way over onto his back so to rub the full length of my cock against his lips. This time, his mouth opened as I was pulling back and I instinctively thrust it in.It was then when he woke up. Eyes opening, staring up at me with a look of surprise. I remember freezing, suddenly aware şirinevler escort how this could go one of two different ways right now, and not being sure which way it would go. Suddenly, I felt the familiar warm wetness of his tongue glide along the bottom of cock, taking it deeper into his mouth.His hand ran up my chest as he turned his gaze back down to my dick, concentrating on the task at hand, bobbing back and forth, saliva starting to drip down his chin. I tried keeping myself from making a sound but this time I couldn’t help it. I moaned loudly as he sucked on my cock, giving myself fully to the experience. I ran my hand along his chest down around his things, squeezing his firm round ass. My dick throbbed simultaneously as I did, and I knew what I wanted.I pulled my dick out of his mouth and yanked my boxers down to my ankles, kicking them off.“Roll over,” I demanded. He did as I said. I began pulling down his boxer-briefs, exposing his smooth round ass.“What are you doing,” he asked. I said nothing, climbing on top of the bed, straddling him from behind. I placed my hard cock between his ass cheeks and began thrusting back and forth between them. I felt him raise his hips into my thrusts, hearing him moan into the pillow.Finally, I pushed my dick down as he raised up, the head sliding into his tight little asshole. His whole body stiffened, letting out a soft cry.“Do you want it,” I asked him.“I’ve never done it before,” he replied.“But do you want it,” I asked again.“Yes,” he confirmed, nodding his head. He raised up toward me again as I grabbed his hips and pushed harder into him, feeling him open up, accepting my cock whole, swallowing it up. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting as hard and deep as I could, pounding his ass as I pushed his head into the pillow, muffling his moans, my cock gliding in and out of him. I was in my zone, ready to fuck that ass for as long as I needed. I was caught off guard when he turned his head off the pillow and whispered “Fuck me, big brother. Fuck me.”The words hit me in a way I wasn’t expecting. Something that had never been a fantasy before, and now I felt myself losing control. Cum building. No way to stop it, not trying to stop.The slapping of my hips against his ass filled the room as I bust, his tight little hole swallowing it all up, wet, slimy. Finished, I slid myself out of him, pulled up his boxers, then pulled the blankets over him, tucking him in. I walked around to my side when I was suddenly hit with a post-orgasmic feeling of guilt. Instead of climbing in bed, I made a spot for myself on the ground.He was still asleep when I woke up in the morning. His sister and I left before he ever woke up, and we’d broken up no more than three weeks later. He and I never saw each other again.