That 69s Show Ch. 07

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Episode 7

In Which Jackie Goes Back into the Closet

“God, that was hot, Eric! Watching you fuck the hell out of that slut patrol officer was SO exciting. I think I get almost as turned on watching you fuck some floozy as I do when you are pounding me!”

Eric and Jackie were again at Look Out Pointe. Jackie was recalling the events following the last time they had been here, almost two weeks earlier.

“You really liked that, Jackie?” asked Eric. His fingers were dallying in her moist honey pot. He enjoyed Jackie’s cleanly shaved pussy. His cock and balls were also freshly shorn. They had done each other again the last time they had gotten together at her home. They almost got caught, however, when Jackie’s Dad got home early. Eric had been forced to hide in her bathroom for half an hour until he could slip out without being seen.

“Oh, God! Watching you push that amazing dick of yours into some poor woman? You have no idea how much I like to watch that! I really love to see you cram your immensity into some unsuspecting, cock hungry, floozy!

“I like to watch as some cock hungry bitch chokes on your gigantic prick, trying to take more and more! Seeing them have to back off when they get 9 or 10 inches of that freak cock into their throat! I love that I can take on more than anyone else! I love that I get to suck and fuck with the largest, longest, fattest, hardest, biggest dick! And I love that I have huge tits that YOU love to watch shake and shimmy while we fuck each other!

“You know what my favorite part of you and I getting together with Officer Suxon was? It was watching you slam your dick into her from behind. Seeing the look on her face! Seeing tears leaking from her eyes as she came and came and came on your huge dick!

“And seeing that you were watching ME the whole time she was eating me out as you pounded her. That you were focused on watching my immense tits shake back and forth while we were going at it! That’s what I love. It’s amazing!

“You’re kind of a freak, aren’t you, little girl?”

“Watch who you call little!” protested Jackie. “I told you, I’m now the proud possessor of an epic 32 Triple L bra! And it only just fits!”

Eric caressed the breasts in question with his lips. As he nibbled at the nipples that crowned Jackie’s beyond massive tits her hands came up to hold him to her.

“But I think I’m done growing,” she commented with a trace of regret. “I’ve measured myself three times now with out any increase.”

Without comment Eric continued to use his lips, teeth and hands on her marvelous bust. He couldn’t get over just how HUGE Jackie had become. She was a slight, slender girl with two massive fun bags that thrust boldly in front of her to an unthinkable degree! Thrust out to the sides as well as thrusting to the front! Jackie’s tits projected so far outside her rib cage it was stunning!

“Eric, I want to watch you fuck some one. I want to hide in your closet and see you FUCK hell out of a cock hungry slut!” Her voice shivered with excitement.?”Well, my Busty Queen, as your loyal vassal, who would you like to watch me fuck?”

“Eric the Massive Shaft, as your Busty Queen, as your Size Queen and as your Cum Queen I would like to watch you fuck…” she paused to consider. “I’d really like to see you fuck my MOM! But as she is out of town until who know when, I’d like to see you FUCK … Donna!” She was still smarting over all the times when Donna had pointed out to her how much larger her big E-cup boobs were than Jackie’s diminutive B cup chest. Well THAT wasn’t true any more she thought complacently as Eric returned to worshiping the most gigantic tits he had ever seen.

“As you wish, so shall it be!” he promised in his most pretentious tones.

The next afternoon as they lay in Jackie’s bed Eric phoned Donna while Jackie payed homage to his huge dick with her mouth! As Jackie sucked on the first six inches of his rock hard cock Eric spent some time catching up with his on again, off again girlfriend. Finally, as Jackie lifted off his massive dick Eric asked Donna to visit him that evening. Donna, unaware that Jackie had just crammed most of Eric’s more than fourteen inch dick into her tight little cunt while she and Eric talked, agreed. It had been a long time since Donna had felt his amazing dick ram in and out of her and she was hot for it!

No sooner had they hung up than Jackie wrung a massive explosion from his giant balls. Eric’s howls of ecstasy echoed in the large bedroom. Already he was looking forward to fucking Donna while Jackie watched from his closet. If Jackie wanted to watch Eric fuck women, he was willing to go along with it. That is, as long as the women had big tits!

That evening, long legs flashing, Donna came into Eric’s bedroom by climbing in the open window. She had scrambled to the roof outside pendik escort before putting on her four inch heels.

She stood, towering over Eric in her trench coat where he lay in bed.

“I see you’re ready for me,” she motioned to his erect dick which he was slowly stroking while she watched.

No reason to tell Donna that until moments before she entered Jackie had been slapping her huge 32 Triple L tits and diamond hard nipples with his long hard dick! She had scampered into the closet when they had heard Donna climb onto the roof.

“Oh, yeah, I am!” he said, watching her watch him. Watching her stare at his erect dick as it swayed from side to side as he kept up a slow cadence. The look in her eyes defined LUST as she followed every movement of his over fourteen inch cock rod!

“Are you ready for this?” she asked as she swept off her coat. Underneath she wore a matching set of green thong panties and 38 Double E bra. Her legs, clad in dark hose attached to a garter belt, looked amazingly curvy in those heels.

Crouched in the closet Jackie had to admit that Donna looked tremendous!

Eric’s reaction was somewhat more direct. Reaching out he pulled Donna into bed with him. As she squealed in mock protest, she grabbed his massively erect dick in both hands while Eric buried his face in her cleavage.

“God, I’ve missed Mr. Tremendous, here!” Donna admitted, panting, while flying her hands up and down Eric’s prick.

“And I’ve missed the Twins, Donna!” Eric parried.

Crouching over him, Donna began swatting her cleavage and breasts with Eric’s dick while smiling at him.

“Like that, Eric? Like to feel my big titties being beaten by your huge dick? I like it, a lot! I’m going to fuck hell out of you tonight! I want to tittie fuck you! I want to suck your big dick and I want to feel it slide so far into my cunt that I can taste your dick head in the back of my mouth!” Her dirty talk made Eric even harder. Although he couldn’t help but contrast what Donna was doing now with what Jackie had done only a few minutes before! Donna’s Double E boobs, which had always been the largest in the neighborhood as they grew up, were now so MUCH smaller than Jackie’s amazingly huge tits!

Giving no hint of his reaction, Eric shifted position so he could probe Donna’s already excited cunt while she wrapped her lips around his dick head. Using both hands he quickly discarder her panties. Driving his head between her legs, Eric began to lip and tongue her fragrant pussy.

Several minutes later Donna finally pulled her hands and mouth away from Eric’s fourteen inch rock hard pussy pounder.

“Okay, lover, let me wrap the girls around your gigantic dick!” She was panting with lust as she spoke.

Quickly shedding the bra she tossed it onto the floor and, while kneeling on the bed, pulled Eric to her with his legs to either side of her. Smiling down at the young man with the gargantuan prick she folded her boobs around his shaft.

Using both hands she mashed his dick between her Double E breasts.

“Golly, Eric! You’re so thick now! I can barely fit my titties around you!” She reached out and took out a bottle of lube from her trench coat before throwing that on the floor, too.

While Eric sighed in pleasure she squeezed a handful of goop into her palms and began to work both hands up and down his amazing erection. Getting him slippy, slidey she pulled him back between her big titties and began to use those large, Double E tits to masturbate him.

In the closet Jackie compared how her incredible bosom could ENGULF Eric’s vast prick and make him almost disappear while Donna could only just close her tits around him. ‘God, and I used to be jealous of Donna’s big, big titties! And now see how much bigger I am than she is!’ She lovingly smoothed her hands over her 32 Triple L bosom, admiring her super big, super sensitive, tits.

On the bed Donna had released Eric’s throbbing fuck stick from her boobie prison and, using his stiff dick as a handle, had pulled him on top of her.

Wrapping her legs around his hips she pushed her pelvis up and ground her pussy against the base of his dick.

“Now! Eric, now! Drive your big dick into me! I want to feel that huge shaft between my pussy lips!” she moaned as she kept rocking her hips against him.

Without a word Eric moved so that he could press his dick head against Donna’s cunt. Pushing hard, Eric drove a couple of inches into her.

Arching her back, Donna groaned in pleasure.

‘Oohhhh, yes! That big DICK! I’d forgotten just how big, how thick, how HARD your fucking dick is! Oohhhh, fuck me, Eric, FUCKING FUCK me! Hard! Hard!”

Needing no encouragement Eric proceeded to put on a show of stamina and prowess that left Donna a sweating, quivering, orgasming, wreck. Over the next forty five minutes she came time after time. Each time screaming and wailing as feelings washed over her in a growing tsunami of pleasure, stronger than anything she maltepe escort had ever experienced.

Watching, Jackie had four fingers from one hand deep into her cunt while the other massaged her breasts. Three times, she had to stuff a gigantic tit into her mouth to prevent her screams of completion from being heard in the bedroom.

Eric was fucking above Donna, feeding her so much cock that he was bouncing off her cervix with each 10 inch stroke. Her hands were clutching at the portion of his stalk that was not being buried in her over excited snatch. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. He was fucking her so hard she didn’t think she would be able to walk away!

“I’m getting close, Donna!” he panted finally. “Do you want me to cum in you?”

“On me, Eric! I want to see you cum all over me! Pull out and let me jack you off onto my titties and face! OH GOD, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” she shrieked.

Moments later Eric reared back, pulling his enormous cock from her pussy.

His hands on his hips, Eric watched as Donna jacked and pulled on his wildly spurting dick as he showered her with cum! Blast after blast, he ejaculated past her head, onto her laughing face and then, at last, onto her titties. Smiling from under the cum blanket that covered her, Donna lovingly milked that last of his ejaculate onto her quivering boobs. Using his dick she rubbed it into her breasts and nipples and polished her bosom with his dick head.

“God, that was the fuck of a lifetime,” groaned a worn out Donna! “It’ll take me a week to recover from that hosing!” She pulled Eric to her lips and delivered a scorching kiss which he returned in kind.

Briefly cuddling, Donna took some time to corral as much of Eric’s seed as she could find and licked it off her fingers. Finally, Donna rolled out of bed with a groan and slid into her trench coat.

Leaning back over the bed she gave Eric a tender kiss good night and left the same way she had arrived; through the window.

Moments after Donna left Eric was joined in bed by an aroused Jackie who reverently slurped up all the cum and combined juices that were on Eric’s abdomen, groin and, most carefully of all, his semi-erect dick.

Eric propped his head up with two pillows and watched as Jackie lay between his legs. She smiled up at him, her tongue caressing his dick head. Her giant breasts held her up off the mattress while she worked. Her tits were spread out to either side, brushing the inside of Eric’s thighs as she worked.

Using her fingertips to hold his reviving dick pointing toward his knees, Jackie devoutly worshiped the ultimate cock that she had started to think of as hers. She slowly pushed her mouth onto his prick a few inches and then back up. Nursing on his cock, she brought him back to life. She kept up the steady bobbing movement of her head while he became harder and harder, longer and longer.

“Jackie? ERIC? What the Hell,” Donna demanded interrupting Jackie’s blow job!

Jackie said nothing, just smirked up at her erstwhile friend who was standing at the side of the bed staring in horror at Eric while Jackie continued to nurse on his growing fourteen inch long dong. Jackie calmly remained lying on the bed between Eric’s legs. Her grip never faltered as she continued to minister to his slowly erecting hard cock.

“Donna, it’s not what you think…” he started.

“What the hell is it then?” she demanded. “It sure looks like Jackie is giving you a blow job!”

Jackie kept her focus on Eric’s dick which didn’t even soften when his old girlfriend had climbed in his bedroom window to confront them. He was stiffening up nicely now, Jackie thought. Despite Donna standing, glaring at him.

‘Okay, but I can explain…” again he started.

“I don’t think so!” Donna responded. “I realized I had left my bra here! And I come back to find you lying in bed with this, this busty SLUT! Well, just so you’ll know, this is the last time you’ll see these big titties that you love so much!” She threw open her coat, revealing her near naked body.

“I told you I could explain,” barked Eric. “I think you should let me do that, Donna!”

“Go ahead, you cheating bastard! Explain why I find my boyfriend with this, this OVERDEVELOPED little bitch, lying between your legs while she’s sucking on your huge dick!”

“It’s not that complicated, Donna. Jackie is my girlfriend, not you! I mean, LOOK at her! The prettiest girl in Pointe Place. The Bustiest Big Tittie Queen in Pointe Place and the best FUCK of ALL!

“Go ahead, darling, show Donna what you can do. Show her how MUCH more you can do than she could!”

With out a word, glowing from the realization that Eric had finally called her his girlfriend, Jackie slowly sank her mouth down his dick.

He had called her the prettiest girl in Pointe Place! She sank another couple of inches down his massive cock shaft.

He had called her the Bustiest Big Tittie Queen in Point Place! Two more inches were forced kartal escort into her throat!

He had called her his GIRLFRIEND! Her lips nestled against his abdomen. She had all of him in her mouth and throat. And she LOVED it!

“Now, see there, Donna? Can YOU swallow all of my cock? No! Can you take my prick so deep into your snatch that I’m completely inside you? No! But Jackie can! Jackie can deep throat my whole prick. Jackie LOVES to feel me pound my whole fourteen inch dick all the way into her pussy!

“Jackie LIKES to watch me fuck other women! Jackie was in the closet that whole time we were fucking, just now! She WANTED to watch you and I while I fucked you senseless! Hell, this was her idea! She LIKES to pick out who I should pound endlessly with my huge dick! She LIKES to tease me with the biggest tits in Pointe Place! Which SHE has!”

After this speech Eric paused to groan and shiver as he emptied his balls into the mouth of his girlfriend, JACKIE!

Sliding off his now softening cock, Jackie smiled up at the staring woman. Licking her lips clean of the last of Eric’s cum blast she directed a nasty smile at Donna. There was one more point that she felt she had to make.

“Donna, give me that bra,!” she demanded, sitting up in the bed.

Confused and angry Donna handed over her bra, her still open coat revealing her oversized titties to both people in the bed.

As she handed the Double E bra to Jackie she wiggled her tits a little trying to get Eric’s full attention.

“Now, watch this Donna! You too, Eric. You think this bra is big? This is one of Donna’s newest bras. It’s a 38 Double E, right Donna? Right, Donna? A 38 Double E?” Donna still didn’t respond. She just stood there glaring at Jackie and Eric.

Smiling confidently at Eric Jackie slipped the body band of the 38 Double E bar around her waist and fastened up the three hooks before spinning it around so the cups were in front. Sitting underneath Jackies immense Triple L boobs the bra no longer seemed quite so expansive.

“You think a 38 Double E bra is large, Donna? Lets just see how large it is!”

In front of Eric and Donna, Jackie slipped first one arm and then the other into the shoulder straps of the borrowed bra. At first the bra hung loosely from her shoulders. But then Jackie started to fit her vastly oversized breasts into the cups. Those cups, which had seemed so capacious only moments ago now seemed woefully inadequate. Pulling, tugging, pushing breast flesh with her fingers Jackie forced herself into the cups. While the bra band was too large for her slender body, the cups were held far off her chest by those massive breasts. Held off so far that the body band cut cruelly into her slender body.

Mashing and pushing her boobs, Jackie forced her bulging boobs into the Double E cups. Her tits spilled out from the bra cups everywhere! The underwires seemed about to slice her immense tits in half! Breast flesh was swelling below as well as above the bra! There were multiple handfuls of flesh squeezed out below the underwires on each side. Enough that it looked like that flesh alone required a Double E bra!

There seemed to be as much or more breast flesh below the underwire as there was contained in the 38-EE cups. Between the cups of the massively overwhelmed bra there was excess flesh crushed together in an amazing cleavage that just POURED out of the over matched Double E cups! And there were more handfuls of breast flesh pooching out between the side panels and Jackie’s armpits. The inadequate bra pushed her upper slopes up to caress the underside of Jackie’s chin!

“Now! Does this look like a large bra to you Eric?” The young man said nothing. His stare was locked on Jackie immense chest and the mockery it was making of his ex-girlfriends Double-E cup bra.

Jackie raised her hands to place them behind her head, demonstrating just how much she over filled the bra. Her breasts rose, forcing the ill fitting bra to strain harder as she breathed deeply and expanded her chest. A series of small popping noises could be heard.

“This is what a 32 Triple L bust can do to your ‘large’ bra, Donna! Eric has had my gigantic tits to play with and he doesn’t need any others, do you Eric?” As Jackie continued to take deep breaths her ridiculously gigantic tits stretched and tortured the green fabric that made up the bra panels.

Eric didn’t respond to Jackie’s comment. He didn’t need to. He was gawking at Jackie’s display of over whelming titty power as she all but destroyed Donna’s bra. His dick was back at full length! Quivering, it stretched at full mast in front of him!

Watching Jackie torture her boobs by forcing them into the too small Double E cup bra had brought him to erection in record time!

Donna burst into tears. “It’s not fair, It’s not fair! You’ve always been the prettiest one! And now you’re the bustiest too! It’s not fair!” She turned and stormed out without demanding the return of her bra. The sight of her braless breasts dancing on her chest would have commanded Eric’s attention at other times but he was still gaping at the sight in front of him. Jackie had the biggest, by FAR the biggest tits he had ever seen. Big beyond his wildest fantasies!