That’s What Daughters Are For – Chapter 3

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On Thursday afternoon, Darius walked into the house after getting home from work. Santana wasn’t home yet. She’d started her new job on Monday, and she hadn’t gotten home until after 7:00 on any evening.  As soon as she came in, she’d just mumble, “Hey,” and go straight to her room. They hadn’t shared a conversation all week, and Darius wasn’t having it anymore.  Tonight, they’d sit down and talk or else.At 7:30, he heard the garage door begin to open, and he stood at the doorway, waiting for her.  She walked in and glanced at him. “Hey,” was all she said as she started to head towards her room.“Santana, we need to talk,” said Darius calmly.She slowed down and looked at him, but said without stopping, “Dad, I need to—”He interrupted her, “Santana. I said we need to talk. Now.” His tone was measured, but his words came out with a bit of an edge. He simply indicated to the kitchen counter and moved towards it.Santana had stopped walking towards her room, but now she didn’t move. “If you need to talk, why don’t you call Genie,” she said sharply, pronouncing ‘Genie’ with a disdainful sneer. “I’m sure she’s available.”His eyes flashed as he was taken aback by her tone. But it did give him some confirmation about what he thought was going on. “That’s enough,” he said. “Just sit down.”Santana sighed as if annoyed and said, “Fine.  Let’s talk.” She threw her purse on the counter and took a seat on one of the barstools. She crossed her arms and legs and glared at her father. “So? Talk!” she snapped.“So I guess you’re still mad at me, huh? You never told me why you’re mad.”Santana said nothing.Darius continued, “Nobody’s leaving here until we have this conversation. Talk to me… why are you so mad at me? What did I do?”This was it. Santana knew that this was her chance to lay it all out there.  But she also knew that it was pointless… Genevieve had ruined any chance she might have had to… to do what? Seduce her own father?  Get him to look at her like a woman and not his little girl? What was she hoping to achieve here? It didn’t matter; Genevieve was an incredibly sexy, desirable woman, and she, Santana was just a skinny little girl.  If she told him the truth, he’d certainly reject her. That would break her heart even more.  As long as she stayed quiet, there was the tiniest sliver of hope, however unrealistic.She looked into his eyes and saw how much her silent treatment was hurting him. She could also see the love he felt for her. Perversely, she found herself hoping that the hurt was also hampering his performance with Genevieve. Bitch. But Santana didn’t want him to hurt anymore. Finally, she just sighed and said, “Nothing, dad. You didn’t do anything wrong.  Just the stress of a new job. I’m sorry.”  She tried to get up, but he took her hand and stopped her.“That’s not it. We’ve always been able to talk to each other. Please don’t shut me out now. What’s wrong?”She closed her eyes… looking into his face was making her fall deeper in love with him. She tried to think about anything, just to slow the emotions building up inside her… football season was starting soon; ‘Z-List’ was having a sale; her computer needed a virus scan; when did she last change her oil…She opened her eyes to answer, but as she looked in his face, she felt herself resuming the fall. His lips that had kissed her a million times, how would they feel and taste in a real kiss? What was his tongue like? She sat there for a few moments, just drinking him in.  Fuck! Get a grip, girl! Focus!“I could tell you, but you wouldn’t understand.  And there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.  Well, you could, but you wouldn’t,” she said finally.“Hey,” said Darius. “Remember that thing we used to do, the ‘circle’, no, not circle… sphere?”“The ‘Bubble’,” answered Santana, smiling as she remembered. “When we’d go in the bubble, I couldn’t get in trouble, no matter what I said.”“Do you remember the bahis şirketleri rules?” he asked.“Yeah,” she answered. “You have to tell the truth, you can’t leave anything out, and no punishment or anything for anything I confessed to. I also remember we didn’t use the bubble a lot. Just for big, serious issues. I thought it was nice that we could do that. Like a mental safe space, you know?”“Exactly. Santana, I think we’re about to have a very serious conversation… one that might change everything. We need to be able to talk openly and honestly, without worry. I think we should have a bubble.”“Seriously, Dad? Look, I’m not worried about getting in trouble. But I know your gonna hate me if I tell you this,” said Santana. Or worse, she thought to herself, you’ll reject me.Darius pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. He held her for several seconds before finally letting her go. She felt so good against him. He always wanted to be a good father, but the battle being waged in his heart and mind was making the high road increasingly more difficult. He looked her in her face earnestly and said, “Baby, you’re my daughter, and I love you more than anything in this world. There is nothing you could possibly say that could change that in the least. Trust me, okay?”“Fine,” huffed Santana. “But remember dad, I warned you. Okay. Dad,” she began.Darius held up a hand to stop her. “Let’s take this into the living room. And I think it’ll be best if I go first, okay?” They went to the sofa where they usually sat very close together and watched movies. This time, Darius left some space between them.“You?” she asked, puzzled. Now she really was curious. He nodded. “Okay,” she said. “Go ahead.”This time Darius took a deep breath. He said, “You haven’t heard much about Genevieve over the last few days, because, well, we broke up Friday when we went out.” Santana gasped and utterly failed to keep her face from breaking out into a wide, delighted smile. Her father just smirked, and continued, “Because this is the bubble, where I have to tell the whole story, you should know that she broke up with me. It was right after we’d just finished, ummm, well, ummm, doing it.” He found it incredibly difficult to tell Santana that part, about sleeping with Genie. He felt awful and guilty… as if he were confessing to cheating on her.Santana went through several emotions at once. She was thrilled that Genevieve was suddenly out of the way; she was jealous that her dad had sex with that skank; since Genevieve left him, he’d probably need her, his loving daughter, to be there for him; and finally, sympathy for his apparently poor performance.“Dad, what happened?! We’re you that bad? I know it’s been a while, but did you forget? Do you need me to give you some pointers? Is that why we’re in the bubble? I mean, did you forget what goes where? I didn’t even know a guy COULD forget how to—”She spoke so quickly, he had to break in and stop her.“No! My performance was fine!” Darius said, rather hotly. “I assure you, she had no complaints!Santana thought, well hopefully I’ll get to find out for myself.Darius continued, “Observations on my sexual prowess notwithstanding, let me continue. She said that she wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she was pretty sure I wasn’t it.”“Ouch. Harsh,” commented Santana.“Maybe.  Maybe just honest. But even as she said it, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt in the least. We’ll come back to that. The actual reason we’re having this bubble,” he paused and looked at his daughter pointedly, and she smiled, “is because of what she said next. She said she didn’t know what it was that she needed, but she knew that what I needed was here at home waiting for me.” He stopped talking to give Santana a minute to fully absorb what he just said.“At home…” she murmured. “What… ME?! She said that?! I don’t understand. What did she mean?”Darius said, “She said she saw how you bahis firmaları looked at me, and how you looked at her when I introduced you two. She said she saw how we were with each other. She can see how much we love each other, and she can tell it goes beyond simple father-daughter affection. And based on what had just happened, I couldn’t tell her she was wrong.”“What happened?”“When we were…” his voice trailed off.“Fucking?” offered Santana.“Yes,” said Darius. “I thought it was going to be lovemaking. But no. This was just sex.”Santana was surprised at that. But she stayed silent.Darius continued, “Anyway, when we were doing it, she kinda liked it rough. That’s not really me. I believe in passion and tenderness. A woman should be cherished, loved, not punished.”Santana found herself falling even deeper in love with him as he told her how he planned to make love to her. At least, that’s how she heard it“She wanted it hard and rough, and at one point, she wanted me to, like, choke her. So I did. And when she, you know, got hers, you know? She sorta passed out for a second. At that moment, I thought I had killed her, and the only thing I was worried about was, ‘what will Santana think.’  Then she came to, and again, all I could think was, ‘what would Tenny think about me here with this woman?’ I mean, I was there with this gorgeous woman, who was giving herself to me, and all I could think about was you! After all that went through my mind, Genevieve said what she said, and I couldn’t argue with her.  Because it all made sense… that evil-ass look you shot me when we left together. And why you’ve been acting this way all week. For a minute, it all had me thinking that maybe you wanted me like that, and I know I want you.  I know I’m a fucking pervert, thinking about you, my own daughter, like that. Baby, please don’t hate me,” he finished as his eyes welled up.“What did you say to her?” asked Santana.“Nothing. She said she’d get an Uber to come get her car, and thanked me for a good fuck, and basically dismissed me.”      “Damn.” That was all Santana could think to say. Here she was stressing about how to tell her dad about how she felt, and he was feeling the same way.  Wait, was he? He never actually said that. She needed him to be clear before she put everything out there to see. “So, dad, what exactly are you saying? That you… I don’t know… want me or something?”“Tenny, after your mom died, I couldn’t date anybody. No other woman could come close to what your mom meant to me.  So I decided to focus on just being the best dad I could. By the time you were maybe seventeen, we’d been spending so much time together, it almost felt like you were my wife as well as my daughter. So I thought that once you were gone out into the world, I’d find somebody just like you. But when you left and went to Collins, I missed you so much it was almost crippling. I was so lonely without you. And when you came home for Christmas your first year, I realized, I didn’t want somebody just like you.  I wanted you. But you’re my baby girl, and it’s not right. So I pushed it down and dealt with it by cherishing every moment we were together, and when you’re gone, occasionally indulge in some very inappropriate thoughts about you. And I’d managed to keep it together until Genevieve called me out. Hell, I was only with her because I was afraid that if I didn’t get out and date somebody, I’d finally lose it and try something with you. And then you’d get all freaked out and hate me.”Santana was too shocked to even respond. She just looked at her father, her mouth hanging open in disbelief. She was so busy worrying that she didn’t notice what her dad was going through. But Genevieve did, and thanks to her, Santana’s deepest wish was about to come true.“Say something, Tennie. You probably hate me, don’t you? you’re probably disgusted by me.” He sagged back into the sofa, defeated.“You kaçak bahis siteleri love me?” she asked.“With all my heart.”“And you want me? I mean, like that?”“Yes,” he answered.“Oh, dad… You have me,” said Santana.“Wait… what?”“I love you, dad. I love you, Darius Zahn, like a daughter loves her father, and like a woman loves her man.  Dad, I’ve been in love with you forever; even before mom died. When I was little, I told her I was gonna marry you, and she just laughed and hugged me. We both thought I’d outgrow it, but it never went away. That’s why I went away for college. I thought if I got away, I’d finally get over it, but—”“It only got stronger,” Darius finished the thought for her.“Right,” agreed Santana. “So I made it through those college years pretty much the same way you did.  Yes, just like that,” she added, much to his surprise. “I came back home, and just when I finally gathered up the nerve to tell you how I really felt, here you are with,” and she said in a high-pitched, mocking voice, “‘This is Genevieve!’ I was so hurt and jealous, and all week long, all I could think about was you with her, when you should have been with me!”“But I wasn’t with her,” protested Darius.“I know that, now!” Santana closed the distance between them on the sofa, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling their faces close together. “So what’s our next move?” She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. At first, he responded, but he pulled back.“Baby, I want this more than you can imagine, but I think we should take one night to not act on it and think about it before we just jump in and make a mistake we can’t undo.”“I’ve been thinking about this for eleven years. I’m done thinking. I’m ready to act. I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m an adult. There’s no molesting or coercion going on here. I want this. And more than that, you’re gonna give it to me. Don’t bother resisting, dad. This is happening,” she said as she moved in again. “Now this time, fuckin’ kiss me right!”Darius grabbed her arms and pulled her to him, and his mouth found hers with a passion he didn’t know he possessed. Santana’s tongue forced its way into his mouth, and father and daughter shared their first deep kiss. That kiss wiped away any doubts, and any trace of regret at the lines they were about to cross.  They had simply become lovers. As he kissed her, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly, as if he’d never let her go. Santana moaned into his mouth and lightly ran her fingers across his smooth scalp, loving the fact that he was finally kissing her like a woman. She broke the kiss and said, “Please, dad… I’ve wanted this for so long…”Darius kissed her face, and then her neck, licking and tasting her sweet skin, nibbling on her earlobe ever so lightly. He moved down lower, his mouth leaving a wet trail down to her collarbone as he continued nipping and licking her as if she were made of chocolate ice cream. While his mouth was busy indulging in the taste of her, his fingers were nimbly undoing the buttons on her blouse revealing her lacy bra and the bounty beneath. He kissed her round, full tits through her bra, nibbling on the hard pebbles of her nipples through the flimsy material. She groaned and pulled his face to her, wanting him even closer. She pulled her blouse up, untucking it from her pants, and he pulled it off her. Darius rubbed his hand across her back, magically releasing her bra. He removed the lacy garment, tossing it to the floor as he began to make love to her breasts in earnest. He teased first one nipple then the next, going back and forth suckling her sweet brown-sugar nipples, and kissing and biting her honey-colored tits.While Santana was delighting in her father paying such wonderful attention to her breasts, she felt him at her belt line trying to undo her belt and pants. She leaned back and helped him undo the belt, and she unsnapped and opened her pants, instantly regretting her choice to wear pants that day. Darius pulled her pants open, and he could see her panties peeking out. He was so hungry for her that he almost tore her clothes off her, but he stopped himself and pulled back.