The adventures of Cheatingwhorewife

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The adventures of CheatingwhorewifeI’m naked except for a collar around my neck and a large ball gag shoved in my mouth when Mistress Lexi leads me into the room. The room is large and it’s completely empty except for Hung Master, Mistress Becky and two other men that I have never seen before. I’m led to the center of the room and Hung Master presses a button on a remote in his hand and I hear a buzzing noise. Looking up I see a spreader bar being lowered down from a cable. Once it gets low enough, my wrists are cuffed to either end of the bar and them Hung Master pushes the button once again and the bar starts to rise until my arms are stretched wide above my head and my feel are just barely on the floor.Mistress Becky steps forward with a pair of nipple clamps. She sees the look of fear in my eyes and smiles “ever had your nipples clamped slut?”I shake my head no.“You’ll love these Bitch” she said, “Here, let me show you how they work.” Mistress stepped forward and grabbed first one, and then the other and quickly snapped the clips into place. Pain exploded in my nipples and was agonizing! I screamed through the gag in my mouth but the gag was so large and shoved so deep into my mouth that barely a sound escaped. My body shook but that only made things worse as the clamps swayed and pulled even harder on my injured nipples!“The beautiful thing I like about these clips are that the harder you pull on them the TIGHTER they get” and without warning she pulled both nipples roughly! Even more pain exploded as she continued to pull, and I could feel the clamps bite down even harder. The pain was unbearable as she continued pulling, making my body move forward as I tried to keep my footing. Mercifully she let them go and I could stand straight again.“If you liked that, you’ll love this”, and she released the clamps from my nipples. I tried to scream as more white hot pain seared thru my nipples as the blood rushed back into them but the gag kept me silent. My body however shook uncontrollably from the pain.Mistress Lexi stepped forward and ran a hand across my belly and continued to gently rub my stomach my sides, my back as she slowly moved around me. tuzla escort Coming around to the front of me again she gently placed the palms of her hands on my breasts and gently squeezed them. I winced from the pain.“Sssssshhhhhh baby, I’m not going to hurt you” she said, calming me down while continuing to gently knead and squeeze my sore breasts. “no, honey”, she continued, “I’m not going to hurt you….MUCH!” and grabbed my nipples and jerked them so hard that I lost my footing and staggered with all of my weight supported by my wrists. She pulled them so hard she swung me forwards so that my wheit was on my wrists and nipples!“Stupid Bitch!” she said and slapped my tits 3 or 4 times and stopped, leaving me hanging there quivering with pain.Mistress becky, who had been watching with great interest stepped forward and put the clamps back on my nipples while I hung there. Then she took the fine chain they were hooked to and snapped them into the eyelets that were on either side of the ball gag and adjusted them so my tits were pulled tightly upwards towards my face and my head pulled forward and down. The pain was horrible but I was beyond moving and hung limp by my wrists.Hung Master then stepped forward, took me by the hair and pulled my head back until We were eye level. My nipples were pulled tighter than either Mistress did. Master looked me in the eye…“You are nothing but a whore!” he said in a quiet yet menacing tone, and pushed the button on the remote making the winch take me off the floor completely. “Gentlemen, she’s all yours” .The two strangers whose cocks almost as big as Hung Masters walked to me and slapped my face spinning me around. One reached out to stopped the spinning and stepped up in front of me, our belly’s touching. The other stepped in behind me until I could feel him against my back. Then the winch began to lower me down onto their cocks. They positioned themselves and me until they contacted their targets and then let me go, letting the winch and gravity do their work.My body sank and was impaled by these rock hard shafts. There was no getting used to them, there was nothing but the continued downward sancaktepe escort movement of my body until the point where my arms went slack a bit and I was fully and totally impaled on cocks. All of my weight rested on these 2 cocks.The winch started to lift me until I was free of the spears of flesh and then dropped me back down once again impaling me completely. I couldn’t scream, but tears ran down my face and drool from the gag fell on my breasts and ran down my belly as I shuddered with every downward movement I made.Then the wich stopped when I once again hit bottom and the two men began to fuck my holes. I was just a piece of meat hanging from a cable being shoved back and forth, being continually thrown back and forth, my head rolled from side to side and forwards and back with each thrust. My nipples being pulled and wrenched with every brutal shove.Their movements increased and they began pulling me violently back and forth until each of them exploded in my ass and pussy. They pulled out and I hung there like a limp towel. Cum coming from my holes and running down my legs.Hung Master lowered me to the floor and I lay there unable to move. My Mistresses approached me and with the winch, raised me back to my feet. The ball gag was taken out of my mouth and a harness replaced it with a penis gag of about 6 inches that fit into my mouth and on the other end was a large dildo. I felt a large cock shaped dildo being shoved up my pussy and a harness put in place to hold it in. The harness was also a strap on dildo and had another large cock shaped dildo standing straight out from my mound. They then lowered me back down until I was laying flat on my back on the floor. My arms spread wide with the spreader bar that was then fastened to the floor.My Mistresses came to me and each straddled me and filled their pussies with the dildoes. Mistress Lexi straddled my head and smiled and evil smile as she impaled herself all the way until her puss was resting on my face. And then they began. I could feel Mistress beck begin to lift up and sink back down on “my” cock. I could see and feel Mistress Lexi pump up and down on the üsküdar escort cock and then smell and feel her juices on my face as she pumped. Grabbing my hair and both coming down on the cock and pulling my face up into her.The dildo in my pussy began to vibrate and rotate slowly at first and then stronger and stronger. My body was starting to react as Mistress Lexi’s juices made their way down the dildo, around the base of the dildo and then into my mouth. With every down ward thrust she would grind her pussy down onto my face.Mistress lexi un mounted the dildo and swung herself around to face Mistress Becky. She grabbed the chain and pulled my nipples into the air “Fuck me Cunt!” she yelled at me and kept yanking them until I started to drive the dildo into her, fucking her, I was getting hot!Mistress Becky has increased her speed and was fucking herself hard and fast. It was all too much and then the Dildo in my pussy went on high speed and I could not hold back. I started to cum so hard I was bucking and shaking. I couldn’t stop! The dildo forced orgasm after orgasm out of me one right after the other. I was bucking and shaking that I was now fucking both Mistresses! Pushing into both of them first with my face and then with my hips pushing each of them to their own orgasm. Mistress Lexi was first. She ground her hips into me with a high pitched squeal, pulled my nipples nearly off and came! My face was covered as she shook and trembled as she came!Mistress Becky was next, leaning forward and down she took the chain in her teeth and came. Pulling on my nipples, pulling me further into Mistress Lexi, grinding her pussy down onto the dildo and forcing the high speed cock in my pussy to bring me to my final and most powerful orgasm of the night!All three of us just laid there, me on the floor and them on top of me and holding onto each other.After a brief rest, my mistresses removed themselves from the cocks strapped to my body and I was once again lifted with my arms suspended over my head.“Good night you Fucking Cheating Cunt” said Hung Master as all of them left the room with the clips, straps, and dildos still in place on my face and mound and in my pussy. Never bothering to turn the one buried in me off.“sleep tight Abigail” said each Mistress. Then they did something unexpected by this slave. They both kissed my cheek and then left the room turning the light out as they left.It was a long night………………………………….