The Alpha Wife

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Jackie had now been happily married for twenty-three years to Dan, and both were forty-three-years- old. Jackie always admitted that she was a bit of a control freak, and liked making all of the social decisions and things to do with the house and family. She tended to leave Dan to make the financial decisions, although he tended to discuss them with her anyway and listened to her views and normally followed them. It seemed, though, that Dan was feeling more and more left out of the decision-making process with Jackie deciding on redecorating the house and the purchase of new furniture, as well as where they went on holiday. Dan was left pretty much with just paying the bills. All of this caused Dan much more frustration then it did to Jackie. She would just carry on and tell him not to worry about all the things that she was doing because she had both of their interests at heart. Of course, right from the early years, she was quite used to persuading Dan to her point of view, and, to be fair, won the argument most of the time.Soon after their twentieth anniversary Jackie also started to make comments about the amount that Dan would drink, and how he often stayed out late without phoning to tell her where he was. They got to the stage where Dan even flew off the handle and berated Jackie with, “You’re treating me like a naughty kid. The next thing you’ll be doing is giving me a spanking.”Jackie just laughed as she replied, “Don’t push me, Dan, because that could happen.” Jackie told herself it was never going to happen because she could hardly spank her husband.Dan reckoned that Jackie had been kidding, but he started to get fed up with Jackie imposing her choices all of the time. Initially, Dan tried to put forward his own point of view but pretty soon gave up with it. He even started to think more about Jackie actually spanking him. After all, he did have submissive tendencies which was one of the reasons that he found Jackie so becoming, first as a girlfriend and then as his wife. It had always made sense to him that she should control things being an alpha female, although as their marriage progressed, and she stopped work to look after the children and he was the sole money winner, he did seem to think that Jackie listened to him rather more as the years went by. However, with both kids now at university, and Jackie struggling with the empty nest syndrome, she reverted to making more and more of the decisions without reference to Dan.So, when one day, Dan came home the worst for drink, and Jackie berated him, he said directly, “I don’t see why we should have any arguments over this. If you think you are right and I’m wrong, then the best thing to do is just give me a spanking and you tell me not to do it again.”Jackie looked at Dan in surprise, knowing that he had suggested many years ago that she spank him, but as foreplay to sex rather than as a form of discipline. She hadn’t been interested at the time and wasn’t now.Dan let it drop and went to bed casino siteleri although, as usual when he was drunk, he snored more than usual and Jackie lay awake pondering what she should do.The next time Dan came home the worse for drink she berated him again, and, this time, rather than pushback at all, he simply said, “I told you last time, if you want to persuade me then don’t argue and just spank me.”Again, Jackie wasn’t interested, but simply turned and walked away with a withering look. However, another night listening to Dan snoring was starting to make her think that she had to do something to change his attitude. Dan started to work out that he could now get away with drinking, and snoring, because Jackie didn’t have the intent to deal with him, and reckoned he could impose his own will more, now that he had shown she would only retort with meaningless arguments. He even started to make more and more comments about things around the house, suggesting changes, even buying a new much larger television which he knew Jackie was very much against.As it turned out, the television was pretty much the last straw. Two days later Dan was out again drinking with his friends, and when he got home saw that Jackie was still up, albeit in her summery skimpy see-through sleeveless very short nightdress, and was sitting at the dining table holding a hairbrush, which he knew that she used to brush her hair before going to bed. He smiled at Jackie although, of course, it was a rather skewed smile because of his being the worse for drink. Dan also made a leering comment, “You look rather gorgeous, gorgeous,” thinking that the double use of the word was a compliment that Jackie would relish.However, Jackie wasn’t in the mood and had made another decision. She said sternly, “Come on, Dan, tell me to give you a spanking rather than scold you.”Dan smirked, knowing that it was another empty threat of Jackie’s, and replied, “Go on then, why not?”Jackie glared at Dan with her, ‘Don’t dare me,’ look, and said, “Okay, then, I will. Take your jeans and underpants off and get across my lap.”Dan was just so confident that Jackie was bluffing, and he was still smirking as he did exactly as he was told, and moments later stepped out of his jeans and underpants, leaving them on the floor, and went and stood to the side of Jackie looking down at her bare thighs. They both saw that Dan now had an erection and both had differing thoughts about it.With all the bravado that Dan had shown over recent weeks almost goading Jackie into giving him a spanking, he thought about it much more than ever before and even started looking at some spanking websites. He also recalled asking Jackie to spank him all those years ago, explaining how it would be foreplay to lovemaking. Jackie didn’t do it though, and Dan dropped the request. Maybe she would now, though, he thought, and certainly he reckoned it would be followed by great sex even if he was drunk.Jackie looked at Dan’s erection güvenilir casino and wondered, for the first time, whether Dan was actually being serious asking her to spank him. She had always reckoned it was just his way of ending an argument that he was never going to win. However, was it something different to that, she asked herself?Dan had a, “I dare you,” look on his face although with mixed feelings because of his interest in having his wife spank him. He was never going to mind a few spanks and wanted to know whether the sex afterwards would be as good as he imagined it would be. Jackie wasn’t thinking about sex at all. She really was annoyed that Dan had once again come back the worse for drink, on top of getting her more and more annoyed with his increasing involvement in the things that she normally dealt with by herself and buying that ridiculously large television without discussing it first. So, it wasn’t really about Dan being the worse for drink, but her desire to call Dan’s bluff once and for all. Next moment, Jackie pointed to her lap and ordered, “Go on, get over my lap.”Dan still thought that Jackie was bluffing, but reckoned that even if she wasn’t, he would end up the winner because of the sex they would have afterwards. He knew that she would feel sorry for him and embarrassed at what she was about to do, and that would all make for better sex with him. So, shrugging his shoulders, he balanced himself on the far side of the chair, then lowered himself to the floor, catching his fall with his hands, and put his full weight onto Jackie’s bare thighs. He even loved the way that his erect penis pressed down on her soft skin, and even as he looked at the backs of Jackie’s bare upside-down legs he felt aroused and then even more so as he saw his own legs dangling under the far side of the chair. Was it the humiliation that turned him on, or the feeling of wanting Jackie to spank him, or something else, that gave him his erection, he asked himself, unsure of the answer?Jackie was still surprised to find Dan lying across her lap. She had never expected that to happen, but rather that he would do his normal pulling out of an argument which he knew he was losing. That was still different to actually agreeing with what she wanted, and that set her wondering whether Dan really wanted to be spanked. Jackie was probably more irate with Dan than she had been for a very long time and so, as he was lying there across her lap, so she placed her hand on his bottom and started to rub in circles, watching to see what his reaction to that would be. She was pretty sure that this would end like any other argument, and he would simply tell her he couldn’t be bothered to argue anymore and give up. However, she saw that Dan still stayed in position and she really did think that he wanted to be spanked. Equally, she supposed there was no harm in giving him a spanking because it might make him think twice before drinking to excess again.One canlı casino thing Jackie did know was that she wasn’t turned on by the prospect of spanking Dan and saw it as a disciplinary measure, which she still reckoned he would stop as soon as he realised that she was serious.When Dan felt Jackie rub his bottom in circles, even forgetting that the argument was actually about his drinking, and thought that maybe, after all these years, Jackie was actually going to spank him as foreplay to sex. He still did actually enjoy looking at the backs of her upside-down bare legs, and painted toenails, and thought that maybe she would get him to kiss her feet as an added sexual delight. Then Dan saw Jackie’s calf muscles tense and, the next moment, felt her hand spank down on his bottom. It was a bit of a shock, but then, as she continued to spank his bottom, he had to admit that he even rather enjoyed the stinging sensation. As Jackie proceeded to spank Dan, turning his bottom cheeks a nice dark shade of red, she didn’t see any particular reason to stop, reckoning that Dan would eventually concede that she was the one in control and he was making a mistake in pushing her so far. However, as he didn’t ask her to stop, or, what was more likely was for him to force himself up and simply walk away, she just kept on spanking him, hearing him start to let out gasps of pain as each spank landed.When Dan had first asked Jackie to spank him, he expected it to be two or three dozen spanks. Well, she was already well in excess of that and showed no signs whatsoever of stopping and he thought it was almost as though she was giving him a real spanking rather than one that was supposed to be sexual foreplay. Then, as the spanking continued, he realised that he had never discussed with Jackie just how many times she would spank his bottom. Would she ever stop, he even started asking himself, because whilst it was manageable now, he reckoned it would start to get more difficult to deal with, although her hand would hurt sooner or later and then she would have to stop, and he would be the winner.Jackie wasn’t used to losing an argument with Dan but could feel that her hand was starting to hurt, although, she assumed, not as much as Dan’s bottom would be hurting. Still, she didn’t want to be the first to give up and had to think how to draw this to a close. It was then that she remembered her hairbrush which she had been using to brush your hair whilst waiting for Dan to come home. After all, she had showered and was in her nightdress and was ready for bed. She always brushed her hair before going to bed so there was nothing unusual there. However, as she looked at the chair next to her and saw the hairbrush, she realised that it would make an excellent implement to spank Dan with.Dan was conscious of Jackie having stopped spanking him, at least it seemed that way because the gap was much longer than between all of the spanks so far. However, he was shocked when he felt something much harder than her hand being tapped on his bottom. He squirmed around and was shocked when Jackie was looking down at him and holding out in front of her the hairbrush that she had used when he came into the room. Surely she wasn’t going to use that, was she?