The Anal King

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The following stories are true.

I am a black man in one of the most religious cities in America. To date, I have fucked sixty four women up the ass. I’m known as “Assonava” because I do what it takes to get the ass and this includes licking. I love to lick a female’s ass and hear them moan . The white bitches really like this. I have a cute little blonde who I turned out.

She screams, “You like licking my white ass, you black motherfucker!” She spreads her cheeks wide.

“Yeah, you dirty white bitch!” I snap back. After a good dick lashing in her pussy, she spreads her cheeks again.

She looks over her shoulder, looks me in the eye and says, “Ram, it home motherfucker!” And I do. I fuck her ass until she hollers in pleasure from her orgasm.

All races and sizes. I don’t discriminate when it comes to the female asshole. The largest and one of the best asses that I have ever had is from this older lady. She is Hispanic and a divorcee. When we fuck all I do is get naked and make her suck my eight inch black dick. She licks my asshole too. When it is well lubricated and hard, she turns around and gets on her adana escort hands and knees. Fifty six inches of ass is in front of me, waiting to get fucked.

Once I get my black dick between those deep cheeks, she howls like the bitch that she is. “Oh, baby yeesss! Fuck me up my big ass! It’s all yours!”

Her ass is tight and she knows how to work her ass muscles. I fuck her ass as hard as I can and she continues to keep a smile on her face.

“Oh, you big booty bitch! Your asshole is so damn good!” I scream and collapse on her back as I empty my dick deep in her asshole. Her asshole clenches and drains every drop from my dick. Her name is Ms. Booty Bitch.

I remember the time I fucked this fifty year old white lady up her ass. She use to be my tutor and when I graduated from college she wanted to suck my dick. I went over to her house and after the deep throat blow job she says that as a present I can have anything that I want.

“What I want you might not be ready for.”

“Tell me” she says.

I told her I wanted her big white ass and she says I can have it. I put her on her adana escort bayan hands and knees and got behind her. The asshole looked too good to resist so I licked and sucked it. She screamed no one had every did that. I responded by shoving my tongue deeper into her crinkled asshole.

I slowly shoved my dick in her super tight asshole and she screamed, “OH, no one has every had my ass and I’m giving it to you!” When her ass loosened up, I sped it up. “Give me that old white ass bitch!” I commanded.

She was really enjoying it. “What would people think if they knew I let you fuck me in the ass!” Don’t tell anyone I let you put that nasty black dick in my ass!”

I couldn’t take the tightness of her ass. Just looking at this old white woman on her hands and knees with my dick up her ass was too much. I flooded her asshole with cum. I see her sometimes and I know I can fuck her up the ass anytime I want.

Black ass is also very good. The best ass that I’ve had have come from black bitches. The oldest was a thirty eight year old divorcee. Her ex husband had never tried to get her ass and escort adana was surprised that I wanted to fuck it. She would suck my dick and lick my ass. I would have her spread her cheeks, sit on my face and ride my tongue with her ass. For an anal virgin, I taught her asshole well. She could take it in many positions.

She would always holler, “Fuck my ass good!”

I would pound this lady’s asshole until we both would pass out. She loved to suck my dick right after it came out of ass.

One black girl was skinny with a narrow asshole, but boy was it deep and good. She would sit on my dick and ride it in her asshole. She would look me in the eye and grit her teeth.

“Fuck my ass daddy! Take it! Take my ass! I know you need it daddy! Tear it up!” Once again I would shoot it up her ass and watch her have an orgasm. One white model type bitch would let me fuck her ass all day. She said it was so nasty and forbidden that it turned her on. She said her parents would disown her for letting a black man fuck her in the ass. We use to make movies and role play. Her name was the anal queen.

Well those are just some of my anal adventures. If you like those many more will come. If your a female with a nice ass, Fat, skinny, black, white it doesn’t matter. Just tell me and your ass is mine. Assonova will lick it and stick it real good with a big black dick. Arrangements can and will be made.