The Apartment

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Probably a few errors in this. I grew impatient and so have submitted it in pretty much original form. More to follow if you like it. GA


Alexandra Bingham regarded her brother over the top of her sunglasses. She knew what he held in his hand but pretended not to. Her tummy slid in anticipation.

“What is it?” she asked. “I can’t see you properly, you’re in the shade.”

“It’s the key,” the young man replied, “to the apartment. I’m sure it is.”

Alexandra, sunbathing forgotten, sat up in her deck chair. “You mean …?”

“I think so.”

Daniel left the obvious question unsaid — Should they use it? Having found the key — just sitting there — on the kitchen worktop Daniel was undecided. As usual he left the decision to his more daring sister.

“Where was it?” Alexandra asked as she padded across the tiled deck that led from the pool area to the double patio doors at the rear of the villa.

Daniel stepped back into the cool interior of the kitchen; his sister followed and pushed her sunglasses up into the tangle of her blonde hair.

“Just there,” Daniel replied and nodded towards the spot, “just sat there in plain view.”

Alexandra grinned at her brother. “We’ve got a couple of hours before they get back …”

Butterfly wings fluttered in Daniel’s stomach; he knew what his sister’s sly look meant. “I dunno, Alex. If Dad knew we’d been in there …”

“How’s he going to know? They won’t be back for ages. We’ve got loads of time to sneak in and have a look around … We won’t disturb anything. Oh, come on, I’ve always wondered what’s down there.” The young woman smirked and added: “I reckon it’s a kinky sex dungeon. You know … ringbolts from the ceiling, a case full of rubber and latex … Big dildos, that kind of thing.”

Daniel rolled his eyes. “You always have to push it and take things too far. The idea of Dad in rubber kit …”

“Well I’m going to take a peep. You can stay here if you like.”

Alex snatched the key from her brother’s hand. Barefoot, she strode from the kitchen. The young man stared at the empty doorway through which his sister had disappeared. He pictured her moving down the stairs that led to the lower part of the villa; the place his family had owned for as long as he could remember, and where he’d spent the majority of the summer holidays since he and his sister had been little. Now, with Alex being twenty-one, and he nineteen, Daniel thought that these family holidays would become a thing of the past. Both he and Alex were growing too old to be holidaying with parents.

He’d never seen inside the mysterious apartment in the cellar. The understanding was silently implicit — It was their parents’ private place, a place where Alexandra and Daniel had no business.

Daniel had been mildly curious for years, but hadn’t been overly concerned, but now there was a chance to see beyond the blank-faced door … and it could be the only opportunity he’d ever have …

Daniel found the door ajar, the key protruding from the lock, mocking him like a stuck out tongue.

“Alex …” he called nervously as he pushed the door wider. “Where are you?”

The girl called out: “In here.”

Daniel followed the sound of her voice. He moved into the shadowy interior. The apartment, in essence a cellar, was windowless and cool. His heart hammered in his chest as he moved through the tiny vestibule. He shouldn’t be in here; he and his sister were trespassing. Despite his anxiety Daniel walked deeper inside. As he moved beyond the small vestibule he searched for details. The place was disappointingly like the rooms above. There were no signs of depravity, no ringbolts in the ceiling that Alex had hoped for, this was no stygian dungeon. Instead Daniel saw pendik escort tiled floors and matt-finished walls painted in flat primary colours — the same as the rest of the villa.

The room Daniel stepped into was sparsely furnished. A single, large sofa sat against a wall. There were no pictures, no vases, and no television — nothing at all in the way of decoration. From where he stood, to his left, through a doorless arch, Daniel saw a typical wet room — a toilet, bidet, and shower. What was the mystery surrounding the apartment? Why the key?

His sister’s voice came from the room straight ahead: “I’m here.”

“I don’t get it,” Daniel said as he entered what was obviously the bedroom. “What’s the big deal? There’s fuck all in here.”

Alexandra sat on the bed and turned her face to her brother, her eyes gleamed in the low light that breathed from a lamp in the corner.

“No?” she questioned, “nothing in here you say? You should take a look at this.” The girl held a book towards her brother.

The book turned out to be an album of photographs. Daniel sat on the bed next to his sister and, shocked by what he saw, turned page after page of black and white photographs. The pictures, in series, showed a couple, both of whom were known to the boy. In the first few frames the couple were fully clothed; they smiled at the camera and held drinks in salute, but, as the pages turned …

Speechless he turned the final page and heard Alex gasp. In the picture a naked woman stared into the lens of the camera. The expression on her face, distorted as her features were as she smiled around a mouthful of erect penis, was one of defiance and enjoyment. Stunned, Daniel stared at the photo. The model, with a wide-brimmed straw hat with a round crown and decorated with a ribbon tilted on the back of her head, was his mother.

“Recognise the hat?” Alexandra whispered.

Daniel gulped and nodded.

“Mum’s gardening hat,” the girl confirmed.

“Mum’s doing more than gardening!” Daniel blurted. “And with him … I mean … That’s Robert’s cock she’s sucking.” He pointed to the man in the picture — Their neighbour in England for more than thirty years. “And,” Daniel asked, “who’s taking the pictures?”

Alex squirmed on the bed next to her brother. “I’d say it was our father behind the camera,” she whispered. “There are pictures of Dad in this one.” The girl indicated another picture album on her far side. “There’s loads of these folders in here, all the same. Mum and Dad fucking other people.”

“This one is from years ago,” Daniel indicated the album in his shaking hands. “Mum looks so young.”

“Well I’ve got one that’s more recent,” Alex said. “Dad’s fucking Aunt Susan … It doesn’t look like it was too long ago.”

“Mum’s sister! No way … Let me see. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Daniel gaped at the picture, colour this time, very recent, and was staggered by what he saw. His mother’s sister knelt on a bed that looked very similar to the one he sat on now. The buxom woman rested on her forearms and smiled over her shoulder as she presented her derriere to her brother-in-law. Daniel’s father had one hand clamped to the woman’s hip while he guided a generous erection towards her opening.

His father and his mother’s sister!

It was then Daniel became aware of his sister’s proximity. He felt the heat from her body, clad only in the briefest of bikinis, as she sat next to him. He turned to look at her and noticed her avid stare as she looked down at the pictures confronting them both. As if she felt the intensity of his gaze, Alex lifted her eyes to her brother’s.

“I’m so …” she croaked in a hoarse voice. “I … I’m so fucking turned on, Danny.” The girl maltepe escort swallowed hard and shook her head. “These pictures … Dozens of them … A private porn collection. Looking at all this stuff just makes me want to touch myself.”

For Daniel, time stopped. His sister’s narcotic voice hypnotised him; he recognised the hunger in her tone — he felt it too. The desire to reach into his swimming shorts and squeeze his penis overwhelmed him.

But he hesitated to do so in front of his sister…

“Look at them,” Alex crooned. “Look at their faces. Mum loves it. She looks so happy … Sucking Robert’s cock … Dad fucking Aunt Susan …”

Daniel smelt the aroma of sun cream on his sister’s skin. The bedroom of the forbidden apartment became a cocoon; a bubble of unreality in the depths of the Portuguese villa. A trickle of perspiration slid from the concavity of Alex’s throat and down between her breasts. Daniel resisted the urge to trace its path with his tongue.

“I want to touch myself,” Alexandra repeated. “I’m going to, Daniel. I can’t stand it. I’m on fire down there, it itches … I’ve just got to …”

Daniel sat slack-jawed and immobile while his sister slipped her fingers under the elastic of her bikini briefs. The material rippled as she rubbed at herself until, with a hiss of frustration, Alexandra stood abruptly and snatched at the scrap of cloth. Bare from the waist down, she then reached behind her body and unclasped the top half of her swimwear. Entirely naked, Daniel’s sister lay back on the bed, spread her thighs, and began to masturbate.

“Fuck it,” she groaned. “I don’t care. Leave or stay; I need to wank. I’m too turned on to be bothered, Danny.”

The sight of his sister’s bald mons made Daniel gulp. “Alex …” he blurted. “What are you doing? Stop it.” But he continued to stare. “Mum and Dad will be back soon,” he spluttered.

“You’ve always been a worrier, Danny. They won’t be back for another two hours at least, plenty of time for me to coax a big, juicy orgasm out.” The girl closed her eyes and spread her labia with her fingertips. She pressed a finger into the bubbling opening.

Daniel boggled at the sight of his sister fingering herself. She’s so beautiful, he thought. Damn what a body … Alexandra was right though, he did worry. She’d always been the bold one, the dare-devil who’d take any challenge. This was so typical of his sister; he’d known she’d be the one to suggest coming down to the apartment. As soon as he told her he’d found the key, he knew it was inevitable. Taking a surreptitious peek was one thing though, masturbating in front of him was an entirely different matter; it was so brazen … but so erotic. Daniel couldn’t resist squeezing his erection through his swim-shorts.

That squeeze was enough. A moment later Daniel was surprised to find his shorts around his ankles as he stood at the foot of the bed and his fist moved slowly along his cock.

Alexandra writhed and curled on the bed. “I’ve seen Mum in that hat so many times,” she panted, “but seeing her wearing it … in that picture … so gorgeous and naked …and with Robert’s fat cock in her mouth …” The girl groaned and clamped her thighs tight around her forearm. “There’s a picture of her with spunk dripping off her chin … I wonder if I should take the old bastard on when we get home. I’d love to feel the hot stuff splashing on my skin.” Alexandra opened her legs again.

Daniel gulped again when he saw his sister fucking her opening with three, stiff fingers.

“I … Have you always been so filthy?” he asked.

Alex pulled her hand away from her sex, the labia hung heavy and swollen. As her sex gaped at Daniel, Alexandra smiled and drawled: “I’m so fucking dirty, little kartal escort brother …” She licked her fingers, staring into her brother’s face. “You have no idea how bad I can be.” Alexandra snorted. “I obviously take after my mother.” She grinned and pointed to Daniel. “And look at you, wanking that big thing in front of me.”

Daniel reddened and let his cock fall from his grip. “Uh …” he grunted, discouraged.

“Don’t stop,” Alexandra wailed. “I want to watch you. Will you come for me?”

Sensing that her brother was losing his nerve, Alexandra leaned across the bed and, one-handed, opened an album at random. “Look!” she cried. “Here’s Mum with a face full of spunk. Come and look at it, Danny. Look at her face. See how much she adores it? Show me the hot stuff. Please.”

The young man glanced down at the picture and was lost. He saw globs of goo hanging from his mother’s chin, with spatters of the stuff smeared across her heavy breasts as her youthful face, decorated with more semen, smiled out at him.

His fingers curled around the shaft of his erection.

Alexandra sighed with pleasure at the sight.

“Look at you, darling brother,” the woman whispered almost to herself. She squeezed her small, tight breasts, and smeared her own juice over her taut nipples. She watched her brother’s hazy-eyed face while he tugged urgently. “Would you like me to do it for you?” Alexandra asked.

Without waiting for a response, she doubted her brother could hear her anyway, Alex quickly rose from the bed. Standing by her brother’s side, and with her flank pressed against his body, Alex ran a hand down over Daniel’s chest.

“Let me do it,” she whispered into his ear.

A gesture of resistance blurted from the young man: “Alex … This is … We can’t …You’re my sister!”

And then, with his sister’s fingers around his girth, as her fist began to move, Daniel succumbed.

“You being my brother only makes it better. Kiss me,” he heard his sister say. Daniel groaned and opened his mouth to receive her tongue.

Less than a minute later, Alexandra, knowing her brother was close to orgasm, broke the kiss and sat on the edge of the bed. She maintained the same tempo with her hand, but shifted her grip as she positioned herself in front of her brother.

The young man swallowed heavily, sensing her intention. Daniel knew deep down that he should stop her. He knew on a logical, distant level that what he was doing with his sibling was wrong, but when he looked down into her eyes — and saw her sly smile — he capitulated. Let her have her way.

He heard a moan of triumphant delight from his sister’s throat as her lips closed around the bulb of his cock-head.

“Alex—” he managed before the first spurt gushed into her mouth.

Later that evening, as a mortified Daniel hid in his bedroom, Alexandra used her own key and crept into the apartment again.

Her father sat on the sofa in the anteroom.

“Well?” he asked.

Alexandra nodded. “It was easy. He found the keys right where you left them. I got him down here and I sucked his cock,” she said, as, naked, she walked to her father. “Tomorrow,” she continued, “I’ll bring him down here and do this with him.”

Smiling, Alexandra’s father held her hips as the girl straddled his thighs and pulled his erection into her body.

“You juicy little bitch,” he groaned as the heat of his daughter’s cunt clamped around his girth.

“I need to come. I didn’t manage to get off earlier,” Alexandra explained. “He spunked all over me and then ran off.”

A voice spoke from the bedroom: “Perhaps I should go and see how my son’s doing?”

Alexandra smiled at her mother as she appeared in the doorway. The woman lifted a camera to her eye. Alexandra closed her eyes against the glare of the flash and wondered how soon it would be before an album featuring Daniel and his mother was added to the collection. Then, all thought left her as she surrendered to the sensations between her legs.