The Attic Window

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The Attic Window.

This story could be true. It was a hot August summer day. Filtered through the mind of an unemployed, community college 19-year-old named Tim; this is me. I was staring out of a 3rd story attic window overlooking my Aunt’s New Hampshire backyard. The grass was rich green and filled with family and friends. Nobody knew where I was. My mom Kim, and her sister Shannon, were smoking cigarettes in lawn chairs by the above-ground pool. Kids and grown-ups splashing water and screaming under an unnoticed city of swarming bugs 30 feet above. The attic window pain was like a dusty and smeared 80’s summer BBQ movie.

The house was an old Victorian schoolhouse erected in the early 1900’s. In the attic, where dusty desks: the maple-wooden kind that opened up so you can put your books underneath the surface you wrote upon. The attic smelled like God. If God had a smell, I think it was like the attic. The vacant spider webs were a thousand years old. The gray-green ancient wood planks squeaked when you planted your feet upon them.

I heard my cousin Ralph yell “Oh my God, Jane!”

It was not a scream of horror but one of abrupt concern. It stood out from the rest of the yells. I looked over at the pool and saw my 18-year-old cousin Jane’s bare ass for public viewing. Her bottom piece fell off as she climbed up the pool ladder. I heard a car horn from the road. I assumed it was a lucky driver giving her a “thank you” honk. Jane jumped back in the pool and retrieved her metallic blue bottom as it danced in the keçiören escort waves.

Angelina Jolie look-alike Jane, my first cousin, daughter of Shannon, is very bubbly and flirtatious. She has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a very pale white northern Yankee bubble ass. I am from California and her ass was shockingly white but superbly round, firm, and jiggled in the New England mountain gusts. I was aroused. But I told myself, “that is your cousin!”

A few hours later, I was at the dinner table with Jane’s quiet, blue-collar dad which is my uncle. We played five card stud, smoked Marlboro Reds, and drank screw drivers. In the kitchen, Shannon’s part time-waitress mother boiled hotdogs. I heard the thunder of the staircase as a stampede of cousins and siblings rushed down towards the smell of hot meat. Jane appeared and waddled past us.

“You all are playing for big bucks?” Jane said and laughed.

When you are buzzed on vodka, the world slows down. In other words, to the sober, you are a leering drunk. Jane turned the corner wearing daisy dukes. Her ass cheeks radiated out of sliced denim. I nearly spilled my cocktail.

“You are doing okay over there?” my Uncle Dean said.

Left over fireworks sat in the drawer behind my uncle. Jane returned to open it bending over. Most of her ass exploded about. I though her shorts ripped but the denim stayed intact when she stood up.

“I hate these things, but I enjoy watching your brother light them,” Jane said.

My keçiören escort bayan older brother of 23, Doug was a quiet pyro and loved Jane. He brought those fireworks from California just for her.

After dinner I went to the pool with a 30 pack of Bud Light. I could see a large green hill under a fountain of fireworks casting shadows all around me. I heard the echoes of yells and laughter. It was 45 minutes. Everyone went inside to sit in front of television sets and talk about random shit, like problems caused by other people.

I was drunk and could see the silhouette of Jane in the second story bathroom window. It was underneath my favorite attic window. The cricket chirps loud, and I smacked the water louder. And it worked.

Ten minutes later, Jane in her metallic blue two-piece bathing suit emerged from the metal screen porch door.

“I was wondering where the hell you been!” Jane said.

“I keeeeping da’ pooool warm,” I said.

“How many have you had, cousin?” she said.

“Here,” I said. I tossed her a summer night temperature Bud Light.

“I am good,” she said, dropped the towel revealing a tall screwdriver.

“So, what the fuck happened earlier? I heard yelling out here and cars honking,” I said.

“Your brother is a trip, he burned his hand though,” she said.

“What else is new,” I said.

“Oh, shit that, I was climbing the ladder like this and when I got to here, my entire bottom blew off in the wind. It was escort keçiören embarrassing.”

“I mean the wind did that? It looks pretty secure to me?”

“I guess.”

“I just miss everything, I am never around for the good stuff.”

“The good stuff?”


“I feel bad now.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Well if it makes you feel better this is what it looked like.”

She started to climb the ladder and I could not breath. My lungs filled up with snow. The only light we had was the moon and a shed lamp. She pulled the strings and just like that her metallic bottom plopped to the surface of the water. Her beautiful bare New England ass gleamed curves in the moon light. I could see her smooth young flesh peppered with gorgeous goosebumps. I could not swallow. Her blue eyes studied me.

“Are we even,” she said.

I swallowed, “sure.”

She gave me ample time to move but I didn’t. She climbed down the ladder and swam like a swan towards me. My cock so hard it developed its own cardiovascular system. Her blue eyes hovered the darkness and our cold tongues met. I palmed her ass cheeks and molested her full nudity beneath the surface. The rest of the world only to see the back of her head. I played with her breasts, put her bottom in my palms and lifted onto the pool side dock. She crawled on all fours to the railing. I followed.

My cousin’s beautiful snow-white ass bent over. It jiggled when I thrusted inside. I watched my penis and listened to Jane moan over the crickets. I pulled out and drenched her behind. Moaned up at the moon and to my spot at the attic window. My brother’s face looked like a skeleton. His mouth gasped open. I turned and dove into the heavy blackness of the pool wishing reality was phony. Begging God that I finished my oil painting in the attic instead of grabbing a 30 pack and going for a swim.