The Auction

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The AuctionThe AuctionBy BossDaddyMy wife and I started off slow in the swinging lifestyle. We would hook up with neighbors and friends and people we worked with until we discovered the Swinging Clubs and all they had to offer. One club we found called “Sexy Escapes” worked by having members earn points that can be redeemed for things and people later. One of these things is a yearly Sex Slave Auction. Men and woman put themselves up on the auction block as a sex slave to the highest bidder and they become sex slaves for 24-hours, anything goes, the slave cannot say no to the bidder. We were trying to build up points over the last year. We did that by doing such things as me as a man sucking another man off or giving my ass to another man. My wife could earn points by having sex with more then one man at a time or letting a woman eat her out. Some of them would get you only a point or two but if you wanted more points you had to do more. My wife once earned 10 points having 5 guys fuck her on stage in front of other members. So, the chance to earn 100 points as a sex slave for 24-hours was a big deal. My wife decided she would do it.The auction day came and my wife was ready, she got her hair cut and styled and got a full wax job on her pussy and ass. That was great by the way, I had to test fuck her pussy and ass that night. They would attach a slave number to the slave before they took them up on the stage. My wife was number 5. When my wife stepped out on the stage the room roared with the sight of her nude clean-shaven body. The auctioneer made her turn in place to show off both sides of her. The crowd loved it. Her hands were tied above her head on a hook hanging from the ceiling. She was now stretched out for all to see. The auctioneer said any bidders want to come up and take a little sample can. Five men made their way up to the stage to sample my wife’s ass and pussy. They would slap her tits and ass and rub their cocks on her. One of the five men was named sivas escort Douglas. We have seen him in the club before. Douglas was in his mid 50’s he was super rich and he pretty much fucked everyone and everything in the club. He was a dominant alfa male with a huge cock and balls and seemed to like rough sex. He took a real interest in my wife’s ass. He slips a finger in it and made the comment, “Oh, that nice and tight” and then forced his cock into it. Wy wife’s face showed the force he used.After a few minutes the auctioneer said okay that’s enough, let start the bidding at 20 points. Douglas was the last to take his cock out of my wife’s ass and walk off the stage. Someone bid 20 points then someone else bid 30 then 40 then 50. It was a bidding war. 60, 70, 80 then Douglas interrupted said 200 points! It got dead silent in the room. Then some whispering started to build. The auctioneer said I have 200 points bid, do I hear any more? Total silence. Not hearing anything he declared, “Sold”. My wife still up on the stage and Douglas came up and took her. She knows what that meant, she was in for some rough sex and she quickly look over at me. I tried to shoot her a reassuring look that it was going to be okay. She got her arm yanked by Douglas pulling her off and back stage. I would not see her again for 24-hours. Douglas now owns my wife’s ass. She can’t refuse him anything for the next 24-hours. It was my belief that the slave would stay on the premise somewhere but I was now told that wasn’t the case. The slave can be taken off site for the fucking.My wife was led out the back door of the club completely naked and Douglas and her got in to the back of a waiting SUV. Douglas told my wife to suck his cock as they drove to an undisclosed location. They drove for 40 minutes and with my wife’s hands still tied behind her back socked his cock and balls during the drive. When they got to the location Douglas put a black bag over my wife’s head and they escort sivas got out of the SUV and walked into what seemed like an old warehouse. Her bare feet could feel the cold concrete and they came to a large metal door that she heard swing open and then slam shut behind them and locked. She hears someone talking, just whispers at first, then some laughing. The bag was pulled off her head.Standing there before my wife were 9 men all nude and all had erections. Douglas said to my wife, “you’re going to pull a train for us”. My wife knows what that meant. She knew for the next 24-hours these guys would fuck her nonstop. She would be forced to take cocks in all her holes and have those holes filled with their cum. She had fantasized about something like this for a long time but it was really going to happen now. This was against club rules it was supposed to be one man fucking the slave for 24-hours not 9. She resigned herself that this was happening and she would have to do her best to please these men just to get back to me.Douglas took my wife to the center of the room and told her to bend over. Two men at a time approached her, one stood in front and one behind her. Douglas commanded, “let the fucking begin!” Two at a time, one in her mouth and one in her pussy they took turns with her. She could see at of the corner of her eye the other men lining up and waiting for their turn with her. After the first 6 guys blasted their seed into her she was wondering why no one had tried to fuck her up the ass. They just kept fucking her mouth and pussy and cuming all over her body. Then Douglas came back into the room and he was so hard he was obviously watching the men fuck her and getting turned on by it. He told the other men to “wipe this slut down, she’s covered if sticky cum”. They thru a bucked of cold water on her and two guys wiped her down with a dirty rag they found in the warehouse. Douglas walked up behind her and now it was clear that her ass was for sivas escort bayan Douglas only. At first, he smacks her ass with his hand and then he asked for a leather strap. One of the men gave him a heavy black leather strap use for whipping. Douglas started whipping her ass. He said it was to loosen her up for what was coming next. When my wife’s ass was good and red from the whipping he dropped the strap on the floor and Douglas started fucking her ass over and over. His enormous and think cock ramming her deep with each stroke. He took pleasure in fucking her so deep his balls would smash into her ass and at the end of each stroke he gave a little extra push to drive it just a little bit deeper. Each time that he came deep in her ass the other men would cheer. He did this three times in a row and then he turned her back over to the other men for them to take turns on her again. This continued over and over for the next 24-hours. As the sun came up in the morning and the last man came in her mouth she had to struggled to swallowed his cum. The large locked door opens suddenly and 6 more nude big black men walked in. Cocks out and ready for action. They weren’t done with her yet. She had to endure these new men with fresh cocks now and from what she could see of their large swinging black balls, they were loaded with cum. Again, these BBC would take turns fucking her for hours.Later that day she was told to shower and get dress before Douglas took her back to the club where I was waiting. It was quiet on the ride back; my wife was reflecting on what had just happen to her. She realized it was really her fantasy and a turn-on to be gang banged, and come to think of it she really liked it. Douglas broke the silence and said, “the points are in your account at the club and I hope you enjoyed yourself “. He added, “I hope you put yourself up for auction again sometime”. “I know we can have some more fun”.She arrived back at the club and the back door open and she ran into my arms. I gave her a hug and a kiss her and asked, “Are you alright? Did you have a good time?” She looked up at me and gave me a big smiled and said, “It was great, I can’t wait to do it again, let me tell you all about it”.