The Bartender

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The BartenderMy fantasy from the other day … It’s still burning in my mind. So much so that I dreamed about it last night.I was sitting at the bar on the Gulf Coast watching the rain splash the water waiting for you to show up. Not only was it the end of the tourist season but also bad weather seems to keep people indoors … if you can call sprinkling rain “bad weather.”I can say that sex was the last thing on my mind when I parked myself at the corner of the bar. I was wearing a wife beater, a bikini, and a long gray skirt – totally ready for the beach and not a hookup even though I knew you would be meeting me. Vicky cleaned off the bar top and asked me what I would like to drink. I ordered a water and then, before I had a chance to say anything, she said “and a Long Island?” I looked at her like Jimmy does with my head cocked to the side. How did she know that’s my drink of choice? “I remember you from a couple months ago. You ordered a couple Long Islands and some ahi tuna while you waited for a flight out.” This girl had a great memory and was working the tips for sure. I was impressed. Then she added “plus to get up and walk out of here like a champ after those Long Islands is talented. You maintained your cool and it was pretty sexy.” Well thank you my dear. You have earned your dollars already.I watched Vicky walk away to make my drink. I appreciate beauty so I took that opportunity to check her out and realized that she had an okay body but nothing spectacular. When you drink a lot – seems to be an occupational hazard – it’s going to take it’s toll on the body. Her face was ok, nothing really special, but she had unbelievably nice hair. It was long, blonde and really silky looking. I wanted to run my fingers through it maybe because mine is short and spikey or maybe just because it was gorgeous. I thought to myself she’s probably just a flirt or some party a****l kind of girl. You know, sexually confused, or maybe just liberated.She brought the drink to me and touched my hand lightly. “I hope it’s as good as the last time” she smiled and then hung around for me to try it which I did. I sipped the straw and said “yes it’s great. Thank you.” Thinking she was done but instead she hung around and started to chat about the little things like reaffirming her memory or maybe just making small talk. When we talked, we maintained eye contact and I felt that flow of electricity between us like something dangerous. I explained to her that I was waiting for you and she seemed disappointed. I told her how we met and how our relationship progressed and she seemed surprised. “Do you both explore everything sexually?” she asked. I was blushing. It was a very abrupt and open question but I told her bursa escort we do. She smiled. “Well that works out perfectly” and she left the words hanging in the air. I didn’t quite know what she meant but it would all make sense in an hour when you arrived.When you arrived, I had finished one Long Island and was working on the next one. I felt that comfortable buzz consume my body and when I saw you my pussy began to get wet from sheer excitement. I walked over to you trying to maintain my cool and reach both arms around your neck and hugged you with my face buried in your skin. You smelled like salt and Chuck. I kissed you feverishly and hungrily and forgot myself for a moment until you pulled my arms back behind me and said “well hello Miss.” I took your hand and led you to the bar and introduced you to Vicky. She put a glass and rag down and leaned over the bar towards me. “So this is your adventurous man you talked about?” and you looked at me like I was up to something. You fired back “whatever she said … it’s all true.” She laughed … “Something like that.” I started blushing because I felt somewhat exposed.The rest of the afternoon she and I exchanged secret glances and smiles, knowing that something was going to happen but I didn’t say a word to you. When the tab came, she gave us a 10% discount, but I left a huge tip for her. As we were getting ready to leave she said “come with me to my manager’s office you two. I have something to show you.” My heart skipped with giddiness and you took my hand and squeezed it.In the office, it was dark with 1970’s type wood paneling. The desk was in the middle of the room with two worn arm chairs in the front of it. She led us into the office and once we entered she closed the door behind us and I heard her slide the lock. She moved around the desk and leaned forward on the desk. “Chuck, I’m going to satisfy your girl and I don’t want you to be any part of it. You can only watch.” You looked at me for approval and I nodded my head for you to sit in one of the chairs.Not completely sure why but I felt challenged. Who did this girl think she was to tell my lover what he can or cannot do? My slowly growing rage must have showed on my face because she came around the desk and put her arm around my waist, her head snuggling into my shoulder. I stiffened. She felt my response. “What? You don’t like to be told what to do? You’re in the Army. I figured it’s what you know.” I didn’t make a sound but instead grabbed her long blonde hair and wrapped it around my hand with her arm still around my waist. “I do it all day … doesn’t mean I like it” I whispered into her ear. “I am not going to let you tell my mister what he can or cannot do and you are certainly bursa escort bayan not telling me what to do.” When I let go of her hair she looked at me not with fear but with amusement. “Well then. Will you be mad then if I please you? … sit on the desk.” The power struggle alone made my heart rate speed up but the confusion over what was about to happen clouded my head. I sat on the desk across from you and mouthed to you to stay.As I sat on the desk I felt my pussy begin to betray me. I could feel the juices dripping onto my bikini as I wondered what she was about to do next. She inched my skirt up over my knees and lifted it to my waist. She began to kiss my inner thighs all the while looking up at me as I was looking down at her. She was bent over and kissing my legs and keeping her ass at your eye level. When I looked at you I could see your breath increasing and I smiled slyly at you. I wondered if you had the discipline to not touch her ass and you did. Except I could see your cock was hard through your shorts.While she moved her lips up my thighs she began to untie my bottoms. I lifted my shirt and skirt up over my head so that I sat in my bikini top and what was left of my bottoms. As I undid my bikini I looked you in the eye and said “take out your cock and stroke it … if you dribble … I want you to taste it … do not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?” You smiled and whispered “yes Miss.”Vicky lifted her head and took me in with her eyes as my bikini bottom fell to the desk – my nipples were rock hard buds from excitement. She asked me “is that what you want?” and I glowered at her. “I know what I want” I said … “I want you to make me cum like I expect you know how to do.” She smiled and then dropped whatever façade she was creating and pulled me to the edge of the desk. She cupped my head while she kissed me on the lips … then my neck and my ears … She was so hungry like she had wanted this for a long time or was just waiting for permission. I could feel the roundness of her pussy through her tight skirt and even the little ridges of her inner lips on the front of my bare pussy. She put her arms around me and pulled me in so our entire bodies were pressed up together instead of only her hips and my pussy. We were starting to breathe heavily through our mouths and I felt her nipples poking through her shirt against my mine, getting harder. She began making soft whimpering sounds every time her hips bumped against my pussy. Then she would gasp and grind harder against me. Her hands started sliding down towards my ass, her fingers leaving trails of fire down my back. I was so turned on right then, I felt almost lost and forgot you were sitting in a chair watching all escort bursa of this, stroking your cock and being so good to not cum.As she moved her mouth down my chest and across my nipples pausing and sucking them I looked over at you. You looked amazed but also, jealous? I made a mental note to reward you later you for being so compliant … then I rolled my head back and enjoyed every part of her mouth on my nipples, sucking and then lightly biting and then using the flat part of her tongue to lick them to soothe the pain from biting them.It was then that she moved her hand from my ass to my pussy. She began to slide her fingers slowly around my clit but not quite touching it. She lifted her head from my nipples to look at my face and I knew if I looked at her she would see the plea in my eyes so I held her gaze and challenged her to make me cum. Her finger was barely touching my clit, her fingernail just scr****g over it. Vicky pinched my clit lightly between her forefinger and thumb, making me cry out and jerk my hips forward almost falling off the desk. I felt her smile against my stomach as she left my nipples and moved down to my stomach … she moaned as she kissed me and smelled my perfume on my skin … She took her finger and wiped it off, bringing her glistening finger up and slowly sliding it into her mouth, in and out. She gave her finger one last lick and said, “Mmm. I love your taste.” And then she moved her head down between my thighs. I put my heels up on the desk and lay down across the desk. Her tongue moved across my clit slowly and then faster, flicking it with her tongue over and over in that way that women know how to do. She licked the juices from my pussy like it was an ice cream dripping down the side of the cone. Then she slid her tongue into that darkness and made her tongue narrow like it was her cock sliding in and out and fucking me. I heard her sucking and slurping me and I pushed her face down onto my pussy as I screamed coming over and over … every time she licked the juices her tongue dragged flatly over the clit and down into my G spot. It was fucking heaven. I wanted to pull her head away because I was losing control but I couldn’t gather the strength. Then I heard you panting in the chair and craved your cock inside me. I pushed myself up on my elbows and glowered at Vicky. I smiled and said “thank you. Now I need my mister to finish. Close the door behind you.” She looked displeased but moved out quietly.You were already unbuttoning your shorts when I fingered for you to come to me … “fuck me and cum on my stomach. Do you understand?” You whispered “yes miss” and put my legs over your shoulders and slid into my tight, wet pussy with such ease we both moaned … “fuck” you muttered and I felt your cock twitching inside me. I grabbed it with my pussy and felt you pump me two or three times before you slid out and came onto my stomach and collapsed with your head on my chest.