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Subject: The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 10 This story, including all other chapters, are published and copyrighted (under my author name sexyinaf) and I will seek litigation against anyone who does not have my permission to post it elsewhere and chooses to do so anyway. I grant the Nifty Archive non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display this copyrighted story. All feedback is strongly encouraged, whether it is positive or negative, so please don’t worry about offending me. Let me know what you think of my stories and spare no details. If they made you cry, I want to know; if they made you mad, I want to know; or if they made you cum, I want to know. I have absolutely no idea what my readers think of my stories unless they tell me so harsh criticism is better than no criticism. I will try my best to respond to all responses unless you specifically request me to not respond. This series is an ongoing work. You may contact me directly ail Please make a donation to Nifty if you find that you enjoy visiting the site. All of my stories are a work of fiction and some contain incestuous themes. ******** “I don’t know if I can do this, Trey,” I said to my best friend. “You can…and you will. We’ll make it through this together.” “But…I’m not ready to graduate! Can’t we go shred up our diplomas and take another year?” He laughed. “No, we can’t. I know it is hard but we have to move on. We’ve already been accepted into college. You’ll still have the twins and me since we are going to the same university so it is not like everything is going to change. Fear of change is normal but you need to realize that it is inevitable.” I noticed that he didn’t mention Rhett. The twins and Trey don’t like him for some reason but I really like the guy. I was absolutely thrilled to hear that he got accepted into the same college as me. We didn’t even know that until last week when we asked each other. “We are moving to a college that is over two hours away from here! My father will be all alone and…” A sudden embrace from behind interrupted me. I didn’t need to glance back to see who the perpetrator was. “Don’t be down in the dumps, Nicolae,” Cody said from behind me. “Graduation is a time for celebration, not misery. You need to cherish it. When you look back ten years from now do you want to remember your graduation day as a day where you sulked throughout the ceremony, or would you rather remember it as a fun time with your classmates before going out into the real world?” I smiled. “You’re right. Let’s go get ready!” I ejaculated. ******** I woke up at seven o’clock the next morning. Graduation was kind of fun, to be honest. I had decided to put my worries aside for the night and worry about them the next day…which was now. I looked over at my sleeping father. How the hell am I going to survive being over two hours away from him everyday? I glanced down his sexy body that I made love to last night after graduation. Sex with him is always amazing, but that is not the thing I am going to miss the most about him. What am I going to do without him? I have this summer with him but when college starts I am going to have to leave. I’m more worried about him than me though. Since my mother died nine years ago, it has only been him and me living together. He refuses to be in any other relationship so he will be living in an empty house when I leave. He will be all alone when I leave and that breaks my heart. I leaned down to kiss him on the forehead then I got up to go take a shower. It felt good to take a nice, hot shower to relieve the tension that had building up. I got out of the shower and put on a t-shirt and gym shorts and went outside to my car to drive to school. When I got to school, I noticed that the corridors were completely empty (school is over with so it was expected). I noticed Trey standing by my locker where we had agreed to rendezvous. “Good morning,” I said with a smile. “Would you kindly remind me again on the reason why I’m here at eight o’clock in the morning when school is over with?” I went up and hugged him. “Because you love me dearly and I asked you to?” He closed his arms around me. “If anyone else had asked me to do this I would have told them to piss off.” I laughed. “I guess it is good to know that I’m not anyone else.” “So what exactly are we doing here?” “I need closure so I thought we would go through the building one more time. Thank you for coming, it really helps and it means a lot to me,” I said smiling up at him. He kissed me on the forehead. “I would do anything for you, my heart. Where would you like to start?” “How about at the beginning?” “And where would that be?” I laughed. “I don’t know. That’s where people usually start.” Trey rolled his eyes and chuckled. “How about the hallways?” he suggested. “Sounds like a plan to me.” ******** When I was finally satisfied with the school building, I asked Trey if he would mind going outside to the football stadium one last time. He didn’t mind, so we walked out to the football stadium. When we made it out to the football stadium I remembered all the good times the twins, Trey, Rachel, and me had out here. “Hey! We should go under the bleachers like we always used to!” I suggested enthusiastically. A dark expression crossed Trey’s face. “No,” he said quietly. “Oh come on, we used to go under there izmit escort bayan all the time, remember? Cody, Collin, Rachel, you, and me were under there hanging out all the time during games.” “I already said I wouldn’t and I’m sticking with my answer.” “Please?” “I already fuckin’ told you I wouldn’t so stop asking!” he yelled. It was as if he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot me in the kneecap. That was how startled and hurt I was. Trey very rarely ever yelled at me, especially over something so small…unless it wasn’t small to him. “Trey, I am sorry for my diligence. Will you please just tell me why you are so adamant on not going under there?” He sighed. “Nicolae, please don’t make me explain.” “Trey, I tell you everything. I even told you about my incestuous relationship with my father.” “Yeah, after I already knew about it and forced you to tell me.” He had a point. “Yeah, and you absolutely hated it that I didn’t tell you so you can imagine what it’s like for me to know there is something going on but you don’t even trust me enough to tell me. We’ve grown even closer since that night I told you about my father and I thought we could share everything with each other.” Trey ran a hand through his hair, though I couldn’t tell if it was from agitation or nervousness. Probably both. “Please tell me, Trey.” “Fine, you want to know? It’s because it was under those bleachers that I had the most miserable nights of my life. There, are you happy?” I was confused. “Why were they the most miserable nights for you?” “Because I had to see you with her! Do you have any idea how painful it is to be completely in love with someone who didn’t even know it, and have to watch that person be with someone else? I sat under those bleachers with a heart that might as well have been ripped out and smashed into a pancake with a maul. You and Rachel would make out, cuddle, grope, giggle, and do other stuff while I just sat there having to endure witnessing it.” I had a flashback to a night when I was under the bleachers with them. Rachel and I were doing some heavy flirting and Cody would be sitting on my left chatting up a storm. I could tell she was annoyed with him but that didn’t stop her from kissing my neck while Cody rambled and I tried to listen. I would look over at Trey and say something to him (I couldn’t remember what I said). Trey didn’t hear me the first time and the second time he gave me a simple answer. He seemed to be very distant and Collin would be sitting close to him on Trey’s left. There was an awkward silence. “Collin would sit next to me and hold my hand because he knew what I was going through,” he added. “You told him?” “No. You know how it is with the twins. Half the time they know stuff about us that we don’t even know about ourselves. Cody knows you better than anyone else…even more than I know you. It is the same way with Collin and me only Collin actually makes an attempt to hide the fact…unlike Cody who sometimes makes observations out loud.” I smiled. It was creepy how often Cody would know what I was thinking about, or how I would react to a situation even before I knew how I would react to it. He undoubtedly knew me better than anyone. It only makes sense that Collin knows Trey that well as well. “So there you have it. That is why we are not going under the bleachers. Let’s go.” “Wait!” “Please tell me you aren’t going to ask me again and make me relive that.” “Not relive those moments, recreate those moments.” He rolled his eyes. “I am not in the mood to argue semantics with you.” “No!” I hesitated. How do I explain it? “I mean, let’s go under there and amend the memories we have under there to the way it should have always been.” “What do you mean?” “I love you more than I have ever loved Rachel. It should have been you that I was making out with under there, not her. I am saying that before we go to college we should change our memories of under the bleachers so that we remember you and me under the bleachers, not Rachel and me.” “It’s a sweet gesture, but I don’t know…” “Oh come on, please? You have always said that you would do anything for me so why won’t you do this for me?” I didn’t wait for a response. I grabbed his hand and took him under the bleachers. I sat down on the grass and pulled him down onto the ground with me. “Nicky, I don’t know if…oomph!” he cried as I tackled him to the ground and laid my lips on his. Hearing him call me by the nickname he gave me in childhood that only he is allowed to use made me certain that I could win if I stopped him from making any excuses. I slid my tongue inside his mouth and he welcomed it. Our tongues slid against each other as we explored the familiar comfort of each other’s mouth. I sucked on his lower lip, and he ran his tongue along the sensitive roof of my mouth. Trey suddenly rolled over and forced himself on top of me, which made me gasp. He lowered his head back down and kissed me some more. The way we kissed was…really nice. It was the kind of kiss that you just wouldn’t find in a one-night stand. It was the kiss of two people in love. Lust wasn’t the focus of our kiss. We were expressing our love and affection for each other and I was in a state of bliss. He pulled back. “No. Don’t stop kissing me! I want more. I need more,” I pleaded. He smiled down at me and started kissing my face starting on the edge of my mouth and worked izmit eve gelen escort his way down across my cheek, then along my jaw, down my chin, and he stopped when he reached my neck. He ran his tongue along my neck and then he started sucking on it. Oh great, he was giving me a hickey. To my surprise though, instead of pushing him away, I ended holding his head in place while he sucked on it. He continued sucking around the area he had already sucked on. After a few minutes he pulled back from me and looked at his work, and then he grinned. “You are going to be so pissed when you see how big and dark it is.” “Well isn’t that wonderful. Until then, why don’t you fuck me? There isn’t anyone around so it should be safe to get away with it.” “We don’t have any lube though. I don’t want to hurt you.” Trey was sitting up on his knees so I stood up completely in front of him and pulled my gym shorts and boxers down. “Then I guess we have to make some natural lube then.” He grinned, catching on quickly when he saw my semi-erect penis. He leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. I groaned at the feeling of the warm wetness engulfing my cock. He pulled off a bit and started suckling on my sensitive cockhead. “Fuck, where did you learn this from?” He pulled off and laughed. “I learned it from you, dumb ass!” “Hey! I…” I protested, but he put his mouth back on my cock and started sliding it up and down, which made me forget what I was going to say. While he was sucking my cock he slid his hands up my legs to cup my ass in his hands. I felt the sensation tingling in my balls and normally I would have waited but I just wanted my semen to come so he could fuck me so I decided to not hold back. “I’m going to cum soon, Trey. I could easily hold it in longer but I want to cum so you can fuck me so get ready.” He pulled off and started giving me a handjob. “I don’t care if it takes longer. I like sucking your cock.” I smiled at him. “I like it when you suck my cock too, but I want you to fuck me now so we will have to wait until later. Here it comes!” With that announcement, I blew my load all over his hand and he tried to keep as much of it as he could. A couple of drops landed on the ground but that’s okay since he caught most of it. I guess the grass is going to become a little more greener with those drops of my seed soaking into the ground. “Okay, I’ve got most of it but you have to pull my shorts and boxers down for me since my hands are full.” I leaned forward and pulled them down and got a nice glance of his cock. I wish I could suck on his fruity (yes fruity, he eats a ton of fruit every day and it makes his dick fruity) cock. Trey ran my semen along his cock to get it ready for my ass. “Turn around, get on your hands and knees, and bend over,” he said. I did as I was told and I felt Trey rub the remainder of my cum along my asshole. I looked back and saw him get down on one knee (the other knee was still raised) and he positioned himself behind me. “Okay, now try and relax,” he said. I relaxed my muscles and I felt his thick cock slide inside me. The guy had an incredible girth and it still hurt a little (even though this would be the sixth time he has fucked me now). “Are you alright?” he asked. “Yeah, it is a little sore but I will be fine.” He started thrusting his cock slowly inside and out. The pain started to subside as I felt him brush that special spot inside me. Fuck, this feels so wonderful. I tried to suppress my moan but I failed. “That’s right, my heart. Don’t hold back your groans. Accept the pleasure we are having.” He picked up his pace, fucking me harder and faster. I could now hear and feel his balls slapping into my ass as the pleasure gradually increased. I decided to throw my modesty out the door. “Fuck, that feels so good! Awww, gosh, Trey! Fuck me harder!” “Your wish is my command, Nicky!” And he did fuck me harder. I didn’t know it was possible but he did. My prostate was going on overload and the pleasure was incredibly intense. I moaned loudly, and Trey groaned from behind me. “I’m going to cum!” he announced from behind me, and he did. I felt him spill his seed into me. It was incredible feeling load after load of cum flood inside. Trey pulled out and put his clothes back on, leaving me on my knees out of breath. He grinned at me. “That was incredible. I just remembered that the sprinklers turn on at noon everyday and they soak the bleachers too. It is one minute from noon so you better get dressed before we get soaked.” Shit! I pulled on my boxers and shorts and we ran outside. The sprinklers turned on and we got soaked when we got out from under the bleachers. Trey and I were laughing as we ran back to our cars, completely drenched. ******** My father got all big-eyed as I walked into my house completely soaked from the sprinklers. I stripped out of my clothes as I walked down the hallway into the bathroom. After a nice, hot shower I changed into dry clothes and met him outside in the living room. I found my father in the living room so I sat next to him on the couch. “Are you ready for your graduation present?” I grinned as I reached over to stroke his cock through his pants. My father caught my hand before I could reach it and brought it away from his groin. I pouted at him, which made him laugh. “Get ready for a road trip. Your present isn’t izmit otele gelen escort here,” he said. “Nice hickey, by the way.” I reached up and covered the hickey Trey gave me. “I forgot that he gave me one. I don’t even know what it looks like yet.” He laughed. “You are going to be so pissed!” “Why?” “Never mind. You can check it later. We are leaving now.” ******** “Okay seriously, where are we going? We have been on the road for over two hours now.” “I already told you I wasn’t going to give you any hints so stop asking, Nick.” I sighed. I hate trips that take over an hour. I was really curious as to where we were going but now I just want to get out and walk. “Here we are!” I looked outside the window. It was the campus of the university I was going to attend. We drove past all the buildings where the lecture halls were and we were now in what the university called “Greek Row.” To my surprise, we pulled into the driveway of the largest house on Greek Row. “We are here.” “Uh, Dad? Why did you bring me to a fraternity house?” “This isn’t just any house, Nick. This house is my graduation gift to you. This house now belongs to you.” “You bought me a frat house?” He laughed. “I sure did. I noticed this house was up for sale because the rent was too high so I made a deal with the landowner that he couldn’t refuse. I put the house in your name. I will, of course, pay for all your bills like electricity, phone, et cetera, so you don’t have to worry about getting a job or anything while you are in school.” “This house is huge! Too huge for me.” “I talked to the fraternity board, I can’t remember what they are called, but anyways I gave them a nice donation and asked them if you would be able to start a new chapter here and they said that if you followed the rules of Greek Life you will be welcome to start your own chapter.” “So you are saying that if I follow some policies and procedures I can start my own fraternity?” “Exactly! I will be able to cover any expenses your fraternity needs and you can get Trey, Cody, Collin, Rhett, and you to be the first members of the fraternity. They informed me that you wouldn’t be able to rush for recruits your first term here though because of some bylaw or something but five people should be enough for your first term at least.” “Dad…this is too much…” “You don’t like it?” “No, I love it! I am saying this must cost you a fortune.” He laughed. “I think you are vastly underestimating my bank account. I still have seven zeros following the two and that is not including the decimal point.” I can’t believe that he is that fucking rich! I knew that he was a millionaire but I had no idea he had that much money. He laughed. “Don’t look so shocked. I have been very lucky with my business. We should take a tour of the house.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only did he buy me a fraternity house, but he bought me the largest one. As I followed him inside I couldn’t believe how large it was. The house was already completely furnished with the latest fashions…did I mention how huge it was? “The house originally had twelve bedrooms but I removed two bedrooms to make the master bedroom larger…so now there are ten bedrooms. There is one community bathroom on the second floor that includes a total of five showers. There are, of course, five private bathrooms. Two are located on the first floor and three are located on the second floor. There are two living rooms, one den, one ballroom…” “Did you just say ballroom?” I interrupted. Everything else he was saying was shocking enough but the ballroom really took the cake. “Yes, ballroom. It is the largest room in the house and I would recommend using it if your fraternity hosts a dance or something. Speaking of hosting, I took the liberty of hiring a cook and two maids for you so you don’t really have to worry about the clean up or cooking if you host a large party.” “Now let me think…where did I leave off?” he continued. “I told you there were ten bedrooms, one community bathroom, five private bathrooms, two living rooms, one den, one ballroom…oh yes, there are two kitchens, one on each floor, and two dining rooms, one on each floor as well. There is a laundry room on the first floor where your maids will wash your clothes…I know I am forgetting something…well, you’ll see when we go on the tour.” The tour took two hours and I was exhausted. The house was huge and more than I could have possibly imagined. It was more like a mansion than a fraternity house. “I saved the best for last. Here is the master bedroom,” he said while opening the door. The room was huge! He wasn’t lying about taking apart two rooms to make a larger room. This room was three times the size of the master bedroom at our house! I looked over at the bed and my jaw dropped. “How fucking big is that bed?” I asked. “I had a bed and mattress custom made to be the size of two king-sized beds. That is not the best part though! Look above the bed!” I looked at the ceiling above the bed and gasped. He had a large mirror placed on the ceiling so that it was reflecting the bed. “Your mother and I used to have a mirror on our ceiling. It made sex even more exciting!” My brain was too exhausted to say anything. “I need a nap.” I walked over to the humongous bed and pulled back the covers and climbed in. I scooted over to make room for my father and he slid in next to me. “So do you like your graduation present?” I smiled. “I fuckin’ love it. Even if it is too much.” He kissed my forehead. “The present is still small when compared to my love for you.” I drifted asleep, feeling happy, comfortable, but most of all, loved. *To be continued…*