the birth of a bull

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the birth of a bullnot long after i turned 18 i got a summer job at an office not far from my house. it was owned and run by a couple that was probably 25 years my senior. the husband did the majority of the work, but his wife was in frequently and had a room to herself to be part bookkeeper part receptionist. she was gorgeous. she had large beautiful natural breasts and a body to die for.. the definition of a hotwife. being young and horny, i always fantasized about her however i was always conscious of the boss not far away. one day she called me into her personal office and she was dressed in very hot black heels and a short cut skirt and tight blouse, her hair up with her black rimmed glasses resting on her head. she asked me to come over and sit and help her with something on the computer. her skirt was resting high up on her legs and i could see ends of her thigh high stockings. reaching over her i could hardly help myself getting slightly aroused being so close to her, and brushing up against her breasts. she noticed, and placed her hand gently on my crotch. it took me by suprise but immediately my cock grew and stiffened to the point of bulging through my pants. i let out a muffled groan as she rubbed her hand up and down the length of my cock through my pants… she commented on how she could tell immediately that i had a nice big cock and she wanted to see it for herself. i knew her husband was at the office, and my look of shock and simultaneous arousal caught her attention, and she said “oh, its ok, don’t worry about him. you just worry about giving me a nice good fucking” as she unzipped my pants and pulled my swelling cock from my pants and began to stroke and suck it. afterward i lost control and couldnt stand not fucking her any longer. i bent her over the desk and knocked all the papers and things off and stuffed my cock into her pussy. she let canlı bahis out a large moan as i began to pound her senseless, grabbing her ass and breasts for support as jammed my cock deep inside her. her hair came undone, and she had undone her blouse so her breasts were shaking while i fucked her… she looked glorious as she got the cock she had been craving. she spoke dirty to me telling me how she’d been thinking about my cock ever since i started working there and how she loves the way i fuck her. after a while i couldn’t hold out any longer, getting so wrapped up in the moment i came unbelievably hard inside of her, not even thinking that i wasn’t wearing a condom. i heard her groan and i felt her pussy squeeze around my cock as she came. after cumming, i got a dose of reality and my thoughts immediately went back to the husband, who i was certain was in a room nearby and had to have heard us fucking. as you can imagine i was in even more shock when i heard his wife call his name. i was half naked, still almost fully erect when he walked in. his wife was laying on her back, breasts out, hair a mess, with her skirt hiked up and her pussy fully exposed, with loads of my hot cum dripping out. she said, see look at what a nice big cock he has, and what a good fucking he gave me and he even put his big load inside me here for you to clean up. he complemented my cock and said “mmmm” while he looked at the cum slowly dripping from her. did you hear how well he fucked me? i bet you wish you could give me a fucking like that… now come clean me up. he came over and knelt behind the desk and began to lick my cum from her pussy. i couldn’t believe my eyes. she told me to come back over and fuck her mouth, and let her taste her own cum from my cock. i obliged, and as she licked all over my cock, balls and asshole my dick began to stiffen again, while watching him lick bahis siteleri her clean of the cum i’d put deep inside her. you could tell that he’d do anything she told him, and he loved meeting her requests. she commented to him that i had gotten hard again so quickly, and to admire my fully erect cock. he peered up from behind her pussy and smiled. she told me he is my little slut too, and to not be uncomfortable or worry about him, and that he will do anything i ask of him. she said “see, watch this”, and told him to stop cleaning her up and go stand in the corner and show him your little clit penis. he did so, and dropped his pants exposing a chastity device. the key was on a necklace around her neck, and she handed it to me saying, go unlock him and expose that little clit of his. never having seen such a thing, and weary of going near another mans groin, i paused for a moment but being so turned on by her sucking and feeling empowered by seeing him so submissive to her, i walked over to him, completely naked at this point, with my cock swinging as i walked. u could tell that his small cock was swelling inside the device, as he was so turned on by servicing her and watching us. immediately after i removed it he joyfully put his hand down to pleasure himself, with his small stubby cock sticking out. she had gotten up off the table by this point and was walking toward us, with only her heels and stockings still on. she grabbed my cock and waved it at him, spanking my cock against his. see, she said, this is a real cock….look at it closely because this is the cock that is going to be fucking your wife. now i want you to worship it. she put her hand on his head and put him in a kneeling position. he intuitively opened his mouth and took the whole of my cock in one shot. it was so erotic. i had been so on edge about his presence, and was not really “bi-comfortable” güvenilir bahis or “bi-curious” however he was now my slut too, i had nothing to fear. he was the fluffer for my fuck-toy. and he sure sucked a good cock. he must have been practicing quite a bit. his wife continued to talk dirty to him, as she pleasured herself and watched him blow me. she asked him if his clit was getting hard sucking on that big fat cock, while she spanked it and his ass. now go sit in the corner and play with your pussy while you watch him fuck me again. he reached over into a desk drawer and pulled out a big black ass plug and placed it in the chair, while he jerked his cock off with his thumb and index finger (its all he could wrap around it)… his ass hovering above the plug. instead of them being my boss, now i felt like the boss and treated his wife accordingly. for the next 45 minutes she was my dirty fuck toy, and i let her know it. i fucked her on every surface of that room, and in the end her body was glistening from sweat, her hair a mess (i’d been grabbing it while i was fucking her mouth) and her eyes wide from elation. i scarcely noticed the hubby in the corner watching. at the end i forced her on her knees and grabbed the base of my erect cock with one hand, the back of her head with the other and forced my cock deep into her mouth, fucking it with abandon. when i was ready to cum i pulled out and jerked furiously, cumming all over her face. she smiled up at me, covered in come, and licked her lips trying to swallow the cum from all over her face. with a wide smile, she then turned to her husband, who had managed during the course of our fucking to take in the entire plug and said now that was a good fucking! He agreed, and said how hot it was to watch. he was still massaging his small stubby cock, and i couldn’t tell if he’d cum or not. i walked calmly into the bathroom to clean myself off, still in complete shock of the turn of events, but also still incredibly turned on. my fantasies multiplied by the second, and i wondered what the future would be continued…