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THE BOSS’S DAUGHTERTHE BOSS’S DAUGHTERIt had been well over a year since Dave had seen his sister and his niece. He had been working really hard at his job and had not made much time for his family.Dave had decided to go spend a few days in Miami where his sister and her daughter Anita lived. It had been close to two years since his first encounter with his lovely niece. He had spent the last few days thinking about the sexy nineteen year old, and all the things he had planned to do to her sweet sexy body. Dave never bothered to call to say that he was coming for a visit; he thought that it would be best to surprise his family.He caught the last flight out from LA to Miami. It was close to three o’clock in the morning when he caught a cab that would take him to the place where he knew he could get rest, and the best piece of pussy that God ever made.It was just a little passed four am when Dave arrived at his sister’s home. Christine was an assistant to a Japanese businessman James Tamika. His company made computer parts for companies all over the world.Dave did not even know if his sister was even in the country, let alone if she was at home. But it really didn’t matter, because Christine was not who he was there to see. Christine had given a spare set of keys to her brother, just in case he came into town one day, and if she was not around he could bahis siteleri just let himself in and make himself at home.He used the keys that she had given him to unlock the big black gate that surrounded the big white house that was trimmed in light green. He let himself into a dark strangely quiet house, darkness that covered the entire house as if it were a sleeping c***d covered by a warm blanket.A tired and sleepy Dave stumbled up the long black staircase. as He reached the top he flipped on a light switch that lit up the long row of empty rooms that was assembled on the second floor. Looking down the hall he tried to remember watch room he stayed in the last time he was there. Walking down the hall and looking at each door he finally stopped at the door that he could recall.Stopping for a moment he realized that he was standing in front of Anita’s room. Flashes of his beautiful young niece shot through his mind, as he remembered her creamy soft white skin, her long flowing red hair, and lovely green eyes. The memory of her long legs and tight body was enough to get his cock rock hard and going.Dave quietly opened the door and slipped into the room. The room was nearly pitch black, except for a small stream of light that came from the full moon that shined down on her bed. As Dave walked over to the bed he saw Anita lying there under the canlı bahis covers, the thought of her lovely naked body just lying there, waiting to be taking was more the he could stand.He quickly undressed and slipped into bed. With her back towards him he could not see her lovely face as he began to caress her shoulders while kissing the back of her neck. She started to stir as his hand slipped under the covers to find her sweet young tight body.She tried to speak but Dave told her to be quite so not to wake her mother, as he slides down , opens her legs and buries his tongue deep in her pussy. She was tight but sweet. Well worth all the hard work he had to do. The taste of young pussy surely delighted him as her moans of pleasure came fourth, as he slipped two fingers inside her small love hole.“Damm baby I don’t remember you being this fucking tight.” he said as he added another finger, as he tried to push further inside her. Her soft moans and the reaction of her body as she felt him climb on top of her and slowly began to push his way inside. His long hard cock filled her small hole, as the art of fucking began.He started slowly at first, easing his cock in and out, making sure she could take all seven and a half inches of his manhood. As he pumped harder and faster her moans of passion became louder, as she fully began to take all he had to offer. kaçak iddaa Dave fucked and sucked his young lover to a pure sexual bliss, after Cumming at the same time. Satisfied Dave rolled over and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.Dave was awaken by a knock on the door, and the sound of his sister’s voice. “Lien sweetheart are you up yet?” At first Dave thought he was dreaming. “Lien, who the hell was Lien,” Just as Dave started to turn and wake Anita, the door opened and there stood a stunned Christine.“What the fuck?” A look of shock and dismay came over her face that said something was really wrong.“Dave what the hell are you doing here and where is Lien?”“I’m here to see you and my niece, and who the hell is Lien?”“Lien here, Lien here.” A voice cried from under the covers as a young Japanese girl popped her head out from under the covers.“God damm Dave now you have really done it. This is my boss’s sixteen daughter Lien Tamika that you have just fucked.” The look of shock on old Dave’s face was so telling, the fact that he could not tell the difference between Anita and this sweet young Asian delight floored him.“What is she doing here, and where the hell is Anita?” he asked as he tried to wrap his head around what had just happened.Mr. Tamika asked me to look out for her while he and his wife were in Japan. As for Anita she went to see her dad while Lien stayed with me.”“Oh shit” Dave said as Lien dropped her head in shame.“Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?”Lien raised her head and said in broken English.“Uncle Dave good fuck, good fuck.”