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Subject: The Brothers Next Door – 7 (gay, M/tt, inc, oral, anal) THE BROTHERS NEXT DOOR: by Mobius Necessary Disclaimers: * This story is fiction; none of characters represent any persons in real life and none of the events described actually happened, at least to my direct knowledge. * This fictional story depicts sexual activity between adults and youths under the age of 18, including themes of incest. Do not read if this matter offends you, or because of your age or region of residence, it is illegal for you to do so. * “The Library is Open!”. Help keep the Nifty library open by donating at http://donate./donate.html * (c) 2021 Mobius Loop w/ permission for Nifty Archive Alliance. Chapter Seven: After Danny left, I stumbled my way into the bathroom. It was still pretty dark outside, just the glow of the pending dawn edging across the horizon. In the bright light of the bathroom, I posed in front of the full-length mirror, trying to turn my head to see my rear end. After the fairly dry penetration and rough fucking Danny had given me, it felt really sore and I wanted to check how bad it looked. After a few attempts, I retrieved my cell phone and was able to reach behind and take a photo. My ass lips were red and slightly swollen and a beige fluid — a mixture of Danny’s large load and my not-so-clean anal juices – ran from my abused pucker and trickled down my leg. I stepped tenderly into the tub and began to take a long, hot shower. As I stood under the spray of hot water, I let it wash away my tiredness and the aches from my body. After some gentle prodding with my finger, my ass relaxed and two large splashes of Danny’s load ran out of me and down the drain. I probably soaped myself over twice, mostly to wash the smell off of me. The smell of my own son lingered on my skin, picked up from his bed where Danny had just fucked me. In my ache and tiredness, I needed to do everything I could to unplug from the roll-play he had just put me through, and not let myself get confused about my boundaries with Adam. I would not allow myself to entertain sexual thoughts about my son. However wrong I was for carrying on physical relationships with Ethan and Danny, at least they were not my kin. Not my own flesh and blood. After about twenty minutes in the shower scrubbing myself down, I retreated to my bedroom and called my Project Director’s office number, leaving a message that I would be taking the day to address some unexpected personal business. Glancing at the clock, I noticed it was 5:30 in the morning as I put my head on the pillow and fell immediately asleep. My dreams were turbulent. I was in a court room on trial, a defendant in the witness stand. The prosecuting attorney ripped away at me and at every excuse and explanation I tried to provide, but stood facing away from me so I couldn’t see his face. Ethan and Danny sat at the prosecution’s table, but they were younger and dressed in small boy’s clothing. At the judge’s bench, my own son Adam, outfitted as Captain America, sat glaring down ominously at me. Finally, the prosecutor reached the crescendo of a bellowing summation, right before Judge Adam slammed down his hammer and pronounced me guilty. “Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear I sentence you to be exposed before your peers!” Adam bellowed at me with a voice that wasn’t his. My head was filled with an ominous screeching and as I slipped from the dream, my prosecutor finally turned and looked at me with blood-red eyes. It was me. I woke in my bed, my cell phone blaring with the deep cacophonous ring-tone I had assigned to my brother. He was assigned that ringtone a few years ago when he served as my attorney in the divorce, and every call from him probably meant some jaw-grinding headache from my now ex-wife. And, unfortunately, it was still mostly true as he served as the go-between between us. I quickly glanced at the clock and noticed it was 10 a.m. “Good morning, Andrew,” I said, picking up the call. “How are you on this Monday morning?” “Hey, little brother!” he said happily into the phone. “Something interesting has happened, so I figured I would give you a call and share the good news.” “Brenda died?” I asked. NO, I chastised myself… don’t be that person. She was still Adam’s mother, and her loss would devastate him. “I said good, not amazing,” he replied. “Actually, she called me about an hour ago with some news. Apparently that milquetoast neighbor she cheated on you with popped the question this weekend. They’re getting married.” “Good for her,” I said, rolling my eyes. “It’s a match made in hell. So lemme guess, she called to tell you I was invited to the wedding?” Andrew laughed over the other end of the phone, “I wouldn’t hold your breath for an invitation, little bro. No, she called to make arrangements to have Adam stay with you while they were away. Friday to next Thursday.” “WHAT?” I practically bellowed into the phone, “This next weekend?” “They are flying to Vegas for the wedding and either don’t want to take Adam or can’t afford to,” Andrew explained. “Well, of course I’ll take Adam. I’d have him every day if the courts would let me,” I said. “I think that’s only a matter of time, Todd,” Andrew explained. “From what I’ve seen, Adam would still prefer to stay with you. He doesn’t have a lot of fondness for his mother’s fiancé, and the fact they are choosing to leave Adam behind for their wedding speaks volumes. I can see a situation where we petition the court in a few years, when Adam is a little older, and the Judge will be able to weigh his opinions, too. Family courts are better nowadays in listening to the kids.” I was sitting up on the side of the bed now, rubbing my temples, “Andrew, does it strike you as peculiar that they are rushing to get married a week after he proposed?” Andrew laughed again, “Either our Brenda is expecting a Milquetoast Jr, or somebody did something naughty and they are getting married to keep each other from being subpoenaed. Either way, it works for us as portraying you as the most stable parent.” Most stable parent? If only Andrew had known about my illicit sexual relationship with two underage brothers! “Listen, big brother, since I have you on the phone, I wanted to ask you a favor,” I said, changing the conversation. “As a lawyer, I’m sure you have people who are able to do research on people.” “Yes, I have this new thing called a Private Investigator. I’ll make millions once I patent the idea,” he replied, as much the sarcastic wise-ass as ever. “Okay, ass, can you help me find some information about a person who has gone missing?” “Oh?” he said, his tone changing as he realized I was being serious. “What’s the deal?” “My friend Carol got divorced from her husband about nine years ago. Maybe eight when the divorce was finalized. Well, there’s been some family drama and I think she’d feel a little safer knowing where he was right now. Is that something you can find out.” “Possibly,” he admitted. “Most everything is on the internet nowadays, if you know where to look. I can have one of my interns look into it.” “That’s great, Andrew, thanks.” I said, heaving grateful sigh, “I’d really like to help her.” “I don’t suppose this lady is a contender to become the next Mrs. Davis?” Andrew prodded me. It was my turn to laugh. “Not unless you marry her!” I settled down and provided Andrew the details with Jack’s and Carol’s names, the approximate year of the divorce, and that when the final papers were settled, he had been in Vancouver. He assured me that if there were any online records, he should have the information in no time. I thanked my brother again, and we made some small talk before we hung up. I spent the day picking up the house from the weekend visit from Adam, counting down the minutes until I had to leave to pick Ethan up. Because both boys had afterschool activities today, I offered to help Carol by picking up Ethan while she was with Danny. This would give me the chance to find out what Ethan remembered about his father leaving. I was still struggling to figure out how the shocking events in their family history had turned Danny against Ethan. I could understand if he was angry at Carol — after all, she was the one who forced Jack to leave. There was an untold chapter here, and if I was going to break through Danny’s anger, I had to find out what it was. As my boy would be returning for a long visit in just a few days, I returned to his room to deal with his laundry. I had been so preoccupied with the Danny and Ethan problem that I almost pulled up the bedsheets before remembering Danny’s command to keep them on for a while longer. Shoot — with Adam coming back so quickly, I couldn’t leave them on until Danny got bored with his new role-playing game. I would have to take care of them on Friday before I picked Adam up from school, and hopefully Danny wouldn’t notice. By the time I had gotten the house straightened up, it was time for me to leave and pick up Ethan at the high school. But as I stepped out the front door, I noticed the dark storm clouds that had rolled in. With the sound of a distant rubble, I realized a doozy of a thunderstorm was about to sweep into town. I only hoped I could get Ethan in the car before the rain began. The high school was only 10 minutes away, and as I pulled into the pickup area beside the gymnasium building, there was a crack of thunder and the skies opened. The rain fell in ribbons and even with my wipers at full speed, I had only had twenty feet of visibility. I hit my hazard lights, just to be cautious with all the traffic coming into and out of the area. After a few minutes, with the rush of the wind and the rain swirling around the vehicle and the sounds of other cars cruising away, my passenger side door quickly opened and in tumbled in something which looked like a cross between Ethan and a drowned rat. His track uniform was soaking wet and plastered against his skin, the material almost transparent. Water ran in rivulets from his hair down his face and the back of his neck. Despite being soaked to the bone, it didn’t stop him from hurling şişli travesti himself across the car and smashing his lips against mine. Hidden in the darkness of the torrential rainfall, he made out with me for several minutes while we were parked just outside his school’s gymnasium. “Oh, Todd,” he finally sighed, resting his head against my chest. “I was so happy when mom said you were picking me up today. I’ve missed you. You don’t hate me for what happened last Thursday, do you?” “Oh, you beautiful boy, of course I don’t hate you,” I said. “Danny is keeping both of us on a short leash right now. I know you didn’t choose that on your own.” “The only part I enjoyed was feeling you against me as he fucked me,” Ethan cooed. My own shirt was now soaked with all the water Ethan had pressed against me. Gently, I urged him to sit upright. “Baby, we have to be careful… if we were caught right here at the school, we wouldn’t need Danny to destroy our lives.” “I know,” Ethan pouted. “I just want to spend the night with you.” “Well, I have to bring you to your house today,” I reminded him. “But along the way, I was hoping we could talk.” “Sure!” Ethan said happily, wiping his wet hair back from his face. “Just drive slow so we can make this last.” I pulled the car slowly away from the curb and pulled out onto the road. Ethan sat back, and after quickly clicking on his seatbelt, reached over and rest his hand on my upper thigh. The driving was slow-going as the visibility was very poor. Sheets of water fell from the sky. I had only made it a few blocks when I hit a pool of water on the road, making the car slide on the road. This was dangerous; I would have to wait until the rain stopped before I could take Ethan home. All the better for our conversation. I pulled the car into a small lot beside a local park and stopped the car. Ethan looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “Mmmm, wanna park with me?” he asked, his hand grasping at my thigh, his fingers cupping my bulging hardon. “Its not safe enough to drive,” I said, breathing with excitement, “Have to wait until the weather gets better.” “I hope it never gets better,” he said, before releasing his seatbelt and throwing himself on me. The rain drenched the windows so no one would be able to see in, and he laid across my body kissing me slowly and sensually. My cock was already aching; I had missed his touch so much. He groaned as his hand slipped down over the fly of my pants, and deftly opened it. I had to take control before I lost this opportunity to talk with Ethan. “Baby, hold on,” I said, stopping his hand, “I want to talk to you about something. It’s important.” “If you are asking me to marry you, the answer is yes,” he smiled, his hand massaging the tent in my underwear, now protruding through my opened fly. I caught his eye and gave him a serious glare. “Please, Ethan, be serious,” I said. He nodded and shifted back a bit in his seat, pulling his hand away. “Okay, Todd,” he said. “I’m sorry. What’s so important?” “I need to talk to you… about your dad.” I could instantly see a cloud pass over his expression as he dropped his eyes down. He was definitely uncomfortable that I had brought up that person. He was quiet for a minute, until he raised his eyes and looked at me again. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” he said, smiling softly at me, “on one condition: you suck my cock.” I shifted in my seat. The downpour was still obscuring the windows from outside view. “I don’t know, Ethan,” I said. “This is a serious topic. I’m not sure if I give you a blowjob that you’ll stay focused.” “C’mon!” Ethan said pleadingly. “How much have we seen each other in the last two weeks? I feel like I’m going to explode without you.” I checked around again and confirmed that the windows were still blurred with rainwater. I sighed, and then unlocked my seat belt. I leaned towards Ethan’s seat as the boy quickly pulled down his shorts, his already hard cock snapping up to attention. This… this right here… is why Ethan and I were discovered by Danny: we had no control when we were together. As my lips wrapped themselves around his hot, rigid teen erection, he gasped in relief and joy. As I swallowed him down, his hands eagerly caressed my head and held me tenderly. “Oh, Todd, I love you,” he sighed. His hips started a gentle thrusting motion, but quickly he became more energetic. His cock thrust into my mouth, my tongue desperate to work him over with long wet strokes. A few of his thrusts poked at the back of my throat, eliciting a brief gag before he pulled out again. I could taste his precum drooling into my mouth; I had missed his taste so much. There we were, embraced once again in the throws of our rampant sex as we listened the rain fall around us. Surprisingly, while I was prepared for a long encounter, Ethan’s breathing escalated faster than I expected. Before I knew it, he called out in a loud moan and urgent blasts of his cream filled my mouth. I gulped at him quickly to avoid the inevitable mess, but even so, his cum leaked out of the corners of my mouth onto his shorts and the car seat. He collapsed back into the car seat panting as I slowly suckled and cleaned his cock of its massive eruption. The car now had the unmistakable scent of teen sweat, male funk, and pungent smell of Ethan’s emission. I slowly raised myself up as Ethan caught his breath. I looked around; the rain was still falling outside but had let up a bit. We could be seen now, but only if someone was a few feet away. Luckily in the parking lot, no one else was around. Ethan made a young-sounding groan of satisfaction as a broad smile spread across his face. Gently, he leaned towards me and nestled against my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around him to relax and soothe him. “Mmm, I missed you,” he said softly, recovering from his massive orgasm. I figured it must have been a while since he had the opportunity to relieve himself, but I supposed living under Danny’s thumb for the last few weeks might have limited his opportunities for release. I hugged him with my arm, and took a deep breath. “Ready, kiddo? Can you talk to me about it? Can you tell me what you remember about your dad and why he left?” Ethan sighed, “I try not to think about him.” “Did he hurt you?” Ethan paused and thought for a moment, “No, not really. Its just… he was always so moody all the time. I remember that was drunk a lot. He would get mad at Danny, but Danny was just a baby, really. I had to step in to protect him a lot, and let Dad yell at me or spank me.” “That was very brave of you, to defend you brother,” I said, softly stroking his shoulder. “But I also remember some fun times. There was a time he started to be really nice to me, and would take me out all the time. We would go on day trips and overnight camping and fishing. That stuff was really fun.” “Danny didn’t join in?” “Danny was really young, and I wouldn’t let dad bring Danny along.” Wait. What?? “You wouldn’t let him bring Danny along? Why not?” Ethan just kind of fell silent, unsure of what to say next. We sat for a moment as I tried to figure out a way to encourage him to continue. Then I thought of something. “Last week,” I continued, “you told me about the first boy you had sex with, and you said in a lot of ways he was your first orgasm. Other than him, who actually gave you your first orgasm, Ethan?” Ethan slowly pulled away from me and sat back in his seat, slowly turning his head away from me. I reached over and put my hand on his knee. “It’s okay, baby,” I told him. “It’s safe — you can tell me. Was it your dad?” I could hear him sniffle slightly. “Yes.” “I told you, Ethan, it’s okay. This is what I needed your help to figure out. Please don’t be embarrassed… it wasn’t your fault.” “I just…. I just didn’t want you to know,” he sniffed, holding back his tears. “I didn’t ever want you looking at me like I was some victim of child abuse… or thinking that my feelings for you was just some trauma because of my dad.” He may have pulled away, but whether he wanted to or not, he was getting a hug. I leaned towards him and pulled him into me, holding him stiffly against me. For the first time, Ethan felt wooden and awkward in my embrace. “Sweetheart, I don’t see you as that,” I said quietly in his ear. “You are so much more amazing and beautiful and brilliant than someone who is just a `victim’ or `survivor’. I never thought I would say this to someone as young as you, but I know your heart and mind, and I’ve never doubted your feelings for me. They aren’t some `symptom’ or `side-effect’ of what happened to you. They’re true.” He sniffled again as he let himself relax into my chest, finally. “And…” I gulped, “I feel the same.” Ethan instantly grasped onto me tightly, so tight I thought he would break one of my ribs. My heart was racing, pounding in my chest. I had never before expressed my feelings to Ethan, and I was terrified about what it would mean. By admitting it, earnestly, I was committing to them. I was committing to him, even though I had no idea what that would look like. How could we be together? Could my life handle the adjustment and embrace a relationship with another male, and someone so young? Obviously, we couldn’t be open about our feelings until he turned 18, but could we hold out that long with Danny hanging over our heads? What about Adam? What about Brenda, and my custody of our son? Too many questions. But for the time being, I would just focus on the immediate situation. Ethan pulled away slightly and looked up at me with a meek grin on his face. His eyes were red from crying, but he was still beautiful — masculine, sporty, and beautiful. I leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose, making his smile broader. “You okay, now?” I asked. He nodded, sitting back in his seat. “I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just been… a lot… lately.” “Yeah, I’m sorry, too,” I said, rubbing his knee. “Its partly my fault. I hope you can forgive me.” He looked at me with incredulity that I would say such a thing, “You’re the best thing that ever beylikdüzü travesti happened to me! You never need to ask me for forgiveness.” My heart melted and I quickly glanced around us. The rain had certainly died down and had almost stopped completely. I’m glad we were separated now, as we could be clearly seen in the car from people across the street. “So, Ethan, its important that I know because its important to your family,” I said quietly, “What happened with your dad?” Ethan sighed again, but was much more relaxed. “I just remember one night waking up and he was standing by my bed completely naked and jacking off. At first, I couldn’t understand what he was doing… his face was all weird and his dick was hard — the first hardon I ever saw. He must have noticed I was awake, and was preparing to dash from the room. But I was so curious, I reached out just as he was going to turn to leave and grabbed his dick in my hand. “Suddenly there we were: me, a curious six-year-old trying to figure out this new thing in my hand, and my father standing there terrified of being caught but unable to pull away from his son. I didn’t even know what I was doing, but my curious touches must have excited him because he started breathing heavy. Suddenly he was whispering I should keep doing it, and that I was a very good boy. I had never seen my dad this way, and it just seemed like a game to me. “Before I knew it, he gasped and fluid started shooting out of his dick onto my hand and arm. At first, I thought he had peed on me, but then as I felt it on my fingers — all sticky and thick — I knew it was something else. I wasn’t scared at all… I actually thought it was pretty awesome. My dad calmed down and looked at me for a long time before he reached down and picked up his underwear to wipe off my hand and arm. Then he kissed me on the forehead and wished me sweet dreams.” Ethan just kind of shrugged at me, and continued. “And that’s how it began. Sometimes he would come in late at night and I would touch him until he came. I loved it… thought it just a fun game. I think the second time, he explained it was something only dads did with their sons, and so I shouldn’t tell anybody about it. Why would I tell anyone? I thought it was loads of fun. “After a few weeks, he started getting me to taste his cum. I remember I thought it was weird tasting, but not bad. At the same time, he started getting me used to kissing his dick, and then sucking on it. Soon I was giving him full blowjobs, but I didn’t like it when he came in my mouth. Finally, he said if I would take it in my mouth, he would show me the good feelings, too. So, then we started where I would suck on his dick and then after he came in my mouth, he would put his hand into my pants and play with my dick until I got really hard, and then eventually I started having orgasms.” The later afternoon sun started breaking through the clouds, and I knew I would have to bring Ethan home soon. But for now, I let him continue with his story. “We carried on like that a couple of months… hand-jobs and blow-jobs late at night. Sometimes it would be earlier if mom had to work an overnight shift. But the best part for me was seeing this side of my dad that was so gentle and kind. He was so loving when we were alone and naked together. Finally, in late August, before it was time to return to school, he actually took me on an overnight camping trip in the woods. It was great — he showed me how to pitch a tent, tie different knots, and how to make up a fire. That night was the first time he fucked me. He was really good about it, and relaxed me a lot with his fingers before he pushed himself into me. But it still hurt like a motherfucker; I was only six after all! “After that, that’s all he wanted to do — fuck me. He’d let me blow him or jerk him to get him hard, but he only wanted to cum if he was fucking me. I got used to it, but it was still uncomfortable and, on nights when he had been drinking too much, even painful. But I accepted it — it was our private game, and he usually treated me special the day after. “Then I remember one night in the fall, when mom was working and after Danny had gone to sleep, he came into my room as usual. As we took off our clothes, he said something about whether we should wake up my brother and let him play, too. Well, I knew how small Danny was and how painful it felt for me, as the bigger brother, so I told him Danny shouldn’t play with us yet. Over the next several days, though, I could see the way Dad looked at Danny and I knew what he was thinking.” Ethan sighed, and then looked into my eyes sorrowfully, “Its hard describe your thinking when you are six years old, but I had found this special connection to my dad and part of me was jealous about losing that. But I was also fearful for Danny — he was too small! Dad would hurt him if he tried to do to him what he was doing with me. I remember one night around Halloween. Mom was working again and when I came upstairs to get ready for bed, I saw Dad in Danny’s room. Danny sat on his bed and dad was standing in front of him, trying to get Danny to kiss and suck on his dick! “I flew at him and knocked Danny away from my dad’s dick, yelling at my dad. Danny got scared because I pushed him and he started balling. Dad started yelling at me for pushing my brother, but all I remember is screaming at my dad that if he didn’t leave Danny alone, I was going to tell mom about our games. I remember my dad looked really scared, and then agreed he wouldn’t bother Danny. Danny just watched us as I threatened my dad! “We had had a few more weeks together after that incident, and when one of us wanted to play our games, we would make excuses like running errands, going fishing or going camping. I remember Danny was pleading to come along, but both mom and dad made him stay home because he was too little. He started throwing fits, and even starting hitting me because he wasn’t allowed to go with us. “Finally, one night around my birthday, I just remember waking up on my bed and mom is standing over dad and me. I remember feeling surprised to see her, but then got really scared at the way she was screaming at my dad, like he had done something wrong. I remember trying to say everything was okay and he didn’t hurt me, and then Danny started crying in the other room. Mom looked really mad when she put us back to bed. And then after that, I think he just didn’t come home one day. At least that’s what mom said.” I sat in the car as Ethan fell silent, laying back against the head rest as I tried to take in what he had told me. It certainly told me everything I needed to know about the dynamic between Jack and his sons, and Ethan’s memory pretty much aligned with his mother’s story. “Baby, I know it’s going to sound like bullshit coming from me, given everything we’ve done together,” I finally said, “but you know now that he was abusing you, right?” Ethan just chuckled lowly, “I mean, I know that’s what all the teachers and policemen taught us as I got older in school. And my sex-ed class in middle school kind of filled in the blanks that what we did was actually sex. But I never felt afraid or hurt about we had done together. I just remember the fun, special times we had, and all the good feelings dad gave me. Maybe it was because he was so gentle and sweet with me, but it never felt bad. When he left home, I was really missing it. In fact, a part of me felt like he had left because of me — I had wanted to play so much that it got him into trouble.” I exhaled a breath. When I was going through my divorce, I had done some research about how kids tended to internalize their parental conflicts. I had read those books for guidance so I could talk to Adam and make sure he could understand that what Brenda and I were going through was not about him. It dawned on me that this is how Ethan had internalized his father’s departure — he felt he caused his dad to get in trouble, which forced him to leave. Oh boy. “Sweetheart, I’m sure your father knew the consequences of what he was doing. Just like I will have to be responsible and take the consequences if our relationship is discovered. But I promise you, it was our choice. You didn’t force your dad — or ME — to do anything,” I explained, smiling at him. For whatever reason, as soon as I had said that, he threw himself into my arms again, hugging me tightly. Did Ethan harbor some guilt about our current situation, feeling as if he was responsible for our trouble? I kissed him on the forehead and quickly separated us. I glanced at the clock… we had been there a whole hour. The storm was gone and the sun was low on the horizon. “Look at the time, Ethan!” I said, turning in my seat and starting the car again. “I have to get you home before its supper. Your mom will be sending out a search party!” Ethan laughed, but as I looked at him, he looked very different. It was something in the eyes… he had a glow now. Ethan looked unburdened. Having me confirm my feelings for him as well as validate that he wasn’t responsible for our current predicament seemed to remove the pressures building on his shoulders. With that, I put the car in gear and got us back on the road. A few minutes later, I drove up to Carol’s front door (not something I often did, since usually I just had to walk across our yards), and brought Ethan inside. As I greeted Carol, returning her first-born to her, I explained that the sudden downpour had made driving really unsafe so we had just stayed parked until the roads had cleared. Carol quickly agreed, as she and Danny had gotten caught in the same storm on the other side of town. Danny was there in his wrestling singlet looking every bit the muscular, compact 13-year-old he was, but he remained quiet, his eyes shifting back and forth between me and Ethan surveying us carefully. Finally, after a few minutes of chatting, I said my goodbyes, returned to my car and headed home. That evening, as I lay in bed reviewing the events of the day, I tried to organize all of the different things that were going on. istanbul travesti After Danny’s early morning encounter with me, even that boy would have reached his limit and would be exhausted by now; I was fairly certain he wouldn’t be making any late-night visits tonight. I had woken up this morning from that terrible courtroom nightmare, where my actions had been prosecuted by another version of me, and I was convicted by my son! It took me a while, but I finally identified the words Adam had said to me in the dream; they were lyrics from Pink Floyd. It had been ages since I had watched The Wall, but I certainly remembered its themes of self-persecution and madness. Had the nightmare been a message? A warning? I felt so conflicted — I knew how much power the boys had in our individual encounters, and how much love I felt for them both, but either way I would still be condemned by the law. I couldn’t undo any of the things I had done; I would have to make peace with my actions and — as I explained to Ethan earlier in the car — take responsibility for the consequences if required. I worried about Adam. He would be staying with me for a whole week, meaning ample opportunities for Danny to worm his way into my son’s life. Danny had only spent an hour of time with Adam when they were using the weight set on Friday afternoon, but then this morning Danny revealed later they were now chatting on email. Email?! God knows what Danny might say! And how did Adam get an email account anyway?? One of the few things his mother and I both agreed on was that he was too young for an email account. I would have to figure this out while Adam was staying this week. Danny. Oh, Danny. My beautiful bold boy, with his bully alpha-male armor covering up such a sensitive and vulnerable inside. I had seen glimpses of his sensitivity before, but then he always came back and seemed to punish me when I got him to reveal his heart. But with Ethan’s story of Danny as a young boy, a lot more made sense. I felt I had a full picture now, and could deduce a theory as to what was happening between the boys. I considered what I would tell Carol as I drifted off into sleep. The next morning, I awoke after a full night of rest — no interruptions from nightmares or horny teen boys. I jumped back into my work, doing what I could to push through a treacherous piece of code debugging that was high on my Project Director’s wish list. I wanted to earn a little gratitude as I would need to be taking the next week off while I had my son. As usually happened, once I started working with code, I zoned right out and lost all track of time. Before I knew it, I glanced up and it was 3 pm; I had worked straight through lunch. I rose from my work station to stretch out my back. I would take short break, then get back into it and work through 7. That would give me good headway on resolving the big issues for the week. Anything I resolved on my Project Director’s wish list after that was just whipped cream on the sundae. As I left my office and headed to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, I suddenly heard a clanking sound. It was coming from the garage. Curious, I went over and opened the door. There in the garage was Danny, laid out on the weight bench doing chest presses. It made me smile, just seeing him do something… normal. “Danny? I didn’t know you were here,” I said, stepping into the garage. I saw his eyes look over at me, but he didn’t stop. “Hey,” he greeted in his usual, detached way. “You should have come in and said Hi,” I said to him. He set the weight bar into the rack before sitting up on the bench. He wasn’t wearing a t-shirt and his skin had a healthy glow of perspiration. A dark impulse rose up within me and I wanted to go over and lick his skin dry. “I wasn’t in the mood,” he said curtly. “To say Hi?” I asked curiously. “To fuck,” he bluntly replied. “We aren’t friends. You’re just my fuck toy, at least as long as I have those photos of you and Ethan.” Something in his tone struck me: it was so matter of fact. Usually when he was explaining the rules of his game, he sounded dominant and smug. This time, he said it in the same way one would say “Water is wet,” when you actually can’t control the nature of the thing but you are disappointed you just got doused in a rainstorm. It made me wonder — did Danny feel out of control in the very game he set up with me? “You know,” I hesitated, “we could be.” “Could be?” he asked, scowling at me suspiciously. “Could be what?” “Friends,” I said. “There’s no reason we can’t be friends, Danny. We’re neighbors, hopefully for a long time. Your mother has become one of my best friends, and I care for Ethan very much. I care for you, too, Danny.” He shot me a glance, surprised I would say such a thing. Then he just shook his head as he laid back down on the weight bench and prepared to lift the bar again. “I think we’re beyond that, don’t you, Todd?” With that, as if to punctuate it was the end of the conversation, he lifted the impressively heavy bar and began his reps, his controlled breathing resulting in deep shushing sounds. Since he had disengaged, I turned and walked back into the house. Beyond what, I wondered. Did he mean beyond the chance of becoming friends? Or beyond caring for him? Was Danny acknowledging that he felt things were too far gone between us to have a caring friendship? If that was true, then maybe it meant Danny was on the verge of letting go of this charade. So many questions around such an inscrutable young man. I was reflecting on the possibilities when my cell phone rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was Carol, so I stepped from the kitchen into the living room, further away from Danny’s earshot. “Hey Carol,” I said, receiving the call, “How are you?” “Well, one day at a time, right?” she chuckled. I hadn’t intended the question this way, but if she wanted to answer it in regards to our agreement that she would cut back on the wine, I wasn’t about to correct her. “Is this a good time? Do you have a minute to talk about yesterday, and your conversation with Ethan?” I turned back towards the kitchen, and beyond I could hear Danny shushing and lifting in the garage. I didn’t think he would be able to hear me, but to be safe I continued walking until I was back in my office. “Yeah, I have a couple of minutes before I have to log back in,” I said. “What happened?” she asked. “Does Ethan remember what happened back then?” “Well, the short answer is yes,” I confirmed. “He remembers all of the stuff with his dad. If there is a fortunate side to this, he doesn’t seem to look at it as traumatic. To him, it was just fun games he could share with a dad who wasn’t there for him before. He told me he doesn’t feel like a victim, and doesn’t want to be treated that way.” “Yeah,” Carol replied thoughtfully, “that was my impression when I talked to him all those years ago. He didn’t seem particularly bothered by it, and only repeated that he had never been hurt by his dad.” “If anything, from the way Ethan tells it, he enjoyed the experiences with his dad. But I suspect that after Jack left, he carried a chunk of guilt about it. Because he encouraged his dad, he felt he was partly responsible for getting his dad in trouble with you.” I continued. “Oh my God,” Carol gasped on the other end of the phone. “Well, Carol, these are the memories of his seven-year-old self, and seven-year-olds are not known for logical thinking…” “No,” she said. “You just reminded me of something Danny used to say when I tried to console him about his father leaving. Every once in a while, when he was crying, Danny would say that Ethan made dad go away. Does Ethan know how his dad left?” “No,” I admitted. “While he remembers that you were angry and that his father was in trouble, it doesn’t sound like he directly attributed Jack’s leaving to you, or anything you might have done. Ethan doesn’t know about your ultimatum that either he disappears or you call the police.” In my mind, the pieces were all coming into focus, and I was starting to understand Danny’s childhood thinking and how it had evolved to create this angry young man. “Carol,” I started, “do you remember around that time that Ethan was pushing to exclude Danny from doing things with them, like when they went on drives or ran errands?” “Vaguely. I remember they didn’t like to take Danny with them. I remember Danny had just turned four, and he didn’t understand why he couldn’t start doing big-boy things like Ethan and… oh God, are you saying Danny knew?” “I doubt he had a full understanding of what they were doing together, but I suspect even at Danny’s age he knew there was a very close bond between his dad and Ethan and that he was being excluded. I could imagine it made him jealous. But, Carol, Ethan didn’t push Danny away from them out of sibling rivalry over the attention of their father. Ethan knew that Jack had plans for Danny, too, and forced Jack to stay away from him.” “That motherfucker,” Carol spat in disgust. “It wasn’t jealousy — it was protection. He was trying to save Danny from something he knew he was too young for, so he had to keep the two from being alone,” I concluded. I could hear Carol sniffling on the other end of the phone. “I think that’s all I can hear for now,” she said quietly. “But I think it’s enough to help us have the conversation with the boys.” “Well….” I said, breaching the topic, “After an unexpected turn of events, I will have Adam again on Friday, for a full week. So, if you want me to be a part of the conversation, it will have to be before he gets here, or after he leaves.” Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head and in the open door to my office, standing in the living room, was Danny. His shirt was back on, but his eyes were as wide as saucers, frozen in shock. Oh, Jesus, how much had he overheard?! Before I could react, Danny bolted from the room, through the house, and out the back door. “Um… Carol? I think we have a problem.” Author’s Note: I’m sorry this took me a few days to complete! This story has developed so many elements, I’m trying to do all of them justice as we begin to wrap up the story of the brothers. I promise in the next chapter, there will be more ooey-gooey moments. — ail) Other Nifty Stories by Mobius: The Brotherhood fty//gay/highschool/the-brotherhood-redux/