The Cabin

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The truck hit the pothole hard. ‘Damn, nothin’ like a dirt road in Texas!’ I muttered, trying to sound cool.

‘You better keep your eyes on the road’ she said with a knowing smile.

I hoped she couldn’t see me blush. I checked the review mirror; the Jet Ski was still on the trailer. I stole another glance at her, god she was beautiful! Her strawberry blond hair cascading down onto her bare tan shoulders, I forced my eyes back to the road. Just another mile or two and we’d be at the cabin. I wish I could say I’d been waiting for this for weeks, but he truth is I’ve known Heather for a week and half. We hit it off the first time we met, a ‘love at first sight’ kind of thing.

I was at a friend’s kid’s birthday party and Heather and I were the only ones with out a kid at the party. We’ve had 3 dates but it seems like I’ve known her all my life.

We talk every night on the phone for hours, but I was totally surprised when she said she would spend the weekend with me at my new cabin. I wasn’t even seriously asking her. I was just telling her about it.

Its not really new, just new to me. Things have been going pretty well at work and this guy I know sold me the cabin, this old truck and the jet ski for a price I couldn’t pass up.

Any way I was telling her about it and half joking said ‘Why don’t we spend the weekend there?’ She said ‘cool’ like she’d been waiting for me to ask her for hours.

As we neared the cabin, the road straightened out and got almost smooth. I allowed my self another glance.

She was wearing a white cotton sundress the kind that looks like it has fallen off her shoulders and might at any time fall further and expose those beautiful breasts. Although that almost wasn’t necessary, the air conditioner was on high and I guess she was cold because her nipples were showing through the soft cotton fabric.

They were teasing me, daring me to keep my eyes off the road longer just one second more. I made a mental note to give them a good tongue lashing later.

We pulled into the carport and both jumped out like the truck was on fire. ‘Its gorgeous’ she said, exaggerating slightly for my benefit.

It is nice though, an ‘A’ frame, the kind where the roof almost touches the ground. Come on I’ll show you the best part, I said.

‘I don’t want to see the bed room first’ she laughed. I turned quickly to unlock the door so she couldn’t see me blush.

We walked into the living room, ‘it’s beautiful’ she squealed excitedly.

‘The bedroom and bath are up there, I pointed to a staircase going up to the loft. And through here is the kitchen. This was my favorite part of the cabin. It was a bright open kitchen with a sliding glass door that went out onto the deck and looked out over the lake.

The cabin was a ways up the hillside and had a beautiful view of the lake and the Texas hill country.

We canlı bahis stepped out onto the deck and we drank in the view for a minute. I could feel her dress on my shoulder as she moved closer, I turned and looked into her stunning blue-green eyes and wanted her so bad.

She smiled and we moved closer. Our lips parted slightly as they met and my tongue started to explore her soft warm mouth.

Her lips were full and soft and I pressed my mouth harder against hers. I massaged the sides of her tongue with mine and gently sucked at the tip, trying to draw her into me.

Our tongues were playing cat and mouse while my hand slowly made its way down her neck and onto her upper chest. It traveled further until I was caressing her breast.

My fingers massaged the side while my thumb rubbed the hard nipple through the soft fabric of her dress.

Still kissing deeply I moved my hands to her bare shoulders and slowly slid them down her arms, taking the top of her sundress with them. As the elastic slipped over her nipples it exposed two of the most spectacular breasts I’d ever seen.

They were smaller than you would normally see in a Victoria’s secret catalog, but they were perfectly shaped and firm.

She slid her hands down my lower back to my waist, allowing me to pull back for a moment to admire them, soaked in the warm Texas sun.

Heather smiled, seeing the admiration in my face. She moved her hands down onto my butt and pulled my hips to hers. I had to close my eyes as she pressed her bare breasts against me.

I stroked the side of her face with my beard and nibbled at her earlobe. I loved her smell, not just the perfume she was wearing but the smell of her. I inhaled deeply through the filter of her strawberry blond hair and pulled her closer as if we could meld into a single being.

I kissed the side of her ear and whispered, “I love you”. It was the first time I had spoken those words out loud and I had not planned on saying them then, but they just flowed out as if my soul had spoken them. “I love you too,” she whispered back.

My kisses moved down her neck on to her shoulders she relaxed her grip on my ass and moved her hands up my back as I kissed her upper breast and then the sides.

Soon my tongue was making ever-smaller circles around her areola, not touching the nipple. My hand was caressing the side and underside of her breast.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, trying to force my lips onto her nipple, but I let the anticipation build a bit more before finally kissing her nipple. I pulled it into my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue, gently sucking. My hand was gently squeezing as I kissed and sucked her nipple and upper breast.

As I had moved to lower my head to her breast, her hand had skipped from belt loop to belt loop on my old Levis until she reached bahis siteleri the button in front. She undid the button and lowered the zipper.

I had been turned on since I picked her up at her house that morning, but over the last few minutes, my dick had been growing rapidly and my Levis were tight.

It was an incredible feeling to have her first touch my dick. The combination of freedom from the constriction of my pants and the warm sunshine and her soft touch were almost more than I could take…

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back relishing the sensation as she slid her hand down the length of my erection. Her fingers gently slipped under my balls and raised them slightly from the constriction of my tighty whities.

She pulled my hips to her as she moved her hands around to my butt pushing my pants and underpants down with the same motion.

She kissed her way down my chest as she helped my pants fall to my ankles. I kicked them off as she stood and our eyes met again.

She unbuttoned my shirt as we leaned in for another delicious wet kiss. I nudged her sundress from its resting place around her waist and it fell to the deck, revealing a beautiful pair of white bikini style panties.

I threw off my now unbuttoned shirt only taking one hand off her at a time, as if by losing physical contact she might disappear like a mirage.

We stood there for some time enjoying slow kisses and the freedom of being naked in the sun like we were the only people on earth.

Slowly reality crept into our consciousness and she began to walk backwards into the house, pulling me as she went, never breaking our kiss.

We moved as one through the kitchen and into the den where she pushed me back onto the couch. As our lips separated she bit my lower lip then kissed my chin as she moved her hands slowly down my chest and abs.

My erection pressed against her soft but toned tummy as she kissed my neck. She moved down until she was kneeling in front of me.

She kissed my nipples and circled them with her tongue and softly bit them. This was a new sensation for me, but I did not have long to ponder it before she moved on.

She took my erection in one hand and ran her graceful fingers up and down the length of it. I opened my eyes and my pulse quickened as I saw that devilish grin on her beautiful face. She pushed me back and I closed my eyes again.

She spread my legs wider and tightened her grip on my cock. The tip of her tongue began to tease its swollen head. Her free hand was slowly working its way under my balls and gently massaging them.

She began kissing the head of my cock more forcefully and applying slight pressure with her thumb to the base of my cock which when combined with the sensation of her now engulfing kisses sent waves of pleasure radiating through my body.

Then without releasing bahis şirketleri my manhood from her lips she wrapped an arm around each of my thighs and pulled me toward her, lifting my legs over her shoulders and resting my feet on the coffee table in one smooth motion. As she held the head of my cock with her lips and massaged its most sensitive place with her tongue her hands ran slowly up and down my thighs.

She moved one hand back to my cock and rested the other at its base. As she slightly tightened her grip her hand began a slow stroke and gentle sucking at the head.

The thumb of her resting hand teased my sack and moved below them to a place no woman had paid any attention to before.

She began slowly kissing her way down the length of my shaft till she reached its base and kissed the side of my sack. Her tongue began teasing my balls.

My heart was beating so hard and fast I thought it would explode. Her thumb began to press against my puckered back door.

Without warning she returned her kisses to my shaft and head leaving me silently pleading for her to return.

I sensed she was shifting her weight, what I could not see was that she had moved her free hand to her own wetness and slowly began massage herself and then took her wet fingers and began to lubricate my puckered ring.

My mind was on sensory over load as she repeated the process.

She tightened her grip on my cock and increased the speed of her stroke. She began aggressively sucking and moving her lips down, taking more of me into her warm mouth. She pushed her thumb into my tight hole.

I was bucking now against her and she need the leverage of her position to control my movements and keep control of my member.

I knew I was ready to explode and tried to move so I would not explode in her mouth, but she only sucked harder as if she were trying to draw my body into herself.

As I began to cum, it seemed wave after wave flowed into her mouth. She swallowed it down and then licked every drop from my still pulsing head. The sensation was so intense it was almost painful.

I reached down and gently pulled her up till our lips met and we kissed deeply. I could taste my own cum in her mouth as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

She straddled me without breaking our kiss and guided my still firm cock into her dripping wet pussy.

She began to ride me, slowly at first but increasing her speed as she neared he climax. She had a vise grip on my shoulders as she drove her self to climax.

She threw her head back and began short fast and hard grinding. I could feel her muscles sucking my cock as she came.

Her motions slowed as the waves of pleasure spread threw her body.

I pulled her forward and our foreheads touched as we relished the closeness and pleasure of what we were sharing.

As we rolled over onto our sides, she wrapped her legs around me to keep me in side of her. I moved her onto her back and she relaxed her legs.

We lay that way and drifted into the most beautiful sleep still joined, body and soul.