The Cable Guy’s Magical House Call

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Maggie got home with four new cable boxes in hand and felt quite confident that she could set things up herself. Connecting the new boxes wouldn’t be rocket science! Besides, she was quite tech-savvy and had a degree in technology, for crying out loud.So, when all four televisions displayed the same error, she was less than amused. A call to the cable company resulted in even more frustration when the young woman on the other end of the phone finally said, “May I make an appointment with a technician for you? Nothing we’ve tried seems to be working.”Maggie agreed and took the first appointment Monday morning. She would just go into work late, which was no big deal since she was the boss.At ten minutes past eight on Monday morning, the doorbell rang. The technician was easy on the eyes in his neatly pressed uniform with his name, Amos, embroidered in white brush script in the upper left corner of his shirt. Maggie felt a stirring below as he stepped inside and walked past her in the narrow foyer.“Which TV seems to be affected, istanbul travesti ma’am?” Amos asked politely.“All of them,” she answered, trying not to be offended by the fact that he called her ma’am. “I have four televisions, one in the living room, one in each bedroom, and one in my home office.”“And what issue are you having?” he asked further.“Issue? Oh, well, I can’t seem to get anything higher than channel 17. When I try to get anything above that, I get the message that it’s retrieving channel information,” I explained, trying hard not to imagine what his chest looked like under that crisp uniform shirt.“Okay, well let me take a look and see if I can fix you right up,” he said smiling.A little shiver crept up Maggie’s spine. “Mm-hmm, that’d be great!” she said knowing full well he meant the cable reception while in her head, fixing her right up would mean his head between her legs. She hoped to God she wasn’t blushing.“Show me where the entrance is,” Amos said innocently.Maggie istanbul travesti choked on her tea, “Entrance?” ‘It’s between my legs,’ she thought wickedly.“Yes, where does the cable come in from the outside?” he clarified.“Oh, that’s in the front bedroom,” she answered as she felt a hint of moisture dampening her panties.She watched as Amos bent over to check the cable connection and wondered what that fine ass would look like without pants. ‘Jesus, Maggie, get ahold of yourself,’ she thought.“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that connection. Let’s go see what you’ve got going on in your bedroom,” Amos suggested.Maggie just sighed. Was she picking up a vibe from him? Or was she imagining things because it had been way too long since she’d been properly fucked? She showed him to her bedroom and said, “Well hopefully you can help me fix what’s wrong in here.”Amos said nothing, but a little half-smile showed up on his face. Maggie said, “I’m going to pour myself some more tea, do you want istanbul travesti anything?”Amos looked at Maggie and said, “Do you mean to drink? No, I’m good for now.”In the kitchen, she slid her hands in her pants and felt the slick heat. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked her juices off them.“I think I know what the problem is,” he said as he watched her with her fingers in her mouth.Maggie quickly tucked her hand in her pocket and said, “Oh, that’s great! Will it be hard to fix?”Fuck! She felt her nipples stand at attention when she’d said the word, hard. ‘Could he tell? Was he flirting? Was his cock hard?’ She snuck a glance at his crotch and saw a delightful bulge.“Actually, it’s a pretty simple fix. I will get you all taken care of in no time,” he winked.Maggie was so aroused by this sexy man in his work uniform, she felt a desperate need to cum. But could she really have sex with him? Or should she just wait until he left and rub one out before going in to work?In a matter of minutes, Amos had all the televisions receiving all the channels that were part of her subscription.“That was fast, what did you do?” she asked.“I unplugged the boxes and plugged them back in,” he explained.“I did that!” Maggie said, frustrated because now she felt stupid that her cable problem had such an easy fix.