The Chat Room

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The Chat RoomI sometimes find myself in some rather interesting situations. In this case it’s like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.I love my husband but wanted to spice things up. I enjoy watching porn from time to time. I signed up for a free site & uploaded some info & a pic of me fingering my wet pussy. I comment on videos occasionally but mostly watch. My goal was to see different positions & get some new ideas.My husband has expressed returning to anal sex again. It’s been so long since I had his cock in my ass but I was willing to let him back in. I started watching what felt like only anal vids & was waiting for the right time to give it a whirl.I was always curious about what goes on in a chat room. I logged in & entered. In no time I had someone saying hello. My heart was racing as I answered hello back. The chatter on the other end complimented me on my photo & taste in videos. I thanked him & then the questions ensued. It turns out he was looking for the same thing but his wife was reluctant to go for it. I was so wet & horny but incredibly cautious isvecbahis yeni giriş since my husband laying sleeping in bed a few feet away. What would he say if he woke up & saw me talking to some stranger about taking it in the ass ? We chatted for over an hour about what it is that women fear about anal. Pain & anticipation of it is sure to make any woman tense up & make it difficult to enjoy. He asked me if I like to have my ass eaten. I told him I’ve taken fingers in my ass but never tongue. He said I didn’t know what I was missing. I felt like wow what am I doing. He asked me if I was playing with myself & proceeded to tell me that he was stroking his hard thick cock. I was taken aback but longed to reach in & feel my flowing juices even though I knew at any moment I’d get caught.I didn’t care anymore. I had one hand on the keyboard & one hand stroking my aching clit. Suddenly there I was feverishly thrusting fingers into my soaking wet snatch & asking some stranger to tease my ass with his fingers. The words going back & forth. On the screen I’m isvecbahis giriş seeing the messages pop up- I’m inserting my finger how does it feel. All I could do was type back go deeper to which he then replied I know have three fingers in your ass. I beg him to fuck my ass with his thick hard cock. Was this really happening ??Yes it was happening & unbeknownst to me I had been so wrapped up in pleasing myself I didn’t realize my husband was awake & sitting in the chair watching me. He proceeded to say to me don’t stop now take every inch of his cock. I was so startled I didn’t know what to say. Would he be angry or just as turned on as I was ? I stumbled to try & explain that I was doing it for us. I soon found out that there was no need for explanation. I had no chance to react. In a flash he was behind me caressing my erect nipples. He soon found his way down to my dripping swollen lips. I reach back to feel his now freed cock. I want him inside me so bad now that I turn around to have him get on top but he turned me away. I know didn’t know what to isvecbahis güvenilirmi expect next. I then get pushed onto my stomach & find my ass raised up in the air. I let out a moan of pleasure & pain as his long fingers go in. I’m now thrusting back to meet his fingers. My head is swirling with sensations when I hear him say if it’s cock in your ass you want then it’s cock in your ass you’re going to get. I wasn’t even tense anymore. I was lost in the rapture of passion. I felt him sliding into my ass & the pain was overcome by the pleasure I was now feeling. Why did I wait so long ? I had forgotten what I was missing. He too was lost in the moment. The slow long stokes were now building into a faster pump. I missed your tight asshole he said as he slapped my cheeks. Fuck me deep I cried out. With that he was balls deep in me & ready to shoot his load. I now was back to toying with my wet pussy & on the verge of cumming. I reached back & ran my wet fingertip over his lips & that sent him over the edge. He tried to pull out to drop his hot load on my back but I pulled him to me. I waited so long for this I wanted to feel his throbbing cock release inside me. Needless to say he let out noises that would have the neighbors talking for days.It turns out entering the chat room was one of the best decisions I had made. Let’s see what we will try next…